Cooper excoriates Trump

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper accused President Donald Trump of using the example of the deceased son of White House chief of staff John Kelly in order to defend his comments about past presidents neglecting the families of fallen soldiers.

Here’s what he said: “Even though this next story concerns the latest outrage over the latest thing that President Trump said, it would only compound that outrage by beginning the story with his words or even characterizing them,” he said. “You’ll hear them soon enough and you can decide for yourself what to make of them.”

“We’re gonna begin the story instead with the words of the Marine Corps general,” Cooper continued. “Back then, a three-star general, who would go on to serve first as Secretary of Homeland Security and now as the president’s chief of staff.

“Back in November of 2010,” he explained, “General Kelly about to address the Semper Fi Society in St. Louis had only one request for the Marine introducing him — just a few simple words. ‘Please,’ he said, ‘don’t mention my son.’”

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