BREAKING: Alzheimer’s Mystery Finally Solved?

This report – leaked online on an “underground website — details what could be the biggest breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research in over 100 years.
It’s an almost miraculous treatment one world famous doctor called a “brain health miracle.”
But if the author’s right, big pharma won’t tell you about this breakthrough. And neither will the medical establishment.
That’s because there’s no money in this breakthrough for them. It isn’t about expensive, dangerous prescription drugs.
Instead, it’s a simple, cheap 90-day treatment that could revolutionize the medical industry.
In clinical trials it’s rescued Alzheimer’s patients from complete incontinence and delusional behavior to living quietly at home with their families.
The crack research team that discovered this protocol has posted all their research on a website, which you can view for free right here.
Already, the site’s been viewed over 24,698 times.
It goes over in detail, the shocking history of this little known protocol and how you can start taking advantage of it starting today.

Bill Maher Predicts Democrats Will Lose If They Can’t Say These 2 Simple Words

Bill Maher is certainly no friend to the Republicans, but on the issue of Islamic terrorism, he manages to find common ground with the GOP. His attempts to educate the left on the dangers of radical Islam have largely fallen on deaf ears, however.

He particularly views it as a problem for the Democrats in this election if they continue to refuse to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”

Terror Expert Says Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is ‘Empty Words’

National Security and terrorism expert, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, told Fox News recently that Obama’s approach to dealing with terrorism and ISIS in particular could be leaving us vulnerable to attacks.

“If I’m the enemy,” Gorka said, “I will exploit the lame duck presidency of President Obama. So, every American needs to be awake and realize the threat is real and it is imminent.”