PANIC: Wall Street Bankers Urgently Pull Money out of Their Own Banks… and Place It Inside a Radical New System

Breaking_FedLogo (4)What do they know that you and I don’t?

At an exclusive roundtable of prominent bankers in Sacramento, California, last October, bankers feverishly debated the subject of what we’re calling the “underground banking system.”

This radical new system is at a tipping point of changing everything — from how and where people around the world store their money to how much power a government holds over its citizens, and even how Americans spend their money on the Internet.

SAY WHAT? Al Sharpton Dismisses His Unpaid Taxes as a “Political Issue”

AlSharptonIn recent years Al Sharpton has evolved from a local New York City street activist into a national figure and host of a program on MSNBC. As he has aged, he has lost weight and become less strident, and moved more into the mainstream of the American consciousness. He has emerged as a successor in the role previously occupied by Jesse Jackson. When a civil rights controversy arises anywhere in the nation, as it did in August in Ferguson, Missouri, Sharpton frequently makes an appearance. Recently, though, there has also been increased attention to his longstanding financial problems.

Ever the Voice of Reason for The View, Whoopi Once Again Shuts Down Liberal Rosie

ViewAs the time nears when the people of Ferguson, Missouri, and all of America, learn the decision of the grand jury in the Michael Brown case, the women of ABC’s The View shared their thoughts. In her usual full-blown Liberalism, Rosie O’Donnell said how upset she will be if there is no indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. Co-host Nicole Wallace shot back, “Were you in the jury room?” Undeterred, Rosie continued with “Black boys are like the endangered species in America. They’re killed at an absurd rate and nobody seems to care enough.”