McCain supports Australian ambassador

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday that he spoke to the Australian ambassador to express support for the nations’ relationship after a heated call from President Trump.

“I called Australia’s Ambassador to the United States this morning to express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance,” McCain, who’s frequently criticized Trump, said in a statement.

McCain added that he asked Joe Hockey, the Australian ambassador to the U.S., to “convey to the people of Australia” that Americans value their alliance, “honor the sacrifice of the Australians who have served and are serving by our side, and remain committed to the safer, freer, and better world that Australia does far more than its fair share to protect and promote.”

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Trump lashed out at Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during a call last Saturday.

The president boasted about his Electoral College victory, blasted a previous plan between the nations to accept refugees and cut short what was expected to be an hourlong call, according to the Post.


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    1. I am SO SICK of this RINO, back-stabbing POTUS, Trump I could Scream! He was the one who sided with H1B Big Business Bill, as he “SOLD his Vote TO BB, in their wanting to hire Foreign Workers OVER American Workers, and was PAID:
      $100,000 for Selling out American Workers(as Was Rubio/Graham, etal)

      McCain also received $1 MILLION DOLLARS from Saudi Arabia last year….Why?
      Perhaps to ‘keep up his sabotaging then, campaign candidate, Trump to KEEP HIM FROM BEING POTUS, as Saudi Arabia preferred criminal Clinton, as did McCain, as well. She/like ALL Politicos would have protected D.C.’s Political Club of Elitists, who did NOT want an “Outsider, who would want to clean up, the D.C. CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION(OF ALL PARTIES) AND TRUMP WOULD HAVE DRAINED THAT SWAMP.” McCain, like ‘ALL career politicos ONLY worry about amassing their personal fortunes………NOT serving the American People OR protecting America, from the Dictator Obama. McCain should LEAVE office, if he does not want to support OUR CHOICE FOR POTUS-TRUMP. He is showing his True Colors, and said NOTHING to Obama who was trying to destroy America!

      He didn’t even vote for Trump, as he voted for “lilly graham” who had NO CHANCE
      of ANY WIN. McCain “The Back Stabber, also tuned over “FAKE NEWS STORY TO THE FBI, KNOWING IT WAS FAKE, then tried to make excuses for doing so.”

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