Conway Reports: Trump Throws Democrats A Curveball

On the Fox News‏ segment “America’s Newsroom,” Kellyanne Conway reaffirmed President Trumps plan which includes, “no DACA without funding for the wall.”

Conway firmly stated, “This president won in part on taking a tough stand against illegal immigrants just coming over the border.”

She continued by saying, “People want to know that our borders are secure, and this president has a 70-point immigration plan. I know people on the left want to boil it down to DACA and DACA alone. He put out a 70-point immigration plan. Read it. it is there for you to see and transparent.”

“The president has made very clear, and he hasn’t wavered that there is no DACA without funding for the wall. The wall is to be built. He made that promise. It has begun and very important for folks to see tangibly that we are getting tougher on border security. The president has also made very clear his immigration vision includes an end to chain migration, an end to the visa lottery program and more ICA agents, immigration and border patrol agents at the border so that the men and women there who bravely do their work every day have more support and resources. He has talked about a merit-based immigration system. So it’s a very comprehensive plan that people should look at and not boil it down to just DACA. Democrats know how he feels about this.”

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