Female Attorney May Face Jail Time for Refusing to Remove THIS PIN in Court

A lawyer was held in contempt of court and may face five days of jail-time for refusing to remove a ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin.

Lawyer Andrea Burton wore the pin in the courtroom in Youngstown, Ohio, where the Municipal court judge, Robert Milich commanded her to remove it. According to WKBN-TV, upon her refusal to do so, the attorney was dismissed from the court.

Burton’s refusal to remove the pin led to her being held in contempt of court, as a result of which she has been sentenced to five days in jail, pending appeal.
Judge Milich requested the removal of the pin in order to prevent potential biasedness during court hearing. Milch said:

“A judge doesn’t support either side. A judge is objective and tries to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have a fair hearing, and it was a situation where it was just in violation of the law.”

Although judges are free to decide whether political statements in their courtrooms are allowed, this decision on part of judge Milich may not sit well with community activists. Kim Akins, one such activist, on this occasion says:

“No one wearing an American flag button, no one wearing a crucifix or a Star of David would be removed, so why this particular statement bothered him so much is bothersome.”

The uncompromising judge, firmly responding to this, said,

“There’s a difference between a flag, a pin from your church or the Eagles and having a pin that’s on a political issue.”

Regardless, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will probe into the matter, to determine if Ms. Burton’s constitutional rights have been violated with this ruling- although it is unlikely.
Racial discrimination is a sensitive topic all over the world, including the United States. But displaying political statements in delicate settings, such as courtrooms, certainly should be avoided in order to prevent clouded judgment.

What is the BLM trying to prove? No one is above the law.
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America Witnesses an Astonishing Detail about Ivanka’s Dress That You CAN’T Miss

When Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took the stage at the RNC last week to speak about the need to “Make America Great Again”, she did so in a dress that reportedly cost only $138 according to The Washington Examiner.

It also reported that despite being the wife and daughter of extremely rich men, Ivanka wore a wimple sheathe dress from her own fashion line which practically cost nothing in comparison to $12,000–plus jackets that Democrat front-runner, Hillary Clinton prefers during her speeches.

This really shows the real class and sophistication which Trump’s family has. These traits cannot be bought, they need to be earned. And frankly, Hillary Clinton has years to travel before she could earn any. This is how IJR.com describes Ivanka’s dress choice:

Clocking in at a cool $138, Ms. Trump’s choice of dress shows that she doesn’t have to wear high-end designer brands to look good and feel confident.

It is so ironic given how Clinton, known for accepting huge donations from Wall Street, likes to really pretend that she is a champion for the less-privileged. Yet, she walks around in luxurious clothing, carries luxurious handbags and what not.

Donald Trump and his family are worth billions of dollars which they earned through hard work – unlike Clinton who gained much of hers through cheating and lying. Thus, the dichotomy cannot be more clear-cut.
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Finally Exposed: Bernie was Bought Off by Hillary Clinton with THIS

For a short period of time in May, it seemed that the Democrats would be the ones heading into a contested convention. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was very close to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton that he could have made a real mess of her coronation had he decided to do so.

But instead, Sanders gradually submitted to Clinton and paved way for her coronation. Many of his die-hard fans and supporters were extremely shocked and got dismayed by this. They wondered why Sanders’ vows to continue his political revolution to the convention floor simply vanished!

The answer to this question will shock you. According to Buzzfeed, a memo from the Sanders campaign showed just how much it cost to get him out of the election mix: just one airplane.

That’s right. The leader of the socialist revolution, an environmental activist who thinks global warming is a greater threat to the world than terrorism and the man who people thought always stuck to his principles, sold out his millions of devoted for a big plane. Wow. Brietbart reported:

Sen. Bernie Sanders will back Hillary Clinton in exchange for speaking opportunities at fall campaign rallies, a fully-funded campaign aircraft and a share of the credit for her hoped-for election, according to a negotiating memo obtained by BuzzFeed News and dated two days before the June 7 California primary. Request a plane and staff for a series of fall rallies in battleground states … plane would be paid for by the DNC,’ according the Sanders memo, titled ‘End Game 2016’ and addressed to ‘Bernie 2016.

Brietbart also said that it had been unable to confirm the memo’s authenticity but also that Sanders campaign did not deny it. So it turns out that Sanders does not care about anything other than his own political future. What a sell out!

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Wow: Liberals Will Go Crazy After Seeing Trump’s NEW Aircraft Design

Donald Trump is now officially the Republican nominee and has Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as his running mate. Trump has decided that it is time for a brand new look.

It is pretty normal for Trump to fly in and out of cities with his signature Trump plane which is a red, white and blue plane that has the word “Trump” decorated in big letters on the side.
Now that Pence plans to fly around the country to campaign for Trump, they figured it would be good to have him fly in a plane which highlighted Donald Trump.

Larry Glick posted a picture on his Instagram page of a new plane which Pence received from Trump. It not only has “Trump/Pence” written on it, infact it supports a different color scheme which vaguely resembles Air Force One.

A photo posted by Larry Glick (@lglick1) on

Painted in white and blue, the aircraft is pretty much similar to what the President flies around in all the time. That is sure going to annoy the daylights out of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. So far it is not clear whether the new plane will be replacing Trump’s original aircraft or has this been designed just for Pence. The aircraft is a little different than Trump’s personal plane which may indicate that it is designed solely for campaigning.

One can’t deny that Trump does things in style! The new plane design is sure to irritate the liberals and make Trump fans happy. After all, in few months we may actually see Trump board Air Force One and start making America great again.

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Trump Hater Michael Raegan Made a Shocking Announcement that Will Hit All Liberals

The Democrat and Liberals would like to have all voters believe that the Republican National Convention and GOP nominee Donald Trump’s speech in particular was centered on a message about America and its future. However, a lot of people disagree with this assessment and claim that Trumps message was far from this.

Michael Raegan, political commentator and son of former President Ronald Raegan, had an interview with NewsMax TV. He defended Trump’s speech and said that his speech was not dark because he basically hit all the buttons of the problems that we face today in America.

Raegan, who isn’t really a fan of Trump, said that the GOP presidential nominee
hit all of the groups that all these government programs have in fact failed to do anything for. He added:

If they consider that ‘dark,’ it’s only dark because the national media refuses to in fact go out and tell these groups of people the failures of government in their lives, even though they promised them everything but the moon.

He definitely has a point. The media has never really favored Trump and are likely to attack him with even more fervor now that he has won the party’s nomination.

Raegan also said that Trump really needs to convince people outside of Cleveland, outside of that convention that he in fact can solve the problems he discussed in his speech.

And lastly, Reagan pledged that he would vote for Trump in November. This is HUGE news coming from him as he is not the one who has supported Trump previously. Last march, he endorsed Gov. John Kasich. What you think of Reagan’s remarks about Trump’s speech?