Dozen Arrested Following Anti-Trump Violence

Over a dozen people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, on Monday after protesters clashed with police during one of many anti-Trump rallies taking place across the country.

The rally, organized by the far-left group “Don’t Shoot Portland,” involved protesters wearing balaclavas and gas masks. The group has close links to Black Lives Matter, and was a prominent force in the Ferguson protests. On Monday, police were called to the scene after it emerged the group did not have a permit.

Protesters initially blocked traffic on SW 3rd Avenue, leading to a handful of arrests. The remaining protesters then joined a separate rally towards Portland’s Director Park, where police detained more protestors after a physical altercation with the cops.

Law enforcement used pepper spray and “less-than-lethal munitions” to contain the protesters. Police arrested 13 people in total.

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  1. These rioters who love to fight with people for the camera need to be fined to equal the money they are being paid to do the rioting. To keep traveling and rioting takes money and they are getting it from somewhere. Someone is paying them to do their anarchy routine.

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