ABC: America As Divided As Civil War

During the Friday “Good Morning America” broadcast, ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd said the country today is “akin” to where it was at the start of the Civil War.

“I think we’re obviously in unprecedented times with a lot of things that happened unexpectedly including election day for most people in the country,” Dowd said the morning of Inauguration Day. “I am struck by where the country is today, which, to me — it’s much more akin to where we were in 1861 and how divided the country is.”

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  1. He is correct. The division is deliberate for political gains by the leftist/demorats. United we stand, divided we fall. The plan is for America to fall so the left can replace it with a socialist authoritarian nation with them as the sole rulers.

  2. No that’s not true—the only areas that are not with the rest of the country are the east and west coastal areas and even those are not solid up and down the coasts—so don’t try to spin that BS on us–ABC liberal and lying network

  3. When the Civil War starts the first agenda would be to hunt down every FLAG burner and stomper and TORTURE them then set them on fire and stomp them into the ground just like what they did to our FLAG.

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