He Couldn’t Get into Medical School – Until He Decided to Pass as Black

Vijay Chokal-Ingam is the brother of actress and comedian Mindy Kaling, and in 1998, he wanted to go to medical school. With a 3.1 grade point average, however, he wasn’t a compelling candidate. He sent in his application and was rejected.

Then he decided to try another tack. IJ Review tells the story:

“I was determined to become a doctor and I knew that admission standards for certain minorities under affirmative action were, let’s say…less stringent?”

He decided the best way to get into medical school with his underwhelming GPA was to be black.

He explains on his blog how he prepared:

“So, I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes, and applied to medical school as a black man. My change in appearance was so startling that my own fraternity brothers didn’t recognize me at first.

“I even joined the Organization of Black Students and started using my embarrassing middle name that I had hidden from all of my friends since I was a 9 years old.”

The ploy was successful. The young man was accepted into St. Louis School of Medicine.

Ultimately, Chokal-Ignam elected not to become a doctor. He has written a book about his experience, and he recently shared his feelings about affirmative action in a tweet:


University of Michigan professor Carl Cohen agrees. In a recent article, he characterized affirmative action as:

…damaging for blacks and other minorities….

The philosophical justification of democracy rests upon the conviction that all members of some community are equal. In a democracy any preference for a racial group is intolerable.

Affirmative action has many forms. It can be honorable and right. When it takes the form of outright preference, it is morally wrong and deeply unwise. If preference is what is meant by affirmative action, it should be scrapped entirely, for sure.

Instead, Cohen says, the country needs to provide the education, particularly early childhood education, that will make it possible for minority students to succeed on their own merits.


  1. Folks how do you thst obama got into school- or any college – It wasn’t because he was intelligent- it was because he is a con -fraud-*Why do you think his records are sealed !!

    1. That’s right! He applied to Columbia as a foreign student that he was. Of course, he cannot be born in Hawaii, as he lied, and be foreign at the same time, as revealed in his application. The fraud of the century was perpetrated on an entire nation, and the three branches of our Government are complicit or “accessory after the fact”. 18 U.S.C. § 3.

      1. His authentic birth certificate was released from Hawaii where he was born. You conspiracy theory idiots just refuse to give up. You’re all bigoted a-holes.

          1. Right, the trolls keep poping up to defend the lpos. Yes, he was elected twice, I did not know that dead people could vote until I saw the last election. What amazes me is that KNOWING that happened and that many people bragged about voting more than twice AND they (some anyway) were caught, there should have been a natinal uproad but it went quickly silent with our liberal MSM. Proves the pen is mighter than the sword, people will believe anything written.

          2. There is virtually no voter fraud in this county. Get over it. You lost. There was a big to do here in Arizona over voter fraud. You guys do everything to keep anyone that is not a white so-called Christian from voting. It turned out that out of millions of votes, there were 2 or 3 cases of fraud. Stop listening to the lies of Fox. They want nothing more than to dupe you so they can make more money. You guys are all stupid fools. You can’t fix stupid, but a decent education might go a long way towards helping you to see the real world and truth for a change.

          3. You, ardehole. The only reason you vote so you can get your free phones and food stamps. The problem with this kind of socialism is that eventually, and for you it will be sooner than for me, you run out off other people’s money!

          4. You are real good at throwing out the words “fools” and “stupid”, you have again proven you are a liberal welfare fraud, it doesn’t take but a quick glance to pick out the classic statement, “You can’t fix stupid”, stupid is as stupid does and you fall right into the barrel. You can fix somethings, start with YOUR getting an education, start with research and go from there, lots of luck, you’ll need it, you hide from the facts. Do yourself a favor by the way, watch all the news.

          5. You cannot tell an educated person from a fool. You are the stupid one. I have a good education. I am a scientist. And I do watch several newscasts. Just not Fox. It is sickening to see them distort and lie to fit the agenda of the right wing and the so-called “Christian” right. They are an embarrassment to broadcasting. It is too bad that there are no laws regulating the news industry to assure reasonable accuracy. Fox has admitted in court that they lie. Why would any educated person watch them?

          6. Obama,
            Hold it, putz. You just said you watch several newscasts. Just not FOX.
            Then you went on to say, “It is sickening to see them distort and lie”.
            Gee, I thought you just said you don’t watch FOX.
            Oh, and Harry Reid admitted he lied about Romney on the Senate floor. Did you see that on the “several newscasts”?
            Your turn…….
            Oh boy…..Obama told everyone he’s has a good education….He’s a scientist!!! Whooopie!!

          7. Contrair, you are the one with tunnel vision but, be that as it is. I learned years ago you cannot argue with a drunk or a person with his own self importance and belief that he has been highly educated, the question always remains by whom was he educated. The liberalism that is being taught today…. and I shall not waste my time with that one. I do agree that there is very little truth by any news media, cerainly FOX is not the only one in the hohouse, all gain their profit by selling what you think you want to hear. Any educated person will watch them all and actually, they ALL “SEEM” to be telling the truth, please – go beyond that. Would love to continue but I have things to do and can not stay here all day. I enjoy a good conversation but, there is a time and place for most things

          8. @obamaTROLL – You’re a “scientist” my butt! Hahahahahaha! You wouldn’t know scientific methodology if it crawled out of your social orifice!

            You’re funny, in more ways than one!

          9. When your false god,obola falls,by God’s Mighty Hand/Judgment,you and the other evil/minions will fall also.Remember God’s Word,”God is not mocked,for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap”….Galatians 6:7…,and obola and company will get their just dessert…….p.s.-‘0’ you need JESUS,only JESUS SAVES!!!


          10. Two or three cases of fraud are 1.000.000 too many. you are right, you can’t fix stupid as you prove over and over.

          11. @o’Troll – I’m not “white” and I’ve been told by Christians (without rancor) that I’m not a Christian, yet I’ve never been kept from voting.

            Get out from mommy’s basement and into the light of the real world, you TROLLibiot! But have her change your diapers first, as you wouldn’t want your stench to precede you.

          12. Yup, I’m convinced to live in your world would break my spirit and I know better than to allow anyone to accomplish that. You apparently are hurting in some manner, or feel a lack of self worth; why else would you strike out at other’s as you do?

          13. @Sid – The question is less why I would “strike out” than what qualifications you, as Galactic Emperor, have to render judgments based on so little information, unless prescience is your hitherto unnoticed talent. ─ Paul

            De Oppresso Liber

          14. Indeed, 6.5 M people with active SSNs are 112 or older. The fraudulent left would never let that impropriety go to waste. See the links below. I find Government’s inaction beyond appalling. and a marker of an official policy of stealing elections. But then, with criminals like Holder who enforces the laws only when they serve his agenda, who needs a US Attorney General? That’s why the Criminal in the White House is quickly orchestrating the invasion of our country by millions of illegal alliens – to ensure the next election will also fraudulently go to the left. Now illegals from Central America fly for free to the US, (on our tax dollars) to ensure their votes will be counted for the 2016 election.



          15. I believe nothing unless experienced first hand, as a result judgement isn’t possible on my planet. The republicans are attempting to limit voting hours and days and the Democrats are are being elected by dead people. Not much of a choice here is there! Not a judgement, just an observation.

          16. obama, you are too stupid to know how stupid you are. To give you an idea, I’ve taken dumps with higher IQ then yours!

          17. Jack, stop this foolishness. Dumps reflect the substance of the person dumping. You are the one with the IQ in the dumps.

          18. And now, max, you know what you have in common with Obama. It may extend to lack of character but I a not ready to confirm this yet.
            After hundreds of broken promises, hundreds of deliberate lies, complete absence of any progress, how can anyone still think that electing this community organizer was a good idea? Unless one is a complete idiot, that is!

          19. Obama,
            Why should he send you money?
            You should send everyone ELSE money. After all, we must “spread the wealth”. You have a good education, you’re a scientist and probably make more money than your neighbor. Did you spread the wealth and send him some?
            And by the way, according to your hero schmuck in The White House, “You didn’t build that”.

          20. @obutt – If we sent you money for each lie, you’d be rich! For each fact, however, you’d be the dirt-poor TROLLIBIOT you already are.

        1. WRONG, it has been proven that, that BC is and was tampered with, indicating that it is indeed a fake!!! Open your eyes or are you so blinded by him?

          1. You are the one blinded by Fox and the stupid Tea Party fools. Get off it. Work for a better future. Throw the Tea baggers under the bus where they belong. You’ve wasted 6 years of your life with hatred and bigotry. See the truth for a change. Turn off Fox and look around

          2. And the POS POTUS has wasted six years on America! Don’t forget the 18 trillion in debt, and oh yeah, you can keep your doctor, there is no wrongdoing at the IRS and we didn’t spy on Americans. or Germany’s Merkel, and one more, I found out about it on the news just like you. My azz! Hence, “THE LYIN KING!”

          3. Hahahahahahhhaaahhaaa……my laugh for the night….”THE LYIN KING!”…p.s.-I also agree with your post …….God Bless…


          4. Why is it that people like you scream bigot everytime someone doesn’t like a person that happens to be black. There are many reasons I don’t like having Obama as our President. His skin color doesn’t even make the list. His Anti-Colonial pro-socialist stance is at the top of the list. The economic beliefs of Cloard/Piven being next on the list, his apparent hatred of our Constitution and our founders beliefs also rank pretty high. You might be interested to know that there is huge support for Ben Carson in the conservative community. HE IS BLACK. We don’t dislike Obama because he is black, we dislike his beliefs and his projected path for our Nation.

          5. Ronscott, I’m glad you recognize that Mr. Obama is anti-Colonial. So were the Founders of this great nation. That’s why Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. You’ve been listening to Newt Gingrich again, haven’t you?

          6. I believe that the definition of a Fox listener or a Tea Party supporter is racist pig. So you have that wrong. Just like it has been shown, watching Fox actually makes you dumber.

          7. Obama,
            In that case, Antwan Lewis, Charles Payne, Carol McKinley, Kelly Wright, Harris Faulkner, Don Lemon, Juan Williams, Alan West, Log Cabin Republicans and Jason Riley must all be racist pigs.
            By the way, too bad you have no idea what a Tea Party Supporter is or what they stand for. And you have the balls to say watching Fox makes you dumber, Mr. Scientist.
            But keep watching and reading CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachael Maddow.
            It’s so easy making you LIBS look foolish……..

          8. Definitely Alan West is. And if you group them together then that says a lot. The Fox “News” makes you dumber comment is from the results of several independent polls. But you and Fox never let facts or truth get in the way of your drivel.

          9. Obama,
            Ahhhhhh….You’re the smart one!! You and the current schmuck in The White House know it all.
            Group who together? The “Uncle Toms”? (Bet that’s what you’re thinking) My, my. Aren’t we the bigoted one!!
            “Several independent polls”. You mean you allow polls to influence your thoughts? You can’t think for yourself?
            What “facts” do you speak of? The “facts” that confirm YOUR bigoted mind? The “facts” that tell you Duke Lacrosse players raped a woman? The facts that tell you “Hands up, don’t shoot”? The “facts” that the race industry of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton want you to believe? THOSE “facts”?
            But, yes Obama, keep it up. Show us how infantile and dumb YOU really are. Please don’t stop!!!
            And, by the way, who was polled? You???? …..I’m laughing……..I’m laughing some more…..

          10. You are the fool. Believing anything that Fox says. And you don’t believe that white cops have been murdering blacks for years and have covered up their guilt? You are the one being duped. And the world laughs at your total stupidity and support for those that do everything in their power to destroy you and America in the name of what they grind into your head as patriotism and freedom. It is the direct opposite.

          11. Obama (putz),
            A little news for you, jackwagon. I am about 50 years older than FOX. I didn’t need them to tell me anything.
            But, go ahead numbnuits. Blame FOX for the 73% out of wed-lock birth rate in so many communities. Blame FOX for the 60% high school drop-out rate is so many communities.
            Go ahead blame FOX for the almost 10 killings a week on The South Side of Chicago (my old neighborhood). And, not one killed by a white cop. Hmmmmm……
            Yea, the world (you) “laughs at my total stupidity”.
            My, my….talk about being foolish. Sad…………

          12. You’re not ‘white’ and I’m not ‘straight’ and this has what to do with anything? Respect who and what you are and show some respect for other’s as well Drawer 2. Gosh, I feel so sad for you. To carry such negative feelings is torture I’m sure. Wish you had a name.

          13. @Sid – Perhaps you should try following the conversation prior to asking what it’s about. It certainly isn’t the responsibility of the participants to catch you up on what you should be able to read for yourself.

            Respect is not something I dole out as an entitlement, particularly when an apparent buddy of yours is so coarse of mind, as expressed here. If crude writing is that which you condone, while criticizing writing in response which is anything but crude, then the topsy-turvy world you live in is on an oxygen-deprived planet.

            Having previously thought you were likely an educated person and capable of logic, it is now painfully obvious that you lack both, and that’s a shame. Your observations are as valid as your inability to observe the difference between the number “2” and that of “22.” Tangentially, simple arithmetic would have to have eluded you, likely along with the rest of a basic education.

            The “negative feelings” I have for serving well and honorably are those of pride and satisfaction. In your upside down world, I can understand why you’d think a job well done is a bad thing, for if one is not collecting welfare, then one is not doing one’s “job” at getting wealth redistributed. Yep, your world is inside out, where leeches are emperors!

            As for a name, try using my screen-name correctly. If you do some research, you might even find the agency to which it referred, though not if you look for an incorrect address, based on your pitiably poor powers of observation. Too, with very little effort, you can find me, given the obvious, which you overlook and want spoon-fed. (I’m getting the impression you just might be a Libiot.)

            De Oppresso Liber

          14. Thanks for your perception and rhetoric. If you had a real name I’d respectfully use it, but to research it would serve no purpose. Respect is something I don’t need nor crave! “Know thyself” is all that necessary.

            ,It’s not my business what other’s feel, think, or say; more importantly is what I say to myself that gives me the inner peace that keeps me in touch with who I am, and I don’t think its a “Libiot.” “whatever that is.) As for ‘math’ it was always my weakness; yet never thwarted my success at living an amazing and prosperous life!

            My son served with pride and satisfaction when he did two terms in Iraq and one in Afghanistan! He’s my hero!
            Ease up on yourself, you have nothing to prove. Still would like to know why folks hide behind let’s pretend names and pictures. Is it fear or insecurity? Deep breaths.

          15. @Sid – As you have little to naught which can constructively enhance my life, please get one of your own. We’ll both better flourish.─ Your Erstwhile Friend, Paul (Happy now? Great! Bye.)

            De Oppresso Liber

          16. I’d be lost with out your opinions and view points, Paul. This is the stuff that keeps the world turning. We’re both already flourishing, we beat the sperm race didn’t we!

          17. Obama (schmuck),
            How do you define “better future”.
            More taxation? Bigger government. 18 TRILLION in debt? You can “keep your own doctor”? “You didn’t build that”? “It was a video”?
            Tell me, putz………..

          18. @O’SoWrong – Then believe one of your own, as shown above, you diminutively endowed, left-wingnut TROLLIBIOT!

            Sic semper tyrannis.

        2. And he is still a well-spoken, teleprompter-reading idiot who refuses to disclose his most likely “c” grades!

          1. Better response would be to vote “obama”s post down then flag it as inappropriate without giving him the credit of getting a reply.

          2. why is that a better response.because your smarter and better than most.half the reason these scumbags are so numerous is because everyone chooses to ignore them and hope they go away.doesnt work,we have to fight back not ignore them.you do things your way,ill do things my way,still america stop trying to tell everyone else what you think is better for them and worry about yourself.

        3. Obama,
          Hey putz, are you a bigoted a-hole? Just asking because you hate Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Jason Riley, Alan West, J.C. Scott, etc.

        4. You left wing retards just can’t handle the truth about your boy Ocrappo. Not only does he have no business being in the White House. He doesn’t have any business being in this country.

        5. @O’NoNads – A Certification or Certificate of Birth is NOT the same as a Birth Certificate. On top of that, a fraudulently constructed, digitally layered document can not be accepted as a digital copy of an original, at least not by anyone with grey matter between their ears.

          A self-described socialist with expert-level PhotoShop skills decided to prove to me that the digital image on the White House site was real. She proved it was constructed in layers, much to her surprise. However, she reasoned that “…there must have been a good reason…” for falsification! Leftists start from their own false beliefs, working forward to justify them, as shown here.

          Sic semper tyrannis.

      2. The fraud of the century was perpetuated on the black community. The big “O” dangled a carrot in front of the masses, a carrot he could not and would not prove true, and they bit. They also refuse to believe that O did them that way. He was elected on the grounds that he was black, that he would “take care” of the black population AND their needs and wants, and he did not come through. The MSM also had a big part in it as well. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it. If you don’t like it, so be it. At least in America we still have the freedom to say what we believe, within reason. If the other person does not like what is said, he can refute or turn around and walk away. Before someone calls me bigoted, go to the dictionary, that our past statesman Ben Franklin penned, and look up the REAL reason for the word “bigot”, and then get back with me. I did not vote for Obama. Not bc of his race. It’s bc he had NO foreign policy experience, and that’s what a president needs more than anything else in this world, as not all countries are like America, with the freedoms we have.

        1. Dear Traveler,

          Apparently Ben Franklin lied about his age because the etymology dictionary claims that “bigot” was in use around 1590, meaning sanctimonious, morally superior etc. With a tiny bit of thought, and seventh grade math, you will conclude more white people voted for Mr. Obama that blacks — but I won’t discourage you from sticking with your story. perhaps you believe black folks would have flocked to vote for McCain or Romney for their superior appeal to black voters if Obama hadn’t spread so many carrots — please list these? You have the right to write anything you want and apparently no-one can refute you. I especially appreciate your foreign policy observation about the president’s credentials back in 2008. If only George Bush could have served as President Obama’s secretary of state, we might still be doing proper invasions.

          1. You’re the biggest idiot on the planet or a libturd (same thing). Ovomit did not win either election due to actual votes cast. There has been testimony in front of congress pertaining to a company that was paid to corrupt the electronic voting machines and a college class, as a class project, created a virus that would do the same thing and leave no trace. It is the reason that so many reports came out about Ovomit receiving 100% of the vote in some counties, 113% of voters voting in some precincts, people complaining that the machine changed their votes, etc. This happened in those swing states that were necessary to get the electoral votes needed to win, (you heard nothing of voting fraud in those states that were definitely and consistently red or blue). With electronic voting machines there is no going back and physically counting ballots, so it is near impossible to prove fraud, that is why they have been pushing the electronic machines for all voting! The “hanging chad” problem in Florida in 2000 was designed to force Florida to adopt electronic voting.

        2. It’s not about being a bigot. Blacks do not vote for what is “right”, they only vote for what will help their cause, that is why 99% of blacks are libturds. They would have voted for Ovomit whether he promised them anything or not just because they wanted a “black” President. Ovomit did not win either election due to actual votes cast (there’s not enough on the right to do that). There has
          been testimony in front of congress pertaining to a company that was
          paid to corrupt the electronic voting machines and a college class, as a
          class project, created a virus that would do the same thing and leave
          no trace. It is the reason that so many reports came out about Ovomit
          receiving 100% of the vote in some counties, 113% of voters voting in
          some precincts, people complaining that the machine changed their votes,
          etc. This happened in those swing states that were necessary to get
          the electoral votes needed to win, (you heard nothing of voting fraud in
          those states that were definitely and consistently red or blue). With
          electronic voting machines there is no going back and physically
          counting ballots, so it is near impossible to prove fraud, that is why
          they have been pushing the electronic machines for all voting! The
          “hanging chad” problem in Florida in 2000 was designed to force Florida
          to adopt electronic voting.

          Go to youtube and type in: voting machine fraud

          1. Speaking of fraud, how about that state of Ohio!!! Wasn’t it proven that bc of their laws of no voter ID required, Obama garnered 150% of the vote from that state? People even BRAGGED about voting more than once on TV, but they were never prosecuted. Even dead ppl voted!!!

          2. Not that I disagree, but if we executed violent criminals like we should, we would effectively eliminate the majority of libturd black voters as well as a large number of libturd white voters. Of course it would also eliminate most of the political elite (of course we would have to indict and convict them first).

        3. You are so correct Traveller62. Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience has got us in a mess all over the world. Everything he attempts fails. Just look at Egypt where he tried to make this a Muslim Brotherhood nation by helping this group overthrow Mubarak (our friend who helped interrogate terrorists for us). Look at Libya, where Obama led a group of nations that took out the legal ruler Gadaffi. Now that country is in chaos and is in danger of being over run by Al Queda and ISIS. Look at Yemen. Obama said it was one of his best achievements. It is being over run by ISIS and Houthis (a group supported by Iran). If it weren’t for Saudi Arabia bombing them, the nation would have already fell. Look at Iraq. Obama failed to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with them which resulted in him withdrawing all American Troops. This left a vacuum which resulted in ISIS taking over a large part of the country to establish the Caliphate. Look at Russia. Hillary said she was going to reset relations with them. How did that work out? Putin is on the move to re-establish the old Soviet Union and Obama is doing nothing; not even giving Ukraine weapons to defend themselves. Putin has taken over the Crimea and is trying to take over all of the Ukraine nation. This is just a few of Obama’s failed foreign policies which leaves no nation afraid of or who respects us. The latest one is Iran, where they are determined to get nuclear weapons and Obama/John Kerry have negotiated an agreement to lift sanctions, pay them billions, and allow Iran to get their Nuclear Weapons in 10 to 15 years. Obama says the agreement will allow Inspectors to inspect their nuclear weapons facilities, but Iran says that is a lie. Who do you believe?

        1. The Democrat and Republican Parties are also complicit in allowing Obama to run for president in the first place. The leaders of the Parties knew Obama was not qualified to be president because he never met the requirement that one must be born in the USA and have two US Citizen parents at the time of birth (definition of a natural born citizen). Look it up, it is Article I, Section 2, Clause 5. No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    2. Obama Haters just eat up articles like this as it provides them an opportunity to vent their rage against a man who rose to become President of the United States. Get over it, fellows. This fight has been fought for years and it is stale news. Mr. Obama is the President and will be for another 20 months, so eat your oatmeal and go to bed.

      1. twenty more months to cement his reputation as the worst president in our history. 1/21/17 can’t come soon enough!

    3. obama was groomed for the position he is now in since he was a little boy. george soros and several other billionaire communists have backed him in getting him to the U.S. as a foreign student as he was born in Kenya. The rest is history but that is why all of his records are unattainable. His background and school records have been taken care of and his position as a senator was fixed as was his presidency. He is an illegal alien, muslim, communist, sociopath, homosexual con artist.

      1. Marysweet, you failed to mention that he had sex with your mother and that Obama is your father. You might as well put it all in. The truth will set you free.

        1. You are sick and not worth talking with. You don’t need to insult me and my family like that. It makes you sound like obama and his thugs from Chicago.

  2. It was dishonest of this man to pose as something he wasn’t. On the other hand, for more than 160 years in America, white applicants, even those with mediocre grades, applied to medical schools and were accepted. Their only qualification was the color of their skin. Blacks and Asians were not qualified, regardless of their grades. It was the original Affirmative Action. Today, some medical schools are attempting to balance that wrong by admitting a few whose academic credentials are not as high as others.

    1. I got out of the academically best Big Ten school 45 years ago and believe me if your grades were mediocre, you did not go to Med school, law school or Bschool or Dental school if you were white unless daddy made one heck of a donation and the you probably flunked out. Minorities not so much. I went to one of the better Grad B-schools and it was obvious if you got there legitimately, even the overseas asians were quantitatively good but not well rounded.

      1. Your experience goes back 45 years, but the system I write about covers 160 years and the entire United States, not just the Big Ten. In 1900, for example, Jews were not accepted into Harvard medical School. It was what it was, and records are clear. America is improving a bit and what used to be Affirmative Action for whites and now for minorities is losing its lustre.

        1. Everybody needs to get over it and and stop with preferences of any kind and stop dumbing down the system. After close to 35 years of management experience in Engineering, Finance, and General Management; I do some Adjunct work at several Universities and the quality of what students know and how they think conceptually, would make my sophmore high school teachers cry, and that is across the board. Everyone teaches to the test, not how to apply concepts. It is hurting everyone and improving no one…some of the full time staff do not like my methods, because I will not spoon feed…welcome to the real world, ya gotta work for it.

    2. it’s funny how 2 wrongs make a right when it’s in the right cause ain’t it?

      never mind how many lives are lost through the “qualification upgrade” of sub standard folks to practice medicine for example. You know the old “standards here are so high that they are doubled”….

      1. Well Charles, you are correct that two wrongs don’t make a right, but we have a more general bias working here, one that sweeps ALL minorities into a perceived status of “unworthiness” so that a patient in a hospital whose physician is one of the traditional minorities might automatically believe that this doctor is not “good enough” to treat her malady. This has happened recently when a hospital patient refused to permit a black doctor to touch her. It is not known whether this doctor had very high or low grades before attending medical school, but no patient knows this upon seeing her doctor at bedside. And then we have a Dr. Ben Carson, the brilliant black neurosurgeon who set new records at Johns Hopkins separating conjoined twins. If the parents of those children had refused Dr. Carson, what would have happened to those kids?

      1. Combat Vet Seabee, how will you know what scores your doctor achieved in undergrad and in medical school? I dare you to ask every doctor you see for that information. EVERY SINGLE ONE, not just minorities.

    3. I don’t want someone with a C average diagnosing, or mis-diagnosing me because someone wanted to feel like they were righting a perceived social injustice. Peoples lives are on the line. You either have the ability to succeed, or you don’t. Work hard at school or work at a factory the rest of your life. No more free rides.

      1. Ronscott, you have a good point. Now, how are you going to ask every doctor you see, white, black, Asian for his grades in medical school? While you’re at it, do the same for every nurse who comes into your room. They do most of the injections. makes you feel great, doesn’t it?

  3. I am addressing this to all of you. What a wonderful world this would be if we could all see the facts and only the facts. There are honest people and there are dishonest people. For you to attack an uninvolved party in this discussion is wrong. You do see that, right? Yes, man tends to twist the truth to satisfy his own agenda, but honesty is still a wonderful quality. This Affirmative Action law evolved in an effort by our leaders to help minorities because of a time when there was no way any of them were treated equal. Do you really disagree with that? And almost all successful politicians lie – did you pay attention to all of Romney’s lies and all the other white candidates’ lies? Why is it OK for them and not OK for minorities? Most of what is said on Fox about someone other than a Republican is a lie. Don’t believe me without question – check the facts from other sources than Fox to find the complete truth.

    The truth will set you free! And, until we all face the truth, our
    country is going to continue to decline and continue to be the laughing
    stock of the rest of the free world. Trust me – a friend from the Middle East who follows all the news in Europe has told me that, but check it out yourself. Don’t believe me just because I said it.

    1. We all know the reason that Affirmative action came about. There was a time when it was necessary, like before laws changed that give people the ability to fight discrimination. It was not intended to provide a free ride for the people who didn’t work as hard as others, it was to make the selection process equal to all. Now it has become the exact opposite. It is a mockery of true democracy.

      1. After centuries of state-approved discrimination, America has painted itself into a bad corner, and the various state authorities are at a loss to figure a way out of it while leaving the door slightly open to those who were formerly left standing outside. There are no simple solutions except to start from the beginning of the education system and sweep clean.

      2. There is a misconception of what happens when a person is admitted to college because of Affirmative Action; It is not a “FREE RIDE, the selected student still has to obtain financing from some source or a work-study program.

  4. We all know this has been going on for years and we ahve all been victims of this “reverse discrimination” but who cares if you are White. From this story, I guess it happens to Asians also. the real problem is that if your skin is black, tan, brown, or anything close you are considered Black and no requirements apply, but if your skin is any other, you must prove you are Black, American Indian or whatever, usually by a certain percentage. Where are their requirements?? I actually asked this question of a minority recuiter for one of the major police forces many years ago and he could provide no explanation.

  5. So with all of that said, I’d like to know what the low end of the acceptable black grade point average is so I can determine whether or not I will EVER see a black doctor. I want someone for a doctor who is top notch not a C average student.

  6. I have experience affirmative action in person, was out of work and took a test with 400 other people to be the chief of supply for a government hospital position, I got the top score over the nearest person by over ten points and that wasn’t counting my military credits as a vet. When I saw the scores listed I asked the clerk when I would be interviewed, she asked who are you? Told her I had the top score in the testing and she replied, you are number 25 on the list, I asked her how I went from number 1 to 25? She told me Miss so and so, Mr. so and so and all minorities, and she said the government was a equal opportunity employer, I had to laugh but told her to put a sign behind her desk “White Men Need Not Apply”. This BS has gotten out of hand and have been denied other jobs with the same lame excuse. So they have proven special rights for anyone of a minority status. LOL.

  7. Larry,you are wrong about el’bozo not being smart.Just smart enough to destroy America,and smart enough to dupe a whole bunch of very gullible voters and dumbocrats.

  8. I have talked to a lot of people, black, white and brown. And the secular ones ALL agree. They don’t want to be treated FAIRLY. They want an unfair advantage.
    Where did this come from? From a lack of faith in God. If you don’t believe in God and His justice, then it is only reasonable to want advantage over others. It is the human equivalent of animals “survival of the fittest”. Only with humans it has NOTHING to be with being fit.

    1. ADRoberts, this “Christian based” country has been operating under the rules and laws of discrimination since before the Revolutionary War. They claimed to have faith in God, but look what happened; slavery, eradication of native Indians, KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings . . .all from Christians with faith in God.

      1. Sir. you can only walk in the light that God gives you. And I cannot judge whether these people, who did things that are wrong for me, were sinning with hate and evil in their hearts or were just not aware of that particular item.
        There are only TEN commandments The rest is about what God tells us is personally; wrong for ME.
        Now you will try to argue that because these people were EVIL as far as you are concerned, then Christianity must be bad too. But that assumes that you know the mind of God and are sure that EXACTLY everything YOU believe must be what God believes too.
        And that would be what David Koresh and Jim Jones believed too.
        All we can do as Christians is live by the LIGHT that God gives us and ENCOURAGE others to allow God to take control and direct their lives too. It does not mean that even TWO people in the entire would will agree on everything.
        You cannot do what you don’t know. And you cannot know until God tells you.

  9. how about the parents supply the early childhood education,its their duty and responsability.not everyone elses or the tax payers.start changeing the black thug anti white culture and start acting like civil human beings instead of dumb lazy apes.the black culture is their biggest problem.

  10. My son had the same problem when he applied to medical school. He is a white male and at the time blacks and females were given special attention. He did finally get in to med school and has been practicing for several years now.

    1. CA state parks have their adjenda too. Check them out. It is extremely difficult to see a male temporary summer employee at the entrance station to any CA state park.

      1. Unfortunately, there is preferential treatment and discrimination in many areas, not just med school, college, or even job hunting. It seems to be a fact of life. I don’t live in CA so I don’t know about the parks there but it is still unfair.

  11. Yeah, I’m sure we all wish we were Black. Then we’d have it easy. Just like we wish we were crippled. They get all the good parking spots. I suppose being Mexican or Oriental would help, too, but sure not as much as being Black. That’s why they get shot all the time – the police are just doing their job to equalize the odds. I’ll tell you something, though – White lives matter, too. The Constitution got it right the first time around. That 3/5 formula put the Blacks in their place seeing as how they get all the advantages.

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