CNN Says U.S. Has No Morals

CNN correspondent Arwa Damon on Saturday’s airing of CNN stated that “a lot of nations” are firm in their belief that the United States lacks any kind of “moral leg to stand on.” This comes after President Trump tweeted about the protests in Iran.

“This coming out from the foreign ministry, not only talking about the fact that they view the government of President Trump as the greatest bearer of ill will towards Iran but going on to say that, ‘The people of Iran give no value or credibility to such opportunistic expressions by the Government or the person, Mr. Trump. American officials, through their conduct have not earned a place from which they can express masked sentiments as sympathies, for the aware of the people of Iran,” Damon stated.

She also went on to say, “Now this, not just necessarily a rebuke of what the U.S. president tweeted, but also perhaps a reflection of just how frustrated, not just Iran but other countries frankly are, with the United States.”

“A lot of nations and their populations, no matter how they feel about their governments in particular, do perceive the United States as not really having a moral leg to stand on.”

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  1. Is CNN not smart enough to know that this is no surprise from over seas; been that way for awhile. Another non news story aimed at Trump Administration. But these same over seas people will gladly take all the immoral money we can give them, and, our last president gave lots of it away!!!!

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