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You’ve Got to See What Happens When Hillary is Searched on Yahoo and Not Google

In an explosive new report, SourceFed claimed that Google has been actively working to suppress search results regarding the many scandals that revolve around Hillary Clinton. Matt Lieberman in SourceFed’s video, said:

“Thanks to the help of our editor Spencer Reed, SourceFed has discovered that Google has been actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign so quietly that we were unable to see it for what it was until today.”

The most interesting example SourceFed presented was the autocomplete result if you were to type in “Hillary Clinton Cri,” which automatically filled in as “Hillary Clinton Crime Reform.”

Yes, “Hillary Clinton Crimes” was nowhere to be seen. However, it was the first thing to pop up on the Yahoo! search engine. Check out their video report:

Lieberman said:

“Which begs the question, why on Earth is it the first potential result? Apparently far more people are searching for ‘Hillary Clinton crimes’ than ‘Hillary Clinton crime reform.’ Google just doesn’t want you to know or ask.”

The last time she went to India was in 2011 — so why would that be the top autocomplete function? Well, only Google knows.

Again, they really have no reason to put this as the first result, as no one talks about Clinton and her India ties anymore. Check this out search-popularity graph for proof:

Lieberman stated:

“The intention is clear. Google is burying potential searches for terms that could have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site.”

SourceFed has caught a lot of flak over its now-viral video. For example, Matt Cutts, former head of the Web Spam team at Google, tweeted that the report was “simply false.” But the examples SourceFed used seem to speak for themselves.

Americans know that the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton are at a war with GOP nominee Donald Trump — but do they know that Google may be helping the left achieve victory, too?
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Video: See Hillary Servant RUNS After A Trump Fan Catches her Doing THIS

Though liberals will deny it even in the face of video evidence, there is plenty of proof that the Democrat Party involves in voter fraud of all sorts.

A new video exposed yet another instance of Democrat voter fraud recently in Las Vegas. The video featured a supposedly nonpartisan voter registration worker displaying exactly how partisan she really was, according to Conservative Outfitters.

The clipboard the woman was carrying featured a large picture of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump inside the classic circle with a slash symbol along with the phrase “Stand up to Trump.” She also had a handful of flyers on her clipboard featuring the campaign logo of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, along with a link for supporters to follow for more information or to make donations to the campaign.

When confronted about her prejudice by the man filming her, who claimed to be working for the Trump campaign, the woman quickly got into her vehicle and fled the scene, though not before the man got a clear shot of her California license plate, signifying she is from out of state.

The problem from all of this arises when one looks at the Nevada Revised Statutes governing voter registration agencies and workers, specifically NRS 293.5045.

That statute states that any person who works for a voter registration agency shall not: (a) Seek to influence an applicant’s political preference or party registration; or (b) Display a political preference or party allegiance in a place where it can be seen by an applicant.

Violation of this statute is considered a category E felony, which can be punished by a term of probation, up to one to four years in prison, and a fine of up to $5,000.

There seems little question that this woman was in violation of subsection (b), and an argument could easily be made that she was violating (a) as well, since her partisan display could potentially influence applicants. Voter fraud is real, it truly does happen, and it is being utilized to the fullest by liberals all across the country, whether they will admit it or not.

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Trump-Hating Conservative Icon Makes an Interesting Assessment..

Republican nominee Donald Trump has been staying on message recently, holding a number of rallies where he sticks to his script and doesn’t give the liberal media much of a chance to target him. Trump’s strategy of sticking to his message has helped alleviate some fears that Republicans have been having, though it still hasn’t convinced some of the more prominent defectors to come back to team Trump.

Conservative icon Bill Kristol, who very infamously despises Trump (and even tried to find people to run against him as a third party candidate), wrote a piece for The Weekly Standard  in which he admitted that Trump might be able to win the election after all:

“I think Trump has a chance to win. While the odds certainly favor Clinton, I don’t think the race is over, and I do think the conventional wisdom is much too confident of a Clinton victory.”

Kristol pointed out that Clinton was only 6 points behind Trump in most polls, which in the world of polling is not that much. In fact, some more recent polls have shown Trump tied (or even ahead) of Clinton.
When you factor in Trump’s pretty terrible two post-convention weeks, the fact that he was only a handful of points behind the media’s chosen one in most polls is truly astounding:

“So I rather expect to see Trump gain some in the polls in the next week or two.”

The key to Kristol’s argument was that there were plenty of voters in the “#NeverHillary” crowd. If Trump stays on message, these voters could “decide to come back to Trump before it’s all over.”

If this election cycle has taught us anything, it is that we can’t accurately predict what will happen. The only thing anyone should be confident of this year is that we can’t be confident of much.

But the fact remains, we all need to get behind Trump to make sure Clinton never gets into the Oval Office. Share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know if you think Bill Kristol is correct.

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Trump Leads, Here’s How

A Florida Atlantic University survey released Wednesday morning showed Republican nominee Donald Trump taking the lead in Florida’s presidential race over Hillary Clinton, 43 percent to 41 percent. The poll, conducted Aug. 19–22, surveyed 1,200 likely Florida voters and showed Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson taking 8 percent, while 5 percent of the voters polled remain undecided.

The margin of error was 2.7 percentage points. The Hill  reported:

“Trump taking the lead here was huge as it was the first time he has led in Florida since early July.”

What made this lead even more important was when we factor in the favorability ratings of both nominees in the state it was clear that Donald Trump came out on top by a small margin. Trump had a 41 percent favorability rating while 56 percent viewed the nominee unfavorably.

Clinton likewise was viewed favorably by 40 percent and she was viewed negatively by 58 percent, giving Trump a slight favorability edge in the Sunshine State.

One of the key demographics leading Trump to victory was independent voters., whom he was winning by a double-digit margin at 47 percent to 26 percent. Clinton, however, lead among female voters and African-Americans by nearly 50 points and Hispanic voters by 10 points. Monica Escaleras, director of Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative, explained:

“The race between Clinton and Trump among Hispanics in Florida is closer than it is nationally. Some of that is probably the Cuban vote. Trump’s support among Latinos in Florida is helping him stay competitive.”

The mainstream media has continued to insist that Hillary Clinton is crushing Trump in the polls, but there are two important points to remember about those claims.

First, it’s only August. A lot can change between now and November. Second, it’s the mainstream media. Why would anyone pay any attention anymore to what they have to say?

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Trump Fans are Loving the Brutal Warning Sent by Ann Coulter to GOP

Many conservatives and Republicans have painted the 2016 presidential election as one that will have far-reaching consequences no matter who ends up winning.

Some pundits have even gone so far as to claim that the entire future of American democracy is at stake in this election. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has been one of those voices and recently warned on CNBC  that if Donald Trump loses in November, the GOP will never win another presidential election.

Coulter stated that if Clinton gets the keys to the Oval Office, she will use her amnesty policy to “stack the deck” with illegals, all of whom will vote for the Democrat Party. She explained:

“There will be no hope for any Republican winning another election. There’s no point to what I do, what talk radio hosts do, what Fox News does. Nobody goes to the game if you can’t win.”

Coulter later said that she still thinks Trump can win in November. She said that she believed the polls will tighten up by November and Trump will be able to pull ahead.

Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians in our nation’s history. If she somehow wins in November, then our country may well be lost. Given her track record with national security, it’s unclear if America could survive four, much less eight, years of her “leadership.”

While Trump may have his flaws, at least he believes in America and wants to restore this country to what it used to be. Trump isn’t perfect, but he is no where near as bad as Clinton is. In November we can either vote for Trump and the future of America, or we can sit back and watch as Clinton continues to lead the nation along the path of destruction charted by President Barack Obama.

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