White House Slams Cruz-Trump ‘Pro-War Rally’

President Obama is having a difficult time convincing people to support his nuclear deal with Iran based on the facts alone. Probably because the facts reveal the deal as a thinly-disguised ‘Fast Pass’ for Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

Obama was recently heard calling his Republican opponents as well as others who oppose the deal, “the Crazies.” He has also said of opponents of his deal that they were like the ‘hardliners’ in Iran — also known as terrorists.

Find Out Who Marco Rubio Says ‘Has a Lot of Experience Being Wrong’

Hugh Hewitt recently interviewed Marco Rubio on his radio show and the two discussed how Joe Biden would fare as a candidate against Rubio.

Hewitt asked Rubio, “He’s [Biden] going to point to you and your six years of experience and say you’re not experienced enough. You’re talking about China tomorrow… How will you meet Joe Biden on a debate stage and hold your own on issues of foreign policy and national security?”

‘Hillary, Meet Frankenstein’ — The Beast the Left Created May Devour Them Yet

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee recently appeared on Fox News’ Hannity, where he and Sean Hannity discussed the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hannity showed a short clip of a meeting Hillary Clinton had backstage with members of the BLM group. During the clip, the speaker representing Black Lives Matter blamed the violence against blacks on whites, implying that blacks were helpless to prevent it or change things.