Old Glory Under Attack

Campus police in Valdosta, Georgia, are searching for Eric Sheppard, a student member of the New Black Panther Party whose backpack was found to contain a pistol. Sheppard is now in hiding, but in a video posted to YouTube, he said his party puts the American flag on the ground because of slavery, racism, and “spiritual enslavement” promoted by white people. Meanwhile, in his absence, supporters on social media are also treading on Old Glory.

Muslim Cop Fails to Observe Basic American Practice – Fellow Police Officers Outraged

In Miami, the head of the city’s police union is furious because Muslim Assistant Chief of Police Anita Najiy failed to place her hand over her heart when the Pledge of Allegiance was recited during a ceremony. Police President Javier Ortiz sat in the front row, and as the other officers observed the standard courtesy and etiquette, Najiy kept her hands at her side.

Has Vladimir Putin Just Torpedoed Obama’s Plans for a Deal with Iran?

Russia announced recently that it will sell Iran a shipment of S-300 surface-to-air missles. This decision comes on the heels of completion of the framework of a preliminary agreement with Iran to halt its development of a nuclear weapon. The final agreement will not be completed before June, and it may still falter. With this decision, Russia is unilaterally breaking the embargo in force against Iran since 2010.