‘I’m One of You’: Trump Vows to Protect This Controversial Group

After making headlines for not defending President Obama’s faith when an audience member asserted his personal belief that the president is Muslim, Donald Trump addressed his critics at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition.

“I was in big trouble all over the place. Every newscast. It was the biggest story,” Trump told the audience.

He read off his tweets from earlier that day where he joked that this was the first time he’d caused a controversy by ‘NOT’ saying something. He also sent several tweets defending religious liberty and the First Amendment.

After holding up the Bible his mother gave him, he joked and showed the crowd his confirmation picture, “Because nobody can believe it…. What went wrong?” This drew laughter from the audience.

“I will protect… because we’re not being protected,” Trump said, in reference to Christians and religious liberty.

He asserted that his first priority if elected President would be to, “preserve and protect our religious liberty. The First Amendment guarantees our right to practice our faith as we see fit. Not just during the Holy days.”

“We’ll be fighting — because I think it’s an important thing — we’ll be fighting as part, common core, and we’re going to protect totally the First Amendment,” he vowed.

At one point, Trump announced that he wanted to bring back Christmas. He wants to make it acceptable, once again, for Christians to use the word ‘Christmas’ instead of being forced to hide their faith out of fear of offending others.

Trump also pointed out how it is nearly impossible for Syrian Christians to be able to come into this country to seek asylum, but that Muslim Syrians are welcomed in with open arms in large numbers. Even though it is Christians who are being beheaded and persecuted almost to the point of being wiped out in that area of the world.

Do you think Trump’s right about needing to protect Christians around the world and Christianity?



  2. Now more than ever America needs a fighter. We’re being threatened from within and without and Mr. Trump’s the only one with the ba**s to get the job done. I’m tired of the geniuses in Washington with their law degrees who lie to us daily. Its time for a nuts and bolts man. The media and feminists have ostracized and wimpized the strong brash American man for too long. My girls are sick and tired of it. They’re all voting for Mr. Trump. He’s the epitome of confidence and strength not seen since Reagan and we love him. God Bless America and Mr. Trump.

    1. It’s time to get rid of the pussies in Congress and fight for the USA and its constitution which Hussein Obama has step on while instituting his Islamization of America. He’s trying to CHANGE the American dream into an islamic nightmare from HELL.

      1. We should of pushed about Barrack Obama name change from Barry, we should of pushed about his private lessons in the Catholic School that allowed him to be taught Islam . It just goes on and on. That is why we should bush about Dr. Ben Carson’s faith as a Seventh Day Adventist. It is a Cult and he should not be allowed to get away acting as a Christian, when in fact his faith is a Cult and contradicts the Bible 50 times. Please say No and let him go.

      1. So when will WE the PEOPLE going to march on washington and tell these crimilan congressmen/women that they are fired, done, terminated, given the boot, and dont let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. I am sick of these do nothing blowhards without the balls to stand up for the CITIZENS of this NATION instead of all these illegals and muslims who wish to turn everyone and all to alla or die. Time for US PEOPLE to start kicking butt in washington literally with everything WE the PEOPLE can muster.

    2. imagine getting paid Two-hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars a year and not showing up for work. That is what Marco Rubio has done as our Senator and when asked about that by Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio just basically stated in short, everybody else has done it. I guess that makes it right., No! he should be fired, so that anybody else in the Senate that decides they can walk away from their Job will know it will not be expectable. As a potential Commander In Chief he is suppose to lead by example and if our Military decided to walk off the field and take a vacation it would be considered Okay ! Again that answer is NO !

  3. Yes, we do need to protect the Christians around the world. Our Christian values are under attack! Muslims are filling planes into this country…….. We have no idea if they are radical islamists or not! Why are we doing this? It is shameful what is happening to Christians, we are fearful of proclaiming our faith publicly due to offending others! They can go pound sand!!!! If it is not liked by Muslims, then they are free to leave. In those cases, I feel the USA should pay the freight for them to leave !!! Why are they here? Because the progressives want diversity and to level the American society to the level of the desert rats of the middle eastern countries! That is the “New World Order” folks!!!

    1. its not just Muslims……………Its The Invaders From Mexico..who send their money back to Mexico to support that country’! plus..put their kids in our schools that I pay for’! they get free Hospital Visits that we all pay for’! Remember That”’!

  4. Don’t be fooled, Christian’s are not cowards! Turning the other cheek is fine up to a point, but that point has come and gone! I’m sure we have all heard of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers” one time or the other. The Churches must start to fight back against anti-religious demands that strip us of our right to worship as we please, and keep God in our Schools, Library’s, Court Houses and all Governmental Buildings! Contrary to what the atheist proclaim, We are a Nation Under God…just look at our Paper Money, our Constitution and Amendments.They all gave thanks to the Holy Father for his guidance and Blessings in being a FREE NATION. Stand up and be counted and stop being pushed around by the MINORITY!

  5. **Folks TRUMP will save Christians as opposed to lunatic Obama’s killing Christians & destroying US-**The lunatic Obama was sent to US to rob kill & destroy you & USA

  6. Christianity needs to be protected from the murdering beheadings of Islam a cave man insane so-called religion of death and destruction. Christians are taught to love thy neighbor while Islamics are taught to kill thy neighbor. The two religions cannot exist in the same country that’s why all muslims must be sent back to the Mid-East to fight and eliminate Isis. The USA is a Christian Nation regardless of what the lying Muslim Hussein Obama says. Congress needs to get Hussein Obama out of the white house with his Brotherhood buddies. Congress needs to adopt the committee of un-American activities that was run by the late Joe MacCarthy. For sure, Hussien Obama would have been arrested the minute he became a senator..

    1. People like Ben Carson that belongs to a Cult (SDA) and will contradict the Bible is just fine, but it should not be in the mix as part of Christianity . He can believe in what he wants , but cannot push his faith as part of any sort of Christianity.

    2. We should be able to have Christmas with out saying i’am sorry. If the people want to have christmas decorations then they should be able to.We shouldn’t have to quit because one person doesn’t like it.

  7. COMMENTING FOR TIMESPEED MAGAZINE: According to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ did not relied on the use of physical weapon to protect and defend his faith. While Donald Trump as a Presidential Candidate promise to protect and defend the United States Constitution; and if he keep his pledges and promises that alone should be conditionally sufficient. The FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION NEED TO BE DEFENDED AND PROTECTED.

    1. You are correct but may I offer the following as an example of what Exodus 20:13 [KJV] means and what Jesus Christ seems to have thought of the RIGHT of his disciples to defend themselves:
      Probably the most misinterpreted passage of the Bible when it comes to persons defending
      themselves (or countries waging war or capital punishment) is the commandment:

      “Thou shalt not kill.” — Exodus 20:13 KJV

      Unfortunately, what many so-called religious authorities fail to tell when arguing against self-defense by quoting this bit of scripture is that there are several words in the Hebrew language which
      express the verb “kill.”

      The Hebrew word used in this commandment ALWAYS means “murder” and ONLY in what would now be called a “pre-meditated” murder at that.

      Unfortunately, the word “kill” has changed since the time of King James when the first major translation of the Bible into English was carried out. The “kill” would more properly be translated
      as “murder” as far as modern English usage is concerned and, in fact, many modern translations of the Bible generally use “murder” in this passage. Check it out in a modern language translation of the Bible or–better yet–with someone who knows Hebrew.

      This Bible passage deals with murder, not self-defense and it is a grave mistake to interpret is as prohibiting self-defense. Thus the commandment is simply “Thou shalt not MURDER.”

      Then he said unto them, “But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his
      bag and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” —Luke 22:36, KJV

      And they said, Lord, Behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, “It is enough.”
      —Luke 22:38, KJV

      During this time that part of the world was under Roman Law. It was ILLEGAL for anyone not a Roman Citizen to be armed – WITH ANY TYPE WEAPON. The Disciples were not Roman Citizens. It is obvious that Jesus approved being armed for self defense – and having the weapon concealed.

      In fact, the Bible makes the assumption that men and women will defend themselves against someone intent on harming them. (It’s interesting that only in our “enlightened” times do intellectuals start questioning the idea that people have a perfect and natural right to defend themselves.)


      1. You are correct, in the original writing, it is, Thou shalt not murder. I have no problem agreeing with the rest of your post either.

      2. Thank you for pointing that out. Alot of people misunderstand those passages and they need to understand its ok to defend your life.

        1. Debra, please feel free to copy and past to your word processor then pass the info on to all who need to know, should know. The Word of God, The Bible, also permits defense/protection of your home and innocent by-standers.

          1. Will do. I will send a copy to our Senators and Rep’s on the left also. They must not read the Bible, if they did they would know our and their God given right to protect ourselves and family, home and (like you said) even a stranger in harms way. I think the left already knows this and i think they chose to not abide by it. Evil people will and have always denied the Bible and Gods words. Again thanks and God Bless you and yours.

  8. Yes. Way to go Donald you have the dems worried and concerned. Hope you are our next president. First order of business deport Obama and his family.

    1. Then deport all muslims followed by communist democrats, then sodomites, then atheist. All Hail President Donald Trump!!

    2. i wish people wouldn’t use the word dems like it is a bad thing. All you do is create dissent. This isn’t about dems or republicans it is about Americans. I am a dem and i will vote for Donald.

      1. I was once a Democrat also . It is the people in the Democrat that has made it bad and not the people. We have a divider in Chief that has managed to put us all on the defense. People like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have tarnished the good name by their acts .

        1. I meant the Democratic Party that has made it bad, not the people who once believed in what it once stood for. All of this fighting comes with those we put in power to unit us and instead just push us all apart.

    1. Joe, if you check “Don’s” history you’ll see that he seldom – if ever – “tries” to do anything. If/when he decides to DO something he DOES it.

      Donald Trump, Twenty-five years ago – – – – – At least his story hasn’t changed in 25 years. I wonder how that compares to all the other candidates. Please forward to all who should know/need to know.


  9. First the liberal scum want to disarm the citizenry.
    They want to do that, because they know that, they can not destroy Christianity as long as the citizenry are armed.
    They want to force every one to be dependent on the government; they can’t do that as long as they have religion
    Very soon, we will have to look down into our souls and decide, how much of this will we allow.

  10. If you want to protect Christmas you need to be saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” in sept/oct this is when Jesus was born! Not in December, that was made a holiday by the government.

      1. At one point, Trump announced that he wanted to bring back Christmas. He wants to make it acceptable, once again, for Christians to use the word ‘Christmas’ instead of being forced to hide their faith out of fear of offending others.

        1. On this point we are on the same page, and likely on many others. See my response to Joe about 30 minutes ago and to AROR ARK O’DIAH about 14 minutes ago.

        2. I most assuredly do NOT concern myself about “offending” some other person when I wish anyone else a Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, or any Christian Holiday.
          I especially will NOT kow-tow to a freakin’ moslem…

  11. Yes I do think Mr. Trump is right on this issue. If Trump wins the Republican nomination I will vote for him, but it’s still a long road. As for who I think have a good chance of winning, they are Trump, Carson, Huckabee, Cruz. However I do not believe Bush can win. The country is tired of the Clinton’s and Bush’s. The country needs to move on from them.

    1. Israel…….let Them Stand Alone. They Are a Money Drop for Christians. I Don’t Support My money To Israel’! I’d Rather give my money to the Pope’! Thank You’! at Least….he’s a Christian”’!

      1. If you read your Bible you would know that GOD gave Israel a promise ” I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you” So would you rather be blessed by GOD or cursed by GOD. One other thing Christianity is something you live and others proclaim it over you not something that you claim. 1st century “Christians” were called that by others, they called themselves “followers of the Way”

        1. I will say this again…..for the ‘Zionist Christians’ out there..(John Hagee)….when was the last time A Jew Put A Roof On Your Church’? or Paid To Fix It’? Your Thoughts About Israel..Are OLD. you Quote The OLD TESTAMENT…..Not The New…..Which The Christians Get There ‘Meat’ From. (After the son of God came) Before he was Executed by the Jews Hand. Christians are Baptized in His Name. Jews Are Not. Jesus Said……NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER…………..BUT THRU ME”’ So…Jews Cannot Come To GOD. They Hate The Name Of Jesus. They Call His Mother A Whore. (The Talmud Unmasked) Purchase At Amazon.com. I Would Easily Give My Money For CHRISTIAN Causes. (The Pope as an Example) But Not to be used Too Support a Nation That uses MILITARY Weapons Against a People who occupied the area for Centuries BEFORE the Ashkenazi From (Germany Poland Russia USA) stole there land.(With Help Of The UK And A Very Naïve America) I won’t support a Jew with My Christian money and I abhor America supporting A Jewish Nation. (Separation Of Church and state, Ring A Bell”?) that is spoon fed to Americas Naïve. When you lie down with Terrorists.$ you get pay back. (9/11) Veritas. I Suggest For Your History Lesson. Look Up The USS Liberty. Your Ally Is A Joke To This Vet.

          1. Man are you one sick SOB ,last I read the Bible Jesus,Mary,Joseph and all 12 Apos. were practicing Jews and Pope ST.John Paul 2 said Jews are our elder brothers! Sorry I am Catholic,not what the hell sect you are

          2. Hey………….Spoon fed. What Is a Christian’? Do You Know”? I think Not. You genuflect At Ever Story Told For you. People who follow Jesus Christ Are Called CHRISTIANS. NOT JEWS’! Jesus Said””” NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER….BUT…………..THRU ME”! Can You Follow”? Jews Don’t Believe In Jesus Christ.. So They Cannot Get To the Father….. Are You Following”? The Followers Of Jesus Christ…. in the New Testament…..Are The Chosen people. Not The Jew (Old Testament) Again……When You see a Rabbi…?…ask him to Heat Your Church in The winter Or….Fix Your Leaky Roof. Or assist with The Cost Of education In The Catholic Churches Schools”””’!….. With Some of the $3.5 Billion. the Naïve in America Give To Ashkenazi Israel……………..Every……………..Year”! You SOB’! Oh…..If You really want To get Educated…..? I have Mu Doubts”’! Try This: “The Talmud Unmasked” Purchase at Amazon.com. Then..you won’t look so stupid.VERITAS’

        1. Gerald…..Really”? do you know of the USS LIBERTY”? Read The eyewitness Comments from The AMERICAN Crew”! Friends Don’t Kill Friends’! Israel is a Money Pit..$…..For Naïve American Ignorant Citizens. They are Killing like crazy…..Innocent Palestinians…..And you Ignore this”? Try This to help you. realjewnews.com. do some homework. I don’t share your naïve deluded thinking one bit.

          1. If you were in a plane and needed to land what country in that area would you like to land. If you are a Cristian would you say you was, and have your head cut off. The Palestinian is not just an Israeli problem. That is a war problem. That came about in the 7 day war. These were people fleeing the war. Every body that was in that conflict needs to be held accountable. Your thinking only extends this type of conflict.

          2. your spoon fed and you know nothing about how the jew treats the ORIGINAL habitants of Palestine. they ‘ASHKENAZI’ stole the land from the Palestinian. PERIOD’! The Jew In Israel…… is from Poland,Germany,Russia,USA.

          3. You need to get your facts straight. Look at a map. They are surrounded by countries 20 to 30 times there size. Then you expect Israel to front all the problems. Should all the other countries help. I guess you dont think so.

          4. You should be asking this question”? Why Can’t The Ashkenazi Jew Get Along With his Neighbors”’? in case your ignorant…….(most Americans are) The Jew Was Thrown out of ALL European Countries…. Ask Why”?”’! Then Your Weak Story Can be seen as it Should””’! The Jew In Israel Has Bulldozed And Stole More And more land from the Palestinian inhabitant as we Speak”! They Are Thief’s”! and should be treated as Such”! I’m a Christian and NOT a Jew. Who gave the Jew (From:Russia,Germany,USA,Poland. The Land’?) America And UK. By Who’s Permission”? 1948.

          5. Gerald, Israel gets some help from the” BIG GUY” ,how do they kick the A-RABS asses so many times, Miyako worships the guy down below!

          6. Ignorant spoon fed moron. USS LIBERTY…..Toad….Jonathan Pollard…..your too dumb to understand what I just posted here and how it belongs to Israel……

          7. In The War You mentioned. Your Jew Friends Killed American Sailors On The USS LIBERTY……. not by mistake…………!!!! they wanted to kill ‘all’ Americans on the Ship”! you call ‘them’ an Ally…..No Way’!

          8. Thank you…Thug…………….But…..My Man Is Running For The Post. Donald Trump. You..can Go Back To Your Government Housing Project Supplied My By Anglo Brothers. Your Welcome”’!

        2. Are you on Drugs”? Friends………………..Israel””? NO FRIGGIN WAY””! The Jews Spit On The Cross. Christians wear on their ‘Outer Garments’ In Israel’!! Look Up The USS LIBERTY BY CREW MEMBERS (NOT JEWISH MEDIA IN AMERICA) LOOK UP “JONATHAN POLLARD” PLEASE………..Americans Are So Friggin Dumb About Israel”! Spoon Fed By Americas Jew Media’! Look up who Runs Americas Media..?

  12. I wonder if skunk Obama and the progressive unconstitutional immoral Democrat Party would agree with what Donald said about religious liberty.

  13. I think Trump will be the best for USA and bring us closer to peace then any one can. And best help out with our debt that the crook presidents created from years before.

  14. christians are being slaughtered and persecuted everywhere in the world right now because muslims are trying to take over the world and the leader is in our white house.wake up and buy lots of ammo

  15. If he means it, and I believe he does, then as Stone Cold Steve Austin use to say…”Oh Hell Yes.” He’s confirmed that he is a Christian. Our present leader only says he is.

  16. The liberals/Democrat Communist’s are destroying our country as we know it. Vote Trump President to make America great again.

  17. Yes……………..Merry Christmas….Is Only One Thing. Politically Correctness is Next. Then Spanish On ALL Federal And City And State Telephone Lines”! No Drivers Licenses in Any Language But English’!

    1. Agree. And about the drivers license–I was getting my license renewed and noticed a mexican taking his written test in Spanish!!! When i got to the counter i ask the lady, “How is that man going to drive on our roads and he can’t read a lick of English? Our signs are not in Spanish.” She agreed but sheepishly. He is a danger to all of us. I couldn’t believe they were doing that. Ticked me off big time.

      1. In NY State..The Last Time I Checked….you could take it in at least 18 Different Languages. That’s How Stupid Our Elected Politicians Are. (Like Trump has Stated)

        1. My gosh!! 18? How stupid can the government get. If they can’t read and understand what the English words are, then how are they going to read our road signs. The politicans are way pass stupid,,brain dead, more like it. Trump has them pegged, that’s for sure. And i bet Trump could tell us alot more stupid things they are doing.

  18. Trump makes the lib’s tremble … he understands economics and profits better than anyone. He’d be a 180 improvement on the current Prez/B.O. who would bankrupt a lemonade stand – had he the courage to open one. And now Trump claims he will bat for Christians. I think the lib’s are messing their pants over this.

  19. Trump is always RIGHT! no matter what he talks about or says because hes NOT just talk like all the others, why? because he does his do diligence & research & can back what hes talking. he’s not just talk and that’s it (like every single person & presidents ever that has been, they are & have been lairs and all talk & no DO) Donald Trump is a talker & an all DOER!!!

  20. In answer to the very last question asked in the article. No I don’t think Christians should be protected. I KNOW they should be protected.

  21. Jesus said “You will know them by their fruits”. I’ll rely on God & Jesus to protect my religious liberty. Jesus came here, the first time, penniless and without a place to ‘lay his head’. I won’t rely on a person that attacks another denomination of believers when things don’t go his way to protect me/my liberty. Jesus said, “I have other ‘sheep’ that harken to my words”. Trump’s attacks on Carson told me more about the attitude INSIDE Trump than it did about Carson. Carson did TURN THE OTHER CHEEK in his response ( I won’t get into the mud pit) as the Bible tells us to.

  22. Rapist and spousal abuser Donald tRump has zero chance of becoming president, although he would be the perfect Field Marshal to conduct the GOP’s War on Women……

  23. Yes, good, as the Jews would say, bring the Syrian and other Christians home. By adding to our numbers we stand a better chance of fighting Islam when it finally gets here.

  24. I am very happy to see finally Republican Candidates so many of them this coming Election 2016, Most are good Americans and do offer varying abilities among them to be President. I want a True Leader who is for America and for Americans. Candidate must be Educated Qualified have Achievements and Accomplishments have Run his own Business Successfully. Be Diplomatic and Experienced in Domestic and Foreign affairs. It seems only Donald Trump can satisfy these requirements. So in 2016 I am Voting for Donald Trump for President of the United States .

  25. There must NOT be any more Democrats Elected into Public Government Offices. Recovery from Barack Hussein Obama Disastrous Administration will take years and lots of Cash. Obama has NO good Legacy to leave from his terms in Office. Damages are his legacy.

  26. Yes Mr Trump is correct. The presidency in America has been taken over by an evil
    man, who is Christian in name only, but actually Muslim in his actions and support
    of a non-religion, Islam, which is creeping “woodworm” as stated by Jesus in the Bible. Praise almighty God and glory to His holy name, the God of Abraham, a God teaching love thy neighbor, live in peace and joy by obeying His commands as written in the Bible for us to learn who He is and what He is about.

  27. Yes, Trump’s right. We need to protect Christians here and abroad. Second, build that wall and monitor it with hundreds of border patrol agents. Next, deport illegal aliens. Only the ones with no criminal record will be allowed back in. I’m talking about wetbacks, muslims, and all terrorists.

    Obo won’t protect Christians because he’s a muslim. He will bring in all sorts of illegals and set ’em up to vote for the dimwit demonrats.

    We gotta get Trump into office fast.

  28. Trump is not a polished speaker, that is for certain, but unlike the other more elegant politicians who can speak for an hour and say nothing, at least when Trump speaks you can tell he believes in what he is saying.

  29. I think he would be a great American president. we are allmost at the point that we wont be able to say we are American. They want to break us down in to groups. mexican/ american, african/ american, white/ american. we need to take back are country and be Americans again.

  30. Obama cares NOTHING for Christian’s. He wants to flood our country with radical Muslim’s to further his agenda. If we don’t stand up and stop this treasonous act, we will surely pay with the lives of our loved one’s in the future. Look at what is happening in Europe. Do we need any more problems than we already have?

  31. I WAS one who didn’t take Trump too seriously in the beginning (even though I liked what he said).
    He may be bombastic but he’s the only candidate who can take Hillary on. He’s not PC, thank God! He won’t be afraid to ask her to show the emails she sent demanding that the United States send all the assistance we had to rescue Amb. Stephens and our boys on the roof waiting for support from their country (which never came).
    Now I figure with his financial know-how and his willingness to appoint intelligent people to stand at his side to run our country…….he’s my man. (even though I love John Kasich as second best).

  32. There is NOTHING wrong with Trump or Carson protecting Christians; Obama has been protecting the Muslim imports and gays/lesbians which is TOTALLY wrong.

  33. I agree. At this point the idiots in Washington cant even say the word terrorist. I cant wait until are dictator is gone. He does nothing but bring sham to our country. Are allies have to be saying what the shit are they doing over here.

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