How Putin’s Making Obama Look Like a Wimp… Again!

President Obama’s policy for keeping America safe from radical Islamic terrorism has up to now consisted of suggesting we start a ‘jobs for jihadis’ program, align ourselves with Turkey (which actively kills Kurds — our only true allies in region actively fighting against ISIS), spending $500 million dollars to train four Syrians to fight ISIS (video below), and anemic airstrikes.

Obama’s lack of leadership in the region has left millions vulnerable to ISIS, including Christians, Yezidis, and other religious sects that are being targeted for extinction by ISIS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has seized an opportunity to take a greater role in the region and shore up his military bases. Putin has sent shipments of battle tanks and arms to Syria.

Pentagon officials report that no less than 15 Russian Antonov-124 Condor flights have been observed in Syria and that two Russian cargo ships with tanks and 35 armored personnel carriers, and four attack helicopters.

While Obama whines about Putin helping Assad, he ignores the fact that Putin is also helping to defeat ISIS — something that Obama refuses to do.

Obama may not like Putin or Assad, a couple of brutal characters, for sure, but this is what happens when America gives up its position in the region and leaves a vacuum for others to fill.

At least now, there is the chance that ISIS will be beaten back or even defeated. Something that is important for everyone. There will surely be more problems to deal with at the end of this, regarding Putin and Assad, but future presidents can thank Obama for that as they deal with them.

But you go ahead and enjoy another 18 holes of golf, Mr. President. Putin’s got this ‘war on terror’ thing well in hand.

You can see Gen. Austin confirm that 4 of the 60 Syrian fighters remain of those the U.S. spent $500 million to train:


  1. The muslim psycho Obama is a wimp – a coward -that’s why he is bringing in 200,000 refugee terrorist to help him destroy the US -govt- **Putin is more trusted by the world nations then psycho obama- *US is in trouble

  2. I totally disagree with the title of this article. The Russians have done nothing but provide ever more proof that Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do. Obama hates America, by his own words. That makes him an enemy of this nation. He is simply doing what any of our enemies would do.He’s just doing it from the Whitehouse. Russia is simply putting a dent in Obama’s plans to support his friends in the middle east. Wake up America!

    1. Mr. Putin tear them a new ass over there they need to be destroyed they needed that 2 or 3 years ago but bammie could not hurt the sweet little muslim buddies in the brotherhood

    2. I agree, but Russia is exposing Obama’s agenda in Syria.

      Obama trained terrorists to take down the government of Syria which will create a power vacuum and experience tells us ME power vacuums are filled by ISIS or other terrorist groups. We did this at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

        1. Please elaborate.
          My point is that Obama is leveraging ISIS against Assad instead of fighting ISIS. I know Saudi Arabia supports this strategy, but do not believe Israel supports this strategy.

          I have no idea about Turkey or the U.K.

          1. Israel is in it up to their payess.
            This past weekend 4 Israeli F-15s were flying in attack formation in Syrian airspace when they…SURPRISE…encountered Russian fighter jets that are there at Assad’s invitation. The Israelis bugged out because they knew that they were outmatched.
            The over riding reality is: The USA and UK serve Zionist jewry, personified by the Rothschild Central Bank coven.
            Syria, Iran and North Korea are the last holdouts without a jew dominated Central Bank. Putin in Russia just keeps them on a tight leash; unlike the determinative influence the vampire pirates have in The USA and The UK.
            Turkey’s role is best illuminated by the suppressed FACT that there was a Turkish government high official at the CIA safe house in Benghazi, working out logistical supply details to benefit the FSA…the CIA proxy fighting Assad, that apparently got a phone call to vacate the premises PDQ because some bad doo doo was coming down…and he got away clean…
            unlike the USA ambassador and his small security detail.
            Just last week it was under-reported that UK Special Ops SAS guys were discovered to be disguised as ISIS fighters to…what else…fight Assad’s forces.
            The Zio Bangksters want Assad deposed just like they wanted Khaddafi deposed, for the same financial reasons, and the bitter consequences matter not to them.

          2. Jews are persecuted by the Rothschild Zionists as much as any other race or religious group. Just because the Rothschild’s are Jewish doesn’t mean they give a sh*t about Jews in general – they care about their power and antisemitism is one of the many smoke-screens they hide behind.

            Russia is no friend to the Rothschilds or the central banking system which has snubbed Russia for decades and I believe they believe as Hitler did that Russians are sub-human along with blacks, hispanics and other minorities.

            Our own government however is [email protected] deep with the Rothschild’s including the current buffoon in the White house and the SOB before him – there is no real difference between the two. Globalists want to flood the world with Muslims because they believe assimilation with other cultures will dilute the more barbaric aspects of Islam – they don’t give a sh*t about the havoc these bturds will inflict on other countries and people.

            Every single one of the current GOP jerks are either consciously or unknowingly aligned with this agenda except for Trump, Carson and Cruz. Ron Paul tried to warn us for years, but we preferred to keep our collective heads in the sand.

            . . . just sayin’

        1. Obama is not mentally ill and he is well on the way to accomplishing his stated goal of fundamentally transforming America.

          Nobody thought to ask what he wanted to transform America from and what he wanted to transform America to.

    3. You are correct, this is fundamentally what Obama set out to do. However, headline is also correct. Obama truly looks like a misguided fool. The policies he is implementing have proven wrong, throughout history. APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS!


          1. I think most of our representatives are manchurian candidates. It makes me wonder what was done to them in the WH basement when they were locked down with no phones or notepads and we’re reading the TPP and TPA in secret.

          2. We ARE awake! What the crap do you expect us to do? They defraud our votes to bring in more assholes. We are armed to the hilt in our homes in case they come, but where is our military and conservative leaders to stop this. All we could do is vote and that didn’t work so just what do you suggest WE the people do other than we all get armed and march on washington

          3. ‘Be anxious for no thing…’ including this mess my friend….the ‘and suddenly of God of the people of God is going to occur ‘at this midnight hour’…..’and with supplication, prayer and ‘thanksgiving’ we ‘agree’ and ‘believe’ on You Lord…..Obama, Soros, Putin, and all those in collusion with ‘the enemy’ are done for, it IS OVER FOR THEM, THANK YOU LORD, IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, JESUS WE ‘CALL TO THIS ‘MOUNTAIN AND CALL IT ABORTED AND REMOVED FROM AMERICA AND ISRAEL, NOW! AMEN!

      1. Yes, the headline is correct, but I think he is “on target” with his objective, which is to “change” America into “Amerika”

    4. The only problem with this article is that Russia isn’t fighting ISIS.. He is protecting the Assad Regime by attacking the rebels trying to overthrow him. Russia is fighting the very people the US has been defending. Obama needs to get off the golf course and join Putin in destroying ISIS and taking Assad out of power.

    5. I agree 100%. When the boy was killed by cops in Missouri he stood up for the boy. Not. The boy was a bully and I believe the police officer was trying to protect himself. We do have bad cops but they all cant be judged by them. the good outweighhs the bad.. We need to start standing up for the ones who protect us or we will have no one to protect us. That’s what Obama wants. To make us weak.

  3. Sorry to burst their bubble but NOBODY makes Obluegums look like a spineless jellyfish, he IS a spineless jellyfish and therefore needs no help looking like one. I had a t-shirt with a likeness of him and a caption that read; “Somewhere in Africa a village is missing it’s idiot”. I miss my t-shirt.

      1. No apostrophe on the t-shirt, my computer thinks it corrects everything, fortunately you have nothing better to do, thanks.

  4. I bet obama was surprised when CentCom decided to tell the truth rather than continue the Regime’s fraud.

    Expect to soon see obama’s picture as the definition of “wimp” in your local dictionary.

    The crisis in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is looking more and more like another Vietnam, for America and a repeat of Afghanistan for Russia (1970-80’s).

    Time to pack up, come home and let the bad guys kill each other . . . the only downside it that a few million more innocent civilians will become casualties.

    After our military comes home their first job is to secure (airtight) our borders followed by ejecting Illegals and Terrorists from America and put out a warning to the world that anyone who screws with us or any of our few remaining (thanks to obama) allies will wake up to, if they wake up at all, to their sand turned to glass.

    Have a nice day!

    1. If the innocent civilians are Moslems, just understand that they all of any sect are required to kill the infidels. You see, ISIS is actually fundamental Islam as written in the Koran. Many claim to be ‘Moderate Moslems’, but I have yet to hear of any mass protest from moderates against what the jihadists are doing. Silence is always tacit approval.

    1. PAST pictures of 0’dumma riding a bicycle, dolled up like a sissy, and past photos of PUTIN riding a buffalo without a shirt. WHICH ONE would look most like a MAN ?

  5. Obozo is a spine less jelly fish Islamist Immoral Homosexual Illegal President from Kenya and hates America and anything moral, hates the God of the Christian’s and those who follow Him, Soon to make a EO that allows guns to be taken and then declare martial law and wipe out all christian’s for his little god allah satan, a real son of satan himself and follows his every command, hope he enjoys the lake of fire when he gets there for eternity along with his male lover Moochelle.

    1. he doesn’t CARE about an afterlife !!! all he cares about is the power he has NOW in THIS LIFE !!! michael robinson obama is about as low as you can go !

  6. You can not make someone look like a wimp, you are either a wimp or you are not a wimp.
    president obama is a wimp, he believes himself to be the worlds community organizer. Perhaps he is learning the old saying is true. Talk is cheap and what president obama is selling you can purchase for a half penny a thousand words.

    1. I would like to consider signing your petition but there is no specific text.
      You can’t we send an open ended petition with only a title “stop gun violence” and expect congress to use it in a positive way.
      They would just use non specific wording backed signatures in their effort to pass stronger gun control measures that would have a negative impact on natural born citizens access and ownership to firearms.
      If you want them to pass laws banning foreigners access to and ownership of firearms you have to specify that in your petition.

        1. Great, a petition needs to be well written in order to plainly and specifically explain it’s intention.
          I.e. Why you want them to act and how you want them to act.
          Whereas (the concerns and issues the petition covers point by point).
          Therefore (the results you expect to get), etc.
          You can’t give a politician any foot hold whatsoever in potentially abusing the signers, they can not be trusted to act for you the way you want them to, when you’ve plainly told them what you want, let alone when you don’t tell them.

  7. The reason Obama was put in the white house is to do nothing.You can not offend him because he is a communist,He acts more like a women than a man.Always kissing ass and bending over for other low life countries.He will never do any thing to help America..

  8. It’s real easy to make OBAMA look like a WIMP….he was hatched that way; MOM JEANS, DORKY LOOK ON A BIKE ( saw him on a GIRLS BIKE a lot of times ), and Just the way he walks.

  9. Instead of allowing people to photograph him playing golf, the Secret Service should take his golf clubs and teach him a whole new meaning for “a hole in one”.

      1. And he them, if you are implying what I think you are. It makes sense that he would surround himself only with agents who share his preference.

          1. So does that mean that Michael sleeps on the couch? Or do they let him play the occasional 18 holes too? LOL

          2. I’m sure it’s a multisome then they drag our representatives into the WH basement at gun point under the pretense of reading the TPP and TPA in secret but its more likely a senator for dessert.

  10. You cannot make someone look like something they aren’t. Obambam is a wimp and an American hating Muslim. Unfortunately we have inept House Leadership that is the reason the Doggie-Doo in chief has been able to get away with our demise. If you look at the looks on Obambam’s and Putin’s faces you can see the contempt on Putin and the deer in the head lights on Obambam. I really believe this idiot thought that the world would just go GaaGaa over him when he started to destroy America. Instead, even those who hate us are totally amazed at what he is doing. And even more amazed at our political parties allowing him to get away with it.

  11. Khrushchev stood in the UN many years ago and said that they would destroy us from the inside, I really didn’t think it could happen. But when you look at what we have for leaders, both Republican and Democrat and this POS in the White House , I have to admit that he knew something I didn’t.

  12. What a bunch of bullshit! Putin has been bombing the troops that we trained to fight ISIS! He has no desire to end ISIS! Just shoring up the evil dictator that murders his own citizens on a regular basis! If you fools didn’t hate the black guy so much you would know this!


  14. Obama is a wuss. He does not need Putin to make him look like one. Obama does that on his own. Only now, Putin is working with what Obama has already proven. My question is, “What was it that Obam could be more flexible with as in the message he sent to PUtin before his second term.?

    1. Putin is bombing the free Syrian Army that the U.S.A. has supported by giving them weapons.
      Putin is bombing the Free Syrian Army.
      Trump is OK with what Putin is doing.

  15. This article is BS, it implies Putin is making )Oballess look like something he’s not. We all know Oballess is and always has been a spineless jellyfish. Along with being a commie,muslim, pathilogical lying homosexual.

  16. I hope the liberal scum who elected this imposter will some day wake up and realize they are mentally challenged and pack their bags and go with the imposter in chief back to Kenya.

  17. Spongebobsquarepants could make Obama look like a wimp. As was said, Putin is holding his feet to the fire about Syria well all of his “activities.”

  18. That was not a difficult achievement on Putin’s part to make Obozo look like a spineless jellyfish, all he had to do was stand there, with no more than a slight smirk on his smile, and watch Obozo pose for that picture of himself.

    The really difficult job was performed by this nation’s MSM which forfeited every bit of whatever credibility it still had by not publishing that picture which Obozo had so paintakenly posed for.

  19. “Fleeing” Muslims Have No Idea Woman Can Speak Arabic, Admit Terrifying Plan Right in Front of Her

    A young European woman named Aida Bolevar was recently traveling by train from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria, when she encountered what can only be described as a migrant horde crowding the trains and train stations.

    Little did the throng of Muslims know, Bolevar is fluent in Arabic, having spent more than five years living in the Middle East studying the language and the Koran. She understood much of what the mass of Muslim men were saying.

    Bolevar described the mass of people gathered at the train station in Budapest as filthy, angry and loud. They reportedly attempted to block her entrance into the station and steal her luggage as well.

    Suffering a host of insults hurled her direction, she waited for the train among the mass of people, of which she estimates 90 percent were healthy fighting-age men, while witnessing people defecate in public, fight among each other and beat their women and children.

    As she struggled to enter the train with the handful of other ticket holders, she described men grabbing random children and using them as shields to force their way to the front of the crowd.
    Once on the train, she experienced a moment of peace, before suddenly a mass of migrants forced their way onto the train car, fighting with each other and saying awful things.

    Bolevar alleges that the men then began talking about whether or not they should rob the passengers on the train and rape her, which would be pleasing to Allah, as they were infidels, especially her, for not being dressed properly in a hijab.

    Once the train finally stopped, Bolevar and the other paying passengers had to force their way through the crowd to exit the train car, protecting their luggage from grabbing hands, while some of the men discussed taking them as hostages.

    She described the station as being under siege, with the throng of mostly men turning down offerings of food while demanding money.

    In her opinion, these Muslim migrants have no interest in learning the language or a trade, assimilating with European culture, or becoming productive citizens. They are instead focused solely on leeching off of the welfare state and waging jihad.

    Granted, Bolevar’s experience is but one anecdote among many, but it would seem at the very least to demand further investigation into the identities and intentions of the refugees currently invading Europe. It is time everyone understands what is really going on with this wave of Muslim migrants.

    Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to help spread this European woman’s tale of what she saw and heard while traveling with the Muslim migrant wave pushing north through Europe.

  20. Obama is not qualified to
    be president, or good at destroying Muslim terrorist, or standing up to Putin. He
    has replaced Christianity with Islamic teachings in schools, our military, and government
    facilities, and is now telling the UN that our real enemy is “climate
    control.” The fact is, that Obama is insane, He now wants to sign an
    executive order to totally abolish the 2nd Amendment, knowing full
    well that if you want to conquer a nation, you must first disarmed them. DO NOT
    GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS!!! This man must be removed from office!!!!

  21. Barack Hussein Obama has proven again just what a loser he is. Unfortunately this clumsy fool is dragging this once great country along with him. He was clumsily, with the help of the corrupt government news media giving cover and silently approval of their survival. And to think they still are. However he along with the 9 or 10 Muslim Brotherhood consultants in the White House, misjudged once again. Then along comes Vlad and blows Obo’s plan to smithereens, thus showing just what an inept loser the American people opted to put in charge of the countries best interests.

    1. I think the world has figured out by now that bama was NOT re-elected in 2012, but was put back in power by the forces that are….the new world order crowd. Anyone reading these blogs have to know that obama is NOT liked or respected by the MAJORITY of this country and that WE WANT HIM OUT!!

  22. If The Founders were ever told that in the 21st Century their unique political creation would be fronted by an Islamic Indonesian citizen illegal immigrant, illegitimate mulatto sired by a Communist pornographer, homosexual cokehead, psychopathic liar, overt hater of Whites and Christians, suborner of The Second, First, Fourth Amendments and The Constitution itself, “married” to a mannish transsexual freak that showed off two adopted sprogs, dissimilar in appearance to each other AND their alleged spawners…
    they would have laughed themselves sick.

  23. Wish we had a president like Putin in this country! At least he has some balls, unlike that gutless wimp we have now!

  24. This is being reported as if it is a ‘surprise’. Obama was recorded saying he’d be “more flexible” AFTER being re-elected. Since “WE”, as a nation look bad in this arena now, maybe this is just another nail in the carefully constructed coffin?

  25. I looked through the comments posted here and NONE defended the POS Obama. How did he get elected, anyway? The fact that he is still in office boggles the mind. Years from now, parents will scare their kids with tales of the Obama Boogeyman who kills and eats little boys and girls who don’t behave.

    1. Satire perchance? Everyone knows that Romney late in the campaign folded like a cheap card table. Why is still up for grabs. Whether he was bought off with crony capitalist money…personal or family threats…voter fraud… stiff armed by the new world order cartel or a combination thereof, is anybody’s guess. Oh, and don’t forget the selfish repubs that chose to stay home who could have changed the outcome. So, it’s not a boogeyman after all, but in reality, a straw man.

      1. Little girls and boys don’t understand logic and fallacies like “straw man”. They understand “boogeyman”, though. And as far as 2012 goes, 51% of voters choose Obama which means apparently Obama’s appeal has diminished significantly. Obama will, when all the facts are known, go down in history as the worst chief executive EVER.

  26. I think Obama LOST HIS BALLS AS A BABY, the crybaby , if he had any to begin with. He & the FIRST MAN are a great DUO.

  27. As I see it Putin is no doubt a mean spirited dictator and a no good SOB of the highest order. But he has one definite advantage over our “courageous leader.” Putin come on as a man and a leader, and those are things Obama definitely can’t honestly claim. From a report I read, Russia’s air force has made more sorties in one day than ours makes in a week. When Putin said get out of our way in Syria, if we had any kind of leader he would have said, “No, you get out of the way we were here first”. Of course according to reports we have no carrier groups in the Persian Gulf now. We’re depending on the French. Now that would be a real laugh if it weren’t so serious. I might also add that I agree with BajaRon’s assessment of the whole situation.

  28. Obama and the Globalist are losing their minds because Putin isn’t in their pocket, if what I have been reading about Russia is correct, Mr.Putin is encouraging his country to return to it’s Christian roots, while our government is encouraging people to kill Christians. Allying with baby rapers from Afghanistan, trying to turn our children into moraless sinners who believe in nothing except what the government tells them. Kick @$$ Putin, Obama Keep out of it and let a man take care of it. We have no business over there anyway. We no longer posess moral authority to preach to anyone so get out of the white house you traitor and let Ted Cruz or some Patriot of his ilk take over, America is sick of your evil and the rest of our governments crimes.

  29. Enough about our Offender in Chief. More important is how spineless Congress, the Supreme Court, and state governors are for their pathetic attempts to rein in skunk Obama.

  30. Enough about our Offender in Chief. What is even more deplorable are the spineless Congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and state governors who cow tail to skunk Obama.

  31. The KIng of Jordan has been flying a fighter jet & dropping bombs on ISIS positions for some time. Like the English Prince, he has a military background and is STILL active. 0’dumma was a (Muslim) “Community Organizer” in Chitcago, and we know that to be the murder capitol of the USA. Any more questions ?

  32. Obama is Muslim. They want to take over the world. He lied from the beginning and said he was a Christian. We all knew he wasn’t. He doesn’t even say the pledge. He wants Syrians over here to continue killing everyone. He has used his consecutie powers about 7 time. A friend of mine said if we want our nation back, we need to stand up and take it back. He is right. The people have let him get by with everything. Anyone other president wouldn’t have made it through the first four years. This is who the people of the USA voted for. The blacks wanted a black president. It didn’t matter to me what color his face was. I just wanted a president that was for God and Country. Now looke what we have. If our nation doesn’t turn back to God He will have to turn us back to Him. The trade centers are nothing compared to what they will do next. It will be nuclear. He will bring us to our needs. Obama is in there because God allowed it. for his purpose. It’s all a part of God’s plan. We will just have to trust Him. He will win in the end.

  33. I think we all need to pray. There is only one true God. One day everyone will confess HE IS GOD.
    Christians to start fighting to get back what is ours. Obama is an evil person. He knows just what he is doing and one day he will stand before judgement and he will know there is only one true God. and it will be too late.
    I don’t care what people say about Christians. I am with Ben Carson. I am a Christian.

  34. When the boy brought the clock to school Obama invited him to the white house. I felt sorry for the boy but he should have checked it through the office. Ticking in a classroom is not good,. What if a bomb had gone off . What would they have said then. “Why didn’t anyone check his back pack”?This one person had a video and he said it like it was. I was proud of him. Start standing up for what is right. The people in this world are out of control. I think they need to start executing these people on death roll. We have way too many prisonners. That should tell them sometthing. Whoi cares if it hurts them. They need to be in pain. Think of the many people they killed. Charles manson is still in prison and I thought he was dead a long time ago.

  35. everyone wants to destoy Israel but that will never happen. They are God’s chosen people.
    When all the illegal’s came into the USA they just welcomed them and let them in. We didn’t know what we were getting. Mexico is the supplier of every drug that comes into this country. The man that shot the woman on the pier had been deported 4 times. That’s when they need to go straight to the injection room. We have people in the USA that can’t even feed their families and now we have illegals here we have to feed and support. We need to know who’s coming into our country. Obama will not destroy us,,not matter what he does. Our next president will have to clean up his mess. I like Ben Carson myself.
    I am getting wound up. I will quit prreaching now.

  36. The Russians are aiding the legitimate government of a nation and supporting an ally to overthrow a terrorist invasion, oboma is aiding a terrorist movement and tring to depose yet another legitimate government in the region. Is there any question as to why American foreign policy is failing? Oboma needs to be impeached and him and all his euro socalest followers need to be prosecuted for treason before they can finish destroying American.

  37. The article referred to Putin as a brutal dictator. I don’t think that’s true at all. He just takes care of business in a direct manner and naturally he’s pro-Russia…after all, he’s a Russian. And Assad…he’s kept a lid on the various infighting factions within Syria, kept it stable until this latest brush up with ISIS, and has protected Syria’s Christian enclave…just like Saddam did in Iraq until…!!

  38. It’s incredible to think that the U.S.could have such a COMPLETE asshoie as a pres. Some pres. the worst, least qualified person EVER. Not only does Putin belittle him, a 3 year old girl could do so. He is certainly doing as he promised CHANGING America. And to think I know people stupid enough to have voted for this sonofabitch and some did so twice.

  39. My advice to Putin is keep your distance from Barry. From his days in Chicago’s “gay” boathouses, Barry has “liked” older white men.

  40. How can you make someone look like a wimp when that is what he already is. Don’t forget he loves to bend forward and lead from behind.

  41. Putin doesn’t make obama look like a wimp. obama IS a wimp and comparison to Putin just highlights the already obvious, obama is sorely lacking in the manhood department. Hey, he must be one of those mentally castrated “modern men” that the NYT had an article about.

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