Outrageous: IRS Giving Tax Credits to Illegals for Years They Didn’t Even File Taxes

Illegal immigrants granted amnesty are now entitled to more than just work permits and social security numbers: they can also receive back payments for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and for a little known tax credit called the additional child tax credit — for years in which they never even filed taxes.

IRS commissioner John Koskinen confirmed to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) in a recent letter that:

“To clarify my earlier comments on EITC, not only can an individual amend a prior year return to claim EITC, but an individual who did not file a prior year return may file a return and claim EITC (subject to refund limitations under section 6511 of the Internal Revenue Code). I would note that filing new returns for prior years would likely be difficult, since filers would have to reconstruct earnings and other records for years when they were not able to work on the books.”

Koskinen’s written statement was an amendment of a previous statement he had given in February during an IRS budget hearing, where he claimed that illegal immigrants would need to have filed tax returns for any years that they would seek to claim back tax credits.

It has long been known that programs like the EITC are subject to a ridiculous amount of fraud, waste, and abuse, but just how much of the taxpayer’s money is being thrown away remains shrouded in mystery. WashingtonTimes.com reported that:

“The champion of all fraud-ridden programs is EITC. It also is the most difficult to correct because many conservatives have been snookered into giving EITC a free pass. The program pays low-income households with children up to $6,143 a year in cash simply for filing an annual return with the IRS. No social worker interviews, no eligibility checkups. Simply file the form and get a check. Some 28 million people received EITC in 2014, costing taxpayers $66 billion that year. The IRS estimates 27 percent of those payments — $17.7 billion — were unjustified.”

In 2014 alone, someone claiming tax credits under the EITC could receive between $6,480 and $13,650. The amount received would depend on marital status, income, and the number of claimed dependent children. That’s quite a windfall for a previously illegal alien just granted amnesty.

Here is the original story from earlier this year where at the time it was reported that amnestied illegals would have to have filed taxes for years they intended to claim back taxes:



  1. There is no amnesty, they are undocumented, not “illegal”…status is fluid. The govt says that undocumented pay multi millions into our taxes and social Security without any hope of ever receiving it. We are all immigrants, and before Ellis Island NO ONE had documents. Get educated and stop hating the wrong people.

    1. When you invade a country “illegally” you are an “illegal” immigrant. Once laws are established to control immigration they must be followed or we have no country. I do not hate, I just want people to respect our country and its laws.

      1. As another person pointed out here, the problem is not with the illegals coming here. The problem is with the knucklehead government encouraging them to come here. If I put myself in their shoes, I would jump the border, too.

      2. You are NOT an illegal immigrant. You’re an alien invader. A felon. An immigrant comes through the front door into this country. An invader comes through the back door. Don’t dare call those felons immigrants.

    2. they have documents, but not to be here, to be in THEIR COUNTRY. So they are the ILLEGAL INVADING HORDE. If you came home and found ‘undocumented’ squatters living in your home, would you call the authorities to have them removed, or would you learn their language and cater to their every whim? Honestly now.

      1. Yes, I caught 5 illegals in my yard. I performed a citizens arrest. I called the police, they came and picked them up. The next day they were released back into my community. I don’t know what to do! I feel if I had shot them, I would be imprisoned. I need help

    3. The immigrants before Ellis Island actually assimilated and became Americans. These illegals want to change America into the hellhole they just left.

      1. They also learned the English language and wouldn’t speak their mother tongue in public due to pride. Nowadays, the illegal alien invaders have no pride and no desire to learn the English language. If we as a country demanded this #2 for espaniol be eliminated along with all documents in Spanish, they’ll have to assimilate to function. I don’t like the way that this country is being divided. Other nationalities aren’t given this red carpet treatment.

        1. The Navy will now read the Enlistment Papers to an enlistee who lacks reading, writing, speaking, or even the basic understanding of ENGLISH.

    4. Will, You are the illegal immigrant! My for fathers were native Indians. We have a Legal immigration
      process, this should be adhered too. True, the system requires updating, but it should be followed.

      1. MANY MEXICANS ARE DESCENDANTS OF THE ORIGINAL people who lived in 9 states. How would you feel if French Speaking part of Canada made a backhanded deal and acquired New England without asking the residents. And THEN said that all the english speakers shouldn’t be there (That’s what WE did “NO dogs, No Niggers, NO Mexicans” signs everywhere). THEN YOUR descendants couldn’t enter New England any more. That’s pretty much where we are. Our LEGAL immigration system is broken. A Mexican friend JUST got citizenship TWENTY FIVE years after putting in the first paperwork. He was eligible from the start , but was hassled for 25 years. That’s what people are dealing with. Most coming are the best, the kinds we need. AND many are fleeing drug and gun wars That WE created. They are refugees.

  2. Ok this sounds pretty good, and since laws don’t seem to matter that much anymore, then it is time to take advantage of this. Here is what we do. We get a few tractor trailers, go down to the Mexican U S border, load up the trailers with illegals, take them back to the ranch, and yes of course we will keep them as slave labour, then we will do up all the paper work, showing that they have been here since whenever, and they were all paid 25,000 per year since whenever, and since no-one knows just how long they have been here, everything we tell the IRS will be accepted, then by the time we finish up, we should take in a few million dollars each..
    Thank you Left Wits.


  4. I’m getting hammered because the IRS says I didn’t pay enough on my taxes. I had a 401 savings account. Paid into it from my paycheck…taxed. Then after Obama screwed with our businesses they had to sell out and our 401 had to be cashed out. I paid taxes on MY money to take it out and place it in my savings account. Taxed TWICE now. I now have the IRS hounding me again for this money because I didn’t add it to my income…and take a higher tax bracket…for the same money already taxed twice…. Yet these criminals can sneak in…work tax free…pay nothing in to the IRS…and get an extra refund…. You STILL think this is America?

    1. My penalty & fine for being late for the first time in 65 years was my entire Social Security Income for two years and 5 months. And three (3) experienced, trained, mature CPA’s could not explain why.

  5. Remember it is the IRS bureaucrats that are the evil here; not the undocumented humans.

    After hurricane Katina, our uninsured house was in ruins. Then FEMA contacted us about giving us almost $100k for the destroyed property. We said, “well, uh, OK!” If we had refused, they would have squandered it somewhere else.

  6. are you really shocked that is how the liberals buy votes….. they bought the faggots vote using the supreme court…. they bought the free loaders vote with obamacare and the supreme court upheld that for them and now they are buying the illegals vote does this really surprise you and the good thing is that you the tax payer get to pay for it all…… aren’t you special….. its time the American people wake up and march on Washington and and demand the removal of Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for her crimes and be imprisoned

  7. How many citizens of this country, black, white, brown, have lost their homes and savings because they couldn’t pay their taxes? How many have paid hefty fines to the IRS? Now here comes non citizens, people who have broken federal law, and they are going to be rewarded with your tax dollars. Time to join together and stop this out of control government.

    1. I agree! Mismanaging tax payer dollars…this is another reason to close down the IRS! An ordinary citizen has to have proof of what they spent in order to collect anything, this is crazy and corrupt and Obama is the head ass hole! Giving all of our money to piss pots from south of border…we need to take care of business and make it uncomfortable for certain…..

      1. Which is why it is so important to elect a true conservative as President, as your Congressmen and as your Senators.

    2. It’s called get rid of the damn democrats that control and run the IRS, DOJ, NSA, ETC. DEMOCRATS ARE EVIL. They rob Peter to pay Paul. Citizens of this country being blatantly robbed of their hard earned income to pay illegal alien invaders. No wonder they’re all running around in these honking HUGH pickup trucks. Nice gift, huh!

      1. The reward they receive (heaven or hell) is one thing I don’t think they are concerned with, if anything. My issue, today – while I and my children/grandchildren/greatgrandchildren are alive and kicking is their today well being. Their judgement is a later issue for them for stealing, etc. Let’s not wait for Judgement Day, they need to answer today to the American people, how do we rise up, write pen and paper letters to our representatives demanding that benefits not be given to those illegals, If they pay taxes but lose benefits, that is their price to pay for not being an American citizen. I understand they came to America to better themselves and their families and came here for that but, there is a price to pay, make it legal like legal citizens and THEN from that point forward you get the benefits of being a U.S. Citizen, an incentive to become a Citizen as fast as you can, learn the language, learn the history and become one of us. It may be hard to do but if you want the benefits, BY GOD ALMIGHTY, PAY THE PRICE AND EARN THE BENEFIT.

        1. My sentiments lie in your court. All the immigrants that came through the front door, made it a point to become Americans. The illegal invaders coming through the back door insist on flying the red, black and green flag of Mexico. If the Confederate flag needs to come down, by God, so does the Mexican flag on our soil.

          1. As I have always said, I don’t care what country they come from, if they come here LEGALLY, I’ll welcome them with open arms. If they sneak in illegally, I’d be damn willing to help kick their a$$es all the way back to where they came from!

    3. PAID Hefty Fines, and yet the IRS and Three (3) CPA’s could not explain why. The IRS is far to corrupt to consider fixing…….defund/shut-down/eliminate the PONZI FRAUD we call the IRS. Send the guilty to prison as an example. ASAP

  8. Leadership is required , the SCOTUS has exceed any limit of Article III and ignored all limits on the 9th and 10th amendments. Here is our only way forward if we do not want to be ruled by NINE BLACK ROBES AND ONE KING.

    The Legislature needs to go full nuclear in the Senate so they can defund the Federal court systems. The SC Justices must be paid by we can layoff all other Federal Judges and close Courts inside State borders. This is the only way to RESTORE STATES RIGHTS AND POWERS as the SC has just blown up all States rights under the 9th and 10th amendments.

    2016 will be a failure for the entire R brand if you do not take actions to correct and restore States rights and powers. We have waited long enough for you all to play politics and it appears that you are all more interested in reelection that leading a RULE – BY – LAW nation.

  9. A bonus for breaking the law, destroying the job market, destroying real estate, destroying the economy. All @ the American taxpayers expense. We’re getting closer to a revolution!

    1. YES huge bonuses for the criminals in Guv-mint and of course Job Security PLUS numerous other PERKS……. remember bonuses zip lips and keeps the FRAUD growing, and growing and growing!.

  10. Is this the first time that anyone has heard of this crap? I did broadcast this info over my world wide radio program in the the ’90’s and on. Ho Boy!

  11. Why does this Communist creep still have a job. Oh yeah, I forgot Obama left his balls on the golf course.

    1. And all you get is a message that they will get back to you OR their favorite responses on an entirely different subject…..hey it works for them. CRIME DOES PAY!

  12. This isn’t blatant voted buying by any mean, is it?

    Of course not.

    Vote buying and planned voting by non-citizens is exactly what it is, and there should be a cash bounty paid for every non-citizen caught at the polls in 2016 – dead or alive.

    1. Amen, but alive. Let us not become to violent and kill them, not unless they shoot at me first, pray God they miss so I can get a return round.

  13. They don’t have a problem with demanding tax information from the time you were born, during an audit. Amazing! We hired idiot politicians that will not even read bills presented for vote. They squander taxpayer’s money and then want to cut Medicare and Medicaid for little old ladies that have paid premiums for it during their working years to pay for their high salaries and benefits, multi-million dollar vacations and corruption. This country is going to Hell at a breakneck speed.

  14. Skunk Obama and his progressive Democrat friends have America on its heels on several fronts. Circumstances remind me that I am but a stranger and pilgrim just passing through. Thank you Jesus.

  15. They are doing this shit to get a vote! They’re taking money out of citizens pockets to give to the illegals! I’m fed up with this crookedness! If all else fails, eliminate and exterminate!

  16. Unless odumbo and his tax office is going to screw the tax laws again,, these illegals can only go back as far and up to three yesrs on tax return stuff. I know because I lost nearly 4,000.00 for not filing a federal tax return within a three year time limit. I had a reason at the time ,, was late by 3 months and the IRS would not eben consider paying me the money. It was a valid claim , wage taxes we’re taken out . even the IRS did not deny that . they just would not pay me the refund. List it all. Now if the IRS does go beyond those years I am watching because I got a question or two regarding it if they do.

    1. obama is not using any tax laws to give these illegal immigrants tax refunds they have not earned. It is just being handed over and it’s about $36,000 per year per illegal immigrant. obama is just trying to break this country any way and every way he can. He’s a sociopath which makes him more dangerous.

  17. obama is giving tax returns to illegal immigrants who weren’t even in the country much less filed a tax return. He is spending taxpayer money as fast as he can to get the debt up so high we’ll never be able to recover.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Then we need to go after all the muslim brotherhood he installed in his administration and all the other liberals who have put our country in such a perilous situation.

    1. I don’t fully understand all the hoops that the illegals jump through but, I’m sure that their tax counselors who help them, I sorta would bet that all the information that is included might not be totally true. Is there an audit – don’t think so, just there best judgement on what they think they made – duh? Might there not be room for fraud – think so. How many employers would give a tax statement to an illegal that he was paying under the table, this leads to wonder why an employer is not held accountable for hiring an illegal, they don’t have a SSAN but an employee number or something. O h yeah, we must have them because the American worker will not do manual labor so the Feds. look the other way. No wonder those in office do not want Voter I.D., they need those votes and we (they) will get them if Tax Returns are made available, by hook or by crook, to illegals. Become L E G A L C I T I Z E N S and get your benefits. If you want to pay the taxes fine but you will not get returns or additional benefits if you are not legal – that is the price you pay.

      1. You don’t understand what obama has done. They don’t have to file a tax return. He is just giving them the money and those who have filed a return have been given lawyers to take care of the paperwork so he is protecting them. I don’t think the IRS is even asking any information from these illegal immigrants that obama is paying off to vote in the next election (democrat of course). It’s all a con and we’re paying for it.

  18. What the hell is wrong with our government? Having a non leading, liberal clown for our pres is bad enough, this is ridiculous.

  19. Your sh**ten me right? I am a 100% Disabled Combat Vet and I can’t even get the Exemption in my Town that I earned! And these bastards are going to get money for years they didn’t even pay taxes? What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe I will leave the Country and sneak back in through Mexico!

    1. No, you would be the one they would want to catch and make an example out of you. “See, trying to sneak into the U.S.A., this is the price you pay, $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison for illegal entry”……….. but, but , but why me…. how about them? Oh, we caught you, we didn’t catch them!!!

  20. Lindy, I agree with you 100%. We must REBEL. I do not agree with our government is doing! I feel our president must be impeached. As silly as it sounds, but we must rebel. We need a honest Leader!

    1. Is there REALLY a truly HONEST leader out there??? I hear a lot of good honest talk from a lot of them then when I check their voting record, it stinks!

      1. And the stench is getting worse by the day. Who among them have a stain free reputation and is a person of high integrity? Good to see you again 5.

  21. I could almost respect the rinos, if they could wipe, the smug, taxpayer f..k you grin, off of Koskinen’s face.

  22. Most of them don’t pay taxes and if they do, they claim up to 20 kids that have never set foot on US soil. The feds have known they were doing this and ignored it, paying out billions in refunds, to these illegal people.

      1. Is that the only word you know. I assure you it’s true. 2 years ago it was 4 billion, last year over 7. That doesn’t count the billions we pay each year for educating and providing medical care for them. You should start paying more attention. No I don’t watch Fox News.

        1. all search engines say that undocumented aliens pay far more into the system than they ever receive. You’re on the wrong side of history and morality. and they CAN”T get refunds without documentation.

  23. arrogant bastards who have the power to destroy. any sane person know our system is corrupt, now come the new way to collect taxes,it’s called a flat tax,all pay no if ands or buts,unless you are below $35,000

  24. The amount of money that illegals is dwarfed by the amount
    of Corporate Welfare that profitable Corporations from Congress each year. The biggest
    Corporate Welfare recipient is the most profitable Corporation in the USA
    today, Exon/Mobile who get billions each year.

    Congress is good about giving your tax dollars to

    You do know that Corporations never pay taxes, YOU DO.
    Corporations collect taxes on goods and services that you consume. They include
    ALL normal taxes that they pay out on a daily basis is passed on to the
    consumer, YOU, as overhead. Fact: basic economics defines profit as income –
    overhead and taxes is a overhead expense. Each time that Congress gives
    Corporations tax breaks and/or cuts what they really are doing are giving
    Corporations your tax dollars that they we charged to collect and pass on to
    the venous tax collection entities.

    I would rather see people who need tax subseries to survive
    than to Corporations who do not need my tax dollars.

    Corporate heads are pocketing your tax dollars mostly in tax
    free offshore accounts. It has been
    proven in almost every case that any so-called corporate tax cuts that the
    money never goes into building businesses and/or reducing prices you pay.

  25. Illegals come to this Country because American gives freely. While they may have paid taxes which they cannot benefit from, they are benefiting form living in this Nation by all other means including, housing, education, employment, civil rights and liberties, health care, etc. Their taxes help to support the many systems which they do readily benefit and gain from. These illegal persons also have had the ability to work through the program to become legal citizens of this Nation and chosen not to seek to patriate.

  26. Now then, since they are going to let them file for years they didn’t even file, there will, of course, be all the fees, penalties, fines, and jail time for tax evasion that a normal citizen of the US would get, right?? YEAH RIGHT!

  27. IRS has already shown they are not for the American citizens. They are lapdogs for obama and his corrupt and criminal adminstration. IRS and all their rules need to be thrown out and a flat 10% tax paid by EVERYBODY. Do away with all the tax breaks that are given and revenue lost because of that. BAN all lobbyists from Washington, DC because they are a huge part of the problem. Do not pay politicians when they are not actually working. And much more to get our budget under control.

  28. this is nothing new. has been going on for years. americans, the govt., and illegal aliens simply are following the script set up for them! read ann coulters new book to find out more about how “we the people” condone illegal immigration.

  29. This has been going on for years but kept under wraps till recently.
    The POTUS and the SCOTUS have given the
    IRS , as well as other gov.org’s the ok to brag openly about their illegal acts without fear of
    judicial reprocussion.

    1. Look at the VA’s DEATH BY DELAY POLICY…..has a single VA employee been fired, demoted or charged with manslaughter…………………..NO. But like that rabbit it keeps going, and going and going.

  30. And where does this JACK ASS think he will get the fu9nds to pay all this so called BACK TYAX MONEY from ??????????????????????????????///

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