State Officials Warn Alaskans to Prepare for North Korean Attack

A British newspaper is claiming that the people of Alaska have been warned to prepare for a North Korean attack by their own state officials.

The U.K. Daily Mirror wrote, “Jeremy Zidek, from the state’s disaster planning team, urged locals to shelter in place should an attack happen — rather than risk being caught in the open for the blast…He also urged families to have an emergency stash of food and water, flashlights and radios.”

“We have the missile defense system here,” said Zidek, a spokesman for the Alaska Division of Homeland Security. “We have missiles and radars in number of different locations.”

“Perhaps there would be some type of attack on those military facilities to try to hinder our ability to react to any missile launches,” he said in a desperate attempt for Alaskans to see the gravity of the situation.

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