Duck Commander Slams Lyin’ Ted For Going Back On His Promise

Star of the popular Duck Dynasty reality tv show, Phil Robertson, was an early vocal supporter of Ted Cruz during the Republican primary. But following Cruz’s RNC speech where he went out of his way to avoid giving Donald Trump his endorsement, even the loyal patriarch of the Robertson clan is expressing his frustration with the former candidate.

While giving an interview on ‘Fox and Friends,’ Robertson told the hosts, “I mean, give me a break Ted. Go ahead and endorse [Trump]. You lost, he won. I think Cruz is a terrific guy, strict constitutionalist. He’s no the most bubbly guy I’ve ever run across, if you understand what I’m saying. But I love that dude. All the guys who lost, and gals, they all need to swallow their pride and say, ‘The people, the Republican party, has said Donald Trump is the man we want in the White House.'”

Do you think Phil is right, should Cruz give Trump his endorsement like he pledged he would?


  1. Trump Hillary/Saul Alinsky style, screwed Cruz over and over starting with the IA primary!

    There are two lying liberal NY democrats, both running for prez. And both are highly skilled in the use of democrat/Alinsky type dirty tricks.

    And Trump purposely set Cruz up at the rep convention.

    At least Cruz has integtery and principles!
    Slick Willy pulled a good one when he convinced his buddy Trump to run on the republican ticket!
    Third prez election i a row that we have been screwed, and likely to happen again next time!

    Unless, some idiots finally get smart!
    If we even get a next time, that is.

    1. I believe you are correct. In fact I believe the political system has been rigged for some years now. How do you think Clinton and Obama got elected? We are being played.

  2. Yes, I think we ALL should endorse Trump; he’s the one who IS going “UPSET THE APPLE CART” on this “CORRUPT GOVERNMENT” and I truly say corrupt. Our government is as crooked as a snake, “WAKE UP AMERICA”!!!!!!!


    1. That’s why those of us who supported Dr. Carson and Sen. Cruz should vote for Trump. We should keep in mind the next president might well nominate 2 or 3 supreme Court justices. Do we want the traitor, as defined by the Constitution, Hillary to do so? Could the Republic survive the traitor Hillary?

  4. Cruz backing out on his promise just shows he is a typical politician! Tell the people what they want to hear at the time to gain their favor, then do what is best for ME when the actual time comes for a true decision!! Completely a sorry bunch of liers!

    1. Why should Cruz have endorsed a man who attacked his wife and said his father was involved in the JFK assassination. Do you approve of poli9ticians who won’t stand up for their families and friends?

  5. Ducks Are quacks
    I respect Ted because he did not endorse the Fishlipped Fakehaired Freaky Fraud.
    Cruz only one at the ‘Trump Chump Carnival’ that did not get drunk on Trump spiked Koolade and throw away his honor.

  6. As a Christian, Ted should forgive Trump….it was a personal attack and not nice, but we forgive our transgressors.

      1. Kevin, it was an independent group that supported Cruz that posted the photo of Trump’s wife, not Cruz. But Trump being the narcissist and brawler he is went after Cruz’s wife AND then implied Cruz’s father was involved in JFK’s assassination and has recently brought that up again.

        So why should Cruz have endorsed Trump at the Convention, especially when Cruz’s speech had been cleared by the Trump camp and then the Trump camp lied and claimed otherwise?

    1. Ron, since Cruz was born to an adult American citizen he’s considered an NBC according to court rulings and US laws. The reason is that the Framers didn’t state the precise meaning of NBC.

      That’s why we need a Constitutional Amendment defining NBC status precisely AND also eliminating the anchor baby NBC status as every other industrialized nation has done.

  7. I was a Cruz supporter from day one. Still am to some extent. But, he signed a pledge to support the GOP nominee and didn’t honor his word. I’m highly disappointed in him for that. Trump wasn’t my choice but I’m voting for him and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. That being said! I’m also totally disgusted with the GOP and I’m thinking seriously about leaving the party and going independent. I simply cannot take anymore of their lies and manipulative ways.

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