CNN Reporter Asks Black Trump Supporter About Racism, Instantly Regrets It

The mainstream media makes assumptions about just about everyone, but when it comes to the topic of racism, they really think they have black people figured out. At least one CNN reporter learned in Cleveland recently that African-Americans are not all one-dimensional and easily led when it comes to the subject of race. 

The Conservative Tribune reported:

When a young and dumb CNN reporter covering events in Cleveland this week chose to ask an elderly black supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump a race-baiting question about the candidate’s alleged racism, the supporter unleashed a rapid-fire torrent of truth.

“I’m sick of this race and divide!” the supporter exclaimed. “It’s always divide and conquer! It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN!”

Indeed. The hacks at CNN would never in a million years willingly expose their mainly brainwashed audience to the existence of a black man who supports Trump.

“I’m out here making sure I express my support for Mr. Donald J. Trump,” the unnamed man continued. “And I’m fighting back against people like Black Lives Matter, which CNN supports along with the Hillary Clinton foundation and Bill Clinton foundation, the traitors to this country.”

Instead of acknowledging to a single word the man said, the CNN reporter then chose to double down on his stupidity by asking the supporter how he felt about some white supremacists having thrown their support behind Trump.

“It doesn’t matter,” the incensed man replied, adding that people have the right to do as they choose and that some white supremacists chose to back Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with the billionaire candidate himself.

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself how this older gentleman makes this young hack regret his race-baiting question:


  1. this video needs to go viral. That reporter should also know that when Mr. Trump becomes president he’ll actually get to do his job instead of the bidding of his biss!

  2. I have black friends and my hat off to this man for speaking up. He is so right as most (not all) blacks have been brainwashed just like most of these so-called progressives. We need to take our country back and for me along with this black man Trump will do it.

  3. finally some of the black people are waking up to what the democrats are really all about. I hope more will get off the government plantation. you can do what ever you want if you put your mind to it. Hillary doesn’t think you can do anything on your own, and you need the rest of us as a group to accomplish what you want. she thinks shes above everyone else and we are a bunch of dumb asses. well Hillary, I got news for you. you are the dumbass!

  4. I agree with this black man. Hillary is a serial liar.she just wants votes. Then all will be tossed aside. World government ? NO WAY! Trump our voice !

  5. Too bad no one thought to ask the punk in the Swillary shirt why HE chose to support … A RACIST who called a WELL KNOWN KKK MEMBER HER MENTOR. ROBERT KKK BYRD, whom she couldn’t heap enough praise upon!

  6. Howleyesque, I checked the video again and the kid’s Hillary shirt actually said Hillary for Prison. My kinda kid. The twerp from CNN refused to answer when someone in the crowd asked him if the black panthers support Hillary. Didn’t Hillary defend some black panthers at one time? If they are getting free stuff, they will support her.

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