Hannity rips Democrats

During a Wednesday night broadcast from the Virginia baseball field where a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter fired dozens of shots at GOP congressmen practicing for a congressional ballgame, Fox News’ Sean Hannity decried the Democratic Party’s response to rhetoric that he believes led to the attack.

Hannity blamed left-wing hate for the vicious attack on Republicans and excoriated Democrats for their seeming refusal to decry what he called the left’s “vile behavior,” including the continued glorification of violence against President Donald Trump. Standing in front of police tape flapping in the breeze, Hannity declared:

I could spend hours on this program, giving example after example of these left-wing celebrities, these Trump detractors glorifying violence against the president of the United States, and virtually no one on the left has denounced this vile behavior, especially Soros-Clinton groups that attack conservatives for everything they can say.

Noting that the Democratic Party is “a party that has every election season alleged — like Barack Obama did, remember, ‘Republicans want dirty air, dirty water’ — and Paul Ryan lookalikes throwing granny over the cliff, and Republicans are racist and sexist and misogynistic and Islamophobic and homophobic and xenophobic — every single election season,” Hannity added that expecting anything else from the party would be unreasonable.

What should Americans expect, Hannity asked, “when Democrats continue to dehumanize Republicans and paint them as monsters day in and day out, year in and year out, while the climate around the country, it becomes more than toxic and the tragic results, of course, follow”?


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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/06/15/sean-hannity-rips-democrats-for-not-standing-up-to-vile-left-wing-behavior/

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  1. Although I would agree that the Democrats demonizing Republicans is nothing more than a propaganda hit piece, I take issue with the Paul Ryan wants to throw granny over the cliff, because in a sense he does. He and Hillary Clinton want the SAME disposition of Social Security – privatizing it. Now if Ryan wanted to manage it like a Wealth Fund, I would be more willing to listen to what he has to say, but he doesn’t. Like the former Secretary of State, by privatizing, he means, turn it over to Wall St to manage like qualified retirement plans.

    If Wall St didn’t skim 50% of the value of the account due to “management fees”, where the fund manager gets paid regardless of the account’s performance (something that wealth fund managers pay attention to) then I’d say go for it. However, given what I’ve seen, this is NOTHING more than a Wall St giveaway of middle America’s wealth, this time with a fund that is funded by mandatory taxpayer contributions. It is true that Social Security itself MAY be unconstitutional; the fact that it maybe should not exist does not give the Speaker the right to just give it away and throw granny under the bus!

    Furthermore, Ryancare was the House version that did two things – increased the spread between rates the insurance company can charge seniors and young people and imposed a 30% surcharge on those who have a lapse in insurance. Ryan, so far, has turned out to be a turncoat Republican. I am surprised he still calls himself a Republican; perhaps he does because Nancy Pelosi is far better at leading the Democrats than he does the Republicans. Just like the Democrats want to throw seniors under the bus, Ryan has given me NO reason to think he thinks otherwise. It is time for the Republicans to change speakers!

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