Hillary Clinton Weighs in on “Torture,” Terrorism & Recent Demonstrations

Hillary Clinton recently received an award from The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights in New York, and in her speech, she weighed in on the issues of the day. She said she is proud to have worked in the administration that “banned illegal renditions and brutal interrogations,” and she asserted that the country should never be involved in torture, in any part of the world.

Clinton quoted Senator John McCain in his opposition to torture, and said she believes it is important Americans act in accordance with our national values. She said:

Today we can say again in a loud and clear voice that the United States should never condone or practice torture anywhere in the world. That should be absolutely clear as a matter of both policy and law, including our international treaty obligations.

Clinton also said horrific events such as the murder of school children in Pakistan and the siege in Sydney, Australia, “should steel our resolve and underscore that our values are what set us apart from our adversaries.”

The potential 2016 presidential candidate told the overwhelmingly liberal audience that Robert F. Kennedy would agree it is “possible to keep us safe from terrorism and reduce crime and violence without relying on torture abroad or unnecessary force or excessive incarceration at home.”

Regarding the recent protests in the African-American community, Clinton said, “Yes, black lives matter,” using the slogan that is being used by demonstrators around the country who are condemning the failure of grand juries to indict white police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York.

What would Bobby Kennedy say about, she wondered aloud:

… (about) the thousands of Americans marching in our streets demanding justice for all…the mothers who’ve lost their sons.”

What would he say to all those who have lost trust in our government and our other institutions, who shudder at images of excessive force, who read reports about torture done in the name of our country, who see too many representatives in Washington quick to protect a big bank from regulation but slow to take action to help working families facing ever greater pressure?

The nonprofit group gives the Kennedy award to business leaders, activists and entertainers who “reflect Robert Kennedy’s passion for equality, justice, basic human rights, and his belief that we must all strive to ‘make gentle the life of this world.'”


      1. When John McCain speaks the truth he should be listened to and the same with any politician. When he lies he is a liar just like any other human being.

          1. There was never supposed to be career politicians by the plan from the founding fathers. Common men were to sacrifice some of their time, away from their regular jobs to represent their neighbors. Then they were to return to their jobs while the next person stepped up. They knew what would happen if people were allowed to stay in government with all of that power.

          2. YES, YES, and YES some more. Those who Want to be career po!iticians are just jostling for a place at the taxpayer hogtrough, and making important sounding speeches to get there. Like Slim Pickens character said to the mayor in Blazing Saddles, “You use your mouth prettier than a $20 whore”. TERM LIMITS !

          3. If we can’t apply term limits at least take away lifetime pensions for only serving one or two terms. That is what is insulting and costing the taxpayer big time. Make them go out and get another job like most folks have to do.

          4. At least the career ones, my skin crawled at her quote about Washington helping big banks and not working families yeah right same old campaign speech

          5. Sure its the same yet its always the Republicans who vote AGAINST banking reforms and against working families.

  1. Is there any way to get the Wicked Witch of the East to shut her fat mouth? Only a complete blithering idiot would care in the least about anything she says.

    1. You are another partisan hack who only listens to what YOU WANT TO HEAR. Your mind is closed and probably would say the same thing about any Democrat, Liberal or Progressive. Yes sir the other side has those closed minded hacks too.Then you sit back and wonder why nothing ever changes.

      1. Change. Lib’s ALWAYS talk about change. Well, we’ve Been changing things for a looooong time, and I’m reminded of the old saying, “If it works, DON’T fix it”. Sorry if thats not, “transparent” enough for you.

          1. Then why do Republicans and Conservatives keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting the same results? You let the banks control us and when they mess up you give them a free pass and let them do it again. Sometimes you are worse than Liberals who think welfare is a permanent government program for the poor and you think welfare for Corporations is God given and written in the 10 Commandments. NEITHER party demands real change but only what enhances their own party standing.

          2. Out of curiosity can you name one place where I said that I’m either Republican oe Democrat? I vote for whoever I think is the best person for the job. I tend to be more libertarian than anything. Usually that tends to be conservative but not always. If liberals are right rhen that’s good.

          3. I’m just stating that common sense eludes Republicans too and most claim to be Conservatives. Heck you made the claim that Obama is a Communist which he isn’t so I thought my comment was rather toned down. Libertarian’s are better than Republicans on many subjects so my apologies for making an assumption about you.

          4. Apologies are needed when offense is taken. In this case no offense was taken so no apology is needed but thanks for offering one anyway. That speaks well of you.

            I referred to Obama as a Communist for the simple reason that actions speak louder than words. Regardless of what he or anyone else calls him his actions are those of an unmitigated Communist so until his actions change then that’s what I intend to call him.

            And as far as my political views are concerned I prefer to call myself someone who wants the truth in every area of life including politics. If Republicans have the truth very well. If Democrats have it then I feel the same. I value my country and my freedom more than I value party labels.

          5. Eddie, Do you know what a Progressive is? Progressives can be Republican or Democrat. Did you know that the first Progressive Party was started by a Republican? His name was Teddy Roosevelt. This is our conservative struggle within the Republican Party right now. Conservatives want to get this nation back to our Constitution and most want to get our country back to God also. Are you aware that the Progressive liberal platform seeks the repeal of our constitution, the destruction of the nuclear family unit and the removal of God and religion in the USA? I kid you not. John Boehner and his minions in the House of Representatives are Progressives. They have betrayed us conservatives by doing the same thing Obama did: promising to do things to get our vote and then sticking his middle finger right in our faces immediately after the election.
            We want Capitalism to return full time, not socialism or communism.

          6. Unless you can rein in Crony Capitalism then your battle will be futile. The Cronies are winning! It could also be said Conservative stands for things remaining the same (trying to revive the good ol’ days) even when they are the ones who helped change that landscape. I loved the late 50-60’s and America was on top of the world. Then came world wide trade and American jobs going overseas. Corporations abandoned us for higher profits not loyalty to the US. Americans then had a love affair with Japanese cars and our manufacturing took a dive. The American auto CEOs decided to cut corners and make cheap cars and the public wasn’t buying. Now you can exaggerate all you want about “repealing the Constitution” but that again doesn’t make you very honest. Sure there are a few who want In God We Trust off of our money but polls say that is not widely accepted. That comes down to the Separation of Church and State argument where government can’t force someone to believe in any religion. A nuclear family is any group of humans talking care of each other. That could be a traditional marriage relationship or a gay marriage relationship or even the grandparents rearing the children . Sure some relationships work better than others but considering the divorce rate is still about 49% heterosexual relationships aren’t exactly pie in the sky and not conducive for children all the time either. Religion is a personal choice and it won’t be removed unless folks stop practicing it or going to church. Now when you and I and others can take the corruption out of Capitalism it will be fully accepted.

          7. Giver it up dude! Or better yet, get involved by doing something about it. I’m involved with the convention of states project. What have you done lately except bitch and moan?

          8. Apparently you have no rebuttal or can’t refute a thing I said. Funny how you did a lot of “bitching and moaning” about others earlier so maybe you should give it up. I notify my Congressional Representatives every day and probably over flow their baskets. Mostly I have been taking care of my grandson and my granddaughter. The granddaughter will be 19 in 3 days so she is pretty much on her own and moved out last month. I stopped watching my grandson in September so we will see what comes up.

      2. There’s been a lot of change since your false god Obama and his Communist cronies took office. The trouble with it is that it’s all change for the worst. Unless, of course, you’re an unmitigated Communist like he is.

        1. Before obama the only change we needed was rid the government of the communists, rinos and lobbyist’s. Now not only do we still need to rid the country of these but also the racial divders

          1. The lobbyists are still plentiful and rino’s are abundant so apparently you aren’t doing a very good job. Since there have only been a handful of “communists” in our government for 60 years that canard gets over played way to often. That makes for good propaganda for the die hard’s in looking for political excuses but in reality they only exist in your mind. Now don’t be bringing up Valerie Jarrett and using her as a reason to say the commies are taking over. If that is the best you could do then I would rather watch paint dry. “racial dividers”? LOL! There are also plenty of those on both sides so please be honest and clean up those on your side too. If you can’t do that then you are only spinning your wheels. Republicans have their own Al Sharpton’s but somehow they can’t admit it.

          2. You are either still in diapers or a total moron. The communist party took control of the democrap party back in the 60’s

          3. You can lie all you want but that does not make it so. As I said it makes for great political propaganda and Kim Jung would be proud of your false smearing.

          4. Eddie47. Another prime example of the communist propaganda machine. No idea as to the measures the demacrap party take in order to turn a nation into a communist nation. Everything Obama and Clinton support and strive for are measures the communist party teaches in order to achieve their goals of domination. Both studied Saul alinsky’s steps to create a communist nation
            Clinton studied it under alinsky and continued to stay in contact with him after leaving collage. You are a prime example of their goal of creating a nation of idiots

          5. You are confusing Socialism with Communism. Every nation on our planet practices Socialism and accept it. Few practice Communism and most reject it so learn the difference. Its like true Capitalism is seldom practiced and all we get is Crony Capitalism. I know the difference do you?

          6. Soicalism is communism. There is no difference. Its what the communist changed their title to when the country rejected their movement

          7. To the scumbag pride parade marching gayboy DemocRAT communist POS fagbait eddie47 it’s not good that communists suffer lol .

          8. First Socialism settles in. Then the Communists come along and take over ownership of ALL Businesses. Hey, Goofyeddie, Ask the CUBAN people how well off they are since Communism destroyed their Country and murdered MILLIONS of the People.

          9. LOL! Millions were not murdered so why lie right off the bat? The Cubans suffered because of our embargo in trying to suffocate them with threats and to keep imports from coming in. You also lied about socialism equals communism. Russia went straight from the Czars to Communism so that blows your theory!

          10. And where did you learn this bs from. Both are different names of the same thing. You did attend grade school clear thru the 6th grade I would reckon.

          11. It’s the muzzies and the usurper muzzie in the 0val 0ffice who has taken over the WH. Commies, my foot! 0vomit has more of the MB in high places than anybody else.

          12. That is what far right wingers say but do you believe everything they say? You don’t have to like Obama but get a grip.

          13. No I just enjoy exposing you all and the continued nonsense. Why be paid for entertainment and telling the truth.

          14. That is what right wingers say? Are you nuts! Have you bothered to even look at the people he has as heads of many of the areas, like Homeland Security for example? They are all muzzies! And please don’t tell me to get a grip because I have lived in Saudi and I know exactly what they are, what they believe, and how they operate. You definitely do not want to ever be subjected to it – I flat out guarantee that! Check this out: and “Even the left leaning site Snopes confirms this:” http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/04/sharia-advisers-barack-obamas-muslim-appointees/
            If you’re not a troll, then you need to take a serious look at what is happening right under our noses! DON’T BE A MORON!

          15. Don’t overplay your hand! Since the USA is in bed with the Saudi’s then expect to catch the clap! I could go to Liberia and catch Ebola too but that doesn’t mean that Americans of Liberian decent have Ebola. See you are trying to make that kind of claim.. That all Muslims can’t be trusted and its not working.

          16. The communists took control of the Democratic AND Republican parties in 1913. Before that, both were effectively under the control of the Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie consortium that was first formed to buy the presidency for William McKinley. From 1913 on, the owners of the Federal Reserve private bank have been the real government of this country. They also financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 and enabled the founding of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Later they selected, and saw to the installation of, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the socialist New Deal in the United States. FDR’s administration was heavily staffed with communist party members, among them Alger Hiss, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, Harry Hopkins, and many more; most members of the Council on Foreign Relations. We should understand that the the lawful, constitutional, republic ended in April of 1861 on April 15. From then on, we have been governed by an oligarchy that very closely resembles a monarchy. All of the partisan bickering in congress is an elaborate sham from which nothing of consequence ever changes. Our politicians all have just two choices: (1) Do what the wealthy contributors to their party say to do. (2) Try to do otherwise and end up jailed or locked in a nut house, or just dead. (JFK for example)

          17. There are way more Marxists in political office than most of us are aware of and I am including a few RINO’s not just democrats. I am an equal opportunity finger pointer.

          18. You are a product of the Socialist School System with lies taught by the Hippies from the 60s. At last count, these imaginary Communist in the Congress Alone, Number over 90. ( Ask Col. West. ) I want you to remember all of the silly statements that you are making on this site as the Gov. Troops are killing you at random in the Streets.

          19. The problem with West is that he accuses anyone as being a communist if they don’t agree with him. Fail!

          20. “only been a handful of “communists” in our government for 60 years”

            A HUGE handful.

            “”racial dividers”? LOL! There are also plenty of those on both sides so please be honest and clean up those on your side too.”

            I’m sure you’ll ignore all the Blacks who are saying that Obama’s Badministration has set the relationship between Blacks and Whites back 100 years.

            “Republicans have their own Al Sharpton’s but somehow they can’t admit it.”

            Name the most prolific of ’em?

      3. Listen up eddie, I’m going to give you a little bit of an education. Conservatives and Republicans are no longer the same critter. You really need to keep that in mind. Remember it was not us who told the whole nation “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.”

        1. That is your opinion as yes almost all Conservatives still vote Republican so no education needed. Also the Republicans have asked for a national healthcare plan all the way back to Nixon. He’s the one who said “anyone who can’t end a war in 4 years doesn’t deserve to be President. Well Nixon was elected and 7 years later the Vietnam war was still going on. So we can all throw out quotes.

          1. Man, do even know why most conservatives vote on the Republican ticket? of course you don’t. There are only a few states which do have a Conservative Party ticket. California where I live is not one of them. And anyone who writes that they need no education, well there is something wrong there. Your knowledge of history is lacking. I would advise you to go back and see exactly when the Vietnam war ended. I’m a Nam vet.

          2. 1975 is when our embassy was officially abandoned. Now you can fudge a couple of years but either way Nixon inserted foot in mouth.

          3. It was you DemocRATs who defuned our long time allies all over SE Asia which led to the Killing Fields of SE Asia eddie . I guess you need to return to a reeducation camp .

          4. No it was Nixon who invaded a neutral country which led to the ouster of Nordom Sihanouk and the rise of the Kymer Rouge’s . Nixon destabilized Cambodia so how soon you forget.

          5. Ever hear of your fellow communist Pol Pot ? He was there long before we were Commie eddie47. PS : I am friends with many from Cambodia for a great many decades and if you said this to them you’d be on the ground spitting up your fagbait teeth and blood . They have no love for Cambodian Commies and DemocRAT commies like yourself believe me

          6. I know several Vietnamese Americans but that doesn’t change the historical facts. Yes Pol Pot was a mass murderer so if all you have is name calling then stop embarrassing yourself.

          7. ah yes fagbait eddie you know several Vietnamese lol . I have hundreds of friends from all over SE Asia and the fact is you are no authority about the region let alone are you a historian unless that means those who change history to their own liking / agenda counts . Stick with what you know best and that’s being a pride parade marching communist DemocRAT as that’s all you’ll ever be good @ .

          8. Well gay eddie I do understand you are a yellowbacked communist fagbait coward who’s more of a danger to every day Americans than any terrorist group . I do understand that you are mentally disabled . Enjoy fagbait eddie .

      4. Let me ask you a few questions eddie47. Are you gainfully employed and if so, public or private sector. Are you a college grad. Do you pay taxes. Are you married. Do you have children. Do you volunteer your time to any non political organization. The answers to the questions I posed will tell a lot about your belief system.

        1. Worked for 44 years plus 3 years in the Army. Only took 3 college courses when I got out because I went straight to work. I am now retired so I have paid taxes for almost 50 years. Been married for 43 years and have 3 adult “children”. Volunteer at the food bank and the local Thanksgiving Dinner event and have been the grounds keeper at our church for 9 years. I may be 67 but I still shovel snow for my elderly neighbor.I also watched my 5 year old grandson for 5 straight years and he is now in school full time. Now you don’t have to tell me a thing about your belief system since you have made it clear in who you hate and what you don’t like. Thanks for asking! By the way I donate to my church and 40 other non-political charity groups. Including Wounded Warriors and Vietnam Veterans of America. Matter of fact I had an article printed in the national Guidepost Magazine last year because of my efforts with Wounded Warriors.

          1. I dislike anyone or anything who tries to destroy the fabric and belief system of the greatest nation in the world. Your “bio” sounds much like mine with the exception of military service, my husband took care of that for me, having spent 20 plus years in military service service to this country starting with the Vietnam conflict. It saddens me to read your hate filled vitriolic posts when answering others posts. However, like 99.9% of liberal progressives it is an expected response.

      5. It always makes me laugh when you do that-calling a Conservative EXACTLY what YOU are. Keep it up. You’re in an exclusive bunch-Obama does that too.

        1. I Have heard Billary is a bit of a pushover. I always wondered Who the heck would Want to … Now I understand. Agreed.

          1. God Dam man talk about TORTURE. when I see Hillarys face first thing in the morning,before I get a cup of coffee and wake up is torture enough to make anyone puke

          1. Hopefully there are enough of them that they would stop the threatening ones before they can do anything. If they are willing to kill Federal Agents over a tax scofflaw like Bundy don’t think its not on their minds.

          2. Maybe you don’t know but the agents were going to shoot the protesters first there were women and children and agencies like the blm are far to overbearing he said he was more than willing to pay county taxes which is fair but not federal which is running ranchers out of business and that’s why the steak you like at The grocery is now$20 instead of $10

          3. Talk about changing the subject! The BLM wasn’t overbearing and like any one who doesn’t pay their taxes for 10 years someone comes and gets them. Nice to know you endorse tax cheats and the BLM charge for land usage was peanuts and a very low amount. If that was a private owner leasing to Bundy the cost would have been doubled or more. If Bundy was honest he would have paid up at least 9 years ago.

          4. You are right about Al and they better kick that fool to the curb and if he is proven to be a tax evading then throw him in jail.

          5. Hell, ally still hasn’t paid his civil judgement levied against him for the Tawana Brawley defamation of character and making her lie and lied himself. He ruined that officers life! Throw his monkey butt in jail for at least one of his acts of corruption!!

          6. Sorry I’d join the side of the hard working cowboy, sick of government oppresion, whose family owned rights to the land they settled in the 1800’s, at least he doesn’t owe 4 million like al Sharpton and who knows who else.

          7. Since WHEN is the BLM a bunch of TAX COLLECTORS? If all agencies can do each others’ jobs,maybe the EPA should be handling Immigration Policy,and ICC should handle Water Management. No sense in having agencies handle anything they KNOW anything about. If BLM was Honest,they’d step down from this and concede that his family’s use of the land is “Grandfathered in”. Federal Law states that if an entity has used the land for a given length of time (30 years comes to mind,but it could be more or less-CERTAINLY 200 years would qualify),the Government considers that extended use a “contract” and that entity can continue to use the land.

          8. Read again James, bundy is a liar, his father bought that ranch in the early 50’s, they bought it from the Leavitt family.

          9. My neighbors we leavitts from bunkerville, that moved here in the early 50’s, plus bundy’s wife is my daughter-in-laws 1st cousin, her dads niece. The govt has tried to deal peacefully with cliven for years and have cut him a deal to pay parts of the fees owed, which he has refused. Most of his extended family are ranchers and pay their graze fees in idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, they thinks he’s nothing but a free loader and thief

          10. Be a good idea if you got off your knees at obola and ask same question to his buddy and (one of his CHOSEN mentors) wait for (total bs doubletalk) reply from your bot al Sharpton.

          11. How many calves have you raised coolman? We paid our grazing feed because we can’t raise cattle in a feedlot for 1.65 a head. Bundy was just a FREE LOADER AND THIEF

          12. Are you one of the pro-Bundy anti-tax militia crusaders who does their part for for America by withholding so others have to pay. Thanks for nothing!

          13. Oh I should have asked “how many decades have you been a card holding member of the Communist Party USA / DemocRAT Party” there queerboy eddie lol .

          14. Yeah sure fagbait eddie it’s nice to see you pride parade commie DemocRATs still do not like being exposed for being the athletic supporters of your queerboy in chief that y’all are lol .

          15. Ahhh, I see my mistake. I didn’t make the connection at first about your basic character profile because of your use of actual multisyllabic words. I’ll be no further cause for effort on your part ed’.

          16. Why did it take BLM people armed with AK’s to go handle a tax issue? Why did they find it necessary to beat up a girl or two and intentionally knock down an elderly Woman? Do you think that behavior made the BLM men feel more manly? THAT is why the Militia members showed up. Bundy’s family had been grazing that land since BEFORE there was a BLM. Who gave them the authority to kick him off the land OR to charge him to use the land? BTW-his grazing keeps the fire danger to a minimum. Ever notice that since the BLM started “managing” the grazing (ie. preventing ranchers from grazing their

          17. No “girls” were beat up so you blew it bud! Why was there more fires?? Because of the increased dryness. You are really stretching it!

        1. You and ALL of your fellow obola worshipping minions are on MY list of trash to remove “when the party starts”. Hugs and kisses boo.

  2. Someone please get this woman out of the US before the election. Perhaps she could move to Cuba and be the new leader there. We surely do not need or want her in the USA! She does not torture her enemies, she just has them killed!

          1. Jarhead was spot on eddies47 and the former US Maine is world’s smarter than a yellowback like yourself .

          2. Well commie eddie47 the main difference between you and I is I would always say what I think right to a Jarhead’s face where as a yellowbacked commie DemocRAT like yourself wouldn’t . Big difference there fagbait .

          3. No you are no more than a nasty name caller like he is and a big time liar. How can you “think right” when you are wrong so often?

          4. Funny thing queer eddie after working for 3 of the armed services , numerous gov agencies in times of trouble I’ve been told that I am always right but then again your commentary is one from a queerboy yellowbacked communist DemocRAT coward . No worry queer eddie I do understand .

          5. Sorry! You are clueless! Yet its creepy and somewhat fun to be entertained by the likes of yourself. You give Conservatism one big black eye!

          6. how many years have you been HIV Positive queer eddie or are you now suffering with full blown AIDs ?

          7. Hah queerboy eddie obviously you do not give blood presently as they do not allow queerboys to give blood though they are begging to put their AIDs/HIV infected blood into the blood banks . Never happened punk lol . Nice try though .

  3. I wonder how quick she would abandon that particular stand on torture if her daughter were held captive by jihadists? I’m guessing not very long. When will people learn that these Progressive Liberals are not only speaking out of both sides of their mouths, they’re speaking out of their asses too.

    1. IF it would benefit her politically and increase her power…I think her daughter AND grand-daughter…might be ‘toast’…in this type of situation.

      1. ANYONE could be toast in a situation like that for America doesn’t pay ransom money. We learned from the Somalia pirates where if you pay they will go out and do it again and again. Sometimes “important” people die too in terrorist acts.

        1. Now you see, you’ve shifted the narrative of this story from torture to extortion. What does what you have stated have to do with with Miss Hilary’s position on torture?

          1. You still haven’t answered my question so why do you expect others to answer yours? Now I will answer you because many who are tortured are naturally held prisoner. So how you can’t see that comparison says much. Prisoners and those captured and tortured are often held for ransom. That is a very clear observation.

          2. Your the one who brought up Hillary’s daughter being tortured so where did you think the conversation would go off to?

          3. Once again, you are wrong. I was specifically referring to Hillary’s stand on torture. Did you not go to school and learn how to read? I will refer you to the words “abandon that particular stand on torture.”

          4. Water boarding is NOT torture….in fact anything you can walk away from is NOT torture….you really need to cut back on the Crack Eddy boy?

          5. So if I hang someone by their fingers for a couple of days and because they can walk away then I can get away with that torture? Some of you will use any excuse to justify bad behavior from any anyone in authority. So if I do like the Nazi’s did and put someone in a barrel of cold water for two days and if on the 3rd day they can freely walk away then that is only considered a cold water bath. Now I understand your way of thinking!

        1. How about an honest answer from you instead of Hillary hatred. What would YOU do if your daughter and grandchild were captured. How far would you go to get them released or to stop them from being tortured? Then you will find your answer by looking at it from a personal perspective. Would you force the government to rescue them? Would you pay them anything to have them released or force the government to pay for their release?

          1. Not Billary hatred. Billary HORROR. The horror of thinking how few months the U.S.A. would stay afloat with Her as the anchor.

    2. Anyone captured will naturally have friends,relatives and our government trying to have them released whether Liberal or Conservative. If they are tortured they will have to accept their fate like any other person until that released can be accomplished. Why do some of you say things that are simply untrue?

      1. Once again I say that you are changing the narrative from Clintons position on torture to something else. The topic of conversation is Hillary’s position on torture, not people being captured and held for ransom. What is untrue about what I said? Perhaps you can enlighten me.

        1. What didn’t you grasp about my mentioning torture. Where was anything changed? I think you are the one speaking out of both sides. Was I rude to you as you are to Progressive Liberals. Is all the name calling necessary or do you derive pleasure from it. Who do you think is captured and traded for ransom? Mostly soldiers in war and ransom doesn’t have to involve money but trading of prisoners, some who have been tortured. Now how about you telling us exactly what Hillary’s position on torture is without the assumptions.

          1. No sir, the article specifically stated her position on torture. You are the one who brought up the ransom aspect of getting captured people released. That has nothing whatsoever to do with a persons position on torture. Hillary’s position on torture is that she does not believe in it in any form. We are discussing the torture of our captives which involves combatants only. We do not indiscriminately take civilians and torture them or hold them for ransom. But you, as a good little liberal, assume that you are smarter than the rest of us and use one of the lefts tools and that is to change the narrative. How on earth you came up with ransoming captives and our people being tortured is beyond me. Now to answer your questions: If any of my children or their children were taken captive by anyone and there was someone in custody who knew where they were being held, you better believe I would agree to torturing them by any mens necessary. I would do everything I could to find someone willing to rescue them. I would never count on the government and seeing how I’m just a lonely ole middle class retire who hasn’t got a lot of money, I could never pay a ransom. I can never force the government to do anything and you know that. As far as Hillary is concerned, you’re damned right I do not want her as President of this nation. But hate? As usual, you libs think that people who disagree with you are nothing but hate mongers. Sir, you have no idea of what real hate is.

          2. Since torture almost never gives reliable information then what are you accomplishing? Only trying to make yourself feel good? We signed the Geneva Convention and other treaties for a reason. Why? Because we are a better nation. We don’t have to wallow in evil practices like they do and if you approve then you are no better. I’d bet you right now if your daughter was captured by anyone anywhere the first call you’d make is to the US Embassy to see what they can do. I would too! You remind me of these TV shows where the goons say “don’t call the cops” or ” the FBI” or your loved ones would be whacked. Sorry, the first person you call would be the authorities (government) in any case. Its too late to capture the bad guys after the fact and I doubt if loved ones would survive after the money was given. That is TV fantasy! I already saw you “hate” in your first comment so yes I do know what it is. Now if you want to get down to the nitty gritty then should our captured US soldiers be tortured? You approve of torture so i will assume the answer is yes. If they behead someone should we start beheading people? You seem to be sinking to their level that our morals mean nothing just because they do it.

          3. You have drunk the kool-aid. You are completely wrong in your assumption. As a veteran, I know differently. Yes we did sign the Geneva Convention, but that only applies to uniformed combatants of the nations involved in a war. It does not cover these non-uniformed jihadists who hide amongst the civilian populations. Of course I would call the government authorities. I never said I would not. I said I would not count on their help. Your assessment of hate is totally unrealistic. I never said wrote anything hateful. I wrote what I felt and I stand by it. You moron, our captured soldiers are tortured and so are our civilians as in journalists who are captured and have been decapitated. Beheading is a type of torture. These people will kill you in a flash. Why we would want to encourage that with what you bleeding heart liberals think is just plain nuts. You had better do some self reflections on your philosophy. People like me fought for our freedom. We put ourselves in harms way so that you could have this great nation and all these freedoms of speech and right to bear arms and religion. There are millions of people in this world who would see this country fall. They would be glad to cut off your head. As the way of the world stands today, you’d better believe that it is “do unto others before they do unto you.” If not, then you will not live. As far as I’m concerned, Hillary and Obama allowed our people in Benghazi to die. Why? Because of their cowardly ideology. If Hillary becomes President, you can kiss this nation good-bye. The Progressives will have ruined us.

          4. Why call them then if you wouldn’t count on their help. That’s an oxymoron statement. Why is there then a War On Terror if the terrorists aren’t enemy combatants? The military have for centuries hid among civilian populations and we have bombed the heck out of civilian populations. That is also being killed “in a flash”. So think before you speak. You bet beheading is a form of torture and has nothing to do with Liberals. You keep forgetting that the Muslim religion is EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE and follow strict Conservative principles. Just like Communism is extreme left wing and they practice strict leftist ideology. Christians in the Middle Ages tortured non-Christians all the time and yes even beheaded those of a different Christian faith. All cowardly acts by Christians so learn history and the nature of evil in all religions and political groups. Don’t worry I SELF REFLECT all the time; how about you in being honest instead of going on and on about the hate the Liberal-Progressive band wagon.

          5. You seem to have the attitude that you are good and everyone else that is not like you is evil and that is how you address others. I served for 3 years so don’t be so condescending about your greatness verses others. Since you had to bring up Benghazi a typical Conservative talking point and accused them of being deliberately left to die is hogwash but sure makes for grand propaganda. Since you chose to bring it up then lets bring up Ronald Reagan the perfect picture of a Conservative. Remember; Being Honest! When he was President the embassy in Tripoli was attacked and six of our workers were killed. So if Benghazi is so terrible then wouldn’t 6 dead cause you more angst or is it because Obama and Hillary are at the helm? Lets see if you can come up with an honest answer. Since you like to poke and accuse then what about the 241 Marines that were also killed in Beirut under a Republican President. Why? Because of “lack of security” under Reagan. Republicans love saying Christopher was killed because of “lack of security” so how does that differ from 241 dead Marines. I should then say WHY did Reagan “allow that to happen” Guess what? After that happened Reagan said enough and cut and ran out of Lebanon and left that country to the Hezbollah terrorists. Now that’s a fact so I’m just saying it happens in both parties whether Conservative or Progressive. If you could be honest maybe you’d understand that.

        2. You are asking a burned out light bulb to enlighten you and you know that is impossible. HEllery is an unscrupulous opportunist and an unreformed 1960s hippie who will say anything she thinks might enhance her personal benefit. Those who defender her are drunk on koolade.

          1. Oh yea, you got that right. But this guy just won’t get that, he is barking up the wrong tree with the wrong topic.

          2. Torture wasn’t much of the topic either loran yet you made it so. So go back into your dog house and drink your own kool-aid with CTH.

  4. For any sane person to pay any attention to the ranting of this evil spawn of the Devil is a travesty on the memory of the people she directly or indirectly caused serious harm or death. She is the vilest woman that has ever been thrust upon the stage of the stupid Democratic party she he embodies all the rotten things her party stands for chief among them is her preponderance towards embellishing the truth with lies.

    1. What did she say in this video that you don’t agree with? That is the issue and I heard nothing vile in this video. I could say your comment was VILE and pure evil and more than likely I’d be right. I judge the contents of what is said and obviously you failed to listen.

        1. I listened to the 16 minute video and it wasn’t “stupid” and I’m not your “idiot”. Thankfully there are few WWII veterans who talk like you and I have known many so keep your poison tongue to yourself.

          1. I’ve heard plenty years ago at the VFW hall so no official “survey” needed. All wars create disgruntled veterans with strong opinions yet WWII vets seem to be the more decent in how they look at America. I even had an uncle who died last year who was at Auschwitz when it was liberated. He worked hard to make his community great and he even started a complete school system on his own where none existed. This was back in the 50’s. He encouraged all to participate in building up America and never looked down on others. Maybe I try to be partial to WWII vets so don’t disappoint me in what I believe about them.

          2. One more time I lived 3 blocks from the dip stick she was crap then and she is definitely crap now what more do you want to know. You are obviously a low information voter who buys snake oil wake up we don’t need another disaster like Obama. Anyone who votes for this venomous individual is a total incompetent fool.

          3. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Was it in Illinois,Arkansas or NY? Did you vote for the G Bush disaster and his incompetency? I don’t dislike Obama anymore than Bush and see their decency and good but also there weak side. That is how I deal with life and few are all good or all bad.

          4. Obama is hated by the military Bush is not that says it all. As for the Bills wife she lived in Park Ridge Ill 3 blocks from where I did she was a nogoodnick then and now she is an obfuscator in residence.

          1. Wow! You must have experience in snorting kool-aid! Do you freeze it and use it like you do with crack cocaine?

      1. Yo eddie47, you need to put your listening ears on and do a small amount of background research. It would also be beneficial if you could get your head out-of-the sand. Defending Hillary Clinton make you sound like and imbecile!

        1. Point out something in the speech that you don’t agree with and then we will take it from there. We aren’t talking about something she may have said 5 years ago or two years ago but today’s article. If that is difficult for you to do then no sense in further answering you.

      2. Eddie: you have proven once again the differences we face in the US. I find it astonishing that anyone can approve of any opinions that further the divisions in this Country promoted by Liberals/progressives against main stream Republicans, Indpendents, and Democrats!

        1. There are plenty of Conservative policies that divide America. You are as arrogant as those Liberals who can’t face the truth. How has the out sourcing of jobs by Conservatives and Democrats helped America? How has defending the manipulative policies of Wall Street benefited mainstream America? Their take all policies have benefited them and left the Middle Class hurting. Then again maybe you aren’t in that category. The worker in America use to be valued but now we have CEO’s that pay themselves unbelievable money while that Middle Class shrinks. I pay attention to facts in who is doing what and neither side is pleasing me.

          1. You sound like one of the White House incompetents. What and who caused the jobs to be outsourced? You asked how the manipulative polices of Wall Street have benefited them and left the middle class hurting. Jerk – who has been responsible for the big rise in the stock market – The Feds and their monetary policies. And, who do you think is controlling the FED? The stockholders determine the salary of a CEO, not a Federal review board – what are you promoting Communism?
            I spent 14 years (1995-2008) working in the Former Soviet Union – everything under Communism was controlled centrally – guess who got EVERYTHING they wanted and more – the ELITE. Don’t you realize this is where you are headed with your ideas. You may think you are equalizing and improving the lot of the middle class and the poor – actually your argument only creates and elite group and the rest fall far down the ladder. Don’t you realize that this administrations policies have increased the gape between the poor, middle class and the rich?

          2. Yes we saw what the new Soviet Union did and it created the same banking schemes and stock market problems over there. Matter of fact about the same time you were over there. I despise Putin but he did arrest and jail bankers who manipulated the system. Yup! Its called greed no matter where you live. Jobs have been outsourced since Reagan and really increased under Newt Gingrich’s NAFTA policies. The whole bunch of them are part of that problem including Clinton. Who do you think the stockholders are? If they make money they would sleep with the devil himself to gain profits.

          3. Wow, you take a generic comment made on differences of opinion and perception and assume I am pleased with what is happening on different sides and turn it into a personal attack on me by calling me arrogant and inferring I do not pay attention. Rather a Liberal tactic and one that shows me there is no need for any further dialog with you. At 71, I value Time, Truth and Civility.

          4. If you want civility and truth then be honest about both sides. If not then its all self explanatory in what you think and you definitely were not fully honest.

          1. Thank you! I wish I had seen your response before I replied as I try to avoid those types. Happy New Year!

          2. It’s okay….I see his comments all over the place, and none of them are anything more than argumentative. He is a mess, as are many others of his ilk. I am told that many of them are paid to do what they do….seems to me there is a better way to make a living, but I guess trolls consider it their “special calling!” Hahaha…Happy New Year to you too!

          3. Never been paid a dime for blogging have you? Every article place on any political site is argumentative or people would come on here and argue.

          4. …and few of you can ever stand the truth. You are no more than barking dogs protecting your Republican territory.

      3. What contents? A bunch of platitudes. I don’t know if eddie47 was around when the Clintons appeared on the national scene but one of it’s most noticeable features was the high mortality rate for individuals connected with them. Do some research on the subject.

        1. Yes I’ve read about those Republican sponsored “conspiracy theories” but seldom see any hard core facts. Mostly its just unproven information to spook other Republicans into actions. Not much different than dumb downed Democrats who fall for Al Sharpton’s sharp tongue. Both parties feed their sheep pablum to stir up their phony passions.

      4. eddie,, if you choose to make a fool out of yourself please think about your kids, what are they going to think when they find out their dad is a complete idiot??????

  5. Hillary is lost in a fog of liberalism. She and others like her have caused me to lose faith in my government. As veteran of WWII who served in both the ETO and PTO I never thought this would ever happen to me. My generation fought survival of our country and mankind elsewhere. Now, we have a bunch of incompetent liberals who do not understand law and order, economics, war and its horrors, or can use commonsense in control. God Help Us!

    1. I would say that Liberals fully understand the “horrors of war” for that is why they demand we have a peace first policy and that war is the last resort. The Iraq War snowballed and created more wars and terror and that country is still a mess. When we went into Afghanistan to oust al Qaida we should have left after that was accomplished. Instead we poked at the Taliban and that war escalated. Now that country is still as unsafe as it was 13 years ago. How about blaming bad policies that get us stuck in these wars instead of some hack attack against “liberalism” . Thanks for your service and WWII was indeed a tough one but won by a Liberal President.

          1. Has there ever been any research on the liberal population of the military if it exists. Considering the issues put forth and supported by Liberals I find it difficult to believe that any Liberal has ever knowingly served in the military unless they were drafted

          2. Now that I think about it, it most likely was NOT the politically conservative minded who headed for the Mexican and Canadian borders during the Draft. Happy New Year to you and yours.

          3. Love of country shows no political boundary and Liberals are the ones fighting to allow women to serve and gays to serve. Maybe if Conservatives didn’t come across as bullies to minorities then maybe more Liberals would think about serving. Are there more Conservatives in the military? Yes but are they more inclusive ? No

          4. Wrong again El Faggo Baito as back in my day queerbaits like yourself were removed from service ASAP and rightly so as no real man likes your kind to check out their man meat .

          5. Is that what you call it? You must have intimate knowledge of what you view and want to come out of the closet and taste a nibble. Pork sausage for you tonight! LOL!

          6. there really isn’t anything queerer than you pride parade marching commie DemocRATs . Y’all are queerer than a dump truck full of 3 buck bills .

          7. of course you don’t know that you taking it up the Hershey highway from Hussein OwebaMao is a sin commie eddie lol .

          8. One thing for sure you aren’t taking the highway to heaven so keep on playing the naughty boy that you seem to enjoy!

          9. I hear you queerbaits now are demanding that you should be allowed to donate blood . Don’t do it as we do not need HIV , AIDs nor your Herpes commie eddie .

          10. unlike myself who is on the most wanted donors list it’s quite obvious you’ve never given blood nor ever had to answer their 25 question questionnaire . You’d be offended reading it like most pride parade marchers are .

          11. We had to donate blood in the Army but that was some time ago. Who cares about answering questions or is that difficult for you.

          12. good to hear you were taking orders and taking it in the mouth and Hershey Highway commie eddie . I see you never really learned the lessons taught but someone has to clean the latrines kid .

          13. What planet are you living on. Women have been serving in the military since before you were born and there have always been gays in the service. They just didn’t go screaming it from the roof tops and daring people to do something about it. Also every white man in the history of the USA has not been obsessed with bullying minorities. If that was true then no progress would have been made.

          14. Did you pull that out of your shorts? That’s like saying Conservatism is a cover for Corporate thievery.

          15. If there are so many liberals who serve in the military, why is it the Democrats do everything to make sure the military ballots are not counted. They’ll go above and beyond to have dead people vote, and protect voter fraud. I support any person who serves in the military no matter what their politics. This country is in the mess it’s in because of liberals from the 60’s running this country and PC being crammed down our throats to the point of being nauseating. Our military and our police are constantly being attacked by liberals. When you have radical professors teaching the young people of today it’s just dumbing down America even more. I’m no fan of RINOS either. We can only hope that this country can be turned around from the “fundamental change of America” that this administration has done to this country.

          16. 75% of those in the US Mil. didn’t vote for your no good lazy smelly commie community organizing scumbag POS gayboy muzzie master eddie47 .

          17. Apparently you are the master baiter of foul remarks. You might just win today’s award! Now you’ll have to come out of your bunker to receive it but that shouldn’t be any problem with your snake belly comments.

          18. I actually have a couple cold war bomb shelters here in my ole plantation fortress queer eddie and they always remind me of the enemies we face especially the communist ones like yourself . Quite obvious to this ole man is the only marching you’ve ever done was while leading your local pride parade lol .

          19. That’s what makes you so entertaining and comical. You lay it on thick without an inkling of knowing what you are talking about.

          20. Hah queer eddie and why I have a presidential citation for helping liberate 100’s of millions behind the Iron Curtain without shots being fired while you were probably not even a mistake or you were just sitting there with your fingers up your Hershey Highway lol .

          21. There you go again repeating yourself just to be heard. Come up with something new. Thanks for your service but I don’t remember them teaching me to be nasty like you are. I reckon I was born from a better mother than you so if you want war ….go for it!

        1. NOTE Harry’s middle name was just “S”……no period necessary. And is noted for declaring war (Harry called a Police Action) against North Korea without the approval of Congress ( which came11 months 28 days later)…..(Congress Declared it a WAR in 1991 I believe?)

        2. Truman was a Christian, who could in no way, even begin to stand with liberals, who also twisted the meaning of that word and perverted the word justice.The total opposite. The last dedicated to Christ was Ronald Reagen. Carter, and all since have taken deceiving photo ops around election time. Now a satanic false god of Islam follower.A foreign agent is in office.Lord and Savior, Son of God,Jesus says you will know them by their fruit. By their actions. In this case, also; what they stand for and against.Not by saying they are for votes. Or having their writers quote a non existent, partial, twisted and out of context scripture. To promote their evil agenda. Thank you Lord for your gift of discernment to yours and the alive and supernatural word of God.The man and party of death and destruction booed and hissed at God and Israel. And got elected, anyway. Isaiah 5″ woe to them who call good evil and evil good. Who write unrighteous laws and issue unrighteous decrees.’ God the Son Jesus in human flesh.’ Do not be deceived and more signs in Matthew 24. Romans 1, 2nd Timothy 3 and others; are right on as always. 2nd Timothy 3, is pinpoint to all of this.

      1. First I want to be sure that I am understood – I should have been more specific on what Liberals I was referring too – POLITICIANS AND MEDIA LIBERALS.
        I have two grandsons (both Conservatives & Naval Officers) – both underwent several sessions of waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other interrogation techniques as part of their ongoing training. They do not call it torture, and feel very strongly that it is very useful in obtaining information. Both have served over 10 years in the military – one an aviator, the other a SEAL.
        So, don’t give me the hanky-panky about the Iraq & Afghanistan war. I add I served as a Naval Officer in WWII & Korea on LSTs and in Korea – destroyers.

      2. Those middle eastern desert folks who wail and pound their heads on the ground and murder anybody who Doesn’t, were ALREADY going to come for us. Our limited response has just slowed them down. Convert now, and turn to murdering everybody who doesn’t, or put up with war. This isn’t a TV channel you can change to something more preferable to your tastes. War here, or war there. They Want it. It IS coming.

      3. You do realize that it was a Democrat who got us into the Vietnam war and another Democrat who escalated the war. Speaking of which, it was a Democrat who got us into WWI and another Democrat who got us into WWII and another Democrat who got us into Korea. You’re batting a thousand now aren’t you.

        1. Not really! So are you saying WWII wasn’t worth the effort because a Democrat was in charge. Sure sounds like it! President Johnson allowed the rest of his administration to tell him what to do in starting the Vietnam War just like Bush did the same in Iraq. Both used false information in dragging America into war.,

          1. It was the communist DemocRATs in the US Congress who defunded our long time allies in SE Asia which led to the 3 million plus murdered in the Killing Fields of SE Asia

          2. Gee how come your no good lazy queerboy commie community organizing POS scumbag muzzie master has our warfighters back in Iraq when he declared years ago the war was won and over ? lol

          3. Good question but why did G Bush even start a war in Iraq he couldn’t finish? Your trying to put the cart before the horse and failing miserably. Why did G Bush allow President Malaki to kick out the Sunni leadership in office which ticked those Sunni’s off? Why did he allow ISIS ( those Sunni’s) to regroup in Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria and re-attack Iraq?

          4. You seem to have as much US Mil. experience as your no good lazy smelly qayboy commie muzzie master Hussein OWebaMao commie eddie . George Doubleyah Bush didn’t pull out troops and not sign a US / Iraq security agreement like your scumbag muzzie master did nor did Doubleyah start an Arab Spring and a war for oil in Libya now did he . I do have to admit though commie eddie that you communist DemocRATs are more dangerous to every day America than any terrorist group .

          5. LOL! G Bush did sign an agreement with Malaki and set the withdrawal for 2011. Besides Malaki demanded that US troops be charged and convicted in Iraq court and those convicted be held in Iraqi prisons. Obama was against that! Please buy a clue!

          6. in this one you are telling a little queerboy liberal lie again gay eddie . Bush signed that agreement with the demand for a US / Iraqi mutual security agreement which your no good lazy smelly queerboy commie master Hussein OwebaMao didn’t sign lol .

          7. Funny I knew about the US / Iraqi mutual security agreement and you didn’t but you have an agenda of failure and I do not . I just so happen to know the region and all the players all to well queerboy eddie .

          8. You say you know so much but I’m beginning to doubt it. Too much information is missing and too much bragging is going on. I believe your deck of cards is missing a few.

          9. Hah pride parade marching commie eddie long before you came out of your momma’s bung hole I was an advisor for US Special Operations back in the late 1960’s and was an advisor for many later on in life unlike a yellowbacked gayboy sheeple like yourself .

          10. Unlike a yellowbacked latrine cleaner like yourself I come from a family of legends there gayboy commie eddie . Now back on your very calloused knees to your muzzie gayboy master Hussein OwebaMao .

          11. Were you in a re-education camp at the time the Iraq War took place? You must have missed that news flash.

          12. Oh long before Gulf War One I was friends with many in the Royal Kuwaiti Air Force leadership queer eddie and had many pleading with me when we were going to come and help them . Of course you are one who only pisses into the wind but well that’s expected from a jizz spittoon for Hussein OwebaMao your queerboy in chief

          13. You do like the taste of Hussein OwebaMao’s white stuff dribbling down your face and butt cheeks lol .

          14. Hah queer eddie it’s you on your very calloused knees to Hussein OwebaMao the queerboy in chief not me kid lol

      4. eddie47: you sure are one delusional libtard pal . When we went into Afghanistan after 911 we were fighting more Taliban than Al Qaida operatives . From one who worked with the Afghan Northern Alliance long before you were a mistake probably as you are really clueless .

        1. The Northern Alliance had been fighting the Taliban long before we got involved and our mission was to oust al Qaida and leave. The Northern Alliance were also fighting the Soviets for 10 years and yes we aided them. Anything else you want to know.

          1. Well communist eddie I was working for the Afghan Northern Alliance during the Soviet invasion . I also worked with those behind the Iron Curtain before it’s fall . Personally I do not like scumbag POS American DemocRAT Communists for good reason as I’ve been confronting communists for most of my life and y’all never do seem to go away but I do understand that y’all are also severely mentally disabled and that will probably never go away in my time .

          2. You are the one with a tick in your noggin and head that is ready to explode. That’s a very dangerous combination. Come back when you can be more rational if that is possible.

          3. I do know how you scumbag communist pride parade marching DemocRATs operate . LIke I said I’ve worked with 3 of the armed services and many numerous gov. agencies and I know your ilk very well . Y’all are more dangerous than all muzzie terrorists are combined to all everyday Americans . Of course I understand you are severely mentally disturbed so I’m being understanding queerboy eddie .

    2. And have a VA filled with incompetent workers and criminals (i.e., DEATH BY DELAY).
      In short there is NO CONTROL………only Payola!

  6. I’m sure Hillary is absolutely “stellar” in her ideas and her “extensive” experience. Want to keep us safe from terrorism? We have to demonstrate, by violent, no holds barred, military action…that we aren’t going to take it or stand for it…period. Not nice, but neither is terrorism…

  7. Hillary Clinton is the queen of spin and verbal twists. Her decisions have put our country at risk, cost the lives of our ambassador and four other brave heros, lost the respect of our foreign friends and foes, and proven time and time again that she and her cohorts are incompetent. Oh how we need competent diplomats in Washington!

  8. If the lives of Americans, or our allies are at stake then any means of extracting intel from our enemies is acceptable! War is not some civilized boxing match. It is a down and dirty business that any means to help end it quickly should be acceptable. Hillary Clinton leaves a wake of dead, or ruined lives in her path and she talks about civility??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  9. I clicked on this article to just comment! Why would anyone care what chillary says about anything! She ranks up the communist list with the likes of george soros, valerie jarret, bill deblasio david axelrod, elizabeth warren and barrak obomber! When America finally figures this out, maybe then we can combat our problems! For more than 60 years, a communist plot to destroy America from within! At the moment? They’re winning!

    1. AGREED,, but i do not believe WE will change anything untill the entire govt. is rebuilt from the bottom up, starting with the piece of crap who is rapeing this land….

  10. Hillary Clinton,when one of her family members disappear.hillary well ask the people who took her family over for dinner.feed them the food she cook for the evening.they will most likely die from for the horrible tasting food she cook. when the food been in the refrigerator from the last time she cooked.i would think e-coli in the food could be considered torture.

  11. She and all the other fools that wish to lead this county are weak fools. I will not ask you kindly what I want to know I will rip you apart to get you to talk this is how you win a war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hillary’s time has long passed. She should go spend time enjoying watching her grand child grow into something better than she ever was or will be. She might also want to keep an eye on Willie and that young blonde honey he was recently photographed with.

  13. Hey killary, I’m looking forward to your meeting with Trey Gowdy because Gowdy will END your political career when he gets done with your ass on Benghazi! PERIOD! GO HOME and STAY there MURDERER!

  14. Our job as a country is to set a good example for the rest of the world – that is to treat both our people – regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, etc. – better than the other countries do, rather than following their practices. We should never even approach the position where we can even be accused of torture, mistreatment of enemies, whether foreign or domestic for any purpose, or ever use excessive force on our own people. When we do these things we are no better than those we criticize for the same practices. I would go further and say that we should not attempt to inflict our way of politics, religion or economic system on others – it is the mark of an occupier, not a liberator, to do any of these things. If their systems work for them then that is the way it is and if change is necessary, it must come from within rather than being imposed, by us, upon other people.

    1. EIT by definition is NOT torture and Congress WAS fully informed and AGREED that EITs would be used! The lies coming from the libtards are INCREDIBLE!

      1. As a 100% disabled vet (USMC) I was really shocked to see the Marines urinating on the corpses of the dead enemy – how would their families feel if the pictures were of them getting disrepected by the enemy. The issue should have never been raised because it is below us, Just because the Aztecs, as part of their religious rituals, engaged in human sacrafice does that mean that we should do this too? Do the ends ever justify the means?

      1. There were well over 3,000 people who approved of lynching, burning crosses on lawns, seating blacks at the back of the bus, having separate (but unequal schools), favoring total bans on abortion, etc. and the matter to me because they were wrong. If we voted on the Bill of Rights today, it would fail by popular vote.

  15. Maybe Billary the Alzheimer’s Elitist was one of the far-seeing benevolent ones who outlawed highjacking of airliners and smashing them into big buildings. I mean, that worked Soooooo well … to make her feel like she had a flipping idea what she was doing.

  16. Another political pile of dog crap speaking out to get votes and a higher government paycheck, like her Socialist new world order party of the democratic crap of so-called intellects members is still a pathological LIAR like her boss Barack Hussein Obama.

  17. What would she know about Justice, and helping the poor? All she knows is how to be self indulgent and complain about a conservative conspiracy. If she is elected, she’ll be Obama on steroids!

    1. Hey now ! Benghazi Billary herself has admitted she was, “dead broke” when she and that guy who speculated on what the definition of the word “is” is left the WH. But then again, “What difference does it make now”. I mean, “everybody knows it isn’t business that creates new jobs”, and, and, … boy, she really is an IDIOT isn’t she ?

  18. Social engineering by and from our homegrown far Left Marxists/Socialists.
    Re-named themselves for the appearances and effect.

  19. This witch was involved in the torture of prisoners, and she knew all about the torture from 2003, but she was silent, all this crap about National Values, America Murdered and Assassinated over three million civilians in Vietnam, including whole villages of women, children and the elderly. Then America invaded Iraq on a bunch of lies, again she knew the truth, but again stayed silent, if she alleges she did not know, then she is lying, as she would have known. Then when they illegally invaded Libya, bombed it back to the stone age, murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians, now Libya is a Country full of terrorists organisations, that are killing and murdering civilians, and she laughed when Gaddafi was Assassinated by criminals, he should have been captured and been allowed to stand trial for any crimes he allegedly had committed. Gaddafi gave Libya and its people the highest standard of living in Africa, something the Gutter Press and Television stations in America deliberately fail to tell the American People. I spent time working in Libya, if a Libya that was being educated in Libya could not find that course or the qualification they wished in any Libyan University, the Libyan Government paid the University fees for that person in any Country they wished to go to get that degree or qualifications. If a Libyan citizen could not get the medical treatment they required in Libya the Libyan Government paid for that treatment in a country of their choice, when a couple got married the Libyan Government gave them a non returnable loan of 50% of the cost of buying a home, and an interest free loan on the balance, they got a non refundable 50% of the cost of a new car if they bought one. Gaddafi also wanted to have all oil sales paid in Gold, and he was getting support for this from most of the Oil exporting countries, so America had to find an excuse to remove him. I could fill a book of all the benefits the Libyan people got from its government, a thousand times more than the American People get from their government, now we head this criminal WITCH with all this crap, I hope someone assassinates her in the same was Gaddafi was assassinated, and we can all laugh like she laughed when Gaddafi was Assassinated by American Agents, why is the ICC not prosecuting the assassins that assassinated a head of state in this appalling and gretusque manner.

  20. If Hillary gets in office the next term then we can expect wide spread genocide and carnage throughout the USA.
    By not having any deterrents to terrorism (such as torture) then it’s an open door to ISIS and others. If they get caught then they get a private room, plenty of food, TV, computers with access to the internet – all the comforts of home, even better. “WOW where do I sign up” will be the word. Stupidity will be the fall of our Republic.

    1. Is paranoia all professed Conservatives have? You first sentence said it all in what a kind of evil mind you have. You must be from the same cloth of those who accused Obama of having FEMA death camps where millions of Americans are being held. All you do is lie out of one end and it come out the other!

  21. Hillary Clinton recently received an award from The Robert F. Kennedy Centre, I did not know that they gave awards to criminals and assassins, and people that perpetrated genocide on the Syrian people by funding Syrian TERRORISTS.

      1. You must be a CIA Torturer, or do you work in that Criminal Clappers Office, the one that told Congress that the CIA do not spy or keep records of Americans telephone calls and Internet Transactions, and that we do not spy and keep telephone records and Internet transactions on the rest of the world, you making multiple postings on this criminal and assassin that had Gaddafi Assassinated, you are obviously a CIA Troll sitting and getting paid by this criminal organisation to flood the article with disinformation and CIA Censored Propaganda.

        1. I didn’t support the Libyan war anymore than I supported the Iraq War. Both big mistakes but Gaddafi was no saint. At least Ronald Reagan and Scotland didn’t think so. Scotland and Britain have been seeking his head for some time now and its too bad Obama went along with the NATO effort.

          1. You mention Ronald Reagan , he was suffering from Alzheimer’s all the time he was in office, he had to be told what to do, he was manipulated by everyone, and most of the time it was his wife that was running America, she was telling him what to do. And about Scotland, I live in Scotland and that nutter Alex Salmond was a complete idiot, he lost the Referendum vote, lost his job, and he lost the plot, he is basically a terrorist, now he is going to cause terrorism in Westminster, he is so bitter and is now on a vendetta to destroy everything he can in the UK, perhaps Hillary can arrange for his assassination like Gaddafi. I have met him and I covertly recorded a one hour and sixteen minute meeting with him, he refused to do anything about massive government fraud, Police Corruption and criminality, Corrupt Legal Profession and the corrupt Scottish Court System, all with massive amounts of documented evidence and witnesses, Scotland is the most corrupt Country in the EEC, The Criminal Masonic Lodge, Corrupt Legal System and Judiciary, our Police are basically Criminals in Uniforms. they all run Scotland, we call then the Scottish Mafia.

  22. Seeing Hillary’s picture and hearing her voice is torture to the average American. If she wants to stop torture she should hide her face and shut up.

  23. We don’t need Hillary Rotten ‘or’ L’ttle Billy, in another 2 for 1 deal, on our Government payroll(s) for another day. They’ve been supported by ‘we the people’ long enough. I’m well aware that as long as they’re living they’ll back-charge for the Secret Service housing ‘enough’ to pay for the zero interest loan obtained for their residence but nothing we can do about that. Ques. How long was it that Hillary lost the Congressional subpoenaed Whitewater files that were mysteriously found month’s later in ‘her’ Whitehouse office? Uhmmm? The only thing this lib couple has contributed is the ‘ two-flush’ toilet and increased slip-cover sales for her pants-suits to cover those thunder thighs. And L’ttle Billy brought back the popularity of a good cigar. It’s critical that our Country find a so badly needed common sense adult to lead our Country no matter which side of isle he or she comes, to straighten out the mess we find ourselves. “And it’s not Hillary Rotten.”

  24. This evil woman is like this foreign agent in office and the God and Israel booing Demo(lition) party of death, destruction. The liberals work with satanic Islam, to destroy. A deceived and deceiving fool. Isaiah 5:’woe to them who call evil good and good evil, who write unrighteous laws and issue unrighteous decrees. In another, who prescribe misfortune on the people, who falsify scales and balances, who use the poor for self gain, feet swift to run to evil, who shed innocent blood, including babies. Try to destroy the only true marriage and the family unit. Cause unrest and promote violence. Sodom was destroyed for legalizing, not to God, abomination marriage, as an example to all nations. See it on u-tube. Who cause strife and division, liars and deceivers, deceived and deceiving, who are wise in their own eyes, full of pride, have outstretched necks, who tear down and not build up, rob, steal and covet,etc. That’s what the Demos do, and got voted in.Social-communism is demonic. Stealing from those who work hard and give it to the lazy and coveting. God’s word says if a man doesn’t work that he should not eat. I’ll say those who can and refuse to. Social-communism has killed over 100 million people last century, most, their own citizens. Stealing rights and being lawless. Supporting, financing and arming our and Israel’s enemies.Treason, here. As a nation does to Israel, they will be blessed by being a blessing or cursed by coming against the peoples friend or cursed for coming against them and their land. A choice and warning. This nation needs to repent and receive the forgiveness and Salvation gift that Creator Son of God,God the Son,Lord and only Savior Jesus Christ came down from His and the Father’s Throne in Heaven and took on human flesh. To live sinless, though tempted as we are, to qualify to die for ours. To take our place, taking Holy God’s wrath on our sins on Him as the Passover sacrificial Lamb. Suffered, shed His pure God blood for us.Laid down His life to die for all of our sins. Paid in full on the Cross. As man for mankind. Was buried and Rose on the 3rd day by the Father who sent volunteering Son Jesus. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. But the Gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.Believe and receive this greatest love, sacrifice and gift, ever. Humble yourself and say something like this.’ Lord Jesus, Son of God, I’m a sinner. I ask and receive your gift of total forgiveness of all of my sins. Thank you Lord, my Lord Jesus for having come to die for mine, for me, in my place, out of love for me. And rising from the dead to beat sin, death and hell for me.To be absent from this earth body is to be present with you forever! I ask you to come into my heart, my life, to be my loving Lord and my mighty Savior, the only. Make me new, cleanses, deliver and set me free!Take what is left of this life and make something out. Thank you for loving me, giving me new true and everlasting life, giving me your righteousness for my sins! For Saving me my Lord, Savior, God and best friend, Jesus! That beyond awesome Heaven is my home! I ask you for the next greatest gift that you want me to ask and receive. Baptize and fill me up to overflowing with peace, love, joy, power and more, through your and the Holy Spirit! ( peace, joy, power, love, Helper, Comforter, guide to all truth, shows you things to come, warns of danger with a way out, and more! supernatural gifts giver, all in Jesus Name!) Give me a hunger for the Bible,N.K.J.V . or the King James Bible and things of God. Lead, fill and guide me, Thank you my loving and perfect Heavenly Father, that I’m your son ( or daughter) through your Son, my Lord Jesus, now and forever! That Jesus is coming very soon, in an atomic second for me, before the 7 most horrendous and deceptive years one earth, ever. Thank you for all these gifts and that you see me as righteous, your beloved, and a saint! That I have a personal love relationship with you, my Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, 3 in One God, for me! In Jesus Name, Amen! The long version, with the 3 main sentences.For all who have strayed and want to rededicate. He loves each and every one of you! The greatest decision ever! You will celebrate now and then forever! Sealed the moment you believe. It cost God a lot, watching His all eternity past Son having all our sins on Him and murdered out of love for you! Rose Him.Jesus was obedient, humbled himself all the way to the Cross, seeing your face and all who would come to Him and His loving, mighty, yet gentle arms. Who would not burn with satan and his minions, but be with their and the Lord,forever!

  25. Hillary Clinton still should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for what was going on in Benghazi, for lying to the investigating committee while she was UNDER OATH and for her part in “leaving four men behind” in Benghazi and not sending any backup. She is on video tape SWEARING to the investigating committee that she NEVER SAW ONE REQUEST for backup support in Benghazi “cross her desk” yet one of those requests has now surfaced and it has her INNITIALS ON IT. She was blatantly lying UNDER OATH; she KNEW Ambassador Stevens had requested extra security and she DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! She also had her staff destroying e-mails and other Benghazi correspondence and should be charged with destroying evidence, stone walling an investigation, and impeding a CONGRESSIONAL investigation. When Hillary said “what does it matter now” she should have BEEN ARRESTED….what a terrible evil thing to say about the death of 4 AMERICANS! It does matter! Her wardrobe should be orange! And her cell mate should be Lois Lerner who did the same things as regards the IRS CONGRESSIONAL investigation. These people getting away with this kind of stuff is absurd!

    1. Then Ronald Reagan would also be in prison with that little synopsis. Bush/Cheney both would be wearing “orange suits” too. When are YOU going to stop lying about Benghazi and accept it as an unfortunate tragedy. How about Donald Rumsfeld under Reagan who allowed chemical weapons into Iraq and even gave Saddam the green light to use them. Keep talking for there there will be many politicians in orange suits then.

  26. Just having to look at her ugly face is torture. Quit forcing us to look at her lying face and her traitorous sell out of our men. Let her “stand down.”

  27. I am reading about the Robert F. Kennedy Center award being given to
    our Marxist celebrity Hillary Clinton, the wife of that impeached disbarred
    felon Bill Clinton. Let me speculate about her reception speech without reading
    the article any further:

    She is in agreement with the all-Democrat report on “torture” of
    Al-Qaeda mass murderers; she and her Democrat Party have thus formally joined
    Al-Qaeda as their allies; and

    She is in agreement with the racists Sharpton, Holder, di Blasio, and
    B. Hussein Obama in full support of those hardened habitual Black criminals
    resisting arrest and murdering our policemen; and finally

    She approved of the formal recognition given by our Marxist Muslim
    President from Kenya to the communist terrorist regime of Cuba thus trying to
    save it from utter poverty and popular revolution.

    Then I read that panegyric praising our Billary – and what do you know?
    That is exactly what she proudly declared in Points 1) and 2)!!! I guess Point
    3) was too much even for her – or, perhaps, that recognition came up too late
    to be incorporated into her prepared acceptance speech. And why do I call her a
    Marxist you ask? Well – already as a college graduate our smart Hillary
    understood that Marxism is associated with mass murder and utter poverty and
    therefore changed its name to “The Politics of Meaning”.

  28. Hey Hillary, didn’t you know these Mothers that lost their sons were thugs, had records a mile long, thieves, druggies, gang members, etc… you are as bad as the blacks when you say ” black lives matter “, who said it did not… Let you in on a little secret, ” SO DO COPS & WHITE People’s lives matter “… all these deaths were caused by themselves , NOT the Cops or anyone else…If they did not die, they would end up in prison by their own doing ! Course you Socialist Commies love to lie, play the blame game, use race… I forgot it is politics, you want to run for President, don’t you ? Well , it will be a LONNNNGGG haul for you, a lot of Baggage !

  29. She is just as dumb as ever, “What does it matter”, she is a race baiting witch from hell and needs to go there sooner then later.

  30. She is just another idealog who doesn’t really care about our people and our country. She is just hateful, and too darn dumb to hold any office in gov. Put her in the same category as Sharpton.

  31. Unfortunately there are a multitude of individuals in this country who have been taught by marxist anti capitalist teachers and professors who were themselves taught by the radical 60’s and 70’s teachers and professors. I don’t see how we can stop the indoctrination of our children by these radical teachers and professors, and until we figure that out we will be faced with new generations of anti American, anti capitalist marxist society. The old patriotic Americans will die off and leave us little choice of leaders except the clintons, warrens, kennedys, bushes, DiBlasio’s, Kings, sanders, deans.

  32. She is a Low-Life, Lying , Marxist POS. Robert Kennedy would be hustling her off of the Stage. He believed in Justice and our Judicial System, Unlike she & Oblamo.( The Communists. )

  33. Hillary tortures millions every day with her lies and socialist BS. She’s fills the heads of the Usefull idiots with crap about her and Bubba being “dead broke” , she,d be all about torture if the poles indicated it would I increase her chances at being elected The friggin dog catcher !

  34. Who can fathom the mind of liberals? When it comes to the end justifying the means, abortion is justified because a woman failed to exercise the right to choose before sex and before conception. While such torture operations should be classified, (after all what less sensitive information have we not had access to based on the “right to privacy” which trumps the “freedom of information act?”) we know that when the goal justifies the means, liberals are on board with it, regardless of what they say for the press or to make an impression on lower information people. (We are all “lower-information” people when they don’t want us to know something). So we just have to endure the b.s., because the end justifies the means. Torture may be intolerable, but it is not unthinkable and it is effective.

    1. All women must be Liberals then and all men who impregnate them must be Conservatives. No wonder they have so many abortions. (sarc)

  35. She is of RUSSIAN origin.
    She was paid to become a resident of NY.
    She is no different from any other power-hungry, self-appointed mouthpiece.
    This “stuff” is nothing short of useless newsertainment.

  36. She is an expert on torture she has been doing it to us since Bill was prez. It is bad enough having her face in public but when she opens her mouth that is over the top !

  37. TORTURE is listening or looking at that disgusting COMMUNIST, CRIMINAL LOVING B I T C H E S UGLY [email protected]#KING FACE !!!! So HILLARY BITCH PLEASE do leave this world preferably in a BODY BAG !!

  38. How is it that someone with virtually no moral values could make a statement condemning something because its not our American values? Her values are perverted. She definitely doesn’t speak for me when it comes to values.

  39. It idiots like her that bring distrust of the government, with her liberal ideas,the enemy will still torture us and we all have to sit back and ohhhh it’s ok but we wont do that to you, clinton you are an IDIOT



  42. The more she opens her mouth and shows her ignorance. The better chance she won’t win the primary. Keep up the good work Hillary. What she needs to focus on. Is to learn how to give a good blow job so bill won’t go else where. All we get us a snow job

  43. Since when has either one of the Clinton’s have “VALUES”?? How can a person who has no morals have a set of values?? I feel so sorry for this country if the idiots outnumber the thinking people and vote this Btch in as President of the country. What OBama has started Hillary will finish and more.

  44. Complainers and criticizers without end, tell me what she said that was incorrect or wrong in your esteemed opinions TEA TARDSzzz? Torture only creates peril for OUR military if they are captured in hostile conditions, RIGHT morons? Isn’t John McCain enough of an expert on that issue at least?

    Y’all are morons, plain and simple. Peaceful protest is not a crime yet in America. Perhaps after TEA TARD leadership takes charge in Feb of 2015 you can get the muzzles on those that you hate so much, eh loser Party? The cops griping about demonstrations and then the psychotic felon guy with a gun (wow, I thought that was kind of illegal, a handgun in hand by a convicted Georgia felon) goes to NYC where he had 19 prior arrests and takes out two cops.

    Sure people, that HAS to be Obama’s and DeBlasio’s fault’s right? Why is Guiliani the supposed expert and spokesman for COPs all of a sudden? He doesn’t think that one failed Presidential nomination bid is enough I have to think and wants the FOX Noise publicity to boost his ego or something , RIGHT TARDszzzz?

    And then there is that that idiot Labor union COP that should be fired for telling DeBlasio that he’s got blood on his hands. That idiot COP should be unemployed as we speak by the Mayor showing his leadership and bouncing that asshole out on the street to find a REAL job, like most Americans have to do. TEA Party wants no taxes, yet you want security from COPS and military, right? Who pays all of those peoples salaries honeys?

    So y’all rant and rave and complain and criticize, yet at the core of issues you are WRONG in about 99% of these situations. THAT is the type of leadership that I want for our country. WRONG 99% of the time and you TARDS are just like the lap dog Giuliani, willing participants among pure idiocy. Way to go TARDS, keep up the great work of criticisms with no policy solutions. You are the most morally bankrupt group of peopel in the whole DAMN World assholeszzzz….NO doubt in my mind.

  45. She spews nothing but nonsense! The whole Dim party acts like they can’t stand any of what’s happening around the world,but they are the ones who support the muslims.I think they are just a little hypocritical!!

  46. Is it Mothers who lost their sons or Mothers who did not prepare their sons to survive in society? Mistake #1 is to not recognize we are all part of society. #2 is that for Society to function, certain laws, rules and procedures must be taught and understood. #3 is that “might does not make right!” Because you are bigger and stronger does not mean you can be less careful and considerate to others. #4 is One is severely disadvantaged without education or knowing how to get education or knowing one needs education. .

  47. So she thinks she’s Bobby Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy would be like her … wrong either way. Bobby and brother Jack actually got things done. He would never have said “What difference does it make” but he would have been more than happy to tell you.

    I guess they were both related to a president that would on occasion engage in an act of indiscretion and Jack and Bill probably would have gotten along. Done with the like list.

    I guess she could compare her self to Madeline Albright since they were both Secretary of State, but Madeline did more than throw gasoline n the fire …. she’s way better looking too … oh Madeline never would have had to ask what difference does it make … she wouldn’t have allowed her ambassador to be assassinated. … Okay they are both women … at least I think Hillary is. …. I guess they’re not comparable after all

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