Pastor’s Call to Gay Bakery Backfires

In contrast to recent stories about bakeries refusing to provide cakes for gay weddings, this is a tale of a bakery that declined to bake a cake with an anti-gay wedding message. It began when a Florida pastor decided to make a point about religious freedom for small businesses. Unfortunately, the effort backfired, and both parties have suffered as a result.

Brietbart News reports:

The latest skirmish in an ongoing battle between Christians and gay rights campaigners began when pastor Josh Feuerstein called Cut the Cake in Longwood, Florida to request a sheet cake with the slogan “We do not support gay marriage” written on it.

Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake, who took the call, asked Feuerstein whether the request was a prank (it took place on April 1st), before refusing to bake the cake saying “We wouldn’t do that, sorry”. She then hung up without explaining her reasons.

The brief call was recorded by Feuerstein who then turned to the camera to give his views on the debate currently taking place.

“It obviously violates her principles, so she doesn’t feel like she should be forced to make the cake. And yet there is all of this hoopla because Christian bakeries think that they shouldn’t be forced,” he said. “We’re getting to the place in America now where Christians are not allowed any form of freedom of speech.

“Have we gotten to the point in America where the left is so ‘open minded’ that they’re close minded to anybody that doesn’t agree with them, or is America big enough for different points of view? Christian bakeries should never be forced to do something that violates their Christian principles. That’s not American.

“I love gay people. This is nothing against gay people. This is about religious freedom.”

Feuerstein uploaded the video to YouTube, but he reportedly removed the video when Haller began receiving harassing phone calls and Facebook messages. Haller then posted a video of her own, and posted a comment to her Facebook page, saying:

Yes the video has been deleted by Joshua Feuerstein but the damage is done! Our reviews have been marred and our business reviews are no longer the same. We thought this was a prank! Look for yourself.

Haller says she has even received death threats, and local police increased patrols in the area. She is considering taking Feuerstein to court, and has reportedly asked the FBI to investigate whether charges can be brought against Pastor Feuerstein for a hate crime.


  1. If the gays can force a Christian bakery to make a cake for them then a Christian should be able to force a gay bakery to do the sand thing, what’s good for one is good for the other, or what goes around comes around.

      1. That’s right! The business owner hung up on him, thereby refusing to take his business! A lawsuit is just as valid when the request comes from a regular person and is flatly denied.

        Why is it, that it seems only minorities are allowed to sue and win. I don’t see anyone suing a Muslim bakery for not granting their requests… one minority refusing service to another is OK, or so it seems.

        1. Actually, it should be noted, when someone requests something, a service, or product…there is no contract, exchange of money, ect…there is no agreement. All a business person needs to do is say No, I can’t help you. And hang up or walk away….you are not required to explain why or the reasons…no is no.

          1. Unless your a Christian baker or photographer asked to supply a gay wedding they get sued for refusing services not the other way around

          2. Yes it’s the same thing with a company that fires you and they don’t have to give a reason. Hire at will

          3. I beg your pardon. What you say is correct, ONLY if you work in a RTWFL state. Also, if you are in a union, in a RTWFL state, the company who wishes to fire you has to come up with a darned good reason WHY he is firing you, before he does the deed. You are protected against being fired ONLY if you belong to a union. The employer has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt TO THE UNION FIRST that you are not worthy of the job, etc, etc, etc. This is nationwide.

          4. Not nationwide. I have fired people, didn’t have to list all the reasons why, nor did I have to….period.

          5. IF you give them a reason, you THEN give them ammunition for a lawsuit. NO reason, NO lawsuit! What are the grounds for a lawsuit, if you give no reason?

          6. Tell that to the owners of Sweet Cakes who lost EVERYTHING because of the EXACT same thing. Got fined $135,000+ and are looking at possible jail time. Same thing with the owners of the Hitching Post.Business closed forever!

          7. Haven’t you heard? There have been funds raised well over 100, 000 for the bakery. And remember, this is not a bad thing, God can use this to raise awareness and call His people to unite and be filled with the Holy Spirit…and to alert “all” Christians to not allow these perverts to manipulate and cause His people to falter. And with this happening, more Christian law makers and attorneys are taking up the fight as are other judges, and preachers. Everything happens for a reason. God is in charge!

        2. This entire crap has been rooted out of the actions from pos fag obozo with his obamanation thugs and niggre…

          1. The long Legged Mack Daddy on the down low with several anal reconstruction surgeries has spoken. Bamako Insane Obammy has finally given Queer Marriage his approval after not approving it to get coronated as Our 1st Mullah Muslim/Marxist Dictator!

          2. And who the hell do you listen to may I ask? It’s no doubt Barako Insane Obammy & that ugly skinny Al Not-So- Sharpton, right?!!

          3. I love Dr. Manning Gladallover and I have listened to him quite a few times thank you very much. How would you like your crow sir? Medium or well done?

          4. Sorry that I have misread your post. I have been getting allot of angry Liberal Progresives panties in a wad & they all have been blowing their minds because of my truthful, very frank in their face posts!

          5. Read the follow up posts above Mys77 and remove the demented liberal association from my name. 😉

    1. I think that there is a significant difference in the two cake orders. In the first order, a modified traditional wedding cake is ordered with the modification being that the figurines on top of the cake are of the same sex. In the second order, there is an overt statement against same sex marriage.
      IMHO, the religious beliefs of a business owner should not be injected into the business itself. On the other hand, however, if a business owner hangs a sign at the place of business saying “Orders for cakes for homosexual weddings will be refused”, I would think the business owner would be ok to refuse that first type of cake order. The second type of order can be refused on its own merits (or demerits would be more accurate!).

          1. The cake baker is asked to put two men figurines or two women figurines on the cake instead of a man and a woman. That’s it. No acceptance of Same Sex Marriage (SSM).

          2. This isn’t just a bakery, its a wedding cake bakery. You are making cakes for the blessed wedding, for a man and a woman, spending your time, talent, taking money for it, and actually going to the reception to set the cake up as well. Now for a gay couple to demand a bakery to service them…that is participating , knowingly participating, that is an abomination to God. Now if you can’t respect a Christians faith and right to refuse, then you don’t understand anything about Christianity.

          3. Paul [email protected]: That is not right to have 2 men on the same cake. I was wondering are you a homosexual????? You seem to stick up for there rights. I guess what I wrote above. You feel is incorrect then in your eyes. I am still praying for you.

          4. No, I’m straight. But I just think it is strange that Christian bakeries give a hoot about what other people do. SSM (Same Sex Marriage) has absolutely no affect on Christians. SSM certainly violates some Biblical writings but many other Biblical writings are violated daily by many, many Christians. But Christians (probably not all Christians) oppose SSM. Why should anyone oppose the actions of anyone as long as the action does not affect anyone adversely (except perhaps in the brain). Now Islamic rules say to kill all infidels and that sort of thing should be opposed vigorously because it can hurt if you are an infidel faced with an extreme Islamic person.

          5. You are so wrong! This is not just about baking any cake!! These two homosexuals were asking the Kleins to use their GOD-GIVEN gifts of artistic creativity and culinary expertise as bakers to bake a UNIQUE and CUSTOM DESIGNED cake in support of their same sex union celebration of the willful and sinful disobedience and defiance of God! To do so would be expecting the Kleins to show their acceptance and approval of such a union/celebration and that is in strict violation of Christian belief!! And it DOES affect all of us. Marriage, a sacred union between one man and one woman, designed for the purpose of creating a stable familial environment in which the parents are compatible in every way (including physically, as God designed!). That definition cannot ever be changed without changing the dynamics of the union. Do we really want to erode the very basis of our moral fabric of society?

          6. Candice Hiler: If you would of read my words I stated to Paul Nordin you would of seen the scriptures I wrote. And the reason you spouted off is because your not a Christian and in fact you are a atheist. A stiff necked person. Who rebukes the words of the Lord. You will never transition your ways to the Lord. As you love the earthly ways.

            A Christian or a plain atheist have the right to refuse service to anyone regardless. So your statement is worthless as a worn out piece of information. And it does not disgrace any Christian ethics or Church ethics or even Gods Ethics. And I will show you why it does not effect any Christians- Church ethics- Or Gods ethics below here.

            I know you probably don’t have a bible. So I will past the scriptures for you and that way you can read it. And see what God says. Here is what it says.

            :Leviticus 18:22 says: 22You are not to sleep with a man as with a woman;as it is detestable. Here is what another verse says. see below.

            Leviticus 20:13 says 13: a man sleeps with a man as with a woman, they have both committed a detestable thing. They must be put to death; their blood is on their own hands.

            This is from Gods own words. So if your denying Gods words. You are denying God period. Plain and simple. Simple and plain. You will face God someday soon. And you will pay forever the sins you have committed against the Lord. I will pray for you however. That God has mercy upon you and takes your hard heart away from you. As you grope in darkness now. As your blind and cannot see. And yet look for light and cannot find it. Praying for you now.

          7. [email protected]: In regards to your reply there. Yes, it does apply to Christians. If they do not agree upon the concept of baking a wedding cake that is up to there discretion to do so. As they do have a right to refuse service to anyone if they so called desire.

            You Paul Nordin said this. I pasted this from your comment by the way. SSM (Same Sex Marriage) has absolutely no affect on Christians. SSM certainly violates some Biblical writings but many other Biblical writings are violated daily by many, many Christians. But Christians (probably not all Christians) oppose SSM.

            Paul. #1. Your saying that SSM does not bother Christians. As they do not affect them. Yet I guess your not seeing what the Gay community has been doing for years to Christians then with all there demonstrations and hatred speech etc. Are you blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other huh? All they do is complain and accuse all the Christians.

            Here is your comment also about the Islamic/Muslims. Now Islamic rules say to kill all infidels and that sort of thing should be opposed vigorously because it can hurt if you are an infidel faced with an extreme Islamic person.

            I agree with your statement here. And they are a big pain in everybody’s side. The Islamic/Muslims complain about the Christians more then the homosexuals do. The Islamic/Muslims hate everyone. Including there own kind. They have had wars in there own countries. And still continuing there battles still now for over 1,000 years. Just shows you they can’t agree upon to much. In the case of the Islamic/Muslims. They would kill everyone but there own kind. And later fight among themselves. There not to bright. And if you talk about Islamic/Muslims. They can pray on the streets and preach there words. And it is OK by the laws here now. But let some Christians preach God words and we get chastised by it. And get thrown in jail and pay a fine or both. So quit talking like us Christians have a lot of rights. because that is not so.

            You must be a Muslim. LOL’S. I suggest if your a Muslim. Go pray to your Allah= meaning the moon. which they call the Moon God. And pray to him for guidance. And see how far you get. LOL’S there. God is coming back real soon. And If you read the bible. You will find out back in that country of the Islamic/Muslims were back over 1,000 years or more. The Islamic/Muslims worshiped idols and denied the Lord. And the Lord punished them for there sins. Just think what the Lord will do this time to the ones who deny the lord with a stiff necked ways. And see what God does to them. Remember you heard about going with God to those who believed in God. And then the stiff necked non believers called the atheists. They will be going to Hell. So where do you think there destination will be then huh? It is hot. Answer: Hell.

            And Oh I gave you scriptures on what God says about Homosexuals. I gave you 2 verses on 2 different chapters. I guess you can’t except what God says. Your loss however. You will answer to God for being hard hearted or stiff necked.

          8. Rex1949, thanks for your comments. I’m an atheist but I also understand the Christian faith process. A Christian knows that God does, in fact, exist. I had some Jehovah Witness (JW) people visiting me about once a week for about four years. They first arrived at my door a few months after my 51 year old daughter died during lap band surgery. I guess I was vulnerable ! Anyway, I learned a lot of biblical stuff during those weekly sessions with those really nice JW people. You mention Hell; according to the Bible, there is no such thing as Hell. And I have observed that the Bible is interpreted in many different ways by different people. I conclude this by observing the many different religions created by one single book, the Bible. This is another brick in the structure supporting my atheism. And I would point out that many different people wrote the Bible, supposedly expressing God’s view on the various facets of humankind. At the same time, recall the granting of Free Will (FW) to humans by God (if He exists). FW is a pretty widely accepted principle of human life. Ok, these scribes sometimes deviated from what God told them to write and they wrote their own view of human life. God actually told a scribe (Moses, I think) to write “ye shall form a union with that person who loves ye and whom ye also love” and the scribe, using his FW, wrote what appears in the Bible (one man, one woman). FW at work in the early Old Testament Years (OTY) ! A really good analysis of the Bible, including the OTY, shows the total ambivalence of the Bible.

      1. You might like to ask the Cake maker in Oregon and the Pizza Shop owner to see how
        equal the law and the one stating what the law is before you make statements on equality
        in regards to the LGBT community.

      2. Paul [email protected]: A business operated place by law has the right to refuse a customer service for any reasons they feel which is within there beliefs. If a homosexual wanted to buy a wedding cake at a bakery establishment And the Owner of that bakery establishment. If he thinks this is morally wrong in his mind. He has the tight to refuse them service. And he can tell them in 2 ways. #1. That he feels that baking a wedding cake for them is morally wrong. Because he is against homosexual. Or he has option #2. And say he can’t bake them a cake. And ask them to try another bakery. And not give them no information why he refuses to bake a wedding cake for them. Even if they ask why? Just tell them I am sorry I can’t bake you a wedding cake and then say goodbye and have a nice day.

        I am sure you never had a business of your own. And don’t or have not experienced telling someone you can’t do service for them. I have had the opportunity of doing that. It is a unfortunate events. But it leads to a reason why you can’t and how to handle the situation at point. I am sure you have never had to deal with a unruly customer.

        As far as homosexuality. You don’t read the bible do you? I am sure your not a Christian. And that your views about Christians are not to fair. I am sure most likely your transition of not being a atheist is not there for you at the moment. So In view of the facts here. I will paste the words which the bible writes and what God says. about Homosexuality. See below here.

        Leviticus 18;22 says 22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

        Then in Leviticus 20:13 it says this. 13. If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. All of this in in the Bible. And what God says about in regards of this issue . I assume now you understand some points from the Christian views and not from a person like you who is a 100% atheist. I am praying for you right now!

    2. No if they can force them to bake a cake are something like that then the Christians should be able to force the GAYS to go STRAIGHT

      1. Yeppers that is true, being a gay is a chosen lifestyle and is damaging to the body, besides there are any number of illnesses that go withthat lifestyle as well.

      2. Did you hear about the hairdresser in NM who refused to cut the governors hair, a woman, because of her stance for the sanctity of marriage, even though she had been his client for many years? He should of been fired, but no, the govenor took the high road, found another hairdresser. But the business took a nose dive because of the hypocrisy of the homos. Now thats justice.

    3. The truth is that neither side should be filing lawsuits against anyone. A business should, and used to, have the right to refuse service to anyone, and adults would find another business to work with. the whole bassackward attitude is nothing but childish and any judge who rules for the plaintiff needs a boot squarely where the sun doesn’t shine or worse.

      1. Back in the 80s. I had a catering business and there were a lot of places that got turned by me for service, so yeah I agree thatjydges that rule in favor of a plaintiff does need to receive a good swift kick in the backside.

  2. Honestly I would have baked the cake for free, delivered it for free, and asked when would you like another one.

  3. In WW11 you were allowed to be a conscientious objector for religious reasons. This is not WW11 and unfortunately you can no longer do ANYTHING for religious reasons due to the black A$$hole in the White House. And I DO agree with Bandit, that what is good for one is good for the other. Too bad about Haller, but look at all the Christians who have lost businesses and have had death threats over not wanting to do things for gay weddings. You don’t see them suing, but rather getting sued!

          1. Bob, you still have to go down to the Post Office, when you turn 18, and register for the draft. It’s still the law. Just bc we don’t have one doesn’t mean one doesn’t have to register for it. The law is still on the books. Just like the veterans coming home from serving their country. They have to go down to their respective county courthouse and register their DD Form 214, in case Uncle Sam needs them again. That one is still on the books as well. Are you a veteran? I am. When one “musters out”, it is ALL explained to him/her before they leave the service.

          2. Same here. I’m 65 now, and also in no danger. But the so-called “draft” still exists unfortunately, and our young men STILL have to sign up at age 18 anyway. Sad, but true.

          3. I hope you have taught them what you learned in boot camp, that way they can protect themselves and their families when the time comes……when the SHTF. They will NEED that training, along with ALOT of faith in God to help them get through what’s comin’.

          4. taught them some but likely not enough. faith they HAVE been taught but not sure how it took. hopefully they will embrace God as I have, along with their mothers, my daughters.

          5. It was probably due to your being in Special Forces. I mustered out in ’72, and had to register my DD214 at the county courthouse. Now it’s not needed, as 65 is the cutoff age for being brought back into the service, if needed. We Vietnam and Vietnam-era vets could serve again, if needed, in Personell.

  4. If the pastor made no threats to the people at the bakery, then there was no hate crime committed on the part of the preacher. The hate crime was committed by the one who made the threats if the allegations are true and not just a publicity stunt. Its obvious that the LGBT community has a double standard.

    1. They’ve always had a double standard, which includes being obscene in public when their “Gay Pride Parades” come to town!

  5. There is no such thing as a hate crime. Either it is against the law or it isn’t. And freedom of religion is a constitutional right and is not a crime at all.
    This is just another way of destroying our nation’s liberties and rights.

    1. Yes, this is true. The term “hate crime” came from the book ‘1984″, written several years ago, by George Orwell . I would encourage all that have not yet read that book to do so as soon as is possible, because it describes a society that is very much like the one our world is fast approaching.

      1. Also written about in the bible….and the end times where people will proclaim good is evil and evil is good.

        1. Isaiah 5:20-25

          20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

          21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

          22Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:

          23Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

          24Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

          25Therefore is the anger of the LORD kindled against his people, and he hath stretched forth his hand against them, and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

  6. This is our hope and change with dose of redistribution of our wealth. The people will not wake up until our enemy are burning our churches down. These same people are the ones that installed illegal black muslim in washington , TWICE. What will people do when wasington can’t afford their life style anymore? The money is running out folks as we are on life support today and oxygen is slowly being turned off.

    1. This is why everyone is being pushed, to buy GOLD. U really think, our Gov., is not keeping tab on the gold being bought by people. I still believe, most of this so called hacking, is being done by our on Gov. When the money’s no longer any good, like U said, they’re not going to give up that life style, and they’re going to come get that gold, and anything else of value. Yes, we are BROKE! U think these useless riots are bad, wait till all there free stuff, is gone.

      1. Which is why I am seriously contemplating moving overseas. Unfortunately America is no longer the PROUD country she used to be. I am afraid living here. That is truly a very sad state of affairs for a single woman like me.

  7. I use to support gays no more, they have become fascists, and they are trying to push everyone in to they”re beliefs by force, they have begun to make threats to people, thugs are thugs and that is what they have become.

    1. This is just another part of Obama’s plan, and another part of the Constitution, being walked on. Slowly chipping away on it.

  8. Wait. The good Pastor [ and emphasis placed on good???????????] says he loves gay’s when the Bible condemns homosexuals? Please tell us where he preaches at. We need to stay away from such preachers who would defy the teachings taught in the Bible, and you congregants should throw him into the street and then cleanse the rest of the church members he msut be teaching such bull-shit to.

    1. “Love the sinner, but hate the sin.” Jesus wants us to love ALL our brothers and sisters, no matter what their sexual orientation is. It is up to GOD to judge. Now, that doesn’t mean that we should CONDONE the sin…. but we shouldn’t hate someone because they believe differently from us. The pastor was right in preaching “love thy neighbor.” However, there comes a time when even businesses should have the right to refuse service on the basis of principle. Religious beliefs are not to be taken lightly.

      1. But after confrontation to the individual of their sin and they refuse to put it away and not practice that choice. We as Christians are to dust our feet, leave them in their depravity and go our way. Should they, at a later date repent and turn away from their behavior, we are to accept them and help them in staying away from such depravity.

        1. Exactly right!! As you say, they make their own choice. Ours is to point out the error of their ways, and if they refuse to repent and part from it, so be it…. but it’s all the worse for them later on. It is also written, “cast not your pearls before swine.” Why waste words, or time, that fall on deaf ears and no matter how much you do your BEST to teach them, they refuse to listen? You are absolutely right about that!!

          1. Our responsibility is to plant seeds, but we cannot make them grow. Jesus directed us to love one another as He so loves us, so yes, we are to love ALL people. We do NOT love the sins and we must constantly work to avoid sin and strive to become more Christ-like every day.

      2. Religious beliefs by individuals are not taken lightly. On the other hand, those religious beliefs should not be imposed on others. Case in point, refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual couple. That couple does not subscribe to those religious beliefs which caused the refusal to bake. This whole thing is pretty ridiculous. The homosexual couple should have just gone to another cake shop (presumably a cake shop which does not inject religion into business).

        1. Yes, they should have gone to another bakery. As we both agree, religious beliefs are not to be taken lightly. They made an issue based on their homosexuality and totally IGNORED the principles of other people. A Christian business suffers because of gay slamming. Do you think that’s a thing to be taken lightly? I stand for MY belief in God, and I stand for my belief that homosexuality is a lifestyle of sodomy, according to God’s word. I would go to the gallows rather than bow to those who oppose what God ordains for us.

  9. I don’t see any hate crime in what the pastor did. Maybe the calls the bakery received after he posted his call were problematic, but he is not responsible for the actions of others, just as the gay couple who sued the bakery, and the florist are not responsible for the threats others made to those businesses. Get over it, and let freedom ring once again! You people who are so easily offended, frightened, feel slighted or diminished in some way, do not have the right to destroy this country with your petty lawsuits.

  10. The pastor’s call didn’t “backfire” at all. He proved his point. Most people agree that if a Christian baker can be forced to bake and decorate for gay events then gay bakers should be made to decorate a message that is opposite of what THEY believe.

    1. Absolutely!!!! And if ANY judge rules in favor of homosexuals having more rights than Christians, they should be disbarred on basis of hypocrisy.

    2. Actually he proved nothing. He has not tried to force the baker to proceed. He only asked and then when refused, posted a video about it. I’m sure the “Christian” baker did just the same, refused and turned away the customer. He will not have proved anything until he files a formal complaint or sues.

    3. Where did you read that the baker was gay? Did you read something that the rest of us had missed?

      1. Just parse the words. “then gay bakers should be made to decorate a message” He did not say that Cut The Cake was a gay bakery.

    4. People should do as they please, and, if someone doesn’t like it, let them take their business elsewhere. That is called the free market at work.

  11. She “ASS”UMED it was a prank, her mistake. The rest of us are being forced to be politically correct, but those on the left think they deserve special treatment, and privilege.

  12. Sorry, but we have a secular society. Our revolution was about freedom of religion – no state religion imposed here – not even Christianity!! So we have decided that gays should have equal rights. Many years earlier we fought a Civil War and our secular society agreed that Slavery had to be abolished – even though it is Biblical (Slaves Obey Your Masters).

  13. She didn’t get death threats from any real Christians. Only posers like Roman Catholics do such things. They are militant against their enemies.
    We don’t do that. We are told to love even our enemies. I’m sure that is how this pastor Feuerstein sees it too.

    1. Roman Catholics do NOT make death threats, we happen to be Christians and most of us, just like other Christians respect others’ beliefs, we just don’t agree with what they want us to believe. We don’t riot or hate to get others to believe in Catholicism. God is the Judge in these matters and we follow his commandments, one especially which reads: Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself. We Catholics also support the Bible which has scriptures against homosexuality and gay marriages, but we don’t support violence to try to change the minds of others. Sir, you must still be living in the dark ages.

      1. Really? The Roman Catholic church goes further than just threats. What about those Dark Ages you refer to? Or the Inquisitions? The Roman Catholic church has shown the barbaric means it will use when she is in total control.
        She teaches doctrines of devils that Paul warned us about in 1stTim.4:1-3. And practices the abomination of necromancy we are commanded not to do in Deuteronomy18:11-13.
        She puts Christ back up on the cross to suffer again and again with the abomination of the Eucharist.Hebrews9:25-28.
        Rome was the city that reigned over the kings of the earth at the time John wrote Revelation17:18. She is the harlot of Revelation17.
        Make no mistake, Roman Catholicism is an abomination to the God of the Bible. Anyone belonging to her will be condemned to Hell along with her and her abominations. If you are Roman Catholic you must flee from her to the true God.

  14. We, as Christians, are being persecuted at every turn. The LGBT lobby is very powerful. The unvetted President backs them up constantly! As a Christian it is okay to have righteous anger. Jesus turned the tables over in the tabernacle because the money changers were taking advantage of the people. Most Christians today are so fearful of unlawful actions against them that they sit quietly in their pews without taking action. II Timothy states, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.”
    We, the Christians of America, need our Christian Leaders to openly stand up for us and lead! This is part of the agenda of being a pastor, priest etc,

    1. Yeshua overturned the moneychangers’ tables in the tabernacle as it is a violation of Jewish religion to dishonestly conduct business with another, as well as it being an insult to the house of God.

  15. It was April Fools Day. I can see how this could have been misinterpreted as a prank. Regardless, she had the right to say no, so that she didn’t have to get drawn into all this hoopla. She just wanted to go about running her business and not have all this crap fall into her store, like it did the others. Nothing wrong with that, the pastor was wrong by involving her. But just for the record, it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

    1. Well, either there more people on the earth than Adam and Eve, or their kids were busy having sex with their own siblings. Their kids had to interbreed or else there were other humans already in existence.

      1. Not going to get into a Biblical discussion here. I have the same questions about the Adam and Eve scenario, same as you do. I was just trying to make a point that it should be a man and a woman, not man and man, or woman and woman. Just throwing a humorous twist on it.

  16. Doesn’t it seem pretty obvious here,that Bakers who get sued by Homosexuals,for not baking them their Gay Wedding cakes,are allowed to take these kind of actions,but when the vice versa is applied to them,then it
    doesn’t work,,and this is supposed to be equality,,what bullshi!! the Gay movement will always be about supporting and protecting THEIR own-they don’t give a shi! about anyone,or anything else,and we’re supposed to sit back,and watch these freaks twist and pervert our own civil rights venues,as they make a mockery out of tradition? sorry,but that’s still serious bullshi!,because their self imposed lifestyles should
    NEVER have come to all this insanity! why should Bakeries be forced to change the way that they’ve done business over the years,,for this group? here’s what’ll happen,,the businesses that do get sued by LGBTs,
    will only cause lots of serious backlash against them,in the end,because the people here,are going to see how damned phony baloney that all the Gay rights bullshi! is! i find it,damned pathetic,when these Gays still try to hide behind Race,because the color of skin here,isn’t the issue! their movement will pretty much resort to any
    means that it can,to justify themselves-but so far,their equality rights,have been one sided! at some point,the Gay movement will eventually discover,that the world just doesn’t revolve around these people-and forcing
    businesses,that are still valid in their disagreement over same sex marriages,is NOT going to solve any problems here!

    1. You ask how? The answer is simple; Liberals. Or, as I like to refer to them as; minions of the Antichrist.

      1. You know,fruitcakes,like this Dittemore charecter,sure have funny ideas about justifying a “secular society” with these Effeminants,whose business really shouldn’t be any of the public’s business,decide to change the rules here,so that their LGBT movement has validity,,really pathetic! and for our secular society,this
        is the excuse that they use,for all the Homosexuals trying to force their equality rights onto businesses,who don’t agree with them? sorry pal,but that’s still bullshi!,nor will it change the way things have to be!

    2. Frivilous lawsuites should be handled by justices, just an other court-time-wasting crap. The plaintiff should be fined and charged any of the defendants’ lawyer’s fees, loss of production, etc. If judges took their courtroom seriously, they would act like it and reserve the courts for legitimate legal matters (crime and punishment), not frivilous civil non-torts.


    1. You had holder as doj , now we have holder in drag (lynch) as doj , would do no good to file is you are a Christian !!

  18. This pastor proved that there is a double standard when it comes to religious freedom vs. gay issues. To be fair & equal the gay bakers should have been fined just like the Christian business that refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

  19. If a Jewish minister refuses to marry a Jewish person and a catholic person if the catholic person refuses to become a Jew then there should be no reason two gays should not have the right to get married if they find a person to marry them. If they can always find someone to marry them then what would be the reason to be against it? Everyone should be able to experience what it is like to have a mother in law.

  20. Isn’t this a lesson for all? Respect peoples business and their beliefs….when someone says NO, respect it walk away…they do not have to explain why or what the reasons, means no.

  21. While I believe she shouldn’t have to make the cake as well as the people that run Christian bakeries and photo business and others should not be forced to violate their principles either. But the homosexual lobby as well as some news agencies, will go out and look for the Christian bakery to punish and (profit) from trying to force them to accept their beliefs. The woman in the story seemed shocked that she received death threats. People on both sides of this issue are passionate about it. And you will find that those that have refused to do gay weddings have received 10 fold what this lady has received.
    Homosexuals will bypass bakers and others that would be delighted to put two of the same gendered statues on the cake, as I already stated before, they are like ambulance chasing lawyers. Looking to make a large settlement as well as teaching “those people” not to disagree with them.

  22. This theme of wanting freedom of religious beliefs equating to hatred is so manipulative and ridiculous! Calling this a hate crime is purely manipulative and meant to sway everyone into accepting their belief. I’m so surprised as to the number of people who’ve been swayed by it. Christian business owners can’t say no but everyone else can? Muslim business owners can say no? The people who’re doing this need to be taken to court and if a judge rules in favor of everyone except the Christian, then it needs to be taken to a higher court. This must be challenged and now before we’re completely outlawed.

    1. First, there was no crime. Second, neither party benefited from the loss of the business transaction. Third, the only good thing to come out of the absence of transaction was that tax was not collected as a result. No tax is good tax.

  23. I love homosexuals too. The most loving thing I can do on their behalf is to share the gospel. Homosexuals are worthless fellows who engage in lewd and disgraceful behavior. Without repentance and trust in Christ they will perish! No ands ifs or buts.

  24. This whole thing has been blown clean out of the water and need to be brought back under control – – except – – the GAYS are so set on having their way they – the gays – wont listen to reason.

  25. Well that preacher needs to take lessons from Betty Crocker and whip him up that cake.. I certainly would not make one.

  26. NO SHIRT
    That is discrimination! We all do it every day. Where to eat. work, live, shop, etc. Yet we do not find that offensive. So if a business owner turns down a business offer that is wrong!
    From what I have observed the gay couple deliberately pick a private business to throw their weight around.
    It seems they are more interested in picking a fight than caring about what is fair.
    I don’t think their feelings are hurt. I think they are mad they are not getting away with being bullies.

  27. so, this pastor behaves the same way the homosexual gestapo does, that’s just great!!!!! the true Christians get screwed by evil, selfish people on both sides of this issue. a person should be free to follow their principals without pressure from anyone!!!!!

  28. I accept the fact that there are gays in this world. I don’t hate gays! I know a few in fact, some are friends. However, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT GAY MARRIAGE!!! Marriage is between a man and a woman, period. So you liberals out there, call me a bigot! Your the bigots for not recognizing my Christian beliefs, and my rights. Besides, I don’t give a dam how the Supreme Court rules! My rights are covered under the Constitution! The Supreme Court DOES NOT have the authority to change the Constitution. The Law) The Supreme Court is only suppose to decide what is Constitutional and what is not! Only Congress can change the law!

  29. So what? Score one for the pastor. This bakery should face the same scrutiny, fines and negative backlash as the Christian bakery had to endure. Same as a black can call another black a ni%%er but if a white person does it, even 30 years ago as Paula Dean admitted, they are black listed and held accountable to the degree that their business is ruined. No fairness, but then, liberals aren’t exactly known to play fair.

  30. A homosexual commits a hate crime each time they have sex with someone of their own sex, I don’t hate homosexuals and as a evangelist I have led some to Christ and seen their lives changed for the better and now live like God created them to be. A homosexual man married a Lisbian and they have kids and preach to the homosexual groups that they too can be normal and wow, that really made’s the homosexual’s mad, they have special rights for the way they choose to have sex and that isn’t anywhere in the Constitution so a man made rule that should never be enforced anywhere. Nobody was born a homosexual or they are saying God is a homosexual as He created us in His image, male and female and He makes no mistakes.

  31. Why would a Christian pastor play this tit for tat nonsense game? The attacks on Christian businesses are evil but what this man is doing is sophomoric and not at all Christ like.

    1. Incorrect. Christ went through his Fathers house pissed as hell with weapon to drive the unclean out. Righteous anger needs to happen.

      1. I agree, somewhat. We do not need to use their tactics such as death threats or harassing phone calls. Peaceful demonstrations are much better or civil disobedience.

      2. @jong “Incorrect. Christ went through his Fathers house pissed as hell with weapon to drive the unclean out. Righteous anger needs to happen. ”

        Pissed as “hell”? Jesus?

        Strange choice of words, dude.

          1. I do read the Bible. Your words were ironically thoughtless. I simply pointed that out. I assumed you would be bright enough recognize my response as a friendly albeit direct admonition. Save for your knee-jerk nature, your words border on blasphemy. The pastor was not dealing with money changers in the temple, now was he? You need to learn to think.

          2. Does not matter. And your ignorance shows that you are no Christian You once again need to go and learn or simply shut your yap. I imagine you are capable of neither.

          3. What does not matter, Jong? What did I say that is ignorant? What do you base your assertions on? You speak of the Lord with some equivalency to hell, I call you on it. Your’s was a stupid statement at best. Then you have the audacity to proclaim me ignorant and go even further to judge me to hell. You are clearly offended by my words. I answered your query. Your pride is more important to you than Truth. Do you have any capacity for honesty, jong? My Lord is the Lord of Truth, the God of the universe. The great I am. He is the judge of salvation. Who is your god? That is the truth. Your hate and love for the Lie is the antithesis of righteousness. What’s more, you know it.

          4. Nope you have judged yourself. Your “god” appears to you in a mirror since you have no other basis but yourself. And its very simple child you must be “hot” in the faith not luke warm. You are soon to be expelled from Christs mouth for he knows exacly what you are. Using Christianity for your own means with no faith in GOD. Hope you either repent or like the heat.

    2. What this pastor should have done would be to request the homosexuals bake a cake that has scripture inscribed, such as Leviticus 18:22 or any of the other MANY references to homosexuality being a sin, and homosexuals not being allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven. If the homosexual owned bakery refused that, then they would be in violation. What this pastor requested was antagonistic.

  32. Privately owned businesses have the right to refuse service to any potential customer at their own choosing. Whether such judgement is wise, financially speaking, is determined by the free market economics. Without an explanation of why the refusal of service, one can only speculate. The bakery might just not make obviously offensive baked goods for anyone. That would be my guess. But, it is only speculation on my part. Until the business owner states their reason, we just won’t know. And, who’s to say that they will comment?

    1. We dont have a problem with that. The problem exists where one barn yard animal thinks they are “more equal” than the rest of us.

  33. We all violate some one’s civil rights with every thing we do. If I refuse service to any one they have the right to tell their friends about it. If enough people decide not to frequent my business it will cease to exist. However, if enough people back me by shopping with me, my business will succeed. That is “voting” with your dollars. Much better than government intervention.

  34. Apples and oranges YET AGAIN!!! Christians should have understood by now that there’s a difference between baking a cake and WRITING a message. One is what a baker does and the other requires SPEECH.

    Then of course there is the problem that this is NOT about religious freedom, and never has been, since these persons refusing service to gay persons are more than willing to serve other people in violation of their alleged religious values. Christians are simply HIDING BEHIND the arguement that its about religion when the truth is that its simply about their hatred of homosexuals and the desire to continue discriminating at will.

    This is why these issues are being called out and publicized, maybe a little honesty would help Christians…

    1. Do you mean like YOU understanding the difference between forcing (or trying to force!) someone to participate in the support of willful sinful disobedience and defiance of God and writing a message? I don’t agree with what this pastor did, but I’d be willing to wager that the bakery owned by homosexuals would not have provided a cake with scripture regarding God’s directive about homosexuality inscribed, either.

    2. You want a little honesty? Christian businesses serve everyone because they are the ones showing true Christian values “hate the sin not the sinner” but the Christian would never participate in the sinful activity as they would be doing if they were to bake a cake for this wedding. Christians do not hate homosexuals only there disgusting vile sexual behavior. It is not discrimination of the individual for a Christian to refuse to be part of a sinful act. Now you know what the truth is.

  35. “We’re getting to the place in America now where Christians are not allowed any form of freedom of speech.”

    Really? Given the posts on the web, this is certainly not a reasonable conclusion to make. Christians and non-Christian conservatives speak out all the time, some in rather offensive language which would not be tolerated in the context of a Christian gathering or church. It is the abuse of freedom which is the reason for the need to place limits on it. Unfortunately, the current administration has been completely biased in its handling of most of the issues that have given it opportunity to assert itself in the fulfillment of its very liberal agenda. The law and law enforcement, as we know, have gotten the negative impact of this handling. Free speech is not the issue. It is violations of the law and the laws of God which are, fundamentally, the issue.
    It is that cut and dry and that simple.

  36. I don’t think the call backfired at all. She had the right to refuse the business and straight people should have that right too. It shows that Gays demand tolerance from everyone else but they can’t tolerate anyone that disagrees with them. I was in the bar area of a bowling ally this weekend and a big sign read ” we reserve the right to deny service to anyone” and that is the way it should be for any business.

  37. Here is a scary thought. All this Christian bashing could create a very unpleasant backlash directed right at the left. There is an old saying, “cut off your nose to spite your face” Naturally the do-gooder left-wit doesn’t and won’t see this thing coming until it is too late. They think that by bashing Christians, that they will be able to push their way into American society and culture, but at the same time they tend to coddle, over-tolerate to the point of what appears to be acceptance of Islam. How many Extreme Christians are there in the U S, maybe 20% of the population, and how many of that would identify with the democrat party? What is the Muslim/Islamic population? Media does not speak about them, instead media tends to tip toe around them, almost ignoring them, in spite of a growing backlash against Muslims, and Islam. So what if both these factions get fed-up with being “pushed around” so to speak. What happens if they join, form a partner-ship. Then together speak out against LGBT, and throw in abortion for good measure. What will the Left-Wit do then?? What will left leaning media do, and then of course there is the politician, the political prostitute, left leaning judges. Will they have a problem or what. Then if they start running their own politicians, where will this lead?
    Nothing is impossible, will the left-wit wake-up, nope, because they only think in the “now” they do not look ahead, as to what could be the consequences of their actions. This is evidenced by past do-gooder policies, legislation, and programs.
    What a show that would be. It would be entertainingly laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous for everyone.

  38. The LGBT mafia now are the leg breakers on the block with tenicles to destroy all that disagree with their chosen lifestyles. Kinda like a dog gone mad within a pack and the packs leader is the mad dog. You know. A Hitler look alike.

  39. Why should you Love Gay People,who cares about what anyone do in their bedroom,in the backseat of their car,on the farm,with the animals with their lips,mouth,Ass or tong! I don’t respect what these crazy mix up,sick minded,actors and want to be what they are NOT Mentally sick racist culture of the devil!

  40. The Gays better watch out,because if they demand any Christian to bake or cook anything for them,and they don’t want to go somewhere else,I would put so much,CRAP into the food (-like they did Black people in the South and I personally know this for a FACT) and try may best to BURN IT and tell them I TRIED!

  41. I am SO tired of the whole thing it is hard to put into words. I consider myself a Christian and honestly try to be better at it in my own life and in dealing with others. Having said that , I find no need to indulge RADICALISM in any form. Whether it is Queers, Islamist Cults or Christian Zealots. I have known many people that live very quiet lives as same sex couples. They are respectful and NEVER have pushed the crap that fills the news and these sites. As always it comes from a select few who feed on and encourage the destruction of our society. I would suggest that we DO NOT allow them to destroy LIBERTY by their divisive schemes. Most decent people see through this mess and have , like me , had enough! Keep the Faith

  42. WAIT! If the homosexual baker refuses, might not the Pastor have a further counter-suit?
    After all, are not homosexual rights groups for protecting all TRANS-actions?

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