David Letterman

Letterman’s ISIS Joke Hits the Nail on the Head and Proves Liberals Are Tired of Obama, Too

Left-wing comedian and talk show host David Letterman is winding down his years as the late-night king, and it looks as though he’s ready to tell some hard truths. On Friday night’s show, Letterman offered his own hilarious insights about ISIS, beginning with the new name he says the administration has coined for the terror group:

Every military operation has to have a name so people can get behind it. And they now have a name for the war against ISIS: Operation Hillary’s Problem.

As is always true in the best jokes, this one has a kernel of reality. It appears Obama is not planning to move ahead in any real confrontation with ISIS, and the next president — which Letter assumes will be Hillary Clinton — will certainly have to deal with the consequences of that choice.


    1. We do not want an emotional female as president like the idiot woman in control of Bengazhi!!! What we need starting now is TERM LIMITS to rid the senate and congress of senile old people who have been told who and what to vote foe because they are to damn old to think of the future! Who the hell cares about the future when they are 91??? Euthanize them if they refuse to retire!!

      1. Term limits ! YES ! No more Career Politicians. Power = corruption, and even a decent, well meaning individual will eventually yield to temptation, and abuse their authority.

        1. Its a two edged sword. I see the need for term limits but acknowledge it would also cause us to lose some excellent, seasoned people.

          1. Again, (with respect) even those with the best of intentions are only human, and even those with the best of intentions will eventually yield to temptation, and abuse the power of their authority. Those politicians you see as good people, let them go back to being just plain folks. “Seasoned”, is only a step away from Corrupt. It is only human. Bless you.

      2. Somehow we the people must get TERM LIMITS for all elected politicians. Perhaps a Convention of the States will become a reality and America can be saved from these corrupt politicians.

        1. That is the greatest idea if only a group were smart enough to start a convention! Someone intelligent enough to see what is happening to our country and will happen if we have OSLIMA two more years! It will be the end of America if he is allowed to bring in more immigrants!!!

      3. If you should be blessed with a long life you’ll be one of the “senile old people” one day. Please note: Not all old people are afflicted with declining mental capacity; that is a rude not to mention irresponsible statement. You may disagree with my beliefs and opinions but characterizing all seniors as
        lacking mental capacity is
        an unfortunate revelation
        of your prejudice.

        1. Operation Granny, you are senile ,I am in my 70’s and should not be making and signing laws I will not live to have to endure! Let alone old political leeches who are 75 to 92!!! 75 is as old as they should be allowed in the senate and congress and Judges! the shoe fits you but you are not smart enough to realize it or maybe too old!! I didn’t want to get old , but still smart enough not to force my lifestyle on the younger generation !!I could die tomorrow , it is more likely in our 70’s!!

          1. The folks who post here seem to be some sort of strange echo chamber – you seem primarily to think much alike and quite a few are rather rude and troll like in compartment. While not all seniors are capable of holding office neither are all younger people able. In fact many would not be willing to put
            up with the general
            incivility. The climate in
            politics in recent years is
            so fouled by extreme
            partisanship that I marvel
            anyone chooses to run for any office! It seems all day every day is time to eviscerate politicians day. Rancorous negative postings are a constant background noise.

      4. Marla1, We do in a defacto way have “term Limits”. Depending upon office or position WE the population are to be voting every 2, 4, 6 or 8 years. Congress and the president get caught up in the 2,4,6 year fiasco and the president is limited out at 8 years. Many states have corresponding elections. WE the people must get out and VOTE. Quit whining grab a few friends on an election day and get involved. We deserve the government we ELECT, do it.

  1. Best comment here is “Is that idiot still on the air?” When Hollywood and TV shows determine our crisis, it’s no wonder the country is going down the drain. What we should have been told today is ISIS is confiscating the weapons we provide to the Syrian Rebels, hence we are funding ISIS….can you believe this? Well you better believe it because this has been fully confirmed. Nothing enters Syria without ISIS checking and charging a fee for passage. Our country has spent $3 trillion dollars and a lot of lives over the past 24 years for what exactly? So Muslims can continue their barbaric and gruesome ways of life, like beheading people with hand held knifes and stoning woman to death, for sins they claim have been committed against Also notice none of the other Muslim countries are offering any troops to fight ISIS. Obama claims the Saudi are our friends, well why don’t they send their 130,000 troops to Syria and fight ISIS? OK you got the picture good… this is why these blood thirsty S.O.B. continue with their killings and murders. They need to be bombed back to the stone age where they prefer to live.

    1. So right quad.
      What most people don’t seem to understands that Left-Winger-Letterman is part of America’s problem.
      Although he airs from New York he’s as much a left wing libtard as most of Hollywood’s libtard elite the dumb mob listens to and believes. Although I never watched his ‘show’ I can’t wait for him to be gone if only for that reason. He won’t misinform the libtard mob any longer when he’s off the air.

      1. “He won’t misinform the libtard mob any longer when he’s off the air.”

        Somebody will be there to take his place.
        NBC tanked Leno who held #1 ratings to put in a host with a more liberal slant.
        #1? How do you justify that other than a Gobbels like propaganda machine where ratings are not the #1 concern.

        1. At last, someone who agrees that the liberals have the characteristics of the Nazis and are trying to reestablish the ‘Third Reich’.

          1. I’ve been calling the Liberal-Progressives “National Socialists” for years. Usually they don’t get the reference. When the do make the connection they protest, wrongly, that the Nazis were “Conservatives” . lol.

          2. odwin’s law (or Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1″[2][3]—​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

            Promulgated by American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990,[2] Godwin’s Law originally referred, specifically, to Usenet newsgroup discussions.[4] It is now applied to any threaded online discussion, such as Internet forums,chat rooms and blog comment threads, as well as to speeches, articles and other rhetoric.[5][6]

            In 2012, “Godwin’s Law” became an entry in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.[7]

          3. Ah Liberal Morons always quoting something by someone else, especially someone of the Communist persuasion.

          4. Who do you quote MORON? Show me a few examples.

            Then I will have a never ending stream of thinkers , not TARDS for you buddy boy. Count on it.

          5. Nazis were fascists if you read any history bud. National Socialist’s is what they called themselves. If you are a sardine, but call yourself tuna then WTF? You seem to have some mis-placed priorities TEA TArd imbecile… Look me up anytime for intell lessons. Like how to read and the like , OK pal?

          6. Struck a nerve there, eh?
            Did Mr Godwin mention anything about how long it takes to raise an insult?
            lol. God bless.

          7. So are you in the Nazis were “Socialist’s camp” or fascists? It is a very important question for TEA Party sorts that have portrayed Obama in Storm Trooper brown shirts, eh? Just give me a measured response man. I do know my 20th century history quite well, eh?

          8. Crab You only need to know & understand Obamas history, to know you are on the wrong side & semantics wll not save you.

          9. Please elucidate what “semantics ” that I have sent out there. This blog is so old, it is about ready to get into the 1977 oil embargo gas lines buddy. Today, here gasoline is about $2.80 a gallon, so is that a BAD thing for our economy like all TEA TARDS have been complaining about Obama for at least the past 5 years now?

            How about the DJIA which I will provide for you ….FACT . . . which you will try to avoid, weasel away from or tell me that” THE ELECTORATE HAS SPOKEN” , all 38% of the dimwits of this country.

            So yes you WILL use semantics and avoid any of these fact based points that I ALWAYS provide for TARDS because then you just go away, nothing more to do except insult and fade into the great void of the internet right ASSHOLE?


            Pay attention butthead because TEA TARDS will be finished permanently in 2016. You will have NO policy accomplishments and probably harm the economy that is the BEST in the world now and should continue to be for several more years. YOU are morons and progressives have intellectual ability to understand more complex problems and act appropriately, right?

            Most recent comparison for your benefit is GW Bush, 8 years of chaos and FAILURES. Obama, 5 years of steady successful management. Just tell me how I am wrong in this assessment would you PAL? Also tell me what Sen. McConnell’s first MAJOR policy legislation will be? I bet you cannot tell me one thing about what he will propose in Feb of 2015, can you dimwit? You Are pitiable and really downright MORONIC when you look closely, right buddy boy?

          10. REALLY? What happened to “if we don’t recall the lessons of history , then we are doomed to repeat them” buddy boy? Oh, that’s right you NEVER went to any schooling at all did you TEA TARDIVE moron?

          11. What camp are you in ? If you’re a Communist? could you explain to us Free Market Hicks how this Utopian form of government works eh? Obama chose Anita Dunn who told the world that China’s Chairman Mao is her idol, we all know Mao was a good Commie who murdered over fifty million of his own people, but what the heck that’s Progress.

          12. I can say that I believe in everything in The Constitution that the FF’s wrote. Your view and my view of what they intended might differ as is what occurs in a democracy. The FF’s didn”t expect any unanimity of opinions when they formulated the master plans for democracy.

            They allowed for everyone’s view to be heard and any religion (or no religion) to be practiced. The economic conditions now are as close to free markets in Capitalism as you can get. There are reasons for regulation, starting with EPA (a health protection agency if you want to consider the actual benefits of what they have done). SEC regulation of stocks and bonds trading is VERY necessary as the GW Bush Administration chaotic collapse of our economy demonstrated quite vividly.

            Banks will not play by the rules if one isn’t vigilant as to their methods. JPMorganChase, HBSC and Citibank were just fined $4 billion dollars for violating currency trading rules just recently. Don’t those TARP payment receivers of taxpayers money ever learn that breaking rules is NOT ACCEPTABLE? No rules and you get no order or fairness in that area of economics.

            I guess with your anti communist views , then the U.S. really shouldn’t do any trade with China just as we have strict sanctions for Iran, right? I would agree to that one, how about you? Put your money where your sad sack mouth takes you MORON.

          13. Hey Moron I’m not for Crony Capitalism, I’m for the Free Market which you Progressives are not. I’m well aware of the Constitution and what it means, which your Dear Leader is shredding daily. And these government arms you site are Nazi Like in the way they violate the law while performing their job, but only on the little guy, that is the small business person. I wont apologize for calling your idols Communists which anyone with a lick of sense could see that.

          14. Ill bet you are a–college graduate. Or worse–a professor! You have that air about you–arrogant, demeaning towards others who are not dazzled by your superior intellect. People like you give me the cramps. You & odumbo could be Twin Sons of Different Mothers.
            Obola has a legion of brown shirts; it doesnt matter if one is extreme leftwing or extreme rightwing: they all have fascism in common. I guess if someone puts me in a gulag, a
            Concentration camp, a re-education camp, or an internment camp. They are all bad news to free thinkers. Call them pink shirts & they will still starve you to death.

          15. Well Carol, first it’s VERY Obvious that you never entered under ANY Doorway of a college campus EVER , did you HUNNY TIME BITCH? I’m so glad to be able to respond to a 10 MONTH OLD comment now that Little TIMID Timmer boy, Perdidio GAY faggot WAD boy is occupado with psychosis, WAR, or is NOW DEAD! ! ! ! ! Take your damn pick of the BEST of TEA assholeszzz STUPID insolence and just STUPIDITY Carol.That does include YOU BABY! ! ! ! ! !

            Or there’s a few more choices to solve the great mystery of The Perdidio (NOT Presidio at all , is he DUMB Carol?) and maybe you can tell me why he couldn’t quite answer for hisself Carol. WHY WAS THAT?

            Was he drunk , stoned, is he DEAD NOW you DUMB ASS BROAD FUK UP BITCH of TEA Mormonism & moronicisims? ? ? ? ? …DO you think I’ve heard ANY of this SHIT that you throw at your computer screen BEFORE HUNNY TIME?

            I have over 6,600 comments on disqus in about one year baby. How many do you have on , say HUFF POST DARLIN’? ZERO or two? ? ? ? ? ? I have over 6,000 on TEA MORONSzz Centrale HQ fabrications diatribe outlets like this one MORON BITCH carol…..Get my bit yet gunny hunny dead in the VAGINA baby Carol?????? …

            Just to set you straight on my IQ of 140 BABE, it’s been measured multiple times and it’s REAL and it’s SPECTACULAR to be NOT a DUMB ASS BROAD like you Hun! ! ! Get it yet BABE?

            Upon graduation from a high school class of 535 students, I was #12 academically and also about #14 athletically TOO BUZZ ASS BITCH Carol. So did you have more than 100 “students” in your sunbonnet GOOD Times “CUNT-try School” Prayer House where you learned Bible stories and SHIT like that HUNNY Times of Cheney & GW Bushie’s secretarial WHORE or what ever BABE??????

            #12 of 536 is just 98th percentile intellectual performance BABE . . . . .What’s YOUR IQ, measured NOT in Bible SCHOOL Sweetie? The rest of my educational life produced this resume Carol. READ it, but you won’t understand more than about ten sentences out of the whole thing MORON Carol, SMART ACE BITCH sentry goofball …You are LAME, a LOSER and have NO business commenting about ANY comment of mine SWEETS ! ! ! OK, hunny?

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          16. There isn’t much difference between Fascism and Communism, it seems America is fast becoming a mixture of the two. Historians will have to come up with a name that includes both, maybe Progress-ism since that name has appealed to the fools no sense in changing it.

          17. Explain your view in more detail. Where are the fascist or communist elements of America? Examples of your claims will give me something to defend then.

            I don’t believe we are going in that direction but you have stated as much. So YOU need to make the case for that Idea. I will tell you how you are a whacko crazy dude when you do, OK?

          18. Great explanation MORON. See ya later pal, I have a lot better things to do that speak of trivialities with an IQ 85 Klubber like yourself.

          19. How much do you know about Scott Walker , Presidential candidate for GOP nomination HUNNY Carol? Tell me what YOU know first and then you will get a little lesson in neo Fascism HUN ! ! GO FOR IT BITCH Carol………

          20. Congratulations, you’ve done it ! ! ! Godwin’s Law… It doesn’t take all that long for the inevitable TEA Tard comparisons imbecile and cretin. Your parents must be so PROUD of moronism in your family, right dude?

            Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1″[2][3]—​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

            Promulgated by American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990,[2] Godwin’s Law originally referred, specifically, to Usenet newsgroup discussions.[4] It is now applied to any threaded online discussion, such as Internet forums,chat rooms and blog comment threads, as well as to speeches, articles and other rhetoric.[5][6]

            In 2012, “Godwin’s Law” became an entry in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.[7]

          21. I use the reference to Nazi’s because it appears that Liberals are only familiar with the Nazi reference. I could ,however, also refer to Facism, Communism , in fact any authoritarian regime which believes that the dictator and his minions should rule without contest. Those who wear blinders and follow these these types without question are usually the first victims when the dictator takes over silnce they finally realize that they have been used and begin to protest but it is too late.

          22. So then in your opinion , which one of those authoritarian concepts is Obama closest to buddy? You should be able to pick one over the other right? So then Godwin’s Law will apply once again to your ill informed opinion I will have to assume. MORONSzzz, every damn TEA Tard on every one of these stupid comment threads. Do you know how stupid that you sound buddy?

          23. I can tell you whatever that you might be thinking is wrong. Obama can veto anything my man. Did you overlook that and the fact that Senate passage of almost any partisan bill will require 60 votes. So where are your votes to get legislation passed that TEA TARDS are so desperate to do?

            What will McConnell act to pass first? I don’t think it will amount to much. TEA Party is all talk and then do NOTHING, right? Good luck but gridlock is here until Hillary gets the White House in 2016. Y’all can mess things up in a very short two years and I will bet on it happening MORON . . . . .

          24. I never said he couldn’t. I just wish someone wielding that kind of power had American’s best interests in mind.
            VETOs and threatening executive orders aren’t exactly the combined efforts desired by the American people when they overwhelmingly elect ANY ONE PARTY to congress, in defiance of a seated President of the United States.
            You obviously still want to play immature divisive (D) vs. (R) games with a neiner neiner attitude.
            Certainly not becoming of a 6’5″ big boy who grew up with an educated attorney father.
            Sooner or later you will realize CONGRESS actually speaks for the people, especially the HOUSE and the bullies of the SENATE will be eliminated so that maybe the will of the PATRIOTIC American will once again be legislated for the benefit of the people, and not just OBAMA and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

          25. Thank you for acknowledging my father’s education on at least. I happened to complete a college and professional career over about 35 years. My older brother the M.D. retired after 31 years with one HMO clinic this past October. He is set for life, that is for sure.

            So WE have contributed quite a bit to American society I think I have a right to state, would you agree? It doesn’t make us any better or any worse than you or anyone else. What my experience teaches me is that after watching politics since the assassination of JFK (on TV in grade school, you know “current events stuff” like the 1965 Minnesota Twins World Series games that we watched because World Series was DAY games back then, Sandy Koufax, MVP beating Twins in Game 7) I really don’t think that I am mis-informed or “lib thought controlled” by any stretch of the imagination. I am NOT a moron is what I am telling you.

            Impeachment of Richard NIxon was imminent and Nixon resigned the criminal that he was. Jerry Ford HAD to pardon him to protect him from criminal prosecution dude. Were you around for that stuff? His first V.P. Spiro T. Agnew was convicted of corruption charges in Maryland where he came from and had to resign before NIxon. Agnew just hated the media, as Dick Cheney would have if FOX Noise didn’t exist now.

            So a little Repugnizant history in politics might be instructive for you . After that, I have never trusted any Republican candidate and history has shown that was a very good personal choice policy to adhere to. So if you want some political gymnastics about “impeachment of Obama” you are really on the wrong tree man. Obama has saved this country if you look back to where we were when GW Bush left office, nearly in another Great Depression. So take pride in your dimwitted leadership for the next two years.

            As I said, ain’t nothing gonna be happening at all until 2016 gets here and Dem’s re-take all lost Seats and The White House continues Democratic. Too bad I guess when you are a total LOSER like all TEA TARDS happen to be buddy. Six years of this stuff for me on blogs and there are about 5 TEA Party types that I have about an ounce of respect for. FUNNY isn’t it man?

          26. Nixon was an absolute SAINT compared to Obama !!!!
            …..and Byrd (D) was KKK !! So what has a few bad apples got to do with your accepting the mediocrity of what is now ?

          27. I think your thought processes are really imbalanced as in crazy dude. If you think a criminal, documented that dragged out his crime for two years in front of all of America, Congressional hearings, Saturday Night massacre of his Attorney Generals and all of THE WORST that Republican politics has to offer, then you are certifiably paranoid schizophrenic dude. Just stay the fuck away from me, ok? You are scary dumb and really moronic OK? Just stay in your basement of your prairie dugout and don’t bother anyone else ever again OK dude. SCARY stuff indeed, people like you . A true TEA TARD And a TRUE MORON too.

          28. Does Nixon have anything to do with crimes being excused by a complicit highly corrupt justice system in the years 2012-2014 ?

          29. As easily as I can rattle Watergate for Nixon, you should be able to name at least 2, 3, or more scandals plaguing the Obama administration and a few other well known Democrats.
            “Specific crimes” have been debated ad-nauseam all over the internet, TV, and radio.
            The back and forth arguments get very childish, so I’ll just assume that most of the voting public weren’t as convinced as you of the current administrations innocence for those crimes.
            Results are telling !!

          30. Now YOU brought up “specific crimes” of the Obama administration didn’t YOU? So why am I guessing about what YOU might be thinking about MORON? If you want to talk of a specific item or issue, then YOU have to state what it is right? I have told you about the worst criminal President in U.S. history. If YOU disagree then YOU have to tell me the SPECIFIC reason why asshole. What is so difficult about YOU doing that moron?

          31. How long before your parents smacked you across the face when they told you NO more than once?? !!
            Your insistence and language speak volumes for your “I’m a big boy now” mentality!
            I’ll give you a little imagery. Think about Cartman from South Park.
            BUT MOM ………. ???!!!!

          32. My parents never laid a hand on me asshole, how about your Neanderthal upbring Cretin? If YOU want to allege crimes in court, then YOU must state what they are asshole and provide evidence. Those are foreign concepts to the TEA TARDS, right my man? You are a MORON, imbecile and totally LOSERville buddy. Get a life and just go away, OK? YOu are a shell of a man which is obvious to all that can read asshole.

          33. Why Are you so evasive about “specific crimes” that you purported to me were blatant my man? Now you have 4 insults after you refused to answer a very simple, DIRECT question.

            So when a TEA TARD like you runs out of debate, then you insult and denigrate the opponent because you think that will persuade more MORONS like yourself that you are “SUPERIOR” with TEA TARD insults.

            Johnnie man, insults do nothing to advance YOUR point that you have FAILED to state to me after six interchanges. SO WTF? Do you have a point to make? If not, then just disappear MORON, OK?

          34. The liberal partisan DOJ and Congressional hearings have already cleared them of any wrongdoing.
            So what exactly would be the point discussing it?
            A good percentage of Americans are not convinced, and I’m sure they are all Tea-Party Morons also.
            So what exactly is the point discussing it?
            I’m satisfied just knowing they voted on Nov. 4th.
            Case closed.
            Capish ?


          36. I have now put TWO responses to your directly about “divisive comment” that were removed for unknown reasons. They are not name calling in any way , so I don’t know what the hell goes on in PATSIES AND POLITICS EDITING CIRCLES THERE.

            i will try a third attempt that hopefully won’t be taken down by the faithful TEA TIMERS, EH? One problem is that this website has to reload multiple times when I am in the middle of a point. REALLY great tech support, right PATS & POLS morons in the booth editing? MORONSzzzz . . . .

            I am not divisive. I ask you folks to “prove” your points of complaints as in “Constitutional issues and rights”being taken away (NONE at this point ) or immigration issues that y’all say threatens the very social fabric of our country (NOT TRUE), or the economy which I have certainly demonstrated before this that Conservative suck wind at economic management (GW Bush; 7,000 on DJIA & Alan Greenspan asleep at the switch in 2006 & 2007, & on & on & ON) .. . . .

            Keystone XL will be defeated either in votes or by veto . It is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY at this point and will do much more environmental harm than jobs it might create on a temporary basis. I have a lot of other examples, but I don’t have that much time to list them all.

          37. Voter turnout was 38% dude. Does that sound like majority “MANDATE” to a moron like yourself buddy? I really don’t think so. It just points out how many lazy Americans there are that could care less about politics, right asshole?

          38. Right and you have answered how many of my last 10 direct questions for you MORON? Answer is ZERO, just like your intelligence quotient idiot.

          39. Ask Trey Gowdy what crimes the Liberals have committed !!
            I don’t have to go any further.
            You haven’t asked any questions worth a better reply.

          40. You are the MOST evasive, circumspect TEA TARD moron that I have ever come across. Why can’t YOU answer the “crimes of Obama” question when you say that he is a “terrorist” in The White House” MORON? WTF is wrong with your brain asshole? NOt working most days evidently asshole?

          41. LOOK AGAIN !! The people have been asking the right questions since before 2012.
            The media and national news prefer not to cover it and the corrupt DOJ doesn’t prosecute it !!

          42. What were some of the TEA PArty election campaign issues? Your side gained seats and now is in leadership. So what are you going to do to make America better? The question cannot be any simpler for you to answer DIRECTLY, can it?

          43. Sometimes the best solutions are diverting funds to enforcing existing laws.
            Not legislating tyrannical new laws so obviously in disregard of the Constitution.
            Take 10 steps back, repealing any mistakes, enforcing existing border policy, enforcing existing gun law, examining the punishment given the taxpayer on health care (remember it was not to be a tax) and other government wrongs.
            This may take the better part of the next 2 administrations but Euro-Liberal socialist policies are not the answer.
            TEA-Party enforce CONSTITUTIONAL law and principle. I believe the founding fathers established these principles in excess of 200 years ago. PROMOTING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT FROM ITS INCEPTION IS THE ANSWER !!!!!! PRETTY DIRECT HUH ?????!!!!!!!

          44. As of just this morning, Obama’s immigration fix is shifting more resources to the border areas for “enforcing” laws. So is that a good thing? Also 5 million immigrants that have relatives here are eligible for amnesty. Reagan provide 6 million amnesty if you will recall , so tell me what is Unconstitutional now would you please?

          45. You keep throwing FLAWED past examples. (I actually agree where amnesty is concerned).
            Why are you so divisive ????

          46. Throwing around billions of taxpayer dollars, excesses of paperwork and ramming through ineffectual policy to grow a self-serving DEMOCRAT voter base is his only objective.
            We ALREADY had a border fence, and we ALREADY had border patrol to enforce existing policy !! LET THEM DO THEIR JOB !!! I don’t care who’s in charge !! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL !!

          47. I looked at your six questions for me and NONE have any relevance to anything that I could care about. Where is the big immigration debate man? Where is the economy that is “just terrible” and Obama has “NO IDEA” what he is doing? Where is ISIL and it’s “great terroristic threat ” to America according to Gen. Joint Chiefs Military advisory council? Where is the onerous EPA regulations where America is trying to improve carbon dioxide emissions, NOT reverse them like Koch brothers seek to do? Where is any of this stuff that 3 months ago was just as hot of a potato that you could ever handle according to your TEA TARD critic Party?

            Where are they now MORON? YOU tell me. I know what to tell you , but I hate wasting any more time on a dimwitted MORON like yourself, eh?

          48. My questions are extremely relevant !!
            1) Proper immigration and Executive ordered amnesty (illegal) are 2 different matters.
            Proper protocol is not followed! English language is not learned or enforced! Skills for gainful employment to become a taxpayer are not evident! NATIVE AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE JOBS, why allow millions more unemployable people where the jobs don’t exist ???
            2) I believe the resurgence in violence of Iraq, recent beheadings of news journalists, and news stories offer irrefutable proof to ISLAMIC terrorist resurgence (though it depresses me severely).
            3) The EPA has become tyrannical and overbearing beyond its original purpose. Steel production and other manufacturing opportunities have left our shores in favor of looser standards, and release even MORE toxic compounds overseas than prior American production would have ever allowed. This was NOT a desired outcome for American government OVER-REGULATION !!! CHINA, Taiwan and Korea produce far more noxious pollutants to the EARTH’s atmosphere than the US ever did.
            Had the EPA been more accommodating while still maintaining better standards this would not have happened !!
            We can disagree, but you can see I’m actually even far less evasive than you . I will debate you when there is a better argument.
            I’m not convinced Conservatives can fix the problems we face as Americans, but lying to the American people as blatantly the LIBERALS are doing NOW is criminal.
            You’ve seen the Jonathan Gruber videos, and you’ve seen Nancy Pelosi’s endearing him (2009) and denying his existence (2014), all relating to one of the most tragic piece or legislation (and its’ passage), that is The (NON) affordable care act. Many more examples of this exist.
            Executive Order AMNESTY is a direct violation of American law.
            Do you still need more answers ??

          49. Isn’t America THE Nation Of immigrants? ISL is a direct result of very poor policy decisions by Cheney & Rumsfeld in Iraq. GOING there was a completely unnecessary action and they are now WAr Criminals, not yet tried.

            ISIL is the next generation of what al Qaeda in Iraq that showed up a few years after our occupation of Iraq. They morphed into ISI while Syria is in about there third year of Civil War. Should we be policing Syria too MORN? Ar Raqqah is ISIL’s “capitol city. They have gained control of Sunni territory that was lost to the boneheaded decision by Cheney et al to make Shiites the lead tribe in Iraq. WHY idiot? Shiites are worthless scum that control Iran and provide aid to the Syrian dictator. Is that a good thing for America asshole? You have NO understanding of any of this stuff, do you?

            So Obama is NOT to blame for those assholes either. WE are taking prudent steps to put them in a box, just like Saddam was in a United Nations sponsored BOX after Kuwait and Desert Storm. Recall those events possibly? So now ISIl is going to be in a similar box. How many Americans have been killed since Obama’s air campaign against ISIL dude? Maybe that can point out a little different path than Cheney &* Rumsfeld decide on comically badly , RIGHT dude?

            EPA has protected Americans health ever since it’s inception. They are the best “health improvement organization” in America idiot. MD’s can’t even compete with “lifestyle health” improvements. CLEAN air and CLEAN water do matter in issues of health and you are a freaking MORON as I have explained to you so many times now right? When will you start to believe ME asshole?

          50. Aside from trying Bush, Cheney AND ALL OF A COMPLICIT CONGRESS (including Hillary for voting for it, before she voted against it) for a questionable war, the rest of your commentary is fish chum !!!
            Immigrants at one point had HIGH STANDARDS to be met before joining America in the great multi-ethnic melting pot !!!! and they studied well, before traveling to Ellis Island.
            The EPA portion is comical. America now has far more concerns from pollutant in the atmosphere due foreign manufacturing that America can’t even regulate.
            Bush Cheney, Bush Cheney, Bush Cheney …….on and on infinitum !
            It’s a shame your party doesn’t have the nuts to come to bat !!!!

          51. You do recall who Gen. Colin Powell is, right? He used Cheney & Rumsfeld “Defense Dept” intell over CIA that said Saddam was no thereat to America in any way . So Powell went to the U.N. to deliver ” the damning speech” right?

            That was the go ahead for Cheney & Rumsfeld stuff. So do you know what Colin POwell thinks of Cheney now? The same thing that i do. Cheney is first up for “the DEVIL’s right hand chair” in Hell buddy. That is how much respect I have for the greatest propaganda political subterfuge artist in America ever me boy. So what do you say, IRAQ was good, or VERY BAD for America? I know my answer without question. What is YOUR answer dude? MORONS ,every damn one of you…. Pitiable almost.

          52. I was not happy with Iraq !!
            I left W’s second term vote BLANK for more than just Iraq !!!!
            I apologize for my first endorsement !!!
            …But I also saw the polar opposite mistakes LIBERALS were offering to office.

          53. I just heard today that in Alaska a near run off contest was won by the Independent candidate there, meaning more liberal than the Palin legacy up there. What do you think of that? Alaska and Texas must be the two most Conservative states in the country I am betting. Times change and so do candidates. Obama’s record cannot be questioned for most if not all of his major policy direction. Especially the economy.

          54. …..and satellite data also show Antarctic cap growth where polar cap has receded to enviro whackos disbelief.
            Weather channel executive refutes evidence of Global warming now Climate change ( or whatever they call it a year from now)
            Grow up !! This argument can teeter totter all day !!!!

          55. Did you look at the CO2 concentrations graph? does that accumulation look cyclical to you? Not to me. Acidification (the declining pH) is having effects on sea creatures as we speak. Canary in the coal mine events. More acid conditions world over now, because what is happening in the Pacific would be happening everywhere that there is the 70% of water that covers Earth right. So you decide who has data to back up statements and who is using hair brained science to try to refute commonly accepted theory.

            MORE CO2 leads to warmer temps. so whatever. Carbon tax will be a business innovation jump starter too l as well as helping with a major international problem. U.S. with science and technology innovation can solve many of the emissions problems with more advanced engineering and design. It is a win – win proposition as far as I am concerned. The Koch brothers want less EPA regulations and YOU tell me why that is for an oil producing and refining conglomerate. Hmmmm, self interests just possibly? I guess so.

          56. Weather still happens you know. Arctic ice grows in the winter for N. Hemisphere and Antarctic Ice grows in S. hemisphere winter. That isn’t changing, but the degree melting in the summertimes are. That is WARMING right?

          57. YUP, I don’t know what McConnell is going to be doing coming up in Feb 2015. Do YOU ? I don’t think that you can tell me definitively can you?

            There is that little pinning down trick again buddy. When will you ever learn that YOU cannot answer direct questions at ALL, right?

          58. What about the original “Hope and Change” implied modifying the U.S. Constitution?
            You’re DAMN RIGHT I’m concerned about McConnell !!
            I’m not a happy conservative !!!
            People are voting against bad candidates !!!
            NOT FOR GOOD ONES !!!
            I KNOW THAT !!!!

          59. Tell me what in the Constitution “has been modified” would you please? That takes a 2/3 vote of BOTH House of Reps and Senate and I just not heard of that type of thing taking place in the past 5 years and 9 months, have you man? Get real and deal with basic issues that mean something, OK?

          60. Skirting law around Religious Freedom comes to mind very fast !!
            Taxing Americans for ABORTIONS or ABORTIFACIENT drugs against the Catholic Faith !! (BITE ME)
            Censoring the Associated Press as in the AP scandal (Freedom of the Press)
            …. THERE ARE OTHER discrepancies legislated apposing the CONSTITUTION even where it hasn’t been modified.

          61. I can give you that one, although it is a very minor issue for me personally, but your belief is what counts there. Otherwise , there is about zero Constitutional issues that I am aware of now.

            The only place I Have encountered 1st Amendment issues is when I was on Newsmax.com. It is TEA PArty centrale HQ. I did what I do here, engage for discussions. They blocked me permanently for disagreeing with TEA Party opinions. Now that is some kind of support for 1st Amendment rights from the far right isn’t it? Just absolutely deplorable I think.

          62. How many liberal sites do you believe allow me more than 1 comment, if I’m not moderated from their discussions out right ?
            One site even allowed 1 of my comments to stay and replies followed with more f-bombs than could have come from a Tourettes Syndrome patient on LSD.
            Of course I was banned while even being quite tame in my disagreement.

          63. I didn’t say that, nor could any of what I said even come close to implying that.
            I’ve seen some of your language, and I can assume they might have had their reasons.

          64. Crab Ive not seen any racist or bigoted signs or remarks from conservatives. Accusation is not proof. I have seen bigoted behavior from liberals.

          65. “specific” is your word so the quotes aren’t necessary.
            But the scandals and resulting congressional hearings are quite numerous.

          66. Nixon did create the EPA which Obama used & worships.What has Obama create other than division & racial hatred?

          67. The EPA, funny how any good intention can grow into a monster.
            Obongo, how about the epitome of a broken country ?

          68. Obama’s election demonstrated how many white racist’s that are yet practicing their craft in America, that is what has happened. TEA Party needs to add & white Racist to the description, don’t you think? So the divisiveness is all in how you approached the differences in the politics.

            NO one was calling Reagan that rat bastard OLD senile white racist guy in his terms were they? Blacks felt they weren’t receiving the proper representation of the Presidency, but that is not a new sentiment for that ethnic group. I can’t do much about them and what would you do with them? They were brought here as slaves by the most Conservative people in this country. The libs weren’t the Salve Trade folks, so pick you poison man.

            As for EPA, it has had the greatest health improvement impact of any organization in America over the course of its existence. Do you recall the burning Cuyahoga River in Cleveland OH that made it onto the cover of Time magazine in the late 1960’s? That pretty much told the story of massive disregard to air and water quality which are now quite good for a country of this size and economic manufacturing capacities.

            So now, Climate change is quite well accepted theory internationally and is already happening in certain areas of the World. CO2 emissions are a huge threat to our whole existence on a long term basis. If you are in denial of a problem (alcoholism) then there is no way that you can treat that problem with reasonable solutions is there?

            TEA Party is the party of denial. Everything you just say no, no, no & no. It doesn’t matter what it is. It is always no we don’t need EPA, no we don’t need Department of Education, no we don’t need Department of Commerce, no we don’t need to have Social Security, no we don’t need Medicare and hell no we don’t want to pay taxes to the government that has all of those responsibilities.

            So bottom line it is YOU, TEA Party that is irresponsible. You don’t want to take care of the obligations that this country has had since before WW II. So what do you want America to look like buddy?

          69. I want the USA to be as it is so even idiots have a say & opinion.Personal freedom should be inviotate.I dont know what you want.

          70. Tell me what personal freedoms in The Constitution do not apply to you? It sounds like you are expecting more than The Constitution guarantees. Constitution hasn’t been changed by 2/3 vote of Reps and Senate lately that I know of? What are you talking about specifically? Anything? MORON!

          71. Apparently a lot of racists voted for Obama Cause there are enough blacks to accomplish his success. DUMMY

          72. Nixon, Agnew and others didn’t have much of the media and Hollywood insulating them and their illegal acts from the public like the liberal politicians today. Most of the public knows that if they committed such acts, they’d be in prison. When you get a justice dept. on your side an the media to boot you can just go on and on pretending you did nothing wrong. Just run for president as a Democrat and you’ll never have to worry about your past. A Republican, your dead meat!

          73. Maybe some turncoat dems will help out, anything to save their own asses.It seems your mind has no redeeming values.

          74. I’m kinda hoping they all pull a Senator Mary Landrieu in fear of losing their plush office seats.
            Wouldn’t that just piss old crab apples off ??

          75. Notice Ordinary Neutron never uses his real name.
            Liers tend to need to hide themselves behind some weird name. Keeps them from the worry of regretting what they’ve said in the past.

          1. NO sense of humor or something GALTIC boy? I am about 6’5″ tall and 275 lb of maleness if you would like to meet up for a cage match some time imbecile? If interested, just look me up HONEY….

          2. ohh wow dude, you have all of the cutest insults that have ever been tried on TEA TArd comment threads. Why, I am just so offended OLD man with no shorts on. Do you like whacking the big carrot in front of all your TEA Tard idiocy legions possibly? PERVERT and imbecile, nice try ass wipes boy….randy moron . . . . LOSER….

          3. Here is my address big and tough one. 1339 Scheffer, Minneapolis Minnesota. You just show up at my front door anytime and make sure you knock first because you wouldn’t want to be gunned down in the failing years of your sorry life, right jack straw man? So if you want to face 6’5″ and 275 lb and are ready to rumble man, you just bring it on anytime buddy. I live to pound smarmy keyboard cowards like yourself straight into the ground like re-bar rods MORON…….

          4. Sorry. My last post wasn’t about you I was talking about your mom.
            I know her. Ask her how she got those stretchmarks on her cheeks. (Too much goo)
            1339 Scheffer? That’s Midvale school of the gifted.
            So long angry goo slurping boy.

          5. Really are you a necrophiliac by chance pervert? She died in 2004 but I can’t reveal where she is buried , else you come in the dark of night to molest the dead. You are one sorry ass imbecile aren’t you pal? FYI, 1339 Scheffer in Minneapolis doesn’t exist nut case. You can’t eve use Google like someone that has a brain, right cretin?

            BTW I did live pretty close to Cretin Derham Hall if you want to Google the most picturesque high school baseball field in America man. Home of Paul Molitor and Joe Maure, Seantrell Henderson. Have you heard of any of those guys dimwit? I played ball with Jack Morris moss brain. He won Game 7, 1991 World Series, pitching a 10 inning shutout. One of the ALL time best Game 7’s in Series history.

            So if you want to know what I am about poussy boy, then just look me up anytime. P.S. Black Jack Morris should make MLB HOF in a few years pal, but you will be dead by then so don’t bother your pretty little pussy brain about ii OK Delilah? MORON . . . . . .

          6. ” She died ”

            Did you hammer her into the ground like rebar? Did she choke on a root? Occupational hazard for those like your mom and in you case an inherited concern.

            Black Jack? He gave up the most hits, most earned runs, and most home runs of any pitcher in the 1980s.

            That’s Hall of fame performance all right. And why should I care.
            Kill anyone today blowhard?

          7. Huuuh, do you always wake up psychotic? Or is it your permanent state of mind moron. . . . . . . . How about Dave Winfield? Would you like to go over the greatest athlete from Minnesota and the ONLY person drafted in four professional sports in one year buddy? Are you that smart ass wipe? I doubt it.

            How many playoff series and World Series did good ole Black Jack pitch in TARD?

          8. So who cares what Letterman says? He is a joke guy. Do you make political fodder out of the “great mind of Dennis Miller” frequently? You are a damn imbecile and you are right, I don’t care what you have to say MORON……

          9. Letterman is more than a joke guy and you are too dumb to see it or too phony to admit it. Letterman is about politics and advancing his or his networks political agenda.
            You lied. You are just a blowhard with goo on his chin.
            You sound so bad ass about come on up to my house I’ll pound you in da ground like rebar blah blah blah and then give a fake address while accusing others of being pussies/cowards and hiding behind keyboards.
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            That’s funny

          10. GALTIC humor boy, you are just so full of snappy repartee aren’t you brother? Have you seen 6’5″ and 275 lb coming straight at you lately without your pistol in your hand BRAVEHEART? Wow, you are a big man with a gun in your hand I would bet.

            Cage matches don’t allow weapons do they BIG BOY? So give me YOUR address and I can be there in two or three weeks, just enough time to get your overheated brain to cool off and become rational possibly, yes? I have all day and money to travel anywhere that I please so I look forward to your “neutral site” cage match invitation , eh loser boy? ha, ha, ha ,ha …….

            This is just the latest in crazed psychoticly schizophrenic young people shootings in our country. Aren’t they just the epitome of gun culture here BIG britches boy? Read it and weep asshole…..


          11. Ooohhhh, a real kill em’ with your bare hands blowhard.
            I don’t like Letterman so you want to kill me?
            Does it make you mad that we all laugh at you here?
            Your funny. Not funny ha ha, the other one.

          12. Keep on laughing about whatever you think is funny mindless one. I could care less what Letterman does. He isn’t my role model. Is Dennis Miller yours? Charles Barkley is a better role model than either of the two joke tillers are. At least Barkley accomplished great things in a sport and now makes tons of money ” just being Charles”. That is a great life I can tell you. You didn’t supply me with your address yet, so why would that be moron?

          13. I’d hate to see you get lost leaving your neighborhood trying to find me.
            If you spit a little harder you wouldn’t have that goo hanging on your chin.

          14. John”The Baptist”, you never gave me YOUR address for some strange reason. I thought our cage match is ON, scrawny little frog boy?

          15. BIG bad John boy, if you just give me the name of your town, then I can find you wherever you might have a hovel of an existence in this great country of America dude. So just do that and then I can arrive at your doorstep so that you can see that I am not a liar like almost all TEA TARDS happen to be right dude?

            So send me those cards and letters and when you give me the RIGHT information, then I will make a visit to see you up close and personal moron, OK? See me, feel me, touch me pervert, but I am talking about The Who singing it , not a basement pervert like you slinging his dick across your computer screen right OLD MAN? asshole, get back to me ASAP.


          16. You gave me a fake address when you invited me up north to kick your butt.

            That and many other things make you a liar.

            Everyone around here knows you are nothing more than a liar, bully and a blowhard.

            My name is Mike and I live at 6671 Sunset Blvd, Suite 1521, Hollywood, CA 90028.

            Come get me blowhard.

          17. FUNNY dude. I Have a good friend that lives in Santa Monica that has been there since about 1985. I have been all over that area that you gave me and that address doesn’t show up on Google maps. HOW strange BIG BOY?

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          18. It is funny. That’s a real address and you are too dumb to find it. That’s rich!
            A big, dumb, blowhard. I knew it.

          19. What about the almost “literate Dennis Miller”? Don’t you like TEA PArty humor, er . . oh yeah . . . . I forgot. TEA PArty has NO sense of humor whatsoever right Einstein?

          20. How about those mid term elections?
            I bet you got just what you wanted.
            Letterman had the red but last night. Now that was funny. I enjoyed the anger and pain in his eyes. I might watch him again tonight.
            He’s just like you, a big loser with a tiny brain.

          21. I never even watch TV except for sports. I don’t waste money on mindless drivel from cable news channels and 500 channels that all do the same thing and have the same endless irritating advertisements. Do you enjoy becoming 5 IQ poinst dumber than you obviously are by turning on FOX Noise or “TV entertainment”? It is obvious that you won’t challenge what I can offer up to quell the hubris of TEA PArty. You have three months for TP to actually formulate “leadership policies”, not complaints and criticisms. I will have to wish you much good luck with that. Who is your philosophical compass now that Wm F. Buckley Jr. passed on several decades ago? Ohhhh, that’s right Limbaugh and Hannity and uhhhhh, well good luck with any others that you find. I think America has got Limbaugh and Hannity figured out for the partisan slander artists that they are right, MORON . . . . . ?

          22. Yes, every thing you claim showed true in the elections.
            HA HA HA HA.
            You make a lot of assumptions about me.
            Shows you don’t know poop from Shinola.
            Big loser, big mouth, little brain that’s you.

          23. First up veto for Obama is Keystone XL Pipeline project, coming right up dude. Just watch your C-SPAN and then tell me I don’t know what I am talking about little scaredy cat boy….. Coward.

            Give me your address man. I have to try to correct all of the scumbag insults that you have thrown at me OK little boy? Where’s your Mommy now? Are you hanging onto her apron as we speak BIG talker man? Coward.

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          26. “dealing with an insulting junior high school TEA TARD ”

            That would be too much for a big blowhard like you to deal with. Mentally and physically.
            I’ll keep my eye open for the short bus.

          27. FUNNY that the PATSIES AND POLS editorial staff took down my spokeo search of your address (yeah right?) . . .

            It wasn’t your name at that address BIG man. Why not? You do know about spokeo don’t you? Just Google it and then look up 1339 Scheffer in Minneapolis buddy. You will see what is what and what isn’t , right MORON?

          28. You give yourself way too much credit. You are monumentally dumber than you think.
            Don’t come down blowhard, I don’t care one way or the other.
            Wipe your chin. You should swallow or spit harder.

          29. So what do you think of spokeo my man? It’s a great tool for the cowards of the keyboards. You are the third TEA TARD that I have used it for. First guy was using “N” word left and right for about 10 comments. I told him to zip it. He continued. Then he mentioned his city (Memphis TN) to someone else that I saw and was using his real name on the site. What an idiot, right?

            So spokeo gave me 4 people to choose from. By his comments, he was the 70 yr old guy, just like you asshole. So he never made another comment on there. So you see, there are even more intelligent methods of finding really offensive people such as yourself TEA TARD, right? Get my point yet that junior high insults are really beneath a really fine old retired gent such as yourself?

          30. You are nutty as a jar of Planter’s.
            What you know and what you think you know are as screwed up as you are.
            Don’t come by and I won’t embarrass you.
            Remember. Swallow, spit hard and wipe your chin. That info there will serve you far better than Spokeo blowhard.

          31. If you give me the right address, then I will pay you a visit Little big man. You Are a TARD with no capacity for rational thought. That is probably why you own guns too.

            So whatever dude, you can shrink in the corner behind Mommy’s apron if you want to do that. It doesn’t bother me at all. I just want to point out how moronic all of YOUR kind really are, just like yourself asshole.

          32. “So whatever dude, you can shrink in the corner behind Mommy’s apron if you want to do that”

            I don’t let your Mommy hang around anymore. After I gave her those hideous stretch marks on her cheeks she didn’t appeal to me, that and her prices! She would whine “I have a giant bully blowhard living at home in my basement eating me out of house and home”
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          33. Even for a moron TEA TARD your memory is shot buddy. My Ma died many years ago. You are old and decrepit and really have nothing left to live for, do you imbecile? What is it like when you can’t even maintain a rational thought one time in your whole damn life buddy?

            I just have to pity such a really despicable sort of person that you are and the whole GROUP of TEA TARDS that you maintain have some level of intelligence. I know that IQ 85 is the highest of any TARD now after my 6 years of listening to your rants, conspiratorial fantasies, complete fabrications and downright schizophrenic paranoid psychosis blather that many of your kind throw out on public venues like this every single day.

            Y’all should be so proud of your Neanderthal sub-species upbringings. WE know that you can’t help it. After all , being half monkey really doesn’t give you a real edge in life does it MORON?

          34. You wouldn’t have the nuts to come here or the brains to find your way.
            Your life’s accomplishment is that you have become a bully, a blowhard, a goo gobbling effeminate windbag.
            No one is scared of a low I.Q. dose of hot air like you.
            Try not to kill anyone today with your bare hands blowhard.

          35. What is your address dude? Give me the right one and you are guaranteed an unannounced visit from me asshole. Just so that you can see 6’5″ and 275 lb casting a shadow on your front door chicken shitter. You Said that you would give me the right address, so don’t lie like all of the other TARDS do incessantly, OK man.

            I am just paying you a little social call to let you know that you shouldn’t talk the way that you do on these types of comment blogs, right man? You are scum and I would like to tell that to you , right to your ugly ass geriatric face ugly Mo’ friggerer . . . . Get it yet asshole?

          36. Please refer to my last post BLOWHARD
            A tall fat guy huh?
            Cut back a little on the protein. Spit don’t swallow.
            Read your own posts. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. That’s why we enjoy giving it to you. To see the big, tough bully whine and cry like a baby.
            So long loser!

          37. Give me your address dude. I will be in Atlanta for the first week of December, so you can expect a visitor at your door then BIG talker guy. What is the problem. I don’t believe in firearms dude, so it is just fist to fist like REAL men fight, right asshole?

          38. You got it. I knew I could give it to you and you were too dumb to find me.
            What are you going to Atlanta for? The Goo Gobblers world championships?
            My money is on you if your mom isn’t there.
            See you on my front porch bully.

          39. You can’t read what you post because it is the most worthless shit know to mankind , right dude? You are a freaking MORON and when do you give me your address for our little tete a tete in early December buddy? You will have the sweet tea and Jack Daniels waiting for me when I get there won’t you asshole?

          40. You didn’t give me any opinion on Keystone XL pipeline project due for Senate vote possibly today? Is it the best thing (or the WORST) for the U.S. right now? I know what I think about it.

          41. “You are one sorry ass imbecile aren’t you pal? FYI, 1339 Scheffer in Minneapolis doesn’t exist nut case.”

            So you don’t really want me to drop by? You were not telling the truth?

            What else have you lied about Andre the Giant?
            This might come as a shock to you. Everyone around here has your number.
            Ta ta blowhard, and wipe your chin. That’s gross!

          42. I think after Homosexual marriage, pedophile and bestiality are next on the liberal agenda.
            I wouldn’t compare perversions for what party you seem to promote !!

          43. Whoa man, can you give me what town that YOU live in by chance. I think I want to make an unannounced visit right to your front door asshole, just so that you can see what 6’5″ and 275 lb looks like staring your sorry ass down, OK LOSER boy? Just tell me where you subsist and then I will find you , really quick insulter MORON, OK? If you don’t tell me, then you are a cowardly insulter pervert aren’t you asshole? MORON . . . . . .

          44. I feel like I’ve taken up residence inside your little head, so why don’t you just go beat that against the wall.
            I might get a little rattled. LOL
            This is getting more fun every time you reply.

          45. Now what was your comment about “inappropriate comments” up above here Mr. Rodgers boy? touche I would have to say. I will find that GALT character and show up just to give him a heart attack my man. Every word I put on this type of deal is FACT and truthful. You folks do NOT hold to that standard very well , do you?

          46. Not Nice, I admit it but then again there really is no profanity in that statement, much as there is just a nasty suggestion.
            Not to mention there are plenty of sites that would ban me for such commentary and I accept that. Playing by the rules of any website is not necessarily a breach of free speech.
            You seem to enjoy music that I enjoy as well, so you might understand verses such as requiring a membership card to get inside (Signs, Signs).

      2. Will he have a joke about the next ISIS attack that will equal 9/11?
        How about some more be headings in the USA -compliments of the ISIS recruited in the American prisons?
        Here’s another one: How about an auction of sex-slaves captured at one of the liberal universities —your choice east or west coast?
        Oh don’t forget the borders —–HUMMM How about the influx of ISIS that flood in and take out a small border town—something like that??
        OMG— the possibilities for ISIS are endless-aren’t they?
        We indeed need to be armed and ready to take them our totally!
        What about the isis in the wh that is the muslimbrotherhood and association there or??? They have proven their treason to the USA and they aren;t citizens either.

        1. Hey Knots in your brain pal, Have you noticed all of those ISIL stolen Bradley APC humvees that have been just convoying across the Rio Grande River lately pal? Why hasn’t mainstream press been reporting these very subversive activities? Why hasn’t the Great voice of Texas, Gov Rick Perry spoken up lately on this one buddy? Is it because it is just a figment of your conspiratorial thinking possibly? If ISIL moves in , then the shooting should start really quick down there don’t you think pal? Imbecile…

          Oohhh and FYI, ISIL is Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or just Islamic STATE now. ISIS is just so last year for terminology. Are you sure that you are keeping up on this stuff pal? Your ideas just sound so damn crazy here for some strange reason?.

      3. If you thought Letterman was clever and tough on Republicans, just wait until Colbert takes over.
        You’ll be begging to have Letterman back!

        1. I’ll probably not watch Colbert as studiously as I do the current, mean, base, misguided Letterman.
          Letterman is not funny and his audience doesn’t laugh. It’s nervous twitter and clapping seals.

      4. Don’t get too relaxed…the globalist owners will make sure another lefty, progressive, arrogant, smart mouth will fill the spot.

    2. Quadcomputers, couldn’t agree with you more. We need to stop helping countries that won’t fight for themselves. What rationale do we use to help them. What reason do they give us for not using their military?

    3. bomb’m all the way back to oblivion quad. nothing else will settle the matter for these barbaric losers, many of whom live in third world conditions while claiming their god is so wonderful and yet so many are jealous of western culture and advancement. losers, the lot of them

      1. If he’s sick, what does that make you……….hmm! It amazes me the trolls that tend to predate patriotic blogs like …….just what the hell is Rx7pj? Do us a favor, be constructive and go play in traffic! In fact quadcomputers post is nails! Never experienced combat, have you?

        1. Patriotic blogs??? That’s what you call this? Since when is calling Letterman an idiot patriotic? And how is THAT constructive?
          Go play in traffic yourself.

          1. The truth hurts and yes Letterman is an idiot and an ultra-liberal supporter of the first muslim impostor to ever fraudulently sneak into the White House. The Democratic party is in reality, the Communist party and is wholly anti-Constitution and anti-American, way more so than the RINO faction of the GOP. Constructive is dealing with trolls like you who support gap toothed goofball liberals like Letterman. As far as playing in traffic is concerned, how about we both play in traffic and see who survives the encounter. My bet, it would not be you! And yes, this is a blog for patriots, there are plenty of Communist blogs where your leftist leanings would be much more welcome than here.

          2. Your hate and ignorance is showing again. Obama is NOT a muslim any more then YOU are. Nor is he an imposter. Letterman is one of the most popular late night hosts to ever be on tv. Your ignorant opinion of him put you in the VERY small minority. The Democratic party is no more communist then the republican party,
            I didn’t think you could say anything constructive, thanks for proving my point.
            As far as playing I’m traffic, my bet is you have NO clue what or who you’re talking to. Go play with youself, you’ll be safer that way.
            And this blog is NOT for patriots, it’s for hate mogering paranoid ignorant loosers like you. I don’t think you even know what a patriot is. You sure don’t talk like you do and definitely not like you are one.

          3. Besides being an ignorant fool, what exactly is “playing I’m traffic.” Your dumb as a box of rocks and ignorant as to what really is going on. Your boyfriend has been outed as a member of the muslim brotherhood, he’s an impostor with no, absolutely no, qualifications for the office he stole! All of his records, required to be presented to the people verifying his eligibility have never been proffered! He is the dumbest, most incompetent, weak assed buffoon to ever sit in the oval office! Short of pretending to play golf, going on expensive vacations, campaigning endlessly, trying to hide his preference for men and failing to attend the majority of his intelligence briefings, he or it is a complete ZERO! I won’t waste anymore of my time with an ignorant troll like you. And as for who I’m talking to, I could care less. On your best day you threatening my safety would make me scratch my head wondering just who you think you are, if you weren’t so pathetic! I’ve put my life on the line for my country and seen and survived more than i care to relive but be that as it may, anything that doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger and your idle insinuation that your a big bad boy, really? Special OPS trained me well, training I’m grateful for, training I will never forget, training that kept me alive. I am bound by my oath to the Constitution and refuse to stand by while my country is being driven into the abyss by an American hating fraud who is hated by over 90% of the military…….a fact just recently released by a top Navy SEAL, a brother!

          4. ArmyCombatVet…I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and dedication, as well as all the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces.
            My love and appreciation for our military has grown even stronger over the last five years because I don’t believe it is getting a fair shake from the current administration.

          5. Got your 6 brother. I did what I was trained to do and will forever salute those brothers that gave it all up for God and country. Us vets main job is to keep the memory of our fallen forever alive and stand to in their memory. May God bless and keep them!

          6. Thanks for your kind words, especially in light of the demented whack job, crab apples. The certifiably insane, through some crack in the system, manage to pollute patriot blogs and attack posters who could care less what they think! “It” seems to identify with the term MORON and in “it’s” case if the shoe fits, well you know the rest. Anyway thanks again and your right, our active duty brothers and especially our vets in need are being screwed by the VA. It is unconscionable, I know first hand! Families have been destroyed because many brothers have committed suicide having become hopeless being denied the treatment they were promised and in many cases for more than two years! Yet the people running the VA keep getting raises and promotions. Lawless and disgusting!

          7. All the problems are somebody else’s fault always, right whack job? Just like Obama hasn’t done one thing right in his Presidency? Did you agree with Iraq 2003 incursion possibly pal? It was only the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the U.S. , but what is $3 trillion of taxpayer incurred debt and a whole lot of dead people, military and civilians alike? If you want to talk issues and not just TRASH that Seals seem to like to do, then make your voice heard brother. There is a 1st Amendment in this country, or weren’t you aware?

            I hope that you read the Jesse Ventura story because it really demonstrates upper Midwest values (honesty and dedicated services) to the trolls that patrol Texas. Ventura brought the defamation lawsuit on principle because he doesn’t need the money. He was Governor of the state of Minnesota and not an a bad one at that. What are you going to do with the rest of your life besides shoot firearms and boast that you are “highly trained”?

            Do you have a REAL goal in life pal? Those vets that like to spread the wealth of how rough and tough they are, usually have some self esteem and ego conflicts. As I said, you had better take the MMPI -2. VA will administer the test for you. It would be well worth your while because I can see you as one of the next beserk former military guys gone bad. Psychosis descends and then you get the trigger finger real itchy and find some innocent civilians to gun down. You do remember Chas Whitman in the tower in Austin TX (Texas University mass shooting)? This is his final chapter story of life from wikipedia . . . . . * * * * Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American engineering student and former U.S. Marine, who killed 16 people and wounded 32 others in a spree shooting in Austin, Texas on the University of Texas at Austin campus in and around the Tower on the afternoon of August 1, 1966. Three people were shot and killed inside the university’s tower and eleven others were murdered after Whitman fired at random from the 28th-floor observation deck of the Main Building. Whitman was shot and killed by Austin police officer, Houston McCoy.[1][2][3][4][5]

            Prior to the shootings at the University of Texas at Austin, Whitman had murdered both his wife and mother in Austin. The shooting would remain the deadliest shooting on a U.S. college campus until the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. *******

            SO to conclude, this stuff isn’t new at all and it just keeps repeating. So do more reading and try and improve your psyche since you’ve proved to someone that you are tough physically, which I commend you for and I do thank you for the service that you provided. It is just the aftermath of military service duty which worries me a lot these days.

          8. Hey Vet man,have you been checked for paranoid schizophrenia at any point pal? Your mind is just so jumbled with hateful stuff that you are a very likely candidate for psychiatric guidance. I DO know that MMPI -2 test checks on this stuff quite well honey, so just do that so you don’t end up killing someone in your psychotic rage and gun obsession imbecile. Ohhhh, and thank for all of your great service too PAL…. MORON……

          9. The village is looking for it’s idiot, no need to look no more you’ve been found. One other thing, I’m not your honey, I’m not psychotic, pot calling the kettle black on that one. My post wasn’t meant for the mentally unstable, so keep your demented BS to yourself. Your the one who needs help and by all means put the drugs down. Mentally imbalanced, really? Want to see it, just look in the mirror! As far as your father-in-law is concerned, if in fact your not hallucinating again………I thank him for his service! Your one crazy mofo! MORON, great self analysis with your sign off! Oh and don’t bother to respond, use your time to seek professional health……you need it!

          10. I have been checked out, several times. First on my way into Pharmacy School in 1976, then another time or two later in the process of professional work my man. So as I asked, what are you planning on doing with the rest of YOUR life , being superbly trained for any eventuality among the living? Are you going to be an SA gasoline clerk or maybe a supermarket check out boy? That is a challenging line of work for someone as skilled as yourself (as you have presented to us here at least).

            Again, my F I Y would have never even thought to boast about what her went through: D-Day, through France and he was in the foxholes with the Nazi artillery screaming into the Ardennes with Panzer tanks approaching Bastogne, Battle of The Bulge if you might recall a little “ancient WW II history”. right. Keep your lips zipped and do something good with your life other than sitting with a keyboard proclaiming you are God’s gift to mankind.

            Did you ever read the Jesse Ventura defamation trial story? I didn’t think that you would because Texans are “too good” for education. Just ask Gov. Perry about that? He doesn’t believe that ANY money should be spent to educate people does he? Just put everyone to work in minimum wage jobs in Texas. He is doing a great job of that. He leads the nation in minimum wage job creation. That is really a fine state you live in.

            Blackwater is called what now and why do they keep changing their name surreptitiously buddy? You need to listen to an adult, because you are obviously juvenile in your mental functioning yet. I hope that it’s me that you just might give a bit of thought about. Trust me. I know much about psyche and how it can get damaged in adolescence but that is about a 3 hour topic for another time dude.

          11. It’s one thing to be considered a fool, quite another to make unfounded, ludicrous, and baseless comments to another and remove all doubt. That being said, I would compare my experience, education and success in life to yours any day of the week. Calling me a juvenile, really? You don’t know me. Your accusations are baseless and quite frankly your full of shit! It easy for you leftist enablers to hide behind patriot blogs and denigrate those you know nothing about, hoping to get their attention as our nation sinks into an unrecoverable, unrecognizable fragment of it’s former self, led by a confirmed impostor and his band of criminal usurpers! The intel by the way is overwhelming and beyond reproach. One thing I know for sure, when the you know what hits the fan, I will still be standing and you, well, fat chance! I’m done responding to you, that’s for the personnel in the psychiatric ward!

            Final word of advice, take your crap fest to a liberal blog where they might actually put up with your puerile clap trap.

          12. So what are you doing with the rest of your life? Simple question and I know that you can answer it…. or don’t you really want to do that? BIG MAN. . . .You are full of yourself BIG BOY, that is what is most obvious to me. I am about 30 years your senior by my estimation. If you think that you have more “life experience JACK” then bring it on buddy. Otherwise keep a low profile and do your F’ ing job , whatever it might be OK HONEY?

          13. Trained SEAL boy, did you happen to catch the Jesse Ventura trial of your “Texas Navy SEAL hero” that got shot at the firing range by a psychotic shooter buddy? I will give you the link to see how well lying in court goes over in St. Paul Federal Circuit court. Guess what pal, lying doesn’t get the “not guilty verdict” does it imbecile and cretin… ?

            You should use VETS GI benefits to actually get an education instead of boasting about nothing on a stupid site like this one brother. You sound quite mentally imbalanced to me. My father in-Law was Army Ranger that went in first on 6 June 1944, Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan unit style honey. He never made boasts of what happened to him in Europe ever. You are just another attention seeking moron pal . Trained idiocy. So take a bit of friendly advice about your unstable mental situation. Get your mental condition evaluated and I am NOT kidding about this. You are a lit fuse buddy.

            Maybe this reading will hit a chord in your rotten brain dude. . . . . . .


          14. Your are the ignorant one and you are the one that suggested “playing in traffic” so you can guess what it means.

            I have NO boyfriend, maybe you’re confused thinking about yours.

            If you’re attempting to talk about Obama, he is NOT a muslim, that alone shows how ignorant you are. He has ore qualifications then bush or reagan had and he did NOT steel them, where do you get this crap??? Probably one of the smartest Presidents we have had, Bush 2 ranks at the top most working people are democrats of the list of dumbest. Where do you get this crap, “failing to attend the majority of his intelligence briefings” total garbage, Obama like all presidents has a security briefing EVERY morning.
            I’m still scratching my head wondering abut your threats to me, who do you think you are??? I’ll never forget the training I’ve had either, so what, your claim that you’re the baddest kid on the block is ridiculous and shows how much of a low life redneck idiot you truly are..
            Your ridiculous hate filled ignorant rhetoric is getting nauseating,
            Go talk in the mirror form now on, that’s the only person buying your horsesh**.

    4. I, wonder why these so called “icon’s”, of T.V. talk shows, “never” got some “guts” to say what’s right, or true, when they are on the verge of terminating their “talk” careers…….Liberals, on National Liberal T.V. start to “get some guts”? They Can’t be trusted to tell it like it is……They have to be “Liberal”, …..for what reason? So that other Liberals, will tune in? Leno, Letterman, delivered the Liberal “crap” for too many years! Letterman, thinks “Killery”, will be the next President? “GOD HELP AMERICA…….Say it isn’t so! Just this am, “Killery”, said: Don’t think that Corporations, & businesses, create jobs”…[ ! Please America, DON’T ELECT THIS IGNORAMUS TO THE TOP JOB OF AMERICA………] Barak “Ebola” Bama, has all but ruined America, with his “HOPE & CHANGE”……America’s economy is gone……our integrity is gone, our world respect is gone, America’s morality, is gone, our Constitution, is severely damaged through incompetence, & A misguided Attorney General, with much larceny, & ignorance in his heart……A Cabinet of socialist inspired “czars”, & miscreants, that can’t do the job they were appointed to…….America, has lost too many of their capable, brilliant Military, by Barry’s inability to consider any opinion, but his own, & “that”, is seriously in question as to even a fraction of credibility! No America…..We can’t survive another 4, or 8 more years of Liberal ruination……..Our Children, will “never know” what a “great country we used to have”! NO HILLERY”! EVER……EVER Please God……Spare America from any more insanity!

      1. I disagree with everything you blurted out Ron. Rx is right, you’re sick, and you’re especially wrong about the servicemen being lost because of Obama’a “opinion.” They were killed in Bush’s war, which he should have named “Barack’s Problem.”

        1. That contention, Bush’s War, is entirely unfactual.
          More servicemen have been killed in Afghanistan under Obama’s “Rules of Engagement” than were killed under Bush in eight years. That is the fact.
          Do you think, Shitme, that Bush should step down after 8 terms?

          1. PUDDLE boy? What are you talking about 8 Bush (Presidential) terms for? Do you know what the Constitutions says about Presidential term limits yet pal? Imbecile….

          2. I haven’t found anyone over the emotional age of 16 on this comment thread yet, including your imbecilic ass buddy. Bring it on, any time and anywhere M” ducker of questions boy. Tell me why it is TEA Party standard debate policy to NEVER answer a question directly good buddy? I have been on TEA Party haunts for 6 years now , since the comedy act of Sen. McSAME and Sarah “the cheerleader” Palin.

            I have not found ONE TP spouter that will engage in a direct policy question. So for you , the toughest one of all. Immigration is such a terrible problem for us now in the U.S. or so your side wants to claim. U.S. Senate passed legislation for reform of immigration and sent it on over to the House of Reps about a year ago and that legislation is still sitting on Boehnner “the Bonehead’s” desk for some strange reason.

            Can you tell me why that is if immigrants “are ruining” this country as FOX Noise would have the IQ 85’er s believe. IF it’s that bad of a deal, then vote on it Bonehead boy. If that legislation is insufficient, then what do YOU propose to stop the problem? You cannot say “enforce the law” because that is simplistic and really doesn’t work very well as the current situation points out. Perhaps you are in favor of the $1 -2 trillion “border fence” project, so that is one option for your Taxed Enough Already Party to advance.

            You see buddy, the problems that y’all love to complain about are typically very tough problems to solve. After all, since Reagan signed the last “immigrant amnesty legislation”, now GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush have come and gone and that “TERRIBLE PROBLEM” just keeps getting worse and worse doesn’t it buddy? And TEA PArty says it is “ALL Obama’s fault” for some odd reason. There are about five direct questions which you won’t answer until Dick Cheney-ville (HELL) freezes over, right puppy petting & puddles boy? MORON……

          3. “This [the casualties] isn’t all Bush, as Obama made the decision to continue the war in Afghanistan. But Bush set in motion policies that wound up costing about $4 trillion.
            It’s also cost a lot of lives. The most accurate data we have are on U.S. military casualties: 6,648 service members have died in Iraq and Afghanistan to date, a large majority of the deaths occurring under Bush’s presidency. Civilian casualties are harder to count. The UN mission in Afghanistan estimates that 14,728 civilians died there between 2007 and 2012. That, of course, does not include casualties of the invasion and occupation between 2001 and 2006.”
            (Washington Post)
            Twist it anyway you want, Perdido, but Bush’s war became Obama’s war. (A war he voted against when he was a senator)

          4. Um, hm.
            Did Obama have the authority to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan?
            Did Obama have the authority to withdraw the troops from Iraq?
            How have those decisions (and the idiotic rules of engagement) worked out?

          5. Yes, yes and much better than the original Cheney & Rumsfeld Iraq “create a disaster plan” for War. Does that answer your idiotic questions. Obama is the Commander in Chief as you might recall from 9th grade Civics class moron. So who do you think will be fooled into thinking that YOU are an adult Puddles? And why do leave puddles under wherever that you sit Pigpen boy?

    5. Thumbs up Quad. This so-called religion is a Fascist Political Ideology that Can-Not coexist with any form of Democracy. The Saudis fund many ABC Muslim organizations that funnel money to our corrupt politicians for the spread of Islam. One thing all these sects of Islam have in common is to make Islam the world’s religion and the only religion. Check out the Saudi’s human rights violations and you’ll get a picture of what the world will be like should they succeed. The most dangerous form of Jihad is Stealth Jihad going on under our noses right here in America. For those of you who don’t believe it then how is it we have a Muslim for president who has put many Muslims in key positions in our government. Check out England, France and Holland to see how the Stealth Jihadists have taken a toll on these countries. Where are the Islamists organizations protesting ISIS? the name ISIS shouldn’t even be recognized, by doing so we give them legitimacy, check out what France’s president has to say about these seventh century barbarians that call themselves ISIS and you’ll understand what I mean.

        1. its not your vote anymore that matters, its the popular vote the states that have changed their laws, states like California, if everyone in the state has voted conservative and the lead is Democrat for presidency, the state gives its votes to the democrat. elections arent fair anymore!

          1. Remember what Ben said when asked what kind of a government have you given us back in 1776 or therebouts? He said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” It is time we set about keeping it and our freedoms the same way they did back then.

          2. Don’t forget the voter fraud. As much a 8 to 10 percent of votes cast for Democrats is through voter fraud and those percentages are going up with each election. That’s why the Dems are so vehemently set on blocking voter ID laws!

          3. Bingo, ratdaddy. They keep crying that fraud is not a problem. So whay are they all trying to sue the states that have voter ID laws and shouting down those that want them. Like Shakespear said, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose”

          4. Um…..that’s known as the Electoral College…..been around since the days it took too long to travel around by horse and buggy. Unfortunately, it’s something that could have been done away with after WW2….but people didn’t see the communist/socialist threat ever coming to the USA….now there’s no way reps for the so-called blue states would ever go along with it. Mark it down for something to be changed after your next revolution (along with “anyone who’s been on government assistance for over 3 years running doesn’t get to vote!” Certainly the Founding Fathers never imagined a society where people get to vote to have other people pay for their BigMacs and Large Fries!).

          5. I heard of this new election law that 2broke is talking about. I didn’t realize it became law. I have to check into it more. Of course this was a liberal plan, because according to them, EVERYTHING is outdated and don’t work these days. Your reason for the Electoral College is incorrect. It was to give the smaller States with a smaller population a more level playing field. The founding fathers were political geniuses.

      1. The Establishment(everyone at the Rockefeller building) has decided it`s Hillary vs Bush/Romney. Everyone in that building from GE to Al Sharpton is phony.

    1. They’re not really Tired of president Obola, they’re just scared of going into the sinkhole he’s made under America’s foundations.

    2. For sure they are Tony…but those hardened liberals do not want the entitlement machine to close down so they continue to vote the next liberal coming down the pike. What a shame!

      1. Agreed. Keep the natives happy with trinkets and beads (and that is all they really are). I can remember that video of a woman all excited about free gas, cars and free rent. That ain’t gonna happen unless you are an expert at gaming the system and don’t get busted.

        1. It worked for the Romans for awhile….Bread and Circuses….but remember what happens to those who don’t learn from history? Apparently our leaders these days can’t manage much beyond a comic book (and the libertards had to add a sick twist to the demise of ARCHIE, didn’t they?!)

    1. I can’t understand why someone didn’t punch Letterman hard enough to drive his pearly whites down his throat, when he made that “joke”. Imagine if that slanderous remark had been made by a conservative talk show host.

        1. If you’re referring to Rush Limbaugh, I’m afraid I’ve never heard him say anything as crude as what letterman said about the young Palin girl. It may have happened, and I just missed it. I don’t listen to Rush every day.

      1. The Palin’s should sue him for suggesting that on the air to the sicko’s waiting to see what they can do next to a young woman!!! If anything happens to that young woman I hope Letterman gets a bullet between his eyes!!

        1. Yeah!……Me too. But maybe a swift swat to the groin with a Louisville Slugger would leave a more lasting impression, but that assumes their’s something there to leave an impression on.

  2. Only a Lib would come up with the “Hilary’s problem” joke. It is funny, but what is not funny is that it is a problem now for all of us and will be a bigger problem later. Even if elected it will never be Hilary’s problem as she will just deny it. lie about it, ignore it or blame it on “W”.

    1. It’s not funny but we should take it as a warning.
      The left’s plan is clear, more decades of this social crap under a cheating lying Liar-in-chief.
      Does anybody know if she’s taking golf lessons?
      You know what to vote for in two weeks if you have half a brain.
      If not you’re one of them and bad news for America.

  3. There is nothing funny about “BO” or “Hillary”, they are both liars and will do anything in support of their agenda. In case you’ve forgot, hillary as a 27 year old staff attorney for the house judiciary committee during the watergate investigation, hillary was fired by her supervisor, lifelong democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why she was fired, Zeifman said in an interview, “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the house, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality.” It appears that the aforementioned are the new rules for our politicians – it’s truly time to clean house and let these liars feel the rath of God.

  4. How sad and scary that the Hilldabeast is still a candidate for President, let alone not in jail. That whole stock market thing, Vince Foster, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and support of the current Traitor-In-Chief. One would think she has support from the 4th Estate who just might be ignoring the crimes against America, the disregard of the Constitution, and the elitist and Socialist policies. Oh, and that husband of hers, too.

    1. And can’t you just see “First Lady Bill” running amok and having “no sex” with the interns? I can’t believe the American people will vote for her. and especially don’t think Monica will cast her vote for Killary.

      1. I know for sure he will be able to control her weak mind…didn’t he get away with running around with a pair of panties on his head when he talked Hillary into believing he was trying to cure his sex addiction by going on the patch?

      2. Neither will I !!!! She is such a low form of human being with 49 people who worked for the Clintons , all dead! Check their names out ,their position and how they died! And they will vote for that evil witch?? I want to se a man run our country!! A patriotic AMERICAN and get the muslim brotherhood out of the white house!!!

  5. On Hillary, I find it very unfair that a new TV series, “Madam Secretary” is coming to the screen. Oh No, and I used to really love Teo Leoni. This whole series is nothing more than a campaign for Hillary. This is powerful in that it influences the low information voter of both sexes.
    The second thing that bothers me is that in her last year in college, she did a senior thesis on Saul Alinsky.
    You can always tell when she is lying as she flashes that stupid “What difference does it make” grin.

    1. It is funny you mention this; I had thought the same thing, and also it shows her having to go head on with the buffoon of a president. The only thing they could have done to be more obvious would have been to not gotten Carradine to play the part, and gone with a black(ish) actor instead.

  6. The fact that anyone thinks Hillary could make a good President is laughable, she is absolutely brain dead, just look at how she handled the Bengasi issue, the very least she could have done is send some F18 fighter jets to do a low level by pass, SHE DID NOT DO THAT AND IF YOU THINK SHE HAS AMERICAS BEST INTEREST AT HEART, THINK AGAIN. She at her very best is incompetent at everything she has done INCLUDING BEING A LAWYER.

  7. BULL S–T,Hilary wont be president ,,,IF,we can convince the low class,un-educated,welfare queens,that the obozo money has RUN OUT !!! Sorry,dudes and ladies,,,NO MO,means no more,,,,get a job…

  8. Trust in the bought Letterman media clown or Hillary are both South of the lowest whale droppings. Do you not remember why Hillary was fired, why the Clintons were in court with Bill’s rape charges, The Arkansas land deals, the Foster papers , Fosters untimely death and the young intern’s life ruined by Bill. Hillary was his lawyer in all. Was the 9/11 attack on our Benghazi embassy so long ago that you are willing to look the other way for our lost ambassador and our brave Seals? America cannot afford another liar with zero morals in our oval office and YES it does matter now. Think before you mark that ballot, Hillary is a documented liar with zero morals, America can do better. Do not put another liar in the oval office in the name of diversity. Diversity is a load of excrement that needs the handle pushed as we cannot afford more lying incompetence.

  9. Liberals will NEVER admit they were wrong…they will only say they knew it all along and then run away from it as fast as they can. Taking responsibility is a conservative attribute.

    God continue to open the eyes of liberal fools!

  10. Used to watch Letterman, until I heard him make some pro-gun control jokes,(it was a while back) like I used to listen to NPR, until I heard they made contributions to pro-gun control organizations,(again, a while back). Now, Letterman just assumes the sow at the taxpayer hogtrough called Billary, who let an American embassy be blown up and burned and its residents be executed while she yawned, is going to “handle” the coming 3rd World War with “Die Infidel” fanatics. Uh-huh. I see. S’cuse me while I step outside to watch the migration of the winged pink unicorns.

  11. The real problem not the leftist Letterman . Real problem are the idiots who watch him and who thinks Ben Affleck is smartest guy on planet cos he does cool movies .

  12. If you get cockroaches in your home and kill them, but miss
    a few or a few somehow live, it won’t be long until you are appalled again when
    one walks on your table or something, so you spray or whatever again, and maybe
    they come back again, the problem is they are hard to wipe out, you have to go
    all out using 2-3 things and then you will have some peace not bothered every
    few weeks or months. So I believe that
    we need to get just as tough with ISIS, Hamas, who ever, and wipe them out or
    if not all so close that it would take them 500 years to come back. We should
    help Israel hit Hamas, we hit ISIS, they are the same thing, one is not as
    tough yet, but I think Israel could clean house if we helped them, and we could
    too and I know Israel would back us, especially if we ever get a leader again. ISIS, Hamas = cockroaches.

      1. Thank you.

        I’m sick and tired of this, if we are not vigilant then they
        will kill us again and again, 1 here 1 there, sometimes more and we will have
        hell until we wake up the low information voter types, get a leader and get
        serious with them.

  13. Why does everyone assume Hillary the Benghazi Killer will be our next President? Is there no hope for an honest election by the people for the people? America may not survive the balance of Obummer’s term but if she is elected then America is definitely gone. I fear for the future of our country.

    1. she is radically worse than obama is now!!let that sink in and then pass it along!read up on her from first year in collage to present,it will make you sick and wonder how she ever got anywhere in politics!!!

  14. so if this total hag hillary[gag]does get to be[gs]prsident,is she going to blame obama for everything that goes south for her?!?!so obama will be the worst prez ever with like 12 or 13 years of crap on his head!but she will never be president,she has way to many scandles under her belt to be,and her conections to crimes commited by friends(ayres,the big one)her fat nasty ass will never warm the WH seat!,,,

    1. That’s what I thought about obozos skinny, almost black ass…BUT there it STILL sits..what’s wrong with this picture?!!!

  15. Letterman will go on his merry way, totally oblivious to what has become of America. He and his kind ignore anything that does not conform to the liberal mindset. I have not seen him or his show for at least 20 years. The biggest problem we have going into this election is that the war on western civilization is ongoing and this administration ignores it. Does anyone think it might be different under a Clinton administration? She has as much disdain for our military as the Kenyan.
    Why is it that every elected politician, when he or she enters their place of employment, has armed guards? From the federal down through small boroughs, there are either armed guards, or the pols themselves are free to carry a firearm. But, we the people…for whom the constitution was put together, are encouraged to wait for a first responder if we are in peril of our lives or possessions.
    Are their lives and loved ones more important that our own?

    Anyone that wants to perpetuate the Democrat Party running the country, is saying they trust the govt. to take care of them. They are fools, and the liberal mentality is an exercise in futility.

    1. Don’t forget. When the troops are sent to the front lines the generals are way in the back sipping tea and crumpets.

      1. Bob…you may be correct, but that has little to do with the topic.
        The only time the leaders are out in front of the charging masses, is in Hollywood movies or some political propaganda presentation.
        We don’t elect our reps to go to war for us…although, if one considers that concept…it might not be a bad idea.
        The struggle with groups such as ISIS, date back to the Crusades and even before. The difference in ideology between Islam and Christianity is that the Christians that follow their religion, live within it. In radical Islamist camps…they live for it.

  16. Letterman thinks he’s funny now when he destroys a Christmas tree during the holiday celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ but wait until he has to be judged by God almighty for his blasphamy. This type and kind of behavior proves that liberals are mentally disturbed.

  17. The democratic party is corrupt to the core. Every decision made by the incompetent Obama administration is based on one thing and one thing only – politics! The far left ideology has given minorities the final say in what direction our nation is headed. It’s sickening to see the unions fall in lock step with this corrupt party so they don’t have to pay into their retirement or health benefits. Who does that help? The unions who are a minority. It’s sickening to see the main stream media become an arm of the democratic party. What do they gain by this? A sure position as the Pravda of America who has and will conform to the governments will. It’s sickening to see radical minorities with their complicit anti-constitutional left wing judges tear apart the very fabric of American society. “We the people” has now become “We the perverted”. Every God fearing citizen of the United States of America must open their eyes, come out of hiding and fear nothing for “with God on our side, what can men do to us”?

    1. Actually, she even saw the campaign issues working with Obama and split well in advance of 2016 trying to save her political ass for first female incompetent President.
      Kinda neat considering we’ll be ending the first incompetent black presidential terms.

  18. Hillary will never be a President we American’s will see to it she is sent back to her friends ISIS , then they can use her for their own puppet!!

  19. Bed Wetterman’s assumption that the complicit to murder Hitlery Klingon will be the next president is one reason that I haven’t watched this unfunny, so called comic for years. hse is no more than a horn tooting (figuratively speaking, as I hear he prefers girls) for the SLITWH * ANOTHER WASTE OF SPACE !
    * Serial Liar In The White House

  20. Here in the North East we have (3) Islamist terrorist training camps. (1) in Saylosburg PA, (1) in Hancock NY and (1) on the out skirts of Boston Ma. I wrote senator Toomey’s office since Saylorsburg is very close to where I live. This is the response from his office. There have been numerous complaints from local resident, and the FBI are monitoring them. Please go on line and read some of the complaints filed on the behalf of the neighbors to the local and state police. They are frightening!!! We have Terrorists running through our forests with automatic rifles and explosives. The federal government is allowing terrorists to train to murder Americans, on American soil? They have helicopters circling the compounds keeping prying eyes away.
    Residents report explosions and automatic gun fire at all hours of the day & night.

    I ask everyone of you reading this post to contact your local representative in congress to open investigations into these terrorist groups….

    1. So then you have seen with your own eyes, ALL of those ISIL infiltrators coming through some unknown borders of America right conspiratorial dude in psychosis? WOW, you are just an imbecile… & moron too of course….Get a freaking life pal. No one believes a single word that you spout on here.

      1. Look I wrote Pat Toomey the senator from PA he said the FBI is monitoring the group.
        I drove up to Salylorsburg to see for myself, they are there!!!! In front of the compound there are armed guards and a guard house.

        Are you one of them? Are you with CARE or one of those other Muslim Extremist groups.
        Do Muslims extremist groups monitor Conservative sites because they are afraid of being found out? I don’t know just asking?
        So is that why you’re all full of anger? I believe that maybe you are a Muslim extremist Troll ???

        This group has been implicated in 50 murders around the country. So are you a terrorist supporter? Maybe I should write my senator about crab apples?

        BELOW IS A LINK TO ANOTHER SITE: GOOGLE TERRORISTS IN SAYLORSBURG read for your self. The FBI just raided one of their sites in Washington state!!!


        1. Well, if they are there then all I can say is keep up the fight pal. I really don’t care that much about what happens in the land of Quakerville because you produced the God fearing moron Rcik Santorum right man? . . . . . . . This is his fine record from 2012. . . . * * * * * Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania declared his candidacy on June 6, 2011.[14] He won in Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri (non-binding primary), North Dakota, Oklahoma andTennessee. He came second in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico, and third in Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Santorum suspended his campaign on April 10, 2012, following the hospitalization of his three year old daughter Isabella, as well as a strong showing by front runner Mitt Romney in recent primaries and polls.[15][16][17] He conceded the race to Romney later that day, though didn’t fully endorse him until May 7.[18][19][20] Santorum received nine delegate votes at the convention, coming in third behind Romney and Ron Paul, despite having officially released his bound delegates to Romney.

          So if you could post a Reuters or AP media story on the subterfuge that you claim is going on there , then I might actually take your comment seriously. Otherwise you are deranged and in need of some serious psychiatric assistance buddy. It’s your life and I won’t tell you what to do. If you hang out with morons like Sanatorium, then you become moronic yourself, right dude?

          1. OK piss ant get in your Prius and drive down from New York like so many of the other Liberals idiots do to gawk at the foliage.

            Then go to downtown Saylorsburg and ask anyone they will point you in the right direction. Everyone Knows where they are. Since you are a liberal progressive douchebag i included a MSNBC video…


          2. I really prefer the Boundary Waters Canoe Area buddy. There are no guns or motors anywhere in the wilderness areas. So you can keep your anti terror beat buddy, if that is what consumes you. Canada has been a very good neighbor to the U.S. and I really like all Canadians that I have met in my life. I really abhor idiot TEA Partiers like you mutton chops boy.

            Keep on fightin’ dude if that is what “turns you one”. What a damn moron like all of the rest of your gun obsessed MORON’s Klubb of IQ 85’er’s. Still think Cheney is the greatest guy ever pal? What a sorry excused fora political party you sub species of humans are. Cromagnon by documented progeny. Congratulations pal. Take a few remedial adult ed courses and maybe you can work your way up to an IQ Of 90 buddy. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……

          3. Go drown yourself on one of your Canoe trips. You leftist liberal putz. Why don’t you head on up to Canada with the rest of the Leftist Liberal communists deserters. and stay. AAA!!
            Yeah us knuckle dragging neanderthals have been protecting your pansy ass liberals for years.
            While you and your buddies protest, burn down city centers and defecate on police cruisers. Sorry pal you and the rest of the leftist liberal buddies suck badly.
            Why would I need adult ed I graduated Phi Beta Kappa UCONN

          4. SERIOUSLY dude. I guess U Conn academic standards are not all that high, right man? I have no interest in Ferguson MO. I hope the investigation shows that the kid tried to get the cop’s gun, although that is very hard to prove without video evidence right scholar boy?

            So whatever happened to that great GW Bush Institution know as Department of Homeland Security pal? Isn”t that mangled bureaucracy supposed to be protecting America buddy? Do we need MORE militia in America today pal? Do you believe in ” a well regulated militia” standards being applied in the 2nd Amendment? Maybe we can have some useful discussion here if you are actually about 100 for IQ man. What do you say? I have no malice for non-complainers in the TEA Party (that is a very rare bird, isn’t it pal?)…. Send me some talking points.

          5. I think you are the deranged one!! When you drive down from New York don’t forget to wear Orange after all its dear season. We wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen A stray 308 blackout could really place a damper on your day.

          6. You got nothing to say now! right big mouth!!! You leftists live in a dumb-bubble. Now i demand an apology douchebag…

        2. I’d put him (crab apple) at 15 or 16 years old, maybe the last child of a pissed off first tier GM employee who can’t stand the lower paid tiers for saving GM and their jobs.
          DAMN SCABS !! (sarcasm)
          Or maybe a DNC plant who lacks social skills and makes himself look worse for his efforts.
          I’m sure he’s very bitter from the start, and seething after the elections.
          (Just a guess though)

          1. I think he’s delusional. Possibly abused as a child, anyone as bitter as him has no friends or a wife.
            So he went out bought a computer a key board and mouse now he vents his sexual frustration on the rest of humanity.
            Don’t be surprised if you read about a man in a canoe that stuck a pistol in his mouth.

  21. Obama is a FAILURE and Hillary won’t be much better!! They both covered up Benghazi , they both LIE. Let us hope and pray we have a Republican President !! Vote early!! I voted early and was glad to see a good size crowd out!! Change on its way!!!

  22. Ha Ha, like that will ever happen!! Benghazi will be her kryptonite. The people who died there’s story will be told and her cover up and lies will be revealed. People will see her for what she really is, a clone of what we have now.

  23. That’s what happens when you get a BLACK & WHITE ( AKA MUSLIM MUTT ) COMMUNIST MUSLIM WHITE COLLAR TERRORIST PRESIDENT we need a CHARLIE BRONSON ( DEATH WISH ) in the WHITE ( WHORE ) HOUSE with his two friends SMITH & WESSON and blow the MUTTS HEAD OFF for the benefit of AMERICA AND THE WORLD !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA…….

    1. Huuuuhh ELi buddy? Do you believe in ” a well regulated militia” these days as stated in the 2nd Amendment pal? Just curious how bad your anger and gun rage issues are now? Well regulated means just that doesn’t it pal?

  24. Anyone who believes that Letterman has truly had enough of the Democrat-socialist doctrine and policies is just as loopy as he is. He’s a showman and a deep seated liberal-socialist; someone I wouldn’t trust at all. Words, words, words! When will people stop listening to phony, lying words they say while running for office and look at what they previously supported, the entertainment industry and liberal PREVIOUS beliefs, actions and words. Who cares what they say during a campaign run – all they want is to win. Afterward they out-picture exactly who and what they are; and the Democrats will always vote for their party line. They’re not sick and tired of Obama, Reid, Pelosi Stop fooling yourselves with what any Democrat says. People need to realize that it’s not really the person anymore who we’re voting for but the party platform which includes too many social issues. Social issues don’t belong in government rule – these issues are very emotional and that’s why gov’t officials use them. For the sake of America and her people, stop allowing yourselves in being emotionally manipulated and fooled over and over again.

  25. Rest assured, Hillary knows how she will take care of the ISIS problem. She’ll arm them to the teeth by sending them US weapons and ammunition. That’s what Obama is doing now by sending arms and ammunition to the Syrian rebels. The rebels will keep some to use on us in the future and sell the rest at a profit to ISIS. Obama already sent ISIS arms and ammunition when they air dropped them into ISIS controlled territory. That was no accident.

  26. Hillary…8 more years of Obama, if she wins! Letterman will still be held accountable for supporting Obama in the past., present and future. Remember, liberals are whiners, liars, and suicidal when they’re losing.

    1. Count on Hillary for 8 years from 2016 and then possibly Corey Booker for the next 8 years after that. TEA Tardszzz are banished from politics permanently starting in about 2017 and you can quote me on that one., HONEYSzzzz . . . . and imbeciles…..

  27. King of the Late night? Islam a [Religion?] of Peace?
    Right after the beheading in D.C. are in full swing and half the Lame Stream media is headless, maybe, Just maybe the public will switch off Dancing With the Stars long enough to realize America USED TO BE a nice Republic to live in.
    Islam will do to the entire country what progressives are in the process of doing to Conservative parts of the country. example: Screw up the economy in California and move to Colorado because California is so screwed up so you can screw up Colorado with your politics that screwed up California. Kind of like a circular firing squad. Now lets let all the Muslims that believe in Islam come to America because the rocks they lived under in Yemen, Syria, Liberia ad infinum and you get the same results. We stone our women and behead the infidels in our country so you should allow us to screw up America the same way.
    Ladies of America that are being depressed by the Conservatives –Welcome to Sharia— It is so peaceful it is going to kill you!!

    1. CARL bud, do you get into paranoid conspiracy folklore much TEA TArd? You sound a bit schizoid to me honey. Consult the local shrink ASAP. We don’t need another nut case gone beserk with a firearms shooting people willy nilly because you’ve lost your mind, right dude?

      You do know where Liberia is, right? And you do know that it isn’t the same as Libya right imbeclile. Now the Islamists are doing what in America today as we speak pal? I didn’t quite get the straight story from you because of your Tourette’s conditionis kicking in or something. Run it by me again would you loser boy?

      1. Hey Crab ass take a very long walk off a very short bridge. I have had to put up with your libturd types all day and half the night and really don’t care to have even the mention of having a discussion with a lame brain progressive. If I have to explain what Islam is to you then you don’t have the brain cell to comprehend so forget about it.
        I usually enjoy jabbing liturds but tonight I have had it up to my eyeballs with BS so take a walk.

        1. So then you meant that Liberia is an Islamist state moron? Or did you mean Libya is Islamist? Or you don’t know WTF you are talking about old TEA Tard fossil boy? Is that what you wanted to say to me actually?

  28. If this is the best that TEA Party morons have for political propaganda, then y’all are in big trouble. Have you ever heard of a joke MORONSZZZZZ? How about, I really want to see that Kate Upton in 3D . . . . .You know that my apartment is #3D right MORONSSZZZZZ… How about, what do blondes and a bottle of beer have in common? They are both empty from the neck up , GETIT MORONSZZZZZ? Or maybe, why were the two little strawberries upset? … Maybe because their parents got into a JAM MORONSSSZZZZ… Let’s go to the lawyer jokes shall we imbeciles? NO, walks into a bar thing just for the progressively open minded TEA Party assholeszzzzzz…..


    A guy walks into a bar and says to the barman, “Give me six double vodkas.”

    The barman says, “Wow, you must have had one hell of a day.”

    “Yeah, I just found out my oldest son is gay.”

    The next day, the same guy comes into the bar and asks for six more double vodkas. When the bartender asks what’s wrong, the man says, “I just found out that my youngest son is gay, too!”

    On the third day, the guy comes into the bar and orders another six double vodkas. The bartender says, “Jesus! Doesn’t anybody in your family like women?”

    The man downs the first drink and shakes his head, “Yeah, my wife!”

  29. TEA Party is possibly the dumbest group of people on the face of the planet Earth. Would anyone like to debate this point with me NOW, MORONSZZZZZZZ?

  30. Let’s just debate economic facts possibly MORONSzzzzzzz. Why did GW Bush leave office at DJIA of about 7,000 and now under the steady leadership of Obama (TEA Party just said NO, NO and NO for about 5 years running) the American economy is the best inthe world again. DJIA of today is…..16,805 . . . . .


    Europe has triple dip recession (if you imbeciles might know what that means) and China is in recession now as we speak. What is the price of a gallon of gas in your town IDOTSzzzzzz? You are just freaking dimwitted IQ 85 Party. You have not a clue what leadership means, so just get back to me on any ” Obama is to blame” item that you might have running around your pea headed brains M’ F….er’s… MORONSzzzz, every damn one of you.

    1. The DJIA and Wall Street is being propped up by fiat currency, “funny money”, quantitative easing and whatever other terminology that defines worthless paper!
      Just wait until the bubble bursts like those millions of malfunctioning air bags going off all at one time!!!!

      1. OK Ben Bernake jr….lol ! ! ! So then tell me why the U.S. dollar is gaining value against other currencies bud? Isn’t that counter intuitive from the conspiracy jazz that y’all like to spin out there? The U.S. economy is the best in the World buddy. Is that a problem for you? Do you have a job possibly? Maybe that could be your sorry ass problem, eh?

  31. ISIS is no Joke. No American is safe anymore. – just ask the families of the Victims in Oklahoma. I suppose the LIBTARDS need to lose their heads first literally and then it’s too late for them to use it.

  32. Letterman…..Hollywood types……Liberals……….Ruining America………Now, Letterman suggests that “Killery” is to be the next American President? OMG! God spare us this torment…..Look at what the “Libtards of America” have done to our Nation: America, has lost:…………. it’s way, Morality, purpose, integrity, Military power, base of trust in God, Economy, by the “TRILLIONS”……….America, is ‘almost” done…….& “Killery”, will be the “LAST STRAW”…….Just this morning “Killery” said: [smug, & arrogant look on her face]…….Don’t think that Corporations, & businesses, create jobs”…[unquote]…..”HUH?”……..Did she “really” say that? I heard it come out of her mouth…..she “said it”…..Who does she think she is…..[?]…..Obammy?…..Biden?….Holder?……..Such a stupid utterance…..it’s right up there with: “At this point, what difference does it make”?……..[ “Killery”]…….[ or ]……We, er…have to…..ah,…..pass the , ah…bill, er, ….so that…..we can er,…..see, what’s…..ahhh…..in it!…….[Pelosi]………[ another one: Biden……..**too many stupid “gaffs” to go into here, & America all knows how “stupid Bidet is”] So, America…..do we “really” need to have Liberals, ruining our country anymore? Should America “scrap the constitution”, because of so many Libtards on the Supreme Court, & in Obamuslim’s cabinet? [ I REST MY CASE ]……..

  33. Regardless of what Letterman said, ISIS will be around after the 2016 elections and will undoubtedly have a dire effect on the one in power then.

  34. I’ve been saying for 4 years, Obama is laying the groundwork for the next 9/11 hit on the US. He has stripped down our defenses and imposed policies to retard US responsiveness and readiness….just as Clinton did for Bush. ISIS is only the appetizer for what is coming down the pike. What do you expect from a community activist American hater?

  35. Are you kidding? Hillary’s problem? She showed her expertise with Benghazi. .This is a Benghazi…They had the National Guard for the purpose of staving off violence and pillaging the place…but instead the National Guard was not around at the time of the looting, pillaging, destruction taking place… many calls were placed to find the Governor to ask what happened to the National Guard..No one could find the Governor let alone get any response…but the Lieutenant Governor stated Valerie Jarrett of the White House was in direct communication with the Governor. Sounds suspicious why the National Guard is not doing what they were supposed to do, the Governors unresponsive and Valerie Jarrett (the White House) is maybe commandeering or better yet allowing the loss of building, businesses, vehicles to be orchestrated – to amplify a crisis and then capitalize on it. There’s something else going on here.

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