Is Ron Paul changing his mind about gold?

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Back when I was in Congress  “I tried to warn people” especially the elderly and those approaching retirement.

I told them: “Look, you’re always going to get a check from us. You’re always going to collect Social Security. And the amount you receive will rise over time. But the question you have to ask is “What’s that money going to buy?”

If the price of electricity doubles, your check is not going to double.

As the price of food continues to rise, the small increases in your check are not going to compensate for that.

Today many Americans feel that something is not right. And a good number of financial experts believe we are due for another crippling recession. But I fear we’re on the edge of something much worse.

I recently sat down to record a presentation that details what’s happening in America and what I recommend you do to prepare.

If you care about your family and want to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build, I recommend you watch it today.



Dr. Ron Paul

Former U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate

Ron Paul


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