Bobby Knight: Trump perfect for job

Legendary former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who endorsed President-elect Donald Trump in April, said Trump “got a little carried away” with personal slights several months ago, but is still “perfect” for the presidency.

Knight, who campaigned with Trump before the crucial Indiana primary which established Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, is in Washington for Trump’s inauguration and appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning.

He said he thought Trump, as president, will be able to resist counterpunching when criticized. Trump made many high-profile personal attacks on his opponents throughout the campaign, and most recently made headlines for criticizing civil rights icon and Georgia Rep. John Lewis after Lewis questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

Knight said he thought Trump had “straightened out” over time.

“I think going back in time, say several months ago, I think he got a little bit carried away with this and that and other things, but then, as I saw him and worked with him over a period of time, I just saw him develop into a person that really understood what this was all about,” Knight said. “And I had a great positive feeling for the direction in which he was headed.”

He remained optimistic about Trump, saying Trump was “perfect” for the presidency.


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  1. Well that’s enough for me. If Bobby Knight likes The Donald I know he is a P.O.S. Thanks Bobby for confirming what 55% of America already knew.

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