Travolta’s History of Sexual Battery Exposed

John Travolta is another Hollywood star who has been accused of sexual harassment. His massage therapist has came public with an account of Travolta exposing himself to him.

Radar Online recently published an article claiming that Travolta in 2000 sexually battered a male massage therapist and the therapist filed a police report.

This is Travolta’s third allegation.

According to the documents, published by Radar Online, the masseur was summoned to the hotel at 1:30 a.m. The spa, he claimed, had been opened specifically for Travolta’s use only. Travolta, 63, allegedly asked the masseur to concentrate on his buttocks.

Travolta, the masseur alleged, “kept removing the towel… and exposing his buttocks” as he received the massage.

After that massage was complete, they allegedly went into another room where the masseur gave Travolta a “citrus scrub.”

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  1. One way to put an end to this is when someone exposes themselves to you is to look down at their crotch then laugh. When everyone does that the perps will hand their heads (and more) in shame.

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