IT BEGINS: Democrat Civil War in California

No one is California dreamin’ in the Democratic party right now.

Instead, the California Democratic moderate and liberal wings are turning on one another in their frustration over failed bills and Donald Trump.

The radicals blame moderates side for their failures.

According to Politico:

Stoked by a contested race for state Democratic Party chair and the failure of a single-payer health care bill, activists are staging protests at the capitol. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon reported receiving death threats after shelving the health care legislation late last month, and security was tightened at the statehouse after activists disrupted a floor session last week.

…Establishment Democrats fear the rhetoric and appetite for new spending could go too far, jeopardizing the party’s across-the-board dominance of state politics.

All of it has taken on new significance as California embraces its role as the focal point of the anti-Trump resistance.

Progressive assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer has urged the party that they should not be “fighting one another” and “tear the party apart”–reminding Democrats they are on the same team.

Progressive Californian legislators have hailed themselves as “a fortress of the opposition” to Trump’s presidency.

They’ve attempted to pass high-profile legislation “to deny the new president on climate change and immigration.”

Though they have been successful on some accounts, “liberal activists have fallen short in other areas, unsettling progressives across the country who view California as a state in which they should be racking up wins.”

We can see from this Civil War emerging within the Californian Democratic Party that Leftists are not a monolith.


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  1. California is way over due, for House Cleaning!!! Jerry Brown, bulled down… And Sweep everything under him!

  2. They are tax and spend crazy. Soon we won’t be able to live here anymore. They are going to run all the people out that are paying taxes so the majority can laze around and smoke their weed. Who wants to pay for all their craziness. Not me or anyone that I know.

  3. the pendulam is swinging back they just kicked the AG in the tenders over the state stealing gun magazines ,and creating criminals out of joe normal citizenswhat next ?maybe split the state for real and nor cals water in nor cal eliminate the LA/sac/silicon valley strangle hold on the state …split it at monterey,SF can come along or just drop the bridges ,and turn it in to a gulag

    1. What we need is a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault line, one that is big enough to split the fault all the way open from south to north. An earthquake big enough to all but remove cities like san fransicko, los angeles, along with more than a few others leaving the inland areas intact, let the planet wipe the largest numbers of demoncrats from the state.

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