Did This Houston Teacher Deserve to Lose Her Job for “Racism”?

A third grade teacher from Houston, Texas decided to resign from her job, after a huge backlash over her comments about Barack Obama and Muslims made it difficult for her to continue her career when many blasted her as being a “racist.” The staunch Conservative had appeared as a panelist on a local political program called Tommy’s Garage”, in which she jokingly said she wished “Ebola would take out Obama,” and made references to Muslims as “goat f**kers” and “bacon haters.”

Angela Box says the show makes fun of all political points of view, and had minimal viewership until a local reporter saw the episode and did what she describes as a “malicious and biased” news story. She says that led to further controversy, including a visit to the school from a black community leader who accused her in a written statement of using racial epithets in front of her class. He later admitted his statement was inaccurate, but the damage was done.

The teacher held on to her job for a few weeks, but ultimately tendered her resignation at a meeting of the Houston Independent School District Board. The board accepted her resignation, and provided her three months salary as severance. A spokewoman for the district said:

I think that the message that it sends is that there are consequences. That you won’t necessarily be able to remain in an educator position if you do the sorts of things that she did on her public access TV show.

Representatives from The Council on American-Islamic Relations were also present at the meeting. Executive Director Mustafaa Caroll said:

Her demeanor on the show is very inappropriate for someone who is a third grade teacher. We’ve had several cases within the last couple of years where teachers are actually the bullies of Muslim kids in school and that really disturbs us so even though she didn’t do that, it was pretty close to telling us what type of person she was.

Box issued this statement:

I will deeply miss my students at Ray K. Daily Elementary School. These early years of growth and learning are a magical time, and I will always treasure the moments I had with each of them. Unfortunately, the character assassination I suffered at the hands of Quannel X, the New Black Panther Party, The New Black Muslims, and others ruined any chance of continuing this journey with my students. His false statements and threats of violence made the situation at my school simply impossible for everyone.

As I have said before, opposing President Obama and sounding the alarm about radical Islam does not make me a racist. I did not make the statements containing the racial epithets Mr. X attributed to me, as he has since admitted. However, the damage to me has been done.

What do you think? Should the private actions and speech of a public school teacher be protected under the First Amendment?

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  1. You no if all these people from other countries don;t like the way things are in the US they need to pack their shit up and go the hell back where they came from and don;t try and enforce their way of living on us. They better be lucky we even let them in our country. If I had my way I would pack them all up and ship them out and close the borders to all.They all cry over words how more childish can you get grow up or go home.

      1. if their life style is better than ours,then they should go back to where they came from,they can eat their goat,and i will eat my ham..i hope that the next president that we get will stand up for our way of living,and the first muslem that complains,put them on a ship and put them back in their own countrys.our boarders should be sealed to all muslems…they are over here to build up their numbers,and then they will start killing non muslems.no muslem should be able to get a job that has anything to do with the government of the u.s.a..and that includes all states..

        1. Few hold real jobs as Obama imported them and most are on OUR welfare! Work? Good grief, no, because then they would not have time to carp, complain and denigrate us!

          1. Naturally! So you weren’t in the Marine barracks that blew up under his watch and killed 241? Maybe you helped him aid and enable Saddam with weaponry and chemical weapons? Ask Donald Rumsfeld on that one. Were you in Central America when his policies killed over 800,000 civilians? Maybe you were the courier for the Iran-Contra affair? Maybe you led the charge in Granada over a piss ant army of 50. Now that was major theatrics! Now Reagan did good in Berlin and spoke top dollar words but the best ever? No Way. When it come to body count Reagan is way ahead of Obama or have you forgotten about those 6 dead at the embassy in Tripoli vs the 4 dead at the Benghazi consulate. Now Obama can be a weak CIC or at least not decisive enough but I wouldn’t be patting Reagan on the back either.

          2. Eddie, eddie, eddie47, so much internal turmoil, so short of life. Might I recommend that you take a long vacation somewhere else, because just from your words alone, therapy is the only other thing that might cure you of being a total TROLL!

          3. . Anyone with an evil psychotic Middle Eastern religion like Christianity should take it back to the Middle East…


          5. And you are mocking Islam, In my view all religions are based on childish dogma. That’s why there 2400 different religions in our nightmarish world. There is only one absolute truth, and that is, there is no absolute truth, and if you believe otherwise you and the rest of you who believe there is are the cause of discourse and hatred that permeates our planet.

          6. Hey Marv, are you infallible? Are you absolutely sure there is no absolute truth? Can you offer scientific proof? Any logical proof of any kind? Just curious.

          7. I’ll bet he can’t, but I’ll bet you $100 you can’t disprove it either, and I’ll loan you the $100 to bet with.

          8. Hi Jerry, thanks for your response, of course I’m not infallible if I was then that would by it’s nature means there is no absolute truth. Science has proved over and over again what they discovered yesterday can change the following day. You’re question wants me to prove by logic that there is no absolute truth, logic itself depends on perception, and perception is reality, lf we both look at the same thing, and our perceptions of that thing is different, that in itself says there is no absolute truth, absolutism is some one that is afraid of the unknown, or a fear that their beliefs which they may have had their hole life, dissolves before their very eyes and mind, they can’t let go of their thoughts because accepting an advanced discovery makes them feel foolish for believing things that have been shown to be untrue, after spending their whole life thinking otherwise. Maybe someday in the distant future there will be some scientific discovery’s that may be termed absolute, but in the process of discovery, and as little as we know at this time in the human history it’s not likely. We are not even sure if one and one make two, because man invented the calculation only for his own purposes 1 and 1 could be any number or even numbers may be irrelevant in an advanced society somewhere in the universe, did i say universe? I just read where there may be many universes. even thousands. I think Jerry it’s up to you to prove an absolute exists, not for me. Sincerely Marv

          9. Marv, You say ‘perception is reality’. At one time most people perceived (believed) that the earth was flat, but their belief or perception did not make it flat. So how can you say that perception is reality?

          10. Hi Jerry, The perception by those who thought the world was flat was there reality, and had you lived in those times, you might have perceived it the same way. Why did they think that? it’s was there perception. Others may have perceived the world as round and that was their reality, at that time no one really knew until it was finally realized over time that it is a round sphere. Science finds new things about the universe that they thought was one thing and it turned out to be another. What medicine thought at one time that heroin was a good antidote for certain medical problems, later found out that the addiction of it kills people and was outlawed, at one time alcohol was prohibited, why? because people felt that it was immoral to drink, that was their perception, but others decided that it was ok and so it was made legal, that was their perception, the reality is that it’s also an addictive drug and destroys many lives and kill thousands every year. It’s not the alcohol that does these things, it’s the people who abuse it and make bad decisions. You can perceive it to be ok because you want to use, that’s your reality, but other will see it entirely different. I hope this gives you an understanding of perception as an individuals reality. That’s why there are many political ideas, religious ideas, and economic ideas, the realty is different for everyone even though people tend to belong to one group of thought that is in close to their perceptions,

            Happy New Year Jerry, is this the year 2015, or 5776, 13 billion or a creation of people who based there year on the birth of Christ. Jerry look at how ever you want and make it your reality.

          11. Marv, you sound so unsure of anything being true that I wonder if you are sure that you truly exist. You have no foundation, you peace, and you don’t even know which way is up. You are a ball of mass confusion.

          12. What makes you think there is such a thing as up? I’m not confused at all, if you have
            absolute answers to anything, please list them. Let me put it to you this way if something is sure, it only relates to the moment, for what you perceive is sure, means there is no possibility that change can occur period, there are a lot of fools who are stuck in that rut because they limit their thought process. one find leads to another and on and on it will go, and it will only stop when the sun burns up and swallows the earth in the process. If you believe there is a truth that can’t be changed then your life will be stagnant, you will be in a boring rut. Man is no where near being intelligent enough to say there is an absolute at least I’m not. Scott, make sure you make a list of absolute truths for me, I would really like to get rid of my mass confusion


          13. Marv, I’m sure I could tell you that fire is hot, snow and ice are cold, light pushes out darkness, etc. but I’m sure you would come up with some hare brained reasoning to try and prove me wrong. Trying to convince a closed, locked up mind of truth is like trying to get Muslims to love and support Israel and the Jews.

          14. There you go again, having the truth that others can’t recognize, yes we have created
            a language that describes the sensations of hot and cold, what would those sensations
            feel like if there was no language to describe those feelings. If you held you hand over a fire not knowing what it was you would probably get burnt and pull your hand away,
            and with ice it might feel real good in hot weather but your hand could stick to it in
            freezing weather and you would get ice burns would your Description be hot or cold
            in tht situation? just thoughts. And as for light and dark, from our perspectives on earth
            there is only light because of the sun, so without the sun in would always be dark, in
            the case of the earth when the sun burns out it will always be dark, however other planets in the solar system who will still have burning stars trillions of light years
            away will still produce lightness and darkness, of which we will not experience,
            and of course without the sun, life wont exist on earth so it wont matter. As I have said the last thing I know is the ultimate truth of any thing, but it;s fun to let your mind wander, it’s more enlightening personally then believing as you see, that’s the way they really are.

          15. Question: if there is no absolute truth, then are murder and pedophilia acceptable practices? After all, the absolute truth is that these activities are heinously immoral.
            So………..what now?

          16. People like merv probably believe in a weird twisted moral/religious relativism. The abominations you cite are only evil in your reality, not in his.

          17. I always find it interesting that some people are so capable of understanding what others think or believe, mans ability to change his moral thoughts are from preexisting circumstances, what was acceptable 500 years ago morally may not be acceptable today, we were discussing absolute truth and because man can make morality fit his purpose through justifying his actions makes absoluteness impossible. Some people in our world think it’s ok to have four wives, and have sex with 13 year olds, there religion dignifies it, to them it’s not immoral, because you don’t agree with it, because of today’s standards and laws, and your view of morality doesn’t make it wrong to them. In biblical days men had concubines, they justified it because they had a desire for multiple sex partners, why do you think that 80% of married men have affairs? it;s an instinctual desire, and it also apply s to women as well, as science is now revealing, did you ever think that there is a possibility that your views may be twisted, I am not religious at all and my perceptions change as I experience more about the human condition. Humans kill over political, religion, and economics, is that moral to you? is it evil in your eyes, or do you justify it by how it affects you, is it moral if you act on your desires, but not moral if someone goes against your principles. Humans are self serving just like you, you would rather be right then happy.

          18. I agree totally with that Ort by today’s standards.laws an principles, and by today’s moral compass, and the length of life, and the repercussions of people acting on that impulse, and the problems that it creates for all involved, prison, damaged personality’s, scars that can last a life time, does not fit our moral conduct in our more modern society. At one point in history human life span was maybe on average 30 to 35 years so when children reached puberty they were considered ready for pro creation, by our standards they were just children, but not by the standards of those times, it was never thought of as an unacceptable act, it was as natural as nature had provided. Some day as man lives longer the statute of child hood maybe raised to a older age, and as humans evolve over time puberty may also come later, so a child may be considered a child at 21, who knows, Things never stand still, and that’s why there is no absolute truth, for what was right yesterday maybe wrong tomorrow, we can leave that up to all the generations to come, as their perceptions of realty changes as ours has.

          19. In the old testament they had multiple wives and concubines. In the new covenant, Christ instructed that a man should have one wife-and to live a clean, chaste and sober life. You can’t go pick and choose bible verses to argue your twisted point. And speak for yourself. I don’t know anyone who thinks its ok to have sex with 13 year olds. Pervert….

          20. I couldn’t agree with you more, that having sex with a minor by today’s moral compass is totally wrong, it’s not only selfish but very destructive, it cause many problems for all those involved, mental health issues that may last a life time. With that said and not wanting to get into Biblical philosophy because the bible was written by men for the benefit of men. and not God who if he/she did write the bible through the profits connection to God means that God with all its wisdom couldn’t get it right the first time.
            In biblical days even in the time of Christ, the life span was very short on average for many reasons, maybe 30 to 35 years was old, because of famine,illnesses, no modern health care as we have today. So at puberty which came at approximately to 13 years of age, girls as we call them were ready to procreate and were married, they had lots of children because of the high birthrate deaths which not only included the baby’s but mothers as well. We call 13 year olds adolescents in our modern times and the living conditions are entirely different. As times change, so do the morality issues, to fit society in meaningful ways. I and my wife have been married for 57 years, I am 80 years old, together we raised four loving children, 8 grand children and now one great grand child, we have close relationships with our kids who the oldest is now 56 yo. has three grown boys, who are well adjusted and fun to be around. Unlike you who ex-spouses hateful words such as twisted and Pervert, in my mind would hardly represent the expressions of your religious convictions, in calling me names such as you have, are in my view of Christianity and Jesus, false and self serving and not and expression of the love for others he supposedly taught. of our close friends who are of your faith, not one would utter your hateful nasty words. People who speak such as you are usually very angry and have violent tempers and many times are violent toward women and are child beaters so physiologists say, not to say that you are, but it;s consistent with your words, You have a lot to learn about being a humane person and I suggest you take a course in anger management.

          21. Ah, how you excel at rationalization. Even the virgin Mary was 15 before she was betrothed to St. Joseph, for crying out loud. The moslems are the ones who take children-8, 10, 13 years old, to be wives. Marrying or having sex with children is a universal taboo-pervert.
            PS and the bible is the inspired word of God-period.

          22. I would call a 15 year old a child as well, obviously you don’t so who’s the pervert.
            With your mouth and attitude you are hell bound, I spoke with Jesus and told him
            about you, and he said the door to heaven is locked for you and he wrote it Chesterlab.
            Since when did Joseph become a Saint, Mary was an adulterer, she had sex with God
            and if God is Jesus, that means she had sex with a man, Mary was never a virgin
            when Jesus was born, she had Children before him, so being a virgin doesn’t hold
            water. No more comments with you, your anger prevails, I don’t have tome for that.

          23. Oh, so you are calling GOD a pervert then? HE chose the virgin Mary to be the vehicle for the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. I am going to back away from you now. I don’t want to get burned when the lightning bolt hits.

          24. I think you are referring to the belief that Jesus is God and if you don’t accept that, hell is waiting for you, maybe your beliefs are untrue, and maybe it’s you who will get an ass chewing for following such an absurd religious view point, salvation is the most selfish thing I can think of, because its only about you, good luck at the pearly gates

          25. Thanks, Marta. Actually, answering some posts is a fun diversion. Marv is right; an insane person has some very weird perceptions of reality. Of course, what they see and believe is far from reality … i.e. truth. Mostly, we smile and tolerate their idiosyncrasies.When it gets bad enough, society locks them up.

          26. Jerry, I wish I knew what reality is, it’s very confusing to say the least, because perception creates different realities while looking at the same picture, and that picture can be ugly or beautiful, what do you want to see? love or hate, peace or turmoil, happiness or sadness, peoples perceptions vary so much because every one wants you to see the picture the way they see it to confirm they have the correct view. People hold on to their beliefs because of ego, they don’t want to be thought of as being immature and believing in something that may turn out to be untrue, and then have to admit that their mental state was hibernating for lack thought. A lot of these post are very mean spirited with name call and nasty innuendos, they are hate filled instead of positive, constructive views, they are defensive in what they believe, rather then expressingwhat’s positive about their stance. My word are not by any means an answer to all the questions concerning life, but a crossing view to help people dig deeper into what they perceive as to the meaning of life. To me the meaning of life is to love, and to have compassion for all things, To me every life is equal, which includes animals, a life is just what it is, a life, do you think animals want to live as they are pursued by a predator, that’s why they run, my dog enjoys her life every bit as much as I do, she responds to love and affection just the way my wife and I do, who is to judge what animals feel and perceive, is my time on earth more important, I think not, it’s only mans perception that it is, when a life dies, death is exactly the same for all living things, back to a non existence, in total equality.

          27. Marv,

            By your very first words, I perceive (no pun intended) that you are seeking the truth about life and your reason to be on earth at all. Permit me to respond bit by bit.

            “Jerry, I wish I knew what reality is, it’s very confusing to say the least, because perception creates different realities”

            Again, perception is not reality even though someone thinks it is. The idea that one can have his/her reality and another can have an opposite reality and both are true
            is not logical. The earth was always round even though many people swore it was flat.

            “while looking at the same picture, and that picture can be ugly or beautiful, what do you want to see? love or hate, peace or turmoil, happiness or sadness, peoples
            perceptions vary so much because every one wants you to see the picture the way they see it to confirm they have the correct view.”

            All true, but that doesn’t change the truth that the earth was round even though some people were absolutely convinced it was flat.

            “People hold on to their beliefs because of ego,”

            Absolutely correct. That’s a huge part of the problem.

            “they don’t want to be thought of as being immature and believing in something that may turn out to be untrue, and then have to admit that their mental state was hibernating for lack thought. “

            I just see some people unwilling to back down no matter what logic is presented to them.

            “A lot of these post are very mean spirited with name call and nasty innuendos, they are hate filled instead of positive, constructive views, they are defensive in what
            they believe, rather then expressing what’s positive about their stance.”

            Oh yes. That’s the downside of many of the posts in many forums. People can hide behind a alias and vent their anger or venom just to make believe they are clever or
            have ‘truer’ information than the other guy. There’s a thousand reasons.

            “My word are not by any means an answer to all the questions concerning life, but a crossing view to help people dig deeper into what they perceive as to the meaning of life. To me the meaning of life is to love, and to have compassion for all things”


            “To me every life is equal, which includes animals,”

            Suppose your next door neighbor has a small child and nice friendly dog that you like. Fire
            breaks out in their house and you can save only the child or the dog, not both. Which would you chose to save?
            If you chose to save the dog, how would you explain your decision to your neighbor? How would you explain it to your wife… or your child?

            “ a life is just what it is, a life, do you think animals want to live as they are pursued by a predator”

            Animals have an instinct to flee in the face of danger, but they cannot consider the consequence because they cannot reason, only react.

            “that’s why they run, my dog enjoys her life every bit as much as I do”

            But not in the same way. Your dog cannot and does not think ahead. Your dog doesn’t plan for the future.

            “she responds to love and affection just the way my wife and I do,”

            Again, not in the same way. Your dog won’t appreciate a bouquet of roses.

            “who is to judge what animals feel and perceive,”

            Give your dog her own new dog house. She can’t appreciate that it is made out of scrap wood or finely crafted hardwood. Dogs can feel loved and develop a strong sense of loyalty, but they cannot think about it..

            “is my time on earth more important, I think not, it’s only man’s perception that it is, when a life dies, death is exactly the same for all living things, back to a non-existence, in total equality.”

            I’m afraid you may not like my response here. If you ever find God, you will very definitely change your mind on that last paragraph.

            Keep seeking …


          28. Hi Jerry this fun and you are an interesting man, so I will try and answer your definitions, True the earth was in its final state always round, but the perception of some people thought it was flat, it doesn’t matter if it was round or flat if the way someone would view as flat, to them it was flat and the realty to them was the earth is
            flat, Many people probably died before it realized the earth was round, so they died with their realty. Another explanation would be that if you are a christian, by your indoctrination you believe the God is three parts, the father ,son and holy spirit, and that God is a loving entity, and that Mary the mother of Jesus was virgin, that the baby Jesus was conceived in her without sperm, I would assume that you would say that God took care of that by his/her will, I must assume the Mary carried Jesus for the normal nine months, and some 30 years without knowing his childhood becomes God incarnate, so logic would tell me that Jesus was his own creator, he planted himself in Mary’s womb without the benefit of normal procreation. That Jesus died for mans sins on the cross, was resurrected to heaven to then take his place again as God, being dead from the cross means he is dead, but Christianity says he is alive in heaven, where ever that is, so logic says he never really died. My perception of a loving creator. with the intelligence to have created all things, was
            not done with love as you stated an animal runs with fear by instinct, if God created all things then instinct would be part of that, why would there be that instinct to flee. the animal flees out of fear, where does the fear come from if the concept of being chased and killed somehow the animal is threatened. A loving creator in my mind would not have created a food chain where every living creature including man also an animal kills all other living creatures for sustenance, very barbaric to me, why would this loving creator created man with the cancer gene in every one of us, where some immune system can fight it and other succumb to this terrible disease, all the epidemics that have killed millions through out “creation” the tsunamis that a few year ago killed 250 thousand people or all the other terrible things nature has done, extinctions continue for many different reasons, lack of nourishing food, diseases like the great flu epidemic that killed millions, and I would assume many of all these incidents were people who were Christian believers and maybe as devout as you. My understanding that the bible says that man was made in Gods image, when I look at mankind and what nastiness he had laid on the world, what does that say for God. I believe that man created God as to create an authority that would control mans natural animal instincts by fear and not love. There are a lot of other attributes that characterize God in a negative way but I’ve spent to much time on the first answer. We have had many dogs, at one time we had one for each of our four children, they are capable of many expressions, and show an incredible amount of love, they understand words and they tell you what they want with specific barking sounds. animals don’t plan ahead because they couldn’t act on it even if they could, they are many time way more loyal the many humans I have known in my 80 years of life, but yes they do depend on us for their needs, and so does the human baby for many years of their lives, if you locked a baby in a closet and only fed them, bathed them, but never spoke to them, when you let them out at age fifteen they would be unable to plan or even understand the concepts of life, that has been proved by slavery in our own country. I’m not smart enough to know all the answers but believing in the god that man has created and man has given so many shapes to defies all logic, People who believe in a God do so because they were brain washed as children, and what their parents taught them was the absolute truth what child would doubt their parents who have given them life and sustenance Generally people follow the religion of their family’s and their beliefs do not come careful thought and evaluation but by programming just like a cult, After a story is told long and often enough, and the exposure that society presents them, it becomes true even if it may not be. We are both living at the same time and are exposed to many if not all of the same things, our perceptions become true reality’s if we choose to remain and believe in what people thought and believed in for thousands of years, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, but everything mankind has put is hand on has changed or we would still be living in the stone age. I appreciate your belief in the God you believe in and if it gives your life the meaning that’s necessary for your peace of mind, then it’s the truth, the truth for you. I Have been in your shoes until I was 35 yo, and then I started to question religious dogma, to me it makes no sense, it doesn’t make me or you right or wrong unless it’s that important to you to have the only truth, and if that’s the case I applaud you for your reverence, With best wishes for a year filled with health for you and your family and for those who are less fortunate in our world, the courage to do the utmost of giving of ourselves physically and monetarily to make their lives worth while, not just at Christmas time but all year long to the best of our ability. Jerry you are a good person and in your beliefs the pertain to Christianity the door to heaven will be wide open for you

            Marv Behar My e-mail is [email protected] if you want to talk further

          29. Marv,

            You are right: for most people, whether the earth is round or flat doesn’t matter.

            You said, “so they died with their realty.” I say no, they died with their false perception of reality.
            That seems to be the core of our differing views.
            Check your email. I sent you something to read that you may find interesting either to agree with or that reinforces your perceptions of “the big truth” of God and nature.

          30. HI Jerry, People die all the time with false perceptions about a plethora of life long
            questions, not ever getting to know what became reality which at the time of death, there had been no known reality of the earth being round. Thanks for sending e-mail I will certainly read it’s contents, Marv

          31. Marv, You are right, and false perceptions are not reality.
            There is no such thing as “their reality”, only their perceptions.

          32. They are at the time of perception, at that time there is no other reality but what one perceives, they are not false until proven otherwise. and if at that time you don’t exist then you died with that reality, after you die not even the world is round other then for the people who are still alive, once you die all perceptions and reality’s are non existent, in fact if I die, then you no longer exist to me, only to you, and those that know
            you. Can you perceive that i am dead? and if so that becomes your reality, how do you know i’m dead, because we are friends and my wife told you so, but in fact, you really don’t know if there is such a thing as death, you can quote your religious beliefs on that subject, and believe those beliefs are true, you perceive them as true because to you it’s real, but in your analysis ” there is no such thing as their reality” would mean that any beliefs you have, because you can’t prove them, takes away your perception of reality Perceptions are reality Jerry, to the individual, whether it is to you or not,
            This is the most fun I’ve had in a long while. you make me think lol

          33. What is wrong with discourse, as long as it is civil, based on truth, and therefore productive? There most certainly are absolute, universal, and eternal truths; you may grow to learn them if you earnestly strive to do so.

          34. There is no discussion when you make the statement “based on truth” because obviously you have a corner on it by stating that there are absolute, universal, and eternal truths.
            I would say your opinions appear to be religiously motivated, if not please make a list of the a fore mentioned statement by you sincerely Marv

          35. Well said. And entirely true.
            In addition, there are some 35,000 different denominations of Protestant Christianity in the US. That’s not a really tight group, is it?

          36. Thanks Douglas above you can read my answer to Jerry Bresser, Some people will say that God is proof of an absolute truth, man created God, and see’s he/she as proof of absolutism, some people think that God became man for a short period to prove his existence and save the world, which obviously hasn’t happened, that this man died for your sins, but yet they believe he still lives in this arbitrary “Heaven” again, perception is reality and peoples perceptions and reality’s are different, therefore no absolutes exist,


          37. Littlebit43, Only temporally, if I existed for ever then that would be absolute,but more then likely after death you no longer can know existence, so in each individual case existence is not recognizable, There are many creatures that can’t comprehend existence, and at one time humans couldn’t either, whats the next step in the evolving mind,

          38. Karl, thanks for recognizing my confusion, set me strait if you will, I’m always willing to learn the truth as some one else perceives it to be.

          39. I agree with most of what you say, BUT, God does exist HE was intelligence that became self aware He organized himself. He understands the laws of the universe. He uses these laws to manipulate elements and intelligences to reorganize them into what we perceive as life and the universe.

          40. Ernest, a very deep thought, however what makes you think that God is a he, Your perception is that you know who God is, where God came from, and how he works,
            I would say then that you maybe God, because your the only person that I know of that spells it out so clearly, Keep thinking Ernest, it helps to get past ifs whats and whys.

          41. Not God but a son of God. I can become a co-inheritor of all God has so in the man made concept of time, some day I might be a God along with His other son the Christ.

          42. Ernest, if you are comforted in that belief and you derive peace from it, then that is your perception and who is to ague with that, it sounds like a piece of the Mormon faith.

          43. Thanks, I Thought I got it it from the Bible but I have studied LDS along with Bhai, Islam, Buddhism and about everything else. If you think LDS agree with my reasoning I’ll check it out more.

          44. Good Ernest, it might be just what you are looking for, or it may open your mind to endless options which will enhance your spiritual journey, life is a never ending quest for meaning.

            Best wishes for a happy and healthy
            New Year


          45. You are right Doug; not a tight group. Actually, there are some 34,999 splinter groups and one true church founded by Jesus Himself and is still operating today. For most people it is hidden in plain sight, but as Marv posits, there can be 35,000 truths which are all realities. And some of us are asking, “really?”

          46. No one is the slightest bit interested in your view or opinion or anything else you may want to inject into this conversation. You see, in order for your words to have any significance or impact what-so-ever on anyone, they have to mean something to the listener or reader. Which they don’t. Furthermore, if you are trying to bring anyone down, hurt feelings, or insult sencetivities with your words (as it is pretty clear that IS your intent) we would first have to allow it. (Which we will NOT!) So as far as we are concerned…YOU, and your words are irrelevant. No one is listening.

          47. NOT a camel. They are too tall. Muzzies love goats. There are vid’s of this, taken by UN “observers” at night. HAS BEEN on the internet.

          48. Correct hot head. The correct word is a contraction of you and are, It’s “you’re” not your. And you might also look up the correct spelling of Koran.

          49. . Koran is a word that doesn’t directly translate from ~>{*~`~ and is spelled several different ways in English/Amerish…

          50. He’s not mocking Christianity, but he’s calling it out for being the bastion of evil that it has been over the past millennia (crusades, Spanish Inquisition, 100 years war, Western colonialism), and pointing out that Christianity originated in the Middle East. Why don’t you take your GED…wait, my bad for assuming you had one. Nevermind.

          51. You are confusing Christianity with Roman Catholicism. The two are NOT the same. Christianity has never committed atrocities that you list.

          52. Scott.
            Under the the guise of Hitler in a Christian country, headed by a religious anti Semite,
            Martin Luther, and all the Christians who stood and watched and participated in the Holocaust of twelve million people, Poland, and a host of other European country’s also participated in this massacre, are Christian country’s. There are bad people who claim to be “Christians”, as if that makes them incapable of committing atrocity’s. In our country we have proclaimed Christians who and bigots and racists who do awful things in the name of their beliefs, All religions are guilty of nastiness in the name of their God, and all have killed others who don’t believe the same way as less then human.


          53. True but Communist and their atheist ways have put them all to shame. Face it People suck to anyone that does not agree with them. Some groups use religion to help control their people and some do not. Religion is not bad it is how some use it that can be very very bad. There is only one true religion in the universe and it has devolved and evolved so much over history but as long as people have free agency and individual perceptions it will be splintered into the individual’s religion based on what they have gleaned with their limited intelligence. That is the absolute truth!

          54. If you are arguing that Catholicism is a cult of Christianity, then I will happily concede that point to you.

          55. Christianity is NOT a religion, it is the one & only Faith. Everything religion teaches people to do to obtain God’s acceptance is completely the opposite from what Jesus taught.

          56. . ALL religions are evil mental illness… FACT is, there’s not one person on this planet that some religion doesn’t want to murder…

          57. Hi Scott
            Faith in a belief does not qualify it to be the truth for everyone, only for you and others who perceive it the way you do, If it gives meaning to your life, and tolerance for others, different from your thoughts and beliefs, then stay with it, how ever if you think that you have the one and only truth eliminating all others, then you have no truth at all

          58. Oh, that’s great! A vacation in Australia? I would be happy to see you go on vacation, where the worlds most populated poisonous animal species live.
            I suggest you go for a swim, the one quarter inch box jelly are a lot of fun, or run bare foot and step on a funnel spider, pick your poison, America won’t miss you.

          59. Another one without an answer. You are as Flippant as usual!. I’ll be on vacation in April and in September if its really any of your business.

          60. You have the wrong definition of TROLL. Eddie spoke only of facts, so he doesn’t qualify as a troll.

          61. You know, he could have written civilly just fine, but, if you or someone like him act exceedingly belligerent, right or wrong, no-one is going to take them serious, because the written action alone here, is that of a troll.
            If you want, I can re-classify his condition as being a jacka$$, which is a step up from troll, if that makes everyone feel better in the morning.

          62. Spot On Sky King Young…..poor ole eddie boy needs to cut back on his Kool-Aid & meds (OR Crack, Meth, PCP, Pot?) . Semper Fi.

          63. Holy crap! There is not and never was a consulate at Benghazi. Benghazi was the location of a CIA operations center. And no one died at the embassy in Tripoli. When are people going to get this straight?

          64. obamy had nothing to do with Benghazi. His policies were perfect there and alqaeda was on the run. It was all because of an awful video, you know that. obamy and Hillary said so.

          65. Well yes Eddie, some of us were serving at that time and yes the president made tough calls that we honorably followed orders on. But your description of each is one sided at best and doesn’t give the complete picture nor does it impart the pride and honor of an America that the world respected (and or feared) giving us as Americans peace and security throughout the world. The Barraks you speak of was the beginning of the problems that we suffer from today with Muslim thinking and teachings.
            I short let me just say that Reagan was the “Best” president we’ve had in my lifetime and that people that don’t believe that are usually the self serving, never put their butts on the line for anything greater than themselves types.


          66. Only counter reacting to the one-sided comments from the other side. They simply can’t tell the whole truth so I will oblige them in finishing their remarks. I don’t want their big heads to explodes from too many falsehoods.

          67. Reagan brought respect and dignity to the office of President, he gave us real hope and encouraged us to love our country and be proud of it. he NEVER went on world wide apology tours as the dictator we now have does. Disgraceful….

          68. I remember an actual :hero” of a president – BEFORE “Ronny Raygun” as he was called. Anybody remember JFK ? A true Navy hero. < PT-109 ]

          69. I was three and my first real memory is of watching the motorcade through Dallas on TV in just my panties and running in to the kitchen where mom was Ironing and telling her that “someone just shot the president!” Yes, he was a real hero and no one can ever say that what he did to keep his crew alive after their boat was sunk was anything short of heroic.

          70. Regan is the one who called the mess we have today with the illegal alien problem. His “one time amnesty” set a precedence. If he were a real president he would have ordered them all deported. President Eisenhower approved the launch of Operation Wetback and was able to deport countless thousands with a lot less resources than Reagan had. I voted for Reagan but was very disappointed in him when it came to illegal immigration.

          71. That’s exactly what he is and what he’s doing.Stirring the pot to create chaos and havoc, class envy and racism to divide everyone against each other. That’s his “hope and change” He simple hates America, and somehow, he was elected to be President. I’m more concerned about the people who elected him than I am about his actions. His actions can be undone, but the people who voted for him are here to stay. Frightening.

          72. I want to see a real certified birth certificate. They crucified Romney for being a Mormon. Let US start crucifying obamy for being a worthless president….. Took that title away from Jimmy C and both are/were demoncraps!

          73. Its Christian Conservatives who disliked Romney for being a Mormon. It wasn’t Liberals on that one so Republicans were eating their own.

          74. I agree. But more importantly, he is the illegal one. No clean birth certificate, and no release of his college records because they would prove he is an illegal Indonesian citizen.

          75. Better than being an Obama lover. Of course, I would not expect you to understand the importance of proving one’s birth place when that person has never shown a clean birth certificate. Your public school upbringing is showing through.

          76. You biased is showing. The majority of Muslims came as refugees from the Bush/Cheney wars and I have seen nowhere where they don’t work or are on the government dole. Please show where you are correct.

          77. Biased, damn right I’m biased, these Muslims have sworn an oath to kill all non-muslims and especially Christians. I’m a Christian and will not be tolerant to some dipstick that intends on killing me. Are You Crazy, eddie47???

          78. Get over that stupid getting paid crap. You lie so much I don’t know why anyone believes the BS you spew out.

          79. Move to Islam? Where is there such a country named Islam?
            And you misused the contraction for ‘you are’. It’s you’re.

          80. Then you are as sick minded as danstewert. Why don’t Conservatives practice what they preach? You are busted!

          81. Then don’t allow them to kill you! BUT like any Red White and Blue American who kills someone they become killers no more no less. If your white or black Christian neighbor kills someone does that make him a Muslim or just a plain old killer? I would say you are the crazy one for advocating killing someone when they are no danger to you.

          82. Did you really say that? Where in America has anyone had their head cut off for we are talking about Muslims in America. They aren’t anymore deranged than you are and the likes of Christian American Timothy McVeigh has caused more harm in killing children than any American Muslim has. Hate is hate and you are superior at putting out the drivel. Now I don’t believe any of the 9/11 hijackers were citizens and they were just terrorists attacking America.

          83. Have you not heard of the lady that had her head cut off be a Muslim co-worker a few weeks ago! Don’t speak if you don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

          84. Sure have and did you know that Oklahoma killer had a large tattoo of Jesus on his chest and a tattoo of Christian praying hands on his right arm. He was FIRED and people who are fired do stupid things and he slight her throat. Indeed terrible but I would say he was a mixed up angry dude. So did his Christian beliefs spark his anger or his being tired of Muslims being picked on? I know what I’m talking about now how about you?

          85. That was on Sept 26 in Moore, OK. and he was a Muslim and had tried to convert coworkers to Islam and they wouldn’t. He got fired and then beheaded a coworker and stabbed another one. He had pro Islam BS all over his FB page and posters of Osama Bin Laden in his house. Alton Nolen – who has photos of Osama Bin Laden on a Facebook page under the name Jah’Keem Yisrael How is that for tolerance you Asshole!

          86. I didn’t think you could answer that within resorting to filthy names. You are a prize! It was more workplace violence and losing your job than your Muslim thing. By your scenario McVeigh who was a Christian did it because he was a Christian. Right? My wife was a manager who had to fire people and most left quietly but some became very angry. Some went back to their work area and did major damage to computers and the equipment. Losing a job brings out angry thoughts in people.

          87. Your showing your ignorance again little eddie47. You should think before you speak child. Poor little thing doesn’t keep up with what’s going on in our country much less everywhere else.

          88. Here again personal attacks without a lick of a common sense rebuttal. Is that all you have? Now I’m even more eager to hear your versions of beheading in America. I’ll be waiting!!

          89. hey Eddie, don’t you read the news, a few weeks ago here in the USA a muslim nut cut a woman’s head off. Democrats are hiring idiots like you Ed.

          90. Explained below and he was an American Christian who just that year converted to Islam. I could just as easily call you a Republican “idiot” who can’t tell the whole truth!

          91. How about recently the 4 kids in Iraq who had their heads cut of because they said they would stay with JESUS ?

          92. No, he was a moron with tattoos of things he knew nothing about.
            What he WAS, was a muzzie. He killed for his pedophile, goat humping “prophet”.
            Now go away.

          93. Remember the lady in Oklahoma City who was beheaded at her workplace by her Muslim co-worker? There will be more beheadings here in the U. S.. Give me your email and I will show the beheadings of children by ISIS/ISIL.

          94. Where in America has anyone had their head cut off for we are talking about Muslims in America.
            This summer in Oklahoma City….a 54 year old white lady killed by a deranged Muslim at her job.

          95. All this yammering is typical ranting of many religionist. My God right or wrong, My God’s better than your God. But it is really a deeper underlying psychosis having religion as it’s manifestation. Some folks are just nuts and intolerant of any viewpoint other than their own. The same Muslim suicide bomber, had he been brought up Christian, would be howling how you infidels are all going to Hell.

            The problem is the Psychotic, not the superstition.

          96. Yep, you are crazy! eddie47, speaking is not killing, only a damn liberal fool would equate the two! And if you think I’m gonna sit back and be tolerant enough to allow myself and family to be killed and do nothing about it, then you are past crazy!

          97. Never said that and Conservatives need to listen instead of shouting out angry crap. I even said “don’t allow them to kill you”. Now do I have to point out how many times I have heard a “Conservative” on this site say they are willing to kill someone they don’t like. That makes them the crazy ones!


          99. That’s a baited question? Are we a threat to Muslims all over the world? Have we killed hundreds and thousands of them and expect them to like us? Many don’t like them because of 9/11 but they were Saudi nationals who are our ally. So we went around killing Muslims in other countries unrelated to their deed. Sure some Muslims are a threat to us as we are a threat to numerous Muslims. That’s like saying Japanese Americans were a threat to us (when they weren’t) You just love feeding the continual hatred.


          101. No thanks and why would I and why are they still our ally? Did you ever question you company why they would even place you in that kind of situation?

          102. Exactly my good American friend. Remember the towers of course. The terrorists didn’t use a bull horn and warn all the rear kissing leftists to get out, all perished that day.

          103. No they didn’t and won’t next time either. It is past time to put that “Tolerance” nonsense in the closet and start being honest and direct.

          104. I think it was Ben Franklin who said “The last virtue of a dying society is tolerance”. I’d say he right on!

          105. Yes, we should get that out of the closet. 9/11 could very well have been an inside job by our own government, or by Mossad. If not, then at least acknowledge it was done by the Saudis, our best oil producing petro-dollar folks in the world. Saudis are a very extreme and crazy segment of Islam, sort of like Hitler and the Nazis were a very extreme and crazy segment of Christianity.

          106. If you were honest you Conservatives would have banded together and kept G Bush out of Iraq. You only want to be “honest” in attacking Liberals but never the crap from the right.

          107. The only problem I have with Iraq is the way it was handled. If you go to war, go to win, not just a police action.

          108. . Yes, conservatives of PNAC planned 9/11 in advance… and conservative Moslems carried it out… with the foreign aid EvilBushJr. sent them…

          109. Okay lets say his comment is idiotic then why don’t you tear into the Conservatives here who make threatening and idiotic comments?

          110. . ALL religions want to kill everyone… FACT is, there’s not one person on this planet that some religion doesn’t want to murder…

          111. Read Marv above, I would say that you are intolerant of many things, that don’t
            give you power over some one else’s way of life, or their skin color or any non Christian or for that matter anything that may shatter a truth that you hold dear, as the only viable belief, It sounds like they [Muslims] can kill anyone else but not “especially Christians” how caring you are.

          112. Apparently Marv you don’t know how to read or think! Try reading what wrote again and think about what I wrote.

          113. Ole SC you may be right that I don’t know how to read or think, but categorizing all Muslims as wanting to kill you is pretty far fetched, Christians are killing Muslims right now as we speak over different beliefs, and Muslims are killing Christians over different beliefs, in my view fundamentally religious people are all dogmatically childish, Did you ever think that there is more then one way to perceive what someone believes is true,
            Religion has pretty much outlived it’s usefulness, as continues to separate humans from being humane.

          114. Marv, exactly where are Christians killing Muslims and for what beliefs? The teachings of Muslims via their Quran commands them to convert or kill all non-Islam believers. They as I said are particularly targeting Christians and I am one, so I’m not very tolerant or sympathetic to their religion. Christians have not taken an oath to kill anyone but Muslims have. Those Muslims that you think are peaceful do not condemn those that do kill other non-Islamist and financially support those murderers and in my opinion they are just as guilty. As far as religion having outlived it’s usefulness, I have no damn clue what you are talking about. If you are an atheist, then you have a real personal problem especially after this life. You may want to “think” about that for a little while.

          115. Well we have been in the middle east fighting wars for many years now and I would venture to say that we have killed many thousand of Islamic people. I agree that the Islamic doctrine of killing all non believers, or the 72 virgins when they get to heaven that they have kept cloaked in burkas to keep them from getting male exposure, and then turning them into prostitutes in heaven after they blow themselves up in the name of Allah, is very perplexing to say the least. You say you are Christian and they are targeting you, well I am Jewish and believe me we as Jews we have taken the brunt of those attacks, I worry more about Nazi American groups creating another Hitler, and speaking of Christians, the Lutherans and Catholics of Germany were a murderous group of sub humans. I have no fear of death, and my life is not spent here on hearth living for the after life, making life better here are my daily goals, and I work hard at that
            I don’t believe in salvation nor in a heaven or a God from mans point of view, which to me is living in fear that there is nothingness after this life, however there is no way for you to be wrong if there isn’t, because you will then not know the difference. The reason for religion in the first place was the wonderment that man had for meaning
            The question is this all there is, has been perplexing to many people for thousands of years, and the human condition just can’t deal with the most probable conclusion, that yes that’s all there is. If there were a purpose for life after death on earth, I would say that it would be on a higher plain, and that an explanation of earths lessons were part of that scenario, to experience all the travails and the injustices of the life of so many millions of humans world wide, why are some of us so lucky to have so much, and others in so much pain. So the religious answer to satisfy these inequities is the promise of the great here after life, I’m sorry, to me it’s an empty promise, a easy explanation for the suffering, what makes us so special that we have a great earthly life and then get the bonus of a glorious life after as well, to me those thoughts are selfish and demeaning to those less fortunate. As for the answer to what you don’t understand about religion and it’s out lived usefulness, it’s the dogma of all religions including my own that creates divisiveness among humans,that there is only one true way, and that’s mine, and over that it causes distrust and resentment and believe or not real nasty abhorrent wars where we kill each other with impunity, The three things that corrupt the human condition are, Religion, politics, and money, just look at the world today and what those three conditions have done to mankind, some people are corrupted by all three at the same time as they use each category to what they think will give them an advantage over others.
            If you run for president, you must acknowledge, that you are religious ie Christian most likely, church every Sunday, that you either want to help the the poor or you don’t such as getting rid of social programs, and that you are either right or left or right in the center politically, depending on who you are talking to. People want to commit to one thing or another, where it’s acceptable among there peers, whether is right or wrong doesn’t matter, it’s the benefit that individual derives that motivates their decision. We are along way off from changing the human dialog to a more loving and caring society, as I am 80 years old, not in my life time, it may take several hundred years for recognizable and meaningful change if if not. mankind will willfully destroy himself by those things that corrupt the human spirit.
            By the way my wife and I have been married for 57 years have 4 grown children, all married with family’s, 8 grandchildren, and one great grandchild, I was in manufacturing business, small 80 employees for 48 years am now retired and spend my days trying to make life enjoyable for all those I come in contact with. I got tp all kinds of meet up groups, discussing a myriad of subjects, it keeps my brain active, and I hope away old-timers disease. Happy New Year and may your life be long.


          116. Jesus Christ Marv, we are in the middle east because those Islamist that want to kill us attacked us on 9/11/01 and killed 3,000+ of us. What kind of religion is it that would have to entice members with sex (72 virgins) anyway? I’m knocking on 70’s door and am still working at my business in order to keep that Old Timers away. I have four children, eight grand children and four great grandchildren and I sure don’t want any of them to be worried about being killed because they are Christian. I really don’t give a diddly dam who believes in what, but when some other religious nutcase has sworn to kill me and my family because we are Christian, I’m pretty sensitive to that! Far be it from me to preach to you or anyone else but there is a greater power than we. I’m gonna let it go at that and just wish you well and hope you make the right choices for your own sake.
            Happy New Year to you and yours!!

          117. Ole SC, Thanks for the best wishes and again back at you and yours.
            We are all a product of our environment and many of our beliefs stem from
            that, so in a sense we are brain washed at an early age to believe what we are told,
            the choice we make are based on our experiences, and most of us do what feels right to ourselves, because i believe there no absolute truth I’m comfortable with my life,
            just as you are, so with that, I have enjoyed our written conversation immensely.
            Stay healthy, you are now entering the best part of your life.


          118. Marv, you are keeping some late hours I see! I too have enjoyed the conversation and am always happy to make new friends. I tried that retirement in 2008 but it lasted about 30 to 45 days and I couldn’t deal with it after working 16 to 18 hours seven days a week for 45 years it was a real shock to have nothing productive to do, so I had to go back to work. I sold or closed two businesses and continued to work at one other that I had sold an interest in. I can at least work from home and continue to care for a disabled wife, thankfully! I guess you are correct in that we are a product of our raising and our beliefs come from that, and regardless of our different beliefs, I’ll still call you a friend. Hang in there Old Friend and will l look forward to seeing you around on these news sites!

          119. Ole, Thanks for considering me as a friend, by your tone i feel it’s heart felt. I’m
            deeply sorry that your wife is disabled, I know it’s difficult for her, but also how trying it is for you as well, I have a friend who’s wife has had MS for 35 years and it has taken a tremendous toll on him as well, my wife is suffering from ovarian cancer and though she is not disabled, but it’s difficult to live with that on your mind all the time, I take care of her in all the ways that I can, diet exercise, lots of laughing, hugging, and snuggling.we see the doctor on a regular basis and leave no stones unturned. It says a lot about you Ole and the kind of person you are, your commitment is honored until death do us part.And I know your belief in Jesus, and salvation and heaven will be at your door at the end of your life, you can count on it Ole. My brother Howard Behar was President of Starbucks International he just turned 70 which is 10 years younger then me and two weeks ago had stroke, fortunately they had him in the hospital in 45 minutes, gave him that clot dissolving pill or shot however they administer it, he is very lucky, he has no after affects, no paralysis or speech problems. My wife and I took him and is wife out for breakfast today, and he looks great. Life can be full of turmoil, but with people like you, a way is always found deal with it in a compassionate way. Again, thanks for calling
            me your friend, and I consider you to be one as well

            With Love and Care
            Marv Behar

          120. Thanks Marv, I am proud to call you friend. My wife does have MS and has since about 1990 and it has continued to progress (that sounds backwards) it should be digressed or something else, it sure isn’t progressing. Anyway she only has use of her left arm and it is getting worse but she has a wonderful attitude and much better than I would, I’m sure. Well, Happy New Year to you and your family, Marv.

          121. I’m glad to know your name Stuart, I had a cousin with the same name, not a
            totally common name. My e-mail is [email protected] if you ever want to
            converse. They say women are the stronger gender and by our wives I’d have to agree


          122. You again asshole. Please go back to work (on your knees with head up obola’s ass or kissypooh with your boyfriends). Take your commie loving, mooslim loving (you are gonna love sharia law) ass off a site for REAL USA loving AMERICANS, slick.

          123. If you are a “real American” then I’m glad your not my American neighbor. If they talked like you do I think they would be shunned out of the neighborhood or avoid like the plague. My communities is majority Conservative and no one speaks as you do and we exchange E-Mails and meet at the mailbox all the time. That’s why I know some of you are jack-boot crazy!

          124. I have hard time believing you live in Conservative community. No, we are pretty ok with some diversity. It is liberal places (like Chicago we I live that are not at ALL tolerant). My neighbors KNOW and RESPECT me and have more sense than to cross me. I speak as I feel the people with him I am speaking deserve and understand.

          125. My one neighbor next to me doesn’t like Obama yet never spews out the crap I hear on this site. Maybe because you all are hiding behind the screen. My other next door neighbor ran for mayor and was the police chief for many years. Now I do live in the Denver/Littleton area but there is no way in hell I’d give my address out to anyone with all the threats that are made. Take a look at your own comments to see what I mean! You say you want respect but give little on here. Do your neighbors see and hear how you really talk?

          126. Damn straight. I give respect to my neighbors and it is reciprocated. Most of my neighbors at least registered for selective service and a few actually served. I enlisted and had a ball in “hot zones” once I got acclimated. You don’t stick a toe in the water you just jump on in. My neighbors know to find me or call me if trouble ( burglars etc. ) occurs. I am welcome in ALL of their homes.

          127. I do not hide behind anything. And you can be certain I do not say or write anything that I am not 100% willing to say to anybody’s face. Talk/rhetoric is cheap…
            Never have and never will be a “chickenshit”… or a liberal.

          128. I bet you don’t spew the same crap to your neighbors as you do here, because if they are conservative as you say, they wouldn’t bother with you.

          129. Mike, he obviously don’t have any friends and his family has probably disowned him! I know I would if he was in my family!

          130. You know! How could that be? Have you been peeking in my window again. I love all these people that KNOW so much and then I find out they KNOW nothing!

          131. That’s what your Mama told me!! She is glad that you are gone and says that you are an abortion that she should have had!! just saying

          132. We get along great and have a mutual respect. Now run along and learn some real RESPECT. Then I might allow you to troll in my neighborhood.

          133. Jim, I think you should have used a capital “A” when calling him an Asshole, and even that is a compliment to what he really is. We can chip in to buy him some knee pads, for all of his commie liberal friends.

          134. Now we have 2 “real American” jerk off’s who are only blathering out stupid comments. Do any of you think or just react? At least you both have something in common in repeating the same old dirt but nothing intelligent.

          135. If anyone here has to speak with stupid comments, it is so you and the other troll idiots here can understand! Kinda like talking to a child, you have to break it down to their level.

          136. An “idiot” is someone who keeps repeating the same thing over and over again as you do. The same old name calling without any meat to go along with the mashed potatoes! Try something intelligent if you are smart enough! Then again just keep on babbling the same old nonsense and prove me right!

          137. You have to keep repeating some things to a child because they are still to stupid to comprehend! You fit that description!

          138. I’m trying to break you out of that bigoted sweat you are trying to build up. I hope that fever isn’t catching!

          139. Never thought about capital A. I’d be happy to have ALL his boyfriends on knees and just put 2 rounds in their sorry heads. You take care and have a Happy, safe and healthy New Years.

          140. You all love skinny dipping in the mud where you contact those sick viruses slick. The virus of incorrigible nastiness and self loathing!

          141. Quit talking to yourself girl. Folks are gonna start thinking what I already know about you. You ain’t right in the head.

          142. Then I would have respect for you if I used Mr in front of LOWLIFE or BOY. You don’t deserve it!

          143. Hey girl. That is Mr. whatever I decide I want you to call me! Got that buttercup. Hey girl I am jiggling my zipper and YOU know what that means!

          144. You must be proud to know your IQ is plum up to 47. Maybe you added a few to pump it up? You know, like how your ass pumps up whenever I jiggle my zipper, and your lips pucker up and you start breathing hard…

          145. No. But funny you ask that question. Oftentimes when someone accuses someone of something it is because the accuser is guilty of what he is accusing someone of.. Hmmm…

          146. How you figure? Must be more of that liberal progressive demonrat commie thinking and logic you guys and critters are so good at.

          147. Yup! That is what wars do where the refugee count goes way up. Happened in Vietnam and the Gulf War,etc. where special exceptions are made.

          148. Eddie your dumber than I give you credit for , like most libs, you talk through your butt. leave my country.

          149. That was so moving! Was it a bowel movement? Did all your nasty garbage come out at once or will there be more!. I do have Ex_Lax if you feel the urge again!

          150. You silly twit, a report just came out in the last week about the millions in welfare loss where two Muslim business owners are being indicted for EBT and WIC fraud. The illegals (no matter the race) are here to suck off the Govt tit and are bankrupting this country. While we (the working class) struggle just to pay the bills and put food on the table.

            They’ve stated that they are here to take over our country without firing a single shot and Obama is enabling them.

            Take a serious look around without your Rose Colored sunglasses and tell me that Muslims aren’t getting special treatment.

          151. I have seen where they work, but get paid cash, work under the table, and under-report their earnings to qualify for benefits, that should be reserved for American Citizens only. I’m speaking not of Muslims, in this case, but of Chaldeans, Iraqi Christians, who came here to avoid persecution, and yes, they do take advantage of our social programs, and they do cheat.

          152. Read up on the MUSLIM MAFIA or INFILTRATION and other writings if you REALLY want to know how sinister the Muslim quiet Jihad invasion is. WAKE UP Eddie47. By the way is 47 your age or the date you were born?

          153. Is that like the Italian Mafia or the Russian Mafia? If you don’t want Muslims in America then don’t start wars in Muslim countries.

          154. Good grief, Obama did not import the Muslims who live in America. Give me a break. If you really think that, then you are a much bigger problem to the nation than Obama is. I don’t know of any Muslims, and I know quite a few, who carp and complain and denigrate us. You, on the other hand, don’t even know a Muslim, so don’t make a fool of yourself.

          155. Why work?…..Hawaiian Welfare is now up to $66,000/yr. Not too shabby for those able to sit and watch TV all day long and the extra bucks after food, buys vacations, TATS, illegal drugs, POT, booze, cell fons, etc.
            But doubt it will stop or slow the complaining by the “poor”?


          1. That’s what the Native American said, Soon America will be all white and their freedoms would be lost. At least they now have “nice” little reservations.

          2. Very few! Must be the few Republican Indians milking the unsuspecting tourists. Is that a new way of scalping?

        3. And another example of the blatant stupidity that haunts our nation. Why shouldn’t you go back to England where your ancestors came from. I’d think that would relieve you of so much stress and pathological hatred.

        1. Your statement is as off base as can be, were talking about people who want to kill you if you know anything about Muslims, so were did you come up with such non-sense? this woman was railroaded because of people who do not believe in our way of government and they also hate our Constitution as stated by the Imen who are their so called religious leaders, and if you believe they are really a religious people I have some beach front property I would like to sell you in Arizona!!!

          1. You complained about “bad guests” in this country, people who want to kill you. How the hell do you think the Native American Indians feel about YOU?
            The woman IS A RACIST and she deserved to lose her job.

          2. you sound like you need an education not liking Muslims has nothing to do with racism its not a nationality its a cult of murderers are you a supporter of these heathens? When they come to cut your throat do not call me.

          3. Not liking Muslims is against the teachings of Jesus Christ.
            My education clearly was better than yours.

          4. I see you think you are invincible, Jesus also beat the money changers in the Church with a whip!!! So I do not know where you learned about Jesus! So I will continue to support the constitution which does not allow people to attack Americans in their own country or do you have a different version of the Constitution? To think I served in the military so you could support the enemies of the Constitution!!!

          5. Forgot to mention they are killing Christians by the thousands in the middle east what have you got to say about that!

          6. Now you are getting weird. The killing has flowed both ways where hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed . So if we kill so many aren’t we also “a cult of murder”

          7. now I can see what you are, you would hug a thug AKA a terrorist! Its obvious you are a lefty, also known as an American hater!

    1. Yes Terry, every bit true I agree this bunch of worthless congress and senate, and the big man obama should go with them back where they came from. We the people need to take back our U S A. Now if not sooner.

      1. prm, Take back OUR USA. I guess you forgot who your folks took this country from. Our country, you’re a joke. How about you go back to where ever your folks came from.

          1. Then you also know that the “so called” native Americans also kicked out the people who were here when they came. It happens, live with it.

          2. If they were the FIRST danstewart how could they be kicking out those who were here first. I know there was something missing between them ears of yours. Thanks for removing all doubts!

          3. So called native Americans (Indians) were NOT the first people in the land of the Americas. Evidently you have never studied, nor know anything about, archeology.

          4. Okay bring it on. Were they early Neanderthals who died out before the natives came across the land bridge to present day USA or Canada?

        1. Native Americans did not have anything that even came close to a central government, just numerous tribes in various parts of the country, And native Americans are far better off now than they were. better housing, schools, healthcare jobs etc.. And they won’t go hungry if they don’t bring down a deer, they just drive their car to a supermarket.

        2. EWW???for your information my folks came from the GREAT STATE of TENNEESE.
          What rock did you crawel out from under? Go back under it!!!!!!!!!(PLEASE< THANK YOU…. Just who did my folks take this country from, tell me if you can?

          1. prm,Just because someone doesn’t agree with you there is no reason to insult them, but if that’s all you have to come back with so be it. So, you came from Tenn. Where did your family originally come from? Unless you are Mexican or Indian they are not from here. Maybe they came over on the Mayflower. Maybe I’ll CRAWEL back under my rock so I won’t have to deal with you.

          2. EWW, I just didn’t like your remark about I must have forgotten who my folks took this country from, I thought that was a silly question. I was born in this Country raised in this country, served in military for this country I thefore thik I can call it my country O K
            My grandmother was Cherokee my fathers mother. my grandfather was Irish my fathers father. My mothres parents were German. But I just don’t understand what that has to do with the price of tea in China. Sorry about the crawling from under a rock, that makes no sence at all. Thanks and have a great day..

          3. Hi PRM 2012, I too have Indian blood on both sides with a lot of other blood mixed in too. I served in the Army for four years So thank for your commitment. I just don’t like it when I hear I’m an a ‘merican and this is our country and some times forget what this country is made up of and people say they don’t belong here. If that were the case and they want to send every body back they don’t like half of us wouldn’t be here. I don’t disagree with all the posts on here it’s just the way they say it. Nice chatting with you.

          4. Hi EWW, I can understand your point now. I do not have a problem with folks come to the U S A,legally but those that come Illegally is when I have trouble. If they just come for all the stuff they get free, don’t work and live off the tax payers. If they pledge allegience to this country and don’t try to change our way of life to conform to thier way of life. If they learn the bill of rights speak english go to work pay taxes. Follow the Constitution, to me that is the way of life for Americans. Nice chatting with you as well. Thanks and have a great day..

          1. I did look it up and they still serve bacon.That wasn’t offense but the sign was and it was mostly other town folk who complained with a “dash” of Muslims.

    2. Liberals can say any damn thing they want about conservatives and that’s ok. But when the shoe is on the other foot, we must be tolerant, forgiving and turn the other cheek. I’m offended that they are offended; will they stand up for my rights? I’m with you, they can pack their bags and hit the road! It used to be that people coming to our country learned our laws, customs ect.. now they want to bring their own customs with them. If an American kid wears a patriotic shirt during cinco de mayo, the American gets in trouble. It’s enough to make you sick.

    3. Including jews who have been working feverishly to remove any signs of Christianity through their communist organization, the ACLU. No Ten Commandments, no Christmas trees or nativity scenes, no Christmas plays, they have to be winter plays now. But their ugly mennorahs are okay, because they allege they’re secular. Americans are blind to who the real enemy is.

    4. I’ve been saying that for years now. I would just like to add one small detail…I don’t understand why we have a law that protects people that have specifically come here to have babies so they can stay, because the baby is American born. If the child is born in America, all that tells me is that the child has every right to go outside the country, and go home with it’s parents. Americans go outside this country to live all the time, and some NEVER come back! I would like to know one good reason those lawbreaking parents think they have a right to be here just because they gave birth here. Pack up you’re stuff, pack up that babies stuff and go home. I don’t see no chain on any of your a$$ e $ and that goes for the child as well. You want good things for your child? Then do the right thing and stop breaking the law. Give them what they really need…A good example.

      1. Amen !!! Could not of put it any better. I’m glad their are still a few that think as I do.We don’t need change we need progress. They let these people come here and enforce their way of the way they want things because they can’t do it where they are from. They will form a group and then cry if they can’t get thing’s their way so they protest against our ways till they get what they want . PACK UP AND LEAVE AND THIS GOES FOR THE ONE’S THAT HAVE LIED THEIR WAY INTO OUR POLITICS AND TOOK THE U.S. OATH OF THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTRY AND THAT ARE CHANGING LAWS AND TRYING TO TAKE ALL OF OUR RIGHTS. PLUS THE ONE’S THAT HAVE BEEN BOUGHT OFF FOR THEIR RICH WAYS OF LIVING THEY SHOULD BE PUT IN FRONT OF A FIRING RANGE AND USED FOR A TARGET. PLUS TELL THE NEXT ONE’S THAT HOLD A SEAT IN OFFICE IF THEY TRY ANY THING TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY AND THE LAWS OF OUR LAND THEY WILL BE NEXT AND I BET YOU WANT HAVE SO MANY RUNNING FOR OFFICE UNLESS THEY ARE REALLY FOR THE PEOPLE AND NOT THEIR POCKETS

          1. You must be either unemployed or retired ( I’m retired) since you are a frequent B.S.er and a major parasite on lying.

      1. …and the sick comments keep rolling on in! I can count several anti- Americans right here starting with you and marlene. I love it when racists like marlene call someone else a racists. Our mental health facilities would be over flowing if all your deranged minds were sent there.

          1. I want a decent respectful America and you simply don’t fit the bill anymore than Sharpton. You are both race baiters and scum!

      1. Nope! its called Freedom of Religious and all are welcome. Debate the exceptions they may have but not their right to be here.

  2. Gee, I didn’t know Muslims constituted a race. Insofar as they don’t, no one who criticizes them can legitimately be accused of “racism/”

      1. Do you all beg to be called ignorant? The 9/11 hijackers came here long before Obama was elected. But I guess if lying make you happy and that is free speech to you then dumb yourselves down.

      2. Roesch Levy, like it or not, Muslims have been part of the American citizenry since way before Obama ever got into office. I would have thought you would have known this. To pin a Muslim presence in this country on Obama is disingenuous at best, and just a downright lie at worst.

  3. The wrong person is suffering here. Muslims can murder and abuse the corps and that is alright. Let a conservative say or do anything that is less than holding them in high esteem, and the loony left goes berserk. The assault on our constitution is beyond tolerance. Our supreme court needs overhauling more so than congress, which is bad, bad, bad.

    1. Abuse what “corps” ? Marine Corps ? Maybe if you would read all these Conservative comments you would clearly see why they are exposed or someone goes “berserk” over this drivel. You make your self targets and don’t even realize it. The loony right is here in one tidy little package. Now if you want to knock down any Muslim using Sharia Law I would probably agree with you and thinks Sharia is wrong. Very few of you even explain the facts and just generalize in trying to create some strange and bewildering comradery.. .

        1. If you do that I would suggest a pump sprayer to get the best coverage! Those work best anyway, besides that way you don’t get your hands in the stuff as well.

  4. AHHH the new TRUTH is Racist dilemma thanks to what we have in office! I think she should have gone further but then I agree with her 100%. I’ve known others that spoke out against Islam (1 has lost not only his job but his house as well). I say KEEP UP THE WORK! As Terry V stated, if you come here and do NOT like it or freedom of speech, than go the back home to your sandpits or wherever else you came from!

    1. Most came via invitation of Obama so think they are covered for anything said or done. Obviously we are seeing this happen.

    2. How long do you think you’d last in any job if your words became public? I bet you (as you admit) would say the same thing and place your job in jeopardy. I wouldn’t want you working in my business.

    she proved that the people can be controlled, forced to do things they don’t want to do
    as a teacher, she had a voice where it is needed, with the children
    who stopped those rioters from screaming ” KILL THE PIGS “–our media?–the mayor?–our president?
    but they made her quit?

    1. and told all americans that they NO LONGER have the 1st admendment .It’s gone all you can do is bitch on the net,for now.

    2. Now these rants have gone from Muslims to attacking blacks and then trying to tie them in together. Do you honestly think her voice should be heard as a 3rd grade school teacher? She set herself up for this and doesn’t deserve your respect. It goes beyond freedom of speech by yards and shouldn’t be accepted by either side.

  6. Why do we allow the New Black Panthers to do anything other than go to prison? They are a terrorist group and they committed voter intimidation yet our AG Holder cut them slack and would not prosecute. We need them removed from the USA and we need CAIR and all other radical muslim groups removed from the USA. This is not free speech, this is pure terrorism and these terrorists need to be sent to Gitmo or prison for life. If these muslims and blacks don’t like America then go to a country that supports them – they are free to leave at any time. Once upon a time we had that wise slogan “America, Love it or Leave it!” Should be true today.

    1. Stop hating blacks and give them reasons to love America? The KKK is a white terrorist groups who claim to be Christian yet you allow them in every state. There are white groups like Stormfront who are far more sinister than your accusations against CAIR. The Black Panthers weren’t jailed because it was proven they didn’t intimidate anyone.

      1. The kkk was & is a democrap group. ‘black panthers didn’t intimidate anyone’, male bovine excrement. They were already convicted of it, then the idiot ag holder dismissed the charges & stated that he would not prosecute black on white crime.

        1. BS, no they were not convicted of it. CHARGED but those charges were dropped because no intimidation could be proven. They interviewed many witnesses on that point. Now listen closely because I know you are hard of hearing. Yes the KKK was mostly Democrat but all the Democrats in the South were CONSERVATIVE.That makes the KKK opinions and views CONSERVATIVE. Do you hear me now? You also lied about what Holder said but I am use to your lying!

      2. eddie47 – I do not hate blacks. I hate phony religious fanatics like the muslims and followers of islam. There are many fine blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities in America, but for some reason those who follow islam are just traitors and terrorists. So I hate them because they want to destroy us and our culture. As to the new black panthers, they are also a racist hate group. If they truly wanted to help the black community they would be keeping families together, preventing pregnancy out of wedlock, helping blacks get good jobs and keeping them, keeping blacks off drugs and out of gangs, making sure blacks went to college/trade schools and succeeded in their careers. But they just incite racism. Why don’t they do good instead of evil? As to the voter intimidation, I saw the videos and I read the witness and victim statements. It should have been decided by at least a Grand Jury as to the charges being filed, not someone who has skin in the game like Holder.

    1. now only if the people in her district would do that we could send a message o these scum sucking lefties and scuzlims we will not tolerate your intolerance!!!

    2. Exactly. They are OUR employees, so you all there need to get together and fire them pronto because they are also brainwashing your children – the next generation of progressives. Good grief, fire them today!

      1. “they are also brainwashing our children”! Okay at least you are admitting this lady is also brainwashing our children. So are both wrong and wouldn’t you try and fire someone on either side laying out her terrible remarks.

      1. Angela Box says the show makes fun of all political points of view, and had minimal viewership until a local reporter saw the episode and did what she describes as a “malicious and biased” news story. She says that led to further controversy, including a visit to the school from a black community leader who accused her in a written statement of using racial epithets in front of her class. He later admitted his statement was inaccurate, but the damage was done.

  7. You can’t get any worse than this;

    Islam’s Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad’s Own Words

    Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence.

    Critics of Prophet of Doom claim it is offensive, hatemongering, and unnecessarily violent. We agree – but we didn’t write those parts. They came directly from Islam’s scriptures. Over the course of these pages, we quote from almost every surah in the Qur’an – many are presented in their entirety. But more than that, we put each verse in the context of Muhammad’s life, quoting vociferously from Islam’s most trusted sources.

    Go here, https://archive.org/details/prophetofdoom, and learn the whole truth about this despicable believe system before it is to late!
    If Islamic Muslims had their way, our 1st Amendment would be gone!
    There isn’t much that comes out of their mouth that isn’t directed toward the destruction of the American Way Of Life!
    Remember, their total existence is world domination by any means AND ANYONE WHO BELIEVES OTHERWISE IS A COMPLETE FOOL LIVING WITH THEIR HEADS BURED IN THE SAND!

    1. WOW! At least I found one person with his thinking cap on. YET doesn’t the Bible tell Christians to dominate the world and to send out missionaries out into that world to convert. Maybe the problem is that we have two major religions trying to do the same thing. Please don’t come back and saying Christians never murdered and threatened conversion because there are way too many examples. In our present day world Christians may be the more saner but we had an ugly past too.

      1. I find I must respond! I am 72 and have been a devout Christian most of my life! I have learned many things about Christianity but this, I believe, will address your post!
        Christianity, true Christianity that is, has NEVER hurt anyone EVER! However, down through time, many have come to Jesus with their OWN personal agenda in mind! Because of this, they have hurt themselves, family, friends, and most importantly Jesus and what he stands for!
        If you remember the story of when Jesus was confronted by the rich man wanting to know how he could buy some of that Christianity(my words), Jesus told him to give all that he possessed away and follow him! If you remember, the rich man turned and walked away with his head hanging low! Now, the most important thing about this story was not written and here it is………..JESUS NEVER WENT AFTER HIM!
        A “TRUE” Christian will never harass anyone into accepting Christ! We are to let our light shine so bright that people who don’t know Jesus will ask! Once they have opened the door, then and only then do we tell them about Jesus and what He has meant in our life’s!
        True Christians have absolutely no desire to force people into acceptance and we have no desire in world domination! God has shown us that Hell is expanding but Heaven is not…..so, many more will be lost to a devils Hell and that is truly sad!
        It saddens me to know there are fringe elements of Christianity that have been around since Jesus started his ministry! Many of those fringe elements are well known churches who have left the true teachings!
        I would recommend you stop reading your Bible and start studying it instead! With every chapter, ask these questions and don’t stop until you are satisfied! Questions: WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, AND WHERE! This will require some work but I believe you can do it for I did and so have many others!

        1. Kudos again and if everyone practiced the Words of Jesus the whole world or at least Christian lives would run much smoother.

  8. I agree that she should have stood her ground longer. America was formed as a Christian republic, and should remain one. It’s time to stand up against these minorities (New Black Panther Party, The New Black Muslims, and other Muslims self-righteous groups and send the “racist” connotation right back at them. Freedom of religion includes Christianity. Muslims have declared war on Christians and it’s time to fight back against the lawmakers who side with them.

    1. Couldn’t find anything on the New Black Muslims or was that something you dreamed up? In 2008 the New Black Panther Party only had 15 members. If there are more now then your screeching about them must have made them grow by the thousands as you seem to think or are scared of. The main war I see is Christians ( not true Christians) wagging war against Muslims. Are there Muslims in the Middle East attacking Christians? Yes . Are there so called Christians burning mosques in America? Yes Kind of flows both ways!

  9. Gee I enjoy a good slice of bacon, Heck I even put diced bacon in my the stuffing for the turkey adds a great flavor to it. If the mudslimes don’t like the way things are in this country then they can just go back to Eran or where ever it is they came from, they can just go back to their goat herds and do whatever it is they do to them.

  10. Just get rid of all government schools. Nothing good comes out of them. When they get a half way intelligent teacher they force her out. If she had suggested that her students murder their parents, they would have circled the wagons around her.

  11. While she shouldn’t have tendered her resignation, these words of advice are probably good ones!

    “Don’t give anybody an excuse to reject your position other than the position itself.”

  12. SUE Quannel X and the New Black Panther Party for everything they have..!! SUE the school district for not supporting you….SUE the Teacher’s Union..!! SUE….SUE…SUE…!! Obama is a muslim PIG…!!

        1. The death mongers are out in full swing today! Now we really know how Conservatives think and more deadly than whom they talk about.

  13. Her 1st Amendment rights were clearly abused. If we have the right to free speech then these other organizations need to deal with it. Do we go off the deep end when say a black person makes an off color joke about a white person, no we laugh it off. If new people to this country can’t abide by our laws in the Constitution, then they need to go the HELL back to their own country and leave us alone. It wasn’t until all of the muslims started coming over here that we had to deal with issues like this. All they are trying to do is to destroy our Constitution and our FREEDOM!!! Are we going to continue allowing this action to take place? I for one am fed up with all of their RADICAL innuendos and am ready for them to leave and yes they can take gutterbutt with them!!!! The most of them are here either illegally or on a Visa anyway!

  14. Well I hopes she sues those who lied against her! Also the school district in their apparent attack on the Conservative’s/TEA Party backers! Our schools are in shambles from the inside out and that’s why more Americans are Home Schooling today than ever before! Now we need to introduce Grandparents Rights and School Choice! Not only will these moves benefit our children but also destroy the bad teachers and their rogue Unions from the inside out! I wish she wouldn’t have backed down and resigned but this is just a snippet of the facts. Good luck to her and her family!
    God Bless America!

    1. Where is that? Show all of us something that was said by a Muslim teacher that was disparaging against Christians. I’m not speaking of some sheik mouthing off so lets compare apples to oranges.

  15. This country is doing to us what ISIS is doing to us….!! What’s the difference…???? THIS IS AMERICA PEOPLE….We have free speech…!

    1. You have a Socialist who hates the US of A in the White House which is what people hate. The fact that his skin tone is dark has nothing to do with it. Obama is by far mostly Caucasian 50% and then secondly by 44% he is Arabic or Middle Eastern. Obama is ONLY 6% Negro. I also do not feel assured he is an American either. He may or may not have been born in Hawaii but he was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim and attended a Muslim School which he could ONLY DO as a Citizen of Indonesia! That means they had to have his American Citizenship renounced as further evidenced when he applied for College as a FOREIGN Student! As his past has been mostly sealed and nobody has been able to come forth and tell us anything about him, you have to wonder just who this guy Barack Hussain Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro really is?

    2. Get over WHAT, Phillip? Get over the fact that he is trampling everything that the Founding Fathers stood for? Get over the fact that he is abusing the powers granted to the office he holds and turning himself into a dictator that is following in the footsteps of Hitler? Get over the fact that he is using the Constitution as a roll of toilet paper? Get over the fact that he is willfully and Unlawfully allowing in criminals from the other nations to come here and help destroy this nation? Get over the fact that he is doing his damnedest to tear this nation apart with the racist issue? Get over the fact that he should not even be in the White House in the first place between the lack of proper documentation and the election fraud issues? What more do you want us to get over?

  16. It is really different when a white teacher expresses her opinion. The identical thoughts brought forth by Muslims and Blacks get a halo of approval.

  17. Freedom of Speech, like Freedom of Religion, the Press and Peacfully Gathering Together, is SUPPOSED to be a Right granted to everyone no matter color, creed, orientation, gender or position. Unfortunately, the liberals and hatemongers have taken that to mean that THEY have the freedom to lambast Christians and Conservatives all they want, even riot in the streets, but they refuse to allow those groups that they want to criticize the right to return the favor. This is NOT what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights says and whoever denies that right to another should have it taken from them in equal measure.

  18. This is a sorry state of affairs in America to allow this teacher to lose her job over what she said. There are thousands of Americans (including myself) who would make the same statement about Obummer and the stinking Muslims. Obummer needs to be impeached and the muslims need to be deported.

  19. Of course, we never hear the above entities complain when the muslims are the ones doing the bullying, and when they bully, they usually remove the heads of the offenders from their bodies…

  20. Although I would agree with her original comments the posters on here that are citing freedom of speech need to realize that although she is allowed to say whatever she wishes the are consequences to be had from certain types of speech. Yes the liberals and muslimes have found out how to abuse the imposition of those consequences, but there they are.

  21. Hay I thought her skit was funny and she should have never quit. She should have added spraying pigs blood all over the mosque’s property. Now that would be funny.

    1. You are a bigger joke than the whole bunch of yahoos on here. Show me anyone who loves Muslims terrorists? I believe all rotten liars should go straight to hell and you’d be the the first on the list.

      1. Your a sick puppy eddie idiot, and I can bet a left wing moron, who loves that thing in the white house who pretends to be our President, love them Marxists don’t you.

  22. The teacher opened herself up to attack and left the school board in a dilemma over possible prejudice toward students down the road. That unfortunately did her in. I support freedom of speech to be sure but we sometimes have to be careful what we say if we are in a position of public service.
    As a historian and having had courses in Middle East history, I can say with all honesty that the muslim religion is quite suspect. I have also read the koran and see where such fears come from. While I do not condemn muslims, I do speak out in opposition to eh Islamists who are radical and take their specific texts to heart. As such I am very wary of them and speak out in opposition to their less than sterling behavior. I am sure some will call me a racist. I have muslim friends and respect them as decent people. But the hot heads I do not trust as far as I can throe them. Yes I did not capitalize any references to islam.

  23. I ponder a question. How do Muslims feel about the “Pledge of Allegiance” to our Flag? If it’s against their religion, then they should NOT be granted citizenship. Send them back!

  24. Yes and No. As a school teacher she should not have been on a political TV Show like that. She does have the right to feel as she does and express her feelings but not inside a classroom or on a public TV show. She should have been warned and only if she refused to stop should she have been fired. As for that jerk that made to untrue statements against her, he should be charged with filing a false document AND sued personally by this teacher for Libel and Slander.

  25. A black local leader said she use racist comments in front of her kids!! But later said it wasn’t true which makes it a lie!!!! (Sharpton?) She did a local show with few viewers where she said something derogatory about 0 which a “reporter” complained about “BIAS” in reporting???? So why is a teacher held to a standard that “REPORTERS” do NOT do for themselves???? This is of course BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better know as PC liberals!! If you suck at your job but are liberal it is by nature THE EXCUSE of ALL DEMON RATS you keep your job or you are ist either RACE or SEX ist in other words if you are a liberal failure you can not be held accountable much the way you do not hold an infant responsible for their actions because failure is EXPECTED from tiny immature babies!!!!!! By the way if the reporter is “ever bias” is that reporter quitting???

  26. The private actions and speech of a public school teacher should be protected, and if phony civil rights groups want to whine about it, they can.

  27. So, liberals can have freedom of speech, but we cannot! She had and has the right to say what she did. She did not say it in the classroom. So, our freedom of speech cannot be online, videos, radio, TV, etc., that is reserved only for liberals (progressives)! Well, just how long will we put up with the garbage is the big, big question.

  28. My God. The teaching community is 95% liberal. This incident is child’s play compared to what liberal teachers and professors say and do in classrooms daily. I think it’s only fair to fire all these liberal teachers who are a ton worse then this young lady. If we did this, our country would begin to mend immediately.

        1. The fearmongers are spread out like a hoard of locusts today and the poop is getting waist deep! I may have to bring my shovel the next time!

  29. Liberals always over react. All they are doing is falling for the muslim agenda. And thats to get rid of our American way. They want to conquer and say that muslims belong to America. —-NOT—NO WAY, We are going to push you back to your own country. STAY out of America.!!!!

  30. Angela Box enjoys FREEDOM OF SPEECH UNDER THE USA CONSTITUTION, and thus, EVERY RIGHT TO SPEAK HER MIND………esp when she is NOT in the classroom and/or being paid by the School District. She was in a setting NOT LOCATED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. Having worked as a paralegal in court cases, and having read through this article, I believe she DOES HAVE grounds to sue the school, the Houston School District, as well as ALL the representatives of CAIR……..misrepresentation of the facts, character assassination, and the list goes on…..and on. NONE OF THE PLAINTIFFS in this case HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON IN A COURT ROOM…….NONE OF THEM. I STRONGLY suggest she and whomever is representing her contact the American Ctr. for Law & Justice. C’MON AMERICANS……TIME TO STAND UP FOR AMERICA !!!! Mareman 12/29/14

  31. So the so called school Surrendered to the islamic terrorist organization CAIR. What is the houston school district going to do next. Start beheading Christian students.

  32. I do not care for Obama…but I would not even say that I wish him death by any means while in the privacy of my own home. As for the Muslim population in this world, I have no problem with keeping them out of this country…although we have always tolerated people that do not agree with our personal beliefs. That is the difference between the U.S. and most countries ruled by tyrants and dictators.
    I must assume that this school teacher is educated and has a license to teach in a school, albeit elementary. I would thing that she has better things to do than making jokes regarding the two topics.
    No matter how much I dislike what Obama has done to this country, I place the blame of his actions directly on his mother. He typifies the black man that was born a bastard…raised by communists…indoctrinated by subversive miscreants, and has absolutely no love for this country, it’s constitution and the American people in general. The sooner he is gone, the better.
    But…the teacher is what this article is about and she may not be qualified to teach young children if her qualifications are exemplified by her comments.

  33. Today’s ISIS is exposing the Islamic plans for the world too early. The “moderate Muslims” would prefer to just continue massively out breeding the non-Muslim population until the Islamic population is the overwhelming majority. Then Sharia can be voted in in Democracies. Islam through Sharia is in reality just another totalitarian system of government. It is also an ultimate goal of Islamists everywhere. Allowing Islam to be practiced in any Western nation (or any non-Muslim country) is exactly the same as allowing any other alien form of government to be practiced there. When Sharia is the law of the land the ISIS like phase of operations to eliminate all non-Muslims can be carried out with victory assured.

    Muslims are killing people in every country that has more than a few Muslims. They are killing people in the US, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, all over the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. The killing is always and everywhere blamed on the US or Israel or somebody – anybody – else. But the only constant is Muslims killing people. Muslims are at war with the rest of humanity not the other way around.

    To Muslims the rest of us are infidels who must be eliminated. The evidence is overwhelming that they are actively pursuing this goal. Most if not all of this killing is completely acceptable to the overwhelming majority of Islamic clergy and is in fact widely encouraged by these hateful fanatics. Islam has no “Thou
    shalt not kill”. Murder in the name of Allah is considered a duty and virtuous rather than blasphemous. There has never been an Islamic Reformation, don’t hold your breath waiting for one.

    To Muslims this IS World War 3 – and they fully intend to win it. The “Caliph” has made it clear that Muslims will kill all non-Muslims. As for the means – keep in mind if today “only” 10% of Muslims are Jihadists that means there are over 150M Jihadists. Now the Taliban, created owned and operated by Pakistan, is joining with ISIS. Pakistan has nuclear weapons – how soon will the “caliphate” get nuclear weapons?

    As for “peaceful Muslims” remember there were peaceful Russians but that didn’t stop Stalin and his followers from killing millions of people. There were peaceful Germans but that didn’t stop Hitler and his followers from killing millions of people. There were peaceful Chinese but that didn’t stop Mao and his followers from killing millions of people. There were peaceful Cambodians but that didn’t stop Pol Pot and his followers from killing millions of people. Today so called “peaceful Muslims”, if indeed any such actually exist, do next to nothing to stop Jihadists from achieving their goal.

    The rest of us no longer can we just wait and hope. The most serious threat today is Islam. The US, EU, Russia, China, India and all non-Muslims need to unite to end Islam and its war on the world.

    1. Islam is a peaceful religion. as soon as they behead all males with pubic hair, rape, and then enslave all non believers(including other muslims) just like the phophet did, there will be no reason to wage war and thus peace will be upon this world.

      1. Muslims cannot & will not be peaceful. If they kill all non muslims, then they attack each other. Wish they would do the latter first.

        1. Someone in our political circle said “the future must not belong to those that slander Islam” . Yes I know who it was and so do you.

  34. But Blacks can chant “what do we want? Dead Cops” without consequences. Perhaps it’s time
    to think about how well Progressive policies and practices are working out for
    the Black community. After all that is where Progressive thought and policies
    have been most thoroughly realized.

    Progressive/Democrat policies and ideas – abortion on demand, the Murphy Brown
    syndrome – marriage is irrelevant and an anachronism (curiously gay marriage
    seems an exception), single parenthood is the way of the future, the “Great
    Society” and “War on Poverty” with their financial incentives for more
    (unwanted) children and for welfare as a way of life, etc. have all had
    consequences that have been anything but positive for the Black community. The
    most damaging clearly have been the denigration of marriage and family. In the
    ‘60s most Blacks had 2 parent families. However, after 50+ years of
    increasingly Progressive government policies today:

    40% of US welfare recipients are Black

    70% of Black children live in single parent homes

    high school dropout rate is over 30%

    unemployment rate is twice the white unemployment rate

    fathers have little to no involvement in raising their children

    35% of US abortions are in the 13% of the population that is Black

    incarceration rates are massively high

    And a
    major Black Community problem is young Black males killing young Black males.

    But from the
    Progressive perspective everything’s roses – after all Blacks overwhelmingly
    vote Democrat.

    Clearly there are tens to hundreds of thousands of black
    military vets, police officers and successful professional and businessmen and
    women – why do they not take leadership positions in black communities and
    encourage blacks to form families, get educations and get jobs? Obviously
    blacks burning down their neighborhoods and killing other young black men in
    the hood is insane. Where are responsible blacks working to fix their

    Oh, and BTW if Republicans were racist they would be
    fundraisers for the Democrat Party and Planned Parenthood.

  35. The 1st amendment has been lost in America! An average American’s opinion is irrelevent in America today.
    Especially if it goes against the current Obama Regimes ideals(Muslims have special rights above and beyond our Constitution) and path. I say too damn bad! The Obama policy towards Muslims is killing America and our Constitutional ideals we’ve had for over 235 years. Freedom of choice-you don’t like it in America, get the hell out! Some of us patriotic American’s still love our country, and are willing to fight for it with our last dying breath if need be. Mr. Obama, do you hear me?

          1. That book was required reading back in High School for me along with “1984,” “Utopia” and a few other books at the time I don’t remember and before anyone says anything, I graduated with honors back in 1978, back when we had REAL teachers that were not handcuffed by a liberal school board, TEA or Department of Education. Too bad that the one in the story was not able to be a teacher back then, she would have gotten a lot more respect from the school board.

  36. The real problem is that one or more of their crazies can be manipulated into causing a severe incident of mayhem at the school resulting in the death or wounding of one or more students, teachers or parents. With the schools unprotected by armed personnel, things could get nasty. And, we all know they’re not above such action.

    1. Repeat what she said and tell us all where the truth is? I’ll ask you, why do you allow this kind of filthy talk and bad behavior. If the Liberals did it you’d be all over them.

        1. Then take them on if you believe so but since you have been so dishonest so far I doubt if you can be trusted to be truthful. If there is a bad mouthing Liberal as you and Angela Box are doing then feel free to ding them. If name calling is all you have then its not much of a challenge.

  37. Yes this is very inappropriate for a third grade teacher to be saying on a televised program. However, as inappropriate as it may be, Do we not still have a first amendment, a FREEDOM of speech ? And I wonder if this was not a pre-planed attack on that freedom…
    I don’t trust Obama and this is the kind of dirty tricks I would expect for a pathological (mentally ill) liar to pull to take that freedom away from Americans.

    1. Since its inappropriate then someone finally realizes there is trash on the Conservative side TOO!. Thanks for that honest admission.

  38. The Executive Director seems to be pandering to the Muslim community. < the minority that rules the moral majority. The local reporter lied and got her removed from her job……….. SO MUCH for reporting facts.

    1. Since that wasn’t really reported then you really don’t know if the reporter lied or its just hearsay. Too many facts are missing. The fact that she claims to be a conservative means nothing unless you defend her trash talk.

      1. I know it wouldn’t be long before someone blamed Obama for a local issue. Darn it he must have made her say those things! LOL!

          1. Okay! How much will you pay me to go away? (now that is sarcasm). LOL! Since you don’t have a lick of sense then you are no more than an uneducated gnat!

        1. I disagree with all Presidents yet still respect their position. Not like the hate mongers here. I have nothing against Muslims living in America anymore than Christians living in Buddhist China or Muslim Iran. You are only proving we aren’t anymore tolerant than they are.

          1. Christians in Iran or put in jail or killed. In China they are harrassed. China is communist not Buddhist anymore. Muslims religion is complete opposite to this country’s Constitution. They want to turn us into a muslim country. You approve?
            Apparently, you haven’t noticed but obama is trying to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist communtist nation. People in this country are upset.

          2. There are many things I don’t approve especially Sharia Law but not all Muslims use it. There is and won’t be “a communist nation” under Obama. Try keeping reality into perspective.

          3. There are 82 admitted communists in our congress in Washington. Maybe you are right about obama. Maybe he just wants to be dictator of this country, since he already ignores laws and does as he pleases.

          4. I call Progressives PROGRESSIVES! You can lead me to some hack google site but that still doesn’t make them communists you fool!

          5. I’ve been blogging for several years and have seen plenty of BS that is marketed as fact. Don’t be so gullible.

          6. I would call them Progressives because that is what they are. Trying to lead me to some hack google site won’t change that fact.

  39. The only character assassination came from Angela Box who pushed the issue to an extreme. She has no business teaching anyone unless its a coarse in stupidity. Then turns around and blames everyone but herself.

      1. Still blaming others for what she said there big BOY! Are you trolling for censorship on me when what she said was deplorable . You are one screwed up Conservative.

  40. First Amendment: Congress shall make mo law respecting an establishmenr of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. People who come into this country must understand, thery live by the US Constitution and the rule of Law. We have turned away from the God of the Bible, We have gone into increasing forms of Pleasure-Seeking and absolute Hedonism. REVELATION: A MESSAGE OF WARNING AND HOPE!

  41. What do you get when you cross Ebola with Obama? The answer is Obola. They’re both a virus that needs to be eradicated. Th last true president that was in office was Reagen. As for the Muslims ( or should I say MOOSlims), you should go to where they originated and take along a pair of night vision googles.

  42. I feel that she should SUE all the people & groups that SLANDERED her for what she has lost in money & reputation for at least $1,000,000,000,000.00 at a minumin

  43. As much as I would like to say that it should not matter what she says or does on her own time it really does.
    It is not the fact that she attacked obama or the muslims it is the language that she used to show her disagreements with them.
    As much as I dislike president obama’s policies he is still our President and should be viewed as any other President. When we get to the point of showing disrespect for our leaders on a personal level we are nearing the end of a civilized nation.
    As far as the muslims I am sure that as a teacher she could have come up with a better line than she did.
    I will say however all these do gooders who want to put the muslims on a pedestal had better understand if we continue to allow them to migrate here and they become the majority population we had all better get a copy of the koran and learn how to pray 5 times a day and the American women should be ready to be put into the hijabs.

  44. The filth of the moooslims and the sewage feces leader oblowme are so disgusting they really need to be put down as they are so rabid and can not be fixed nothing but pieces oof liberal mental disease scum!!!!!

        1. I do and I seldom print in puke like so many do here. Its unfortunate that it has become the accepted language of rappers and Conservatives.

  45. Hell, what she said was funny and also true. QuannelX (what kind of stupid name is that) is the one that is racist and should be sued for character assassination! Muslims, Obama and fruitcakes like QuannelX (what kind of stupid name is that) are the enemy of this Country……period!

  46. Can’t blame someone who’s fed up with people who come to America
    and complain how screwed up America is. I for one would have NO
    PROBLEM with this patriot teaching my children …

  47. what were the consequences for the black community leader who lied about her saying hate speech to her students. One way streets again. It is getting very old.

  48. People who know this teacher and support her rights of free speech need to do what the liberals/racist blacks/socialists/communists do when they see a cause that can be used to their advantage. DEMONSTRATE loudly and long!

  49. If the Muslims don’t like the way our nation operates, I say please buy an airline ticket home, we really don’t need you or your wishes to take over this country, leave us alone!!!

  50. When Washington politicians can get away with race baiting and calling whites crackers is OK and all they have to do is say they are “sorry” with no hint of meaning it, why should she be disciplined? She didn’t claim to represent the school but it was a parody and personal thoughts and opinions are protected. All she was doing was saying what the nation in general thinks and the 1st Amendment does apply top our right to speak our minds. If you don’t like it, don’t go there.

  51. The problem here is that Free Speech in an form, anywhere, is ‘forbidden’ to Muslims. They cannot stand ANY criticism. They are NOT a religion. They are a belief system just like Communism, Socialism and Democracy. Their ‘religion’ is just a way to weasel their way into countries, especially those who have any form of religious freedom.

    If you are familiar with the Bible you know that Satan wants to rule the world unopposed and his method to accomplish this is to destroy all Christians and Jews.
    Islam wants to rule the world unopposed and their method to accomplish this to destroy all Christians and Jews.

    Make your own decision on who Allah really is.

  52. Should play no role in her position! I had a Playboy centerfold as an English teacher in middle school! Muslims are crap and should be thrown out of the country!

    1. I see a lot of whining from the right but haven’t seen them lose their voice. You seem to be doing a pretty good job of it yourself!

  53. I would like to see some muslims and liberals lose their jobs because of what comes out of their mouths, too. The most vile comments come from their mouths.


  55. If Islam is not a danger then why do they teach domination over all ifidels? The Bible teaches “Love thy neighbor” yet the Koran teaches dominate or kill your neighbor if they are not Muslim. I am a Christian yet if I did not beleive in God I would still not want to become a slave to Islam. The truth is that Islam is not compatible with democracy. It follows Sharia Law that looks at women as cattle, wants all homosexuals killed, sees honor killings as acceptable. Even Muslims can be killed if they were to beleive in another religion or to not follow directives from their clarics. How mush more dangerous can a faith based government be?

  56. The idea that freedom in America is alive is so “old school”. The liberals and the “haters” have made America into a nation of a-holes. These name callers and small minded people (as well as the politicians that feed on this stupidity) should leave this country and head to any third world shithole where they can violate common sense and the Constitution all they want (you will probably find obama lurking in his home nation if you head to Africa).

  57. Lock and load; That is probably what it is going to take to get America back on track. For those that oppose American laws and traditions; Get the hell out; Or not if but when the shooting begins pay the consequences! I took the oath 63 years ago to guard and protect my country; Black panthers and bad blacks in general, muslims, illegal immigrants; We are coming to get you. You don’t like the American way?? Get the hell out or pay the price. Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

      1. I sure wish I had the know how or means to contact every vet. Patriots to. I don’t think it is a matter of if?? But when all hell is going to break loose. The vets and Patriots combined would be a mighty force. Keep your powder dry Mike. Semper Fi. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  58. Freedom of Speech does not mean you don’t have to pay the price of your speech. I would not want to see how she would react with a Muslim age School kid in her class.

  59. You readers herein had better get a PDF copy of the Qur’an
    and read it. If you acquire an official printed copy as an infidel you will have a death sentence on your life by beheading which is defined in the Qur’an; which was demanded by Islamic groups of the U.S. military who burnt those Qur’ans. Islam was started by Muhammad in the sixth century (550CE), five hundred and fifty years after Christianity began and thousands of years after the Jewish people were captured and taken to Egypt. The Islamic people claim Abraham (2000 BCE) as their linage who came after Moses (3500-3000 BCE) who received the Ten Commandments from God after the Jewish peoples escaped from Egypt. That being the case Islam is a farce in that if their linage is from Abraham and who was after Moses who received the Ten Commandments, that one of which states “Thou shall not kill” is in direct conflict with the Qur’an that defines the killing of infidels by beheading who do not convert to Islam.

  60. Her First Amendment rights were definately violated and if she was threatned, that constitutes an assault. I would hope that some lawyer would help her sue the living he ll out of those responsible. I know that will probably not happen, but I wish it would.

  61. little eddie47 you ignorant little POS the lady beheaded by the African American Muslim in Oklahoma on September 26, 2014 was Colleen Hufford 54. Now if you would take the time to read rather than rant you may educate yourself and realize how totally stupid you are. My father told me to never argue with a crazy person or an idiot. Goodbye Troll.

    1. Yes he was a die hard Christian in 2013 so what made him become so angry. I know you won’t tell the whole truth so goodbye troll back at you.

  62. If I were that teacher, I would have came to school everyday, to not only do my job as an educator, but at lunch time, to break out my home made BLT lunch sandwich’s, extra bacon of course and ate them in front of everyone, basically to shine it on!

    1. Naw, torture them away, by showing re-runs of porky pig, getting screwed by bugs bunny, in the most visually pornographically way possible.

  63. Who cares what CAIR thinks? This is the United States of America, and we have a Constitutional Right to freedom of speech. What the teacher said, may have been a bit off, but she is not alone in her thinking. Furthermore, there is nothing in our Constitution that guarantees us freedom from being offended, so deal with it! There are a great many things about your people that offends me; failure to speak English, is a big one, rudeness is another.

    In addition, it is common courtesy to be observant of the laws and rules in one’s host country, when you are a new-comer. Our country does not need to make any adjustments to accommodate Islamic ways; it is you that must adjust to the freedoms and liberties afforded our people, or you have chosen the wrong country to immigrate to. Your people have no right to make demands upon our people, no right to expect us to accept you sexist attitudes.

    If you want acceptance in this country, your people had best learn to be tolerant of the ways of this country.

  64. How is it that Liberal teachers can run down conservatives, describe hatred for Republicans, screech about the 2nd Amendment ,throw garbage cans at police in NYC
    and keep their jobs. I’m fighting mad at the duplicity of the Liberals. I’m slowly getting rid of most of them cause I just can’t stand their blind loyalty to party who loves abortion, keeps killers alive, hates the Military and the Vets, hate
    Christians and just love Communists.

    1. Show me a Liberal 3rd grade teacher who has said what she said and that Liberals should also be fired. If you can’t produce then you are only making things up!

      1. a Michigan reacher last week was telling the students she hates Republicans and its O.K. to hate Republicans and on and on. Nothing was done .Google it. I don’t make things up . I’m an honest Conservative who had my own Business for 40 years and fought in 2 Wars with honor and intgrity.

        1. She (Michigan person)was a college teacher and all kinds of things fly in their classes. 3rd grade teachers should have far more couth in shaping young impressionable minds. Adults on here tell people to hate blacks,Muslims,Liberals, Democrats, and quite a few things but adults can generally take the BS or at least stand up to it. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

  65. Although I agree with her opinion, it’s a shame that she was “strongly encouraged” to quit her job because of it. She has a thousand times more common sense than those who want to be “politically correct” in this matter. When did “freedom of speech” get thrown in the trash when it’s a person who isn’t a Liberal commie??

    1. Hate speech is not freedom of speech . It may be tolerated most of the time but eventually their evil words catch up to them. It became her turn to face the music.

  66. How come there is accountability only against people who ridicule muslims but it is ok for muslims to kill Christians .Oh that’s right there has been 23 cases of sharia law perpetrated on Christians in the Good Ol U.S.A we are already a muslim country and I will have to find a new country to move to who is not afraid of muslims.

    1. No, let them come. I’ll just find new creative ways to torture them. Maybe I’ll do what that guy did in texas, start having pig races everyday, next to the nearest mosque.

        1. I don’t know what you think, but black folks are great. Some of my neighbors are, hell, they make the best BBQ ribs I have ever ate.
          Go stick your nose back in the corner.

        1. No, but nice, I do like it.
          Have to admit, I did give it some more thought and have decided, more is needed.
          I have decided, that I will endorse the next candidate to the office of the presidency, will be none other than porky pig. I would go to every mosque infested environment(s), sporting porky pig, pig races, within one mile of every mosque.
          If they hate pigs that much, then perhaps they wouldn’t mind betting on the pig that crosses the finish line. They might make a few dollars off of them, if they were ever smart to begin with, and when I say smart, they don’t have to react so damn badly about an animal, that is just as part of natural nature like the rest of us. They may greatly dislike the creature for it’s nature, but there is no reason to react like you have a demon crawling up your a$$.

  67. That really sucks, a bunch of damn Muslims are goat fuckers, and Obama needs to be taken out by something, that is definitely not a racist statement !

    1. You know, I agree with you, but unfortunately, when it comes to the nations of islam, everyone else is the resident below them it seems, just like the leftist-racists ideals that has been vilifying anyone that disagrees.

  68. This teacher should get the Nobel Peace prize like someone else who received it, but didn’t deserve it. The left live on that racial crap and all the (experts) say this will come back and bite them in the rear. Quit sucking up to them and start reading all the murders and bombings in the past 25 years and you’ll notice it isn’t someone from Finland or Canada. It is the same source who have never made it a secret what they intend to do, and guess what, they are right on target.

  69. Take a guess what I would tell these assholes, yes I am racist and I freely admit it, not only that Who ever you are I will tell you right straight to your face. Kill every freaken Muslim that sets foot on our soil. I mean just gut the scum. I have had it with this scum they love Alla so much I will help them meet him. The same goes for this two faced administration, that is the most corrupt this nation has ever seen. Trust me I am not going to hide and I am dammed sure not afraid to spill blood for our good old American traditional values.

  70. Every Speech should be protected by the First Amendment…When we cannot say what we think and how we feel about anything WE are slaves!…Angela Box should have Never lost her job!…It is so sad to see the bullshit that is being taught to our kids in school & college today…obama is a total POS imposter and I LOVE BACON!

  71. The teacher should be able to criticize muslims if she wants to. The muslims don’t hesitate to state their mind. So they (muslims ) can like it or lump it.

  72. Your dam right it should be protected, for this lady has done nothing wrong, Expressing her opinion is not illegal and the good for nothing liberal’s that think it is, well to each and every one of them watch we will take this country back,

  73. Ironic! Muslims can demand the word “Bacon” be removed for all restaurant menus. it offends them, show hatred towards Christians and Jews, but let someone express their thoughts? Oh, No we might offend them. They don’t mind offending non-Muslims, Christians and Jews, but it’s off limits when the tables or turned. I have something to say, “Go back to where ever you came from. You are not welcome here if you can’t take criticism, grow up. This was my country long before you decided to march in here and make demands,which you do have that right. So, go away and stop being bullies. If the word ‘Bacon’ offends you, then don’t eat at that restaurant. If the Cross offends you, do not look. Mind your own D**** business and leave we the people alone.”

  74. This brave teacher has the courage and wisdom that is seriously lacking from the morons who attacked her.
    Some individuals can’t accept a true statement when it hits them head on. Muslims and leftist Obama supporters have a chip on their shoulder that appeals to those who are ignorant and claim everything is racist.

  75. Another “incident” blown completely out of proportion in the interest of demonizing conservatives. In this case, a conservative teacher. This entire situation is laughable. If you want to witness vulgarity and racism from teachers, look no further than some of the radical leftists employed by the school districts in Will County, IL where I grew up.

    Not that you’ll ever see this but, lady, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’d let you teach my children, anytime.

  76. You idiots to pick on one of our teachers for baloney is a travesty she didn’t do wrong you politically correct fools are who and what is wrong with this country if I could get my hands on any of you I would bash your stupid face in it is the fools like you dim wits that are bringing our country down. To side with anyone against one of your own is an infamia especially a lousy rag head who hates us but can’t quite come right out yet because of they’re numbers and if you idiots have half a brain you will not let any of these fools into our country and send the ones here home if your smart. I know that’s asking a lot of liberal fools but try you may succeed and wouldn’t that be a change in your behavior.

  77. You can attack Christians and Christmas because it affects Muslims, but you can’t criticize our Muslim President, who incidentally is an Indonesian citizen and should be deported from the United States as an illegal alien. And ,of course, the terrorist linked CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations) objects as our State Department agrees to accept 9,000+ Islamist REFUGEES FROM Syria. The President claims that we are a Muslim Nation and he is working hard to make it happen, so soon we will have a Mosque on every corner funded by the Saudis. France has discovered, too late, what the heavy concentration of Muslims can do to ruin a Nation. Denmark is finding out also. But the Germans are waking up and just held an “anti Muslim invasion” rally with a hundred thousand showing up for their rally. We, on the other hand, due to our open, politically correct society are in denial about the threat to our Constitutional Republic. WAKE UP FOLKS!

  78. Why do we put up with these racist interlopers into OUR COUNTRY? We wouldn’t be welcome in there’s and I have no intention of going to there 3rd world hell-holes, stay home people, any one that wants to be here and be Americans WELCOME! That goes for the pretender and goof in office, go back to Kenya!

  79. She got fired for telling the truth? They are what they are! And CAIR should not even be in the U.S. as they are a terrorist hate organization!

  80. all the dirt dwelling goat fucking filthy muslim scum need to be elliminated from america.along with all the queer scumbag liberal scum.

  81. Is she was a Muslim raghead mocking Christians or Jews she would’ve been praised. That’s the liberal masochism, hypocrisy and double standards of today’s sick society.

    1. We need Dr. Ben Carson. Check him out at RUNBENRUN.ORG!
      Dr. Brad Bryant, Arizona Ground Team, for the National Committee to elect Dr. Ben Carson President in 2016

  82. Yeah, if that teacher made a leftist comment it would have been ignored or even celebrated (by this whacked out pretend media anyway), no matter how insulting, false, damaging or dangerous. It is time to give the left what they have been clamoring for since the 60s –revolution. It’s time for patriots to rise. We’re losing by attrition and that is their plan. The agendists will keep diluting our culture until there’s nothing left to fight for…

  83. No this teacher should not have been fired. People like racist hate mongers like the new black ph anther party, new black muslim group and other hate bating muslims like obama and ever shit head x is should be sent to Russia. When they stared their shit there they’d end up in Siberra and crying to come back to the good old USA.

  84. She shouldn’t have lost her job. She’s only saying what millions of other Americans are thinking but are maybe too afraid or careful to say aloud in public!

  85. This is what our once great nation has become under the PC police. If your views differ from the Democrats in power, you are screwed. This lady was most likely a great teacher and it is a shame she will no longer be able to shape the minds of our youth. That is the problem with our present educaton system and it will get even worse if Common Core is not stopped. Democrats control our schools at all levels and that is why most people register and bindly vote for the communists calling themselves Democrats.

    1. Amen, Richard…& rub it on ALL Mosques entries, door knobs, develop ‘pork spray’ deodorant, detergent, hand & bath soap, shave cream & after shave lotion..etc..etc. & advertise free tickets & shipping on ALL BOATS headed out of America that are ‘pork free’ !

  86. And yet a college professor in Michigan was allowed to write and post an article entitled ” It’s ok to hate conservatives”, where she outlines why she hates conservatives and why everyone else should too, and let me tell you, she’s says some pretty nasty shit. No better than what this teacher did. What did the college do to her?… Nothing. Gave her a big ole pat on the back for practicing free speech. But when a conservative speaks their mind, all fu**ing hell breaks loose!

  87. The first amendment is involved and so are those who shoot their mouths off using the first amendment. Those people I am talking about are the Muslims, Liberals, Black Panthers and a whole host of other MORONS. I’ll bet dollars to “ham sandwiches” she is the best teacher in the school. What a shame to lose such a gifted person because she said what she knew was correct. Maybe it is time that they looked at their board of education and see if they need replacing. Hope she lands a job asap. She is needed in teaching immediatelly. God Bless Her!

  88. Don’t people in education have freedom of speech? A different teacher got in trouble for her post on Facebook, a posting with which I strongly disagreed. However, she also has freedom of speech (doesn’t she)? When educators speak out AWAY from their workplace, let’s apply the first amendment to them as well as the rest of us!

  89. Obama has never been anything else but a Radical Muslim Brotherhood Member, Sympathizer, Terrorist, armed our very enemy, Al Qaeda with which arms were used to kill our own Military men and women. It would not break my heart nor would I mourn if Ebola takes out Obama.
    In my dictionary there is no such thing as Non- Radical Muslim. Their own Quran teaches them to kill, murder, torture, by the most grotesque means. And I’m sick and tired of being attacked and on the brunt end of the stick where these Socialist impetus want our Laws to be changed to their Sharia Laws. As a Christian, Obama is a stick in our Fathers eye, the times he declares himself to be Christian only when it fits into his surrounding situation at the time.

  90. Yes her rights are protected but it doesn’t mean she won’t have consequences for her actions. She was NOT fired, she quit. Her decision just as her speech was.

  91. It’s all right if all the black politicians denigrate white people, Christians and Jews but should you say one negative word about Muslims or blacks, the entire liberal political system. If we went into an Arabic country, we would be jailed or killed – not given welfare, jobs and allowed to bring in members of our system to contradict what is going on over there.
    If we don’t get Obama out of office soon, we’re doomed – well, we may be doomed anyway..

      1. There you go again crying like a baby! Do you sleep with a flashlight too so those “commies” won’t grab you from under the bed?

        1. No, we usually have some sort of a weapon to protect ourselves from anyone that would be so stupid as to break in and try to take what belongs to us. If YOU want to rely on the police coming to your home after everything is stolen from you, possibly even including your life, then feel free to keep your head in the sand and rely on them instead of on yourself.

          1. Good for you nothing wrong with that but I was referring to Danstewart’s deceitful and continuously paranoid comments.

  92. I don’t have much use for teachers anymore but I sure do like this one. She was spot on and I agree with her 100 per cent. SCREW OBAMA AND ALL MUSLIMS. AND THE FOREIGNERS WHO DON’T LIKE THE WAY THINGS ARE HERE CAN GET THE HELL OUT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

  93. I have several personal friends who happen to be Muslim, and they can take a joke as well as the next person, jew, gentile, catholic, buddhist, hindu, christian or whatever. But this remark would be in very bad taste no matter who or what was the object of it. This is all about Islam and Muslims, so it’s religious bigotry. At one time in the not too distant past, Catholics were considered evil papists and were the object of prejudicial acts in hiring and social issues.

    And I don’t understand why it’s assumed that people who are religious bigots are conservative. It isn’t a matter of politics, it’s a matter of ignorance and stupidity. I know far too many people with terrible biases and prejudices and they call people names, just like this poor example of a teacher did. I don’t care what her politics are, her attitude is a disgrace to our free society and its aspirations.

    What is it about immigrants that gets everyone’s ire up? Every single citizen in this country, which the exception of the American Indians, are the product of immigrants.

    The dunce below this comment says that if they don’t like the way things are in the US they need to pack their s**t and go back to where they came from. Well, Terry, that would include you, too. If you don’t like people immigrating to the US, then you can pack your s**t and move to a country like Russia that has no problem with immigrants because no one wants to live there. I’m sure you won’t be bothered by these people then.

    1. The legal immigrants I have no problem with, it’s the ILLEGAL ones that are the problem. Of course, if all the freebies were eliminated, most illegal immigration would cease. How would you feel if you spent years & thousands of dollars to come to the US only to be bypassed by someone who just walked in & got all the freebies he could handle & you got nothing.

  94. Americans better stand up and fight for freedom of speech, for everyone, including teachers. Even
    in Nazi Germany the citizens were permitted to criticize Hitler. Why do you think our children do not bring
    school books home anymore? Just 35 years ago our children still brought books home on all subjects We could help them with their homework and assure that the school texts were correct.
    Now, the kids do not bring books home, do you know why? Because the liberals who control the schools
    DO NOT WANT you to be able to know what kind of drivel they are dumping on the kids. Bottom line: The liberals want to get anyone leaning toward conservatism out of our schools

    Also, why is it that any word about Obama a person murmurs is racist? Bull, the biggest racists in
    this country today are Obama himself, his attorney general Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and their ilk, It would be mathematically impossible for a nation with 5 times as many whites as blacks to have a black president if the whites in America were as acist as the media tries to proclaim..

  95. How screwed up does America have to get before someone decides enough is enough.Whose country is this anyway? Granted, her colorful language may have caused consternation among some of the viewers but I thought this show was meant to be an open forum in which her colorful language and expression of feeling was to be taken for granted and not criticized as would be the case in a more formal presentation. Muslims who wish to live here probably should learn something about the natives before making a big magilla about being called a “goat f**ker” or “bacon hater.” Maybe I wouldn’t like being called an “infidel” when in an Arab country but I would also understand being called such a name comes with the territory. “Non-believers” don’t get much respect there. Her comments, I believe, were taken too literally and shouldn’t be taken out of the context in which they were spoken. But I know how much liberals love taking away people’s livlihood for what they say in any forum. Matters not.

  96. Americans have freedom of speech a simple fact being forgotten here…these SPECIAL INTEREST groups DO NOT RUN THIS COUNTRY!!!…she was not talking to her class..they lost a good teacher…good job idiots!…since obama has been pres EVERYTHING has an agenda abnd EVERYTHING is political

    “They” are NOT going away. Just the opposite!!!

    Pretty soon the UN Mandate to GIVE “affordable housing” defined as MULTI-STORIED buildings in RESIDENTIAL “area’s” to ILLEGALS and contemptible WAR CRIMINALS WILL be sponsored and BUILT! Then you WILL need to do MORE THAN SHOW UP TO CITY AND COUNTY COUNCIL/COMMISSIONER MEETINGS!!!
    Legally and otherwise. If you think it won’t happen in your neighborhood be ready anyway. Because if it happens a mile or two from YOUR Residential neighborhood, then it got past ZONING RESTRICTIONS! OR, the zoning was CHANGED!!!
    Terry V…THEY are NOT CRYING…they are howling!!! That’s how bad dogs communicate before they organize and surround U.S. AND, WE; you and I, would NEVER let “them” in. Our occupier in the White House and the Lib-wits and RHINO’S have let them in!!!

    IMPEACH NOW!!! There is NO GOOD reason not to.

  98. There’s a thing in this country call freedom of speech, it is not called freedom of speech unless I don’t like what you are saying, then you don’t get to say it. freedom of speech is just that, you are free to say what you want as long as it does not in danger some one life.
    if people keep going the way they are this is a freedom that is going to be written right out of the constitution.

  99. What happened to our First Amendment Rights? I would not have resigned. The more we retreat the more power they get. America for Americans.

  100. So it’s OK for university educators to be bigots toward conservatives and call them racists, nazis, baby killers, and you name it; but god forbid a conservative express an opinion or do a comedy routine in questionable taste and their job is in jeoprody; there is a first amendment in this country and it ought to be stuffed up the collective liberal dufess until they taste it. She may not be material for department head, but she gets my vote for creativity.

  101. How about legal action against “Mr.X”? Let us not forget the possibility of an action brought against this “unnamed black community leader”, or are they the same person?

  102. In their countries, Islam ruled, people with the freedom we have of what she did, would be jailed, deported, or beheaded.

  103. Hope the teacher finds a better job but, when we have an IMBECILE ILLEGAL ALIEN in the White Mosque encouraging evil Muslims to turn America into another Beirut, all we’ll see is chaos.
    You have to be a real MORON to believe in Obama, all the US GOLD Is GONE and Obama already have sent Billions of our TAX $$$ overseas to Qatar and we don’t have extradition treaty with them, so he messed up the country and took our money and you STUPID Libs elected him TWICE.

  104. And so another war begins, and continues into the New Year 2015, nothing changes nothing changes, ever, same ole’ same ole’ WE NEVER LEARN and our children learn HATE from the parents and from us all, so while we teach them Racism they learn to Bully on the playground and in class, the Holiday is over, back to the same

  105. Since when was “Muslim” a race?? What colour is a Muslim?? Is Roman Catholic a race?? How about Wiccan?? These PC fascists need to be hit with some serious resistance in the form of lawsuits and outright rebellion by we who have common sense and a brain uncorrupted by the mental illness of political correction.
    God knows, there is no one more racist than the Black Panthers! They are every bit as bad as the KKK, only the opposite colour.

  106. America need to wake up, all this sending money oversea and every time something happen, you open your home and pocket book. The mouth you feed are the ,mouth stripping your right and setting up their religion. You will get that in minute. THI TEACHER SHOULDNOT HAVE LOST HER JOB. This statement is no worse than. 1. the statement dividing this country by our President , Al Sharpton and former attorney general. We insult the Prime Minster of Israel and nothing happen to that federal employee. 2. A BLACKAMERICAN goes on FACEBOOK and make statement that is a threat to policeman, Ask the man who storm over to the school why he did not speak up on that? 3. The DA should be able to make that man pay for damages to that school teacher for his inappropriate statement. 4. MUSLIM are killing kids and women being raped and buried alive. Men are beheaded and shot because they offend Muslim of ISIS if they accept Jesus and not Islam. Ask the Muslim spoken who feel offend, why he is not speaking out on the killing of kids because they accept Jesus? 5. The DA need to look at the statement and if their was a threat, make him accountable and pay, for the damages it caused you. The school should pay you for wrongful accusing since he admitted he made a mistake.6. Assigned her to another school . It is sad our country fold and bowing to a nation and religion that reject JESUS CHRIST, ANDIN GOD WE TRUST” IF WE DO NOT STAND NOW AS A COMMUNITY WE WILL LOOSE IT. 7. YOU SHOULD feel threaten because the ideology of Muslim is killing people by the thousand. So how are you to feel safe when they share the same god and faith and ideology that is killing kids? 8. Your attorney need to ask all these to the DA and school board, MR. X and those who voice their support against you. Its is sad to see how Black American protest and stand up for so many ungodly issue, but where WAS EVERYONE WHEN ABOMINATION WAS BEING MADE THE LAW IN THE LAND AND SAME SEX REPLACE THE MARRIAGE INSTITUTION GOD SET IN THE LAND. 9. Why MR. X and the Muslim did not stand up for the 2 police who got killed, who is racist? If you are saved stand on the scriptures 54:17, ASK, 29:11 If you are not saved then get saved so GOD can hear your prayer and Jesus your ADVOCATE can 9.Represent you. SAY THIS PRAYER!!!!! Heavenly Father I have sinned, forgive me of my unrighteousness and iniquity, Come into my heart and be the LORD of my life, I believe you died and resurrected. I make you the Lord of my Life. JESUS SAVE ME.

    1. You should teach your racist hateful values to your own children, at home, not inflict them on everyone’s children in the school system.

  107. Even though some may find her words offensive our Constitution and the First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech. And what she says on the TV show as long it doesn’t interfere with her teaching of her pupils is none of anyone’s business. I think she should sue this individual who slandered her and defamed her name. Hit him in the pocketbook the only place they understand sue the school board for not supporting her freedom of speech.

    1. Absolutely…she has the right to say whatever stupid shit goes through her mind, but RACIST minds do not belong in a classroom with nine year old children in the same way that pedophile minds do not belong in a room with nine year old children.

  108. She diid not say or do anything wrong, perverse, or racist in the school classroom, I doubt that any children watch this particular tv show, so, NO she should NOT have lost her job. All the attackers and naysayers need to GET OUT of the USA; otherwise, I feel their wellbeing is going to be in “serious danger” all too soon. American workers and taxpayers have had quite enough of the islamist/fascist/commie BS being shoved down our throats, on a daily basis! I would say the “latent volcano” is going to blow very soon!

    1. She publicly outed herself as a RACIST. That disqualifies her, in the eyes of a responsible school board, from being an upstanding role model for young children.
      She was not fired…SHE RESIGNED. She could have fought public opinion and tried to prove her innocence…but she knew she had acted in a way as to violate the public trust.
      Would tot want to wait until her personal opinions were expressed within the classroom?

  109. AGAIN = the few whiners rule the moral majority. Muslims have a way to make a funny joke into a personal slander and WILL do whatever they can to do harm to anybody they deem a “non-believer”.

    1. And here is where the belligerent troll is. You have no proof that any Muslim made any complaints about the “humorous” “goat-f$cker” comments.
      You refuse to accept the possibility that a good-fearing Christian would be offended by the racist comments of the third grade teacher.
      You refuse to accept that sensible, moral citizens might come to the conclusion that a racist is not the best role model for nine year olds.

  110. Oh, grow up, Terry V. We are all immigrants, except the American Indians. Ditto to marlene and Willard Eversole. And, scanning down the comments, the same suggestion for the rest of you. It was like reading suggested scripts from a sixth grade english assignment.

  111. Don’t you dare tell the truth in this country !!!!!!! Shame on this teacher voicing her opinion even jokingly. Question was -did the libs go too far — they ALWAYS go too far and most of them are hypocrites and as phony as a million dollar bill. They all need to quit following the muslim brotherhood member in our White House and come back to reality.

  112. I am a conservative Christian and if this woman called people goat [email protected]#@#ers this is inappropriate period. Nobody should talk like that. I don’t blame her for not wanting to cater to the Muslim community, however, I would not want anyone to teach my children who thought it was ok to talk like that in private or public.

  113. PC needs to be canned. The Constitution needs to be defended. The nuts cannot be allowed to run the asylum.

  114. Teacher should sue CAIR, the Black Panthers, and possibly the school too. If it was a Muslim speaking that way towards a Jew or an infidel,to 3rd grade children, do you think they would have fired the Muslim? No! And if they did, Cair would be there present to protect and legitimize their hate speech!

  115. There’s no way this woman should have lost or given up her job for what she said, as there was no racism voiced by her. If you’ve ever watched Sharpton or Farrakhan speak about the white crackers, Jewish folks and the hateful speech they spew, then you will have seen true racism and hatred of white people and Jews, but yet they keep doing it without any repercussions from our faithful DOJ Holder & Obama…..

  116. If there was ever concrete evidence that the media and government supports criminals and terrorists over honest people just telling it like it is, this is it.