London Bomber Was A Syrian Refugee

So, just for those who decry the Trump Administration’s desire to implement harsher vetting of refugees entering the United States, here’s a tidbit of news that will ruin your morning: the bomber who attacked the London tube train Friday morning was, drum roll, please —

An 18-year-old refugee from Syria who arrived in Great Britain at the age of 15.

Here’s what we know of his story. Arrested by Kent police as he tried to purchase a ferry ticket to Calais, the teenager reportedly had migrated to the “Jungle camp” at Calais when he was 15. Because he was not with his parents, he was allowed entrance to the United Kingdom, where he was processed through a migrant center in Kent, then taken into a foster family’s home in Sunbury on Thames.

What is unclear is whether the terrorist was a genuine refugee or if he had been sent by Islamic State. Will Geddes, CEO of security consultants ICP, stated, ‘“I think the age of the man arrested is significant, we are not talking about people in their 40s or 50s, we are talking about young people. This is a generational struggle that will be difficult to root out.”

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  1. This is the kind of person that Trump wants to keep out of this country but our terrorist Judges keep letting him in so he can kill more Americans—-we need to go after the Judges along with him

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