Canada To Pay Islamic Terrorist $10.5 Million

Omar Khadr will receive $10.5 million dollars (CAD) from the Canadian government, according to a Tuesday-published report from The Canadian Press.

Citing “an official familiar with the deal,” The Canadian Press reported that Khadr’s legal team and the Canadian government negotiated the deal last month. The Canadian government will also “apologize” to Khadr for unspecified reasons.

Khadr is the son of Arab Islamists, born in Canada in 1986 via “birth tourism” to secure his birthright Canadian citizenship.

He was captured by U.S. military forces in July of 2002 in the failed Muslim-majority state of Afghanistan, following a firefight in which he fought alongside the Taliban. Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer died during the battle, killed by a grenade thrown by Khadr.

As an Islamic terrorist operating with the Taliban, Khadr was also involved in the development of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other weapons.


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