Islamic State Supporters Newest Vow

Writing in an encrypted chat room, Islamic State sympathizers and militants celebrated the three-year anniversary of the terrorist organization’s capture of Mosul, Iraq’s third-largest city.

Despite losing most of Mosul to the U.S.-backed international coalition, the IS supporters vowed that they would return and take control over the entire city once more.

IS completed its takeover of Mosul from Iraqi forces on June 10, 2014. Over the last eight months, the group has been fighting a difficult battle against Iraqi forces supported by an international coalition led by the United States and has lost control of most of the city except for a few pockets of resistance.

Nonetheless, the IS members in the chat room marked the three-year anniversary, with Abi Aisha Almosulawi writing, “Thank Allah who blessed us with the blessing of Islam. Thank Allah who granted us the Islamic State that rules through Allah’s sharia. The campaign of conquests began here in Mosul and now we’re dealing with a brutal crusader Shi’ite war, but we have not surrendered and will not surrender. We will continue to harm the infidels and continue to disturb their peace even if we lose Mosul three years after liberating it. This isn’t over. We will continue to trust in Allah and the victory he is expected to grant us one day.”

Abi Huzaifa Almosolawi wrote, “Today marks three years since the capture of Mosul and its liberation from the hands of the blasphemous Shi’ites. This glorious conquest that Allah gave his warriors and gave them the opportunity to implement sharia was the beginning of the fulfillment of Allah’s promise to the loyal mujahedeen.


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