Michael Brown’s Father Just Sent this Message to Ferguson and the Nation

Michael Brown, Sr., just issued this statement, asking everyone involved to respond peacefully to the decision of the Grand Jury considering the shooting death of his teenage son.

Hello, my name is Michael Brown, Sr. My family and I are hurting; our whole region is hurting.

I thank you for lifting your voices to end racial profiling and police intimidation. But hurting others and destroying property is not the answer.

No matter what the Grand Jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain. I want it to lead to incredible change; positive change. Change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone.

We live here together. This is our home. We’re stronger united. Continue to lift your voices with us and let’s work together to heal to create lasting change for all people, regardless of race.

The Grand Jury is meeting for what’s reported to be the last time Friday, and the decision on whether there’s any criminality on the part of Officer Darren Wilson will be included in the report.

The Grand Jury is expected to meet for the last time today before issuing its findings. Supporters of the Brown family are hoping Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted in Michael, Jr.’s death. Political activists on the left have called for “Direct Action” if the Grand Jury fails to indict. Local St. Louis area KKK groups have also threatened violence in retaliation against protestors.

The elder Brown believes his son was killed without provocation. In a recent interview with MSNBC, he talked about this, and about the pain he is living with:

An arrest for me would be justice.

To be honest, it’s a whole lot on my back now. It’s a situation where I’m not going to never heal in the inside. I can get by maybe day by day. People probably look and see me, probably think that I’m doing OK and I’m really not.

It’s just something I have to work on, just stay prayed up and be positive to people around the world and other folks, the people that need me to be strong with them, because we have a lot of support and I have to be strong for other people, too.

I get my strength from a higher power. It’s hard to explain because I actually don’t even know how I’m moving around, but He does. It’s pretty hard. It’s just hard, it’s hard, it’s hard.

Despite his own belief about what happened to his son, a grieving father has called for restraint. For that, he deserves great respect.

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  1. He could have just said that “My son was a punk ass thug that got his ass shot while attacking a decent policeman”. Yep, that would work.

    1. This type comment not only does not accomplish anything, it just adds to the already seething anger, and makes them think they are justified in their behavior! If you have children, try to imagine how you would feel!

      1. I understand your point but you must look at the facts we actually have! Such as an intimidation robbery to get BLUNT materials then walking down the middle of the street and disrespecting an officer fighting to steal a gun from said officer (all criminal acts) being shot in the process!!! It turns out ACTUAL witnesses that have NOT been proven liars back up the officer story of the fight and the BUM RUSH back at the officer the police firing shots to STOP little darlin’ 5 times in NON LETHAL areas until the 300 pound 6’4″ little darling ducked his head to rush the OFFICER that caused the fatal wound through the TOP of his head!!!! Latter to be found that LITTLE Darlin’ was HIGH AS A KITE on pot among other things hanging out with a know criminal that changed his story several times and the community knows as a liar and thief!!! Maybe it would have been less of a problem IF the man that USE to have a business in Ferguson had shot him for stealing??? I wonder if that shop owner EVER got an apology from any one that CAUSED the riots such as Holder, Sharpton or Jackson or the Black Panthers???

        1. You could not be more wrong on both issues, however, the parents, though they may not have parented well, are human beings with feelings, and they were not the ones involved in any of the issues, was my point.

      2. I am a father and I know that if my son had died, regardless of how he had died, I would be hurting in much the same way that Mr. Brown is hurting right now. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand how Mr. Brown, feels about his son’s death, but it does take some compassion to feel for him and the loss of his son.

      3. Your feelings shouldn’t impair your judgment to the pint that you don’t accept the truth. His son was a punk and a bully of the worse kind and it happened that he found what he was looking for.

      4. I have children… and one was killed at age 12. That didn’t erase things he did wrong in his short life. Fortunately, he never did anything as wrong as Brown did. He was not likely to become another Brown because he was raised to respect. To respect others, to respect the rules, etc.
        I know how these parents feel, first hand. But, in my son’s case, I let the law take it’s course. I didn’t come out saying that the perp was at fault. I didn’t let myself be used by people like Sharpton and other activists (including Holder and Obama).
        What matters is truth and justice. Officer Wilson, even if he was totally justified, has had his life ruined by all this activism. There is no way he can continue to work in Ferguson without fear of being ambushed some night. He likely can not even continue to live in the area for fear of retribution. Cases like this often destroy not only the officers professional life but the family life as well. Other officers are also impacted. Will they now hesitate to use lethal force even if it is the right response, resulting in not protecting themselves or others?
        Truth and justice means acknowledging your child was a thug no matter how much it may hurt. It’s acknowledging that your child may have brought the end result upon themselves. It’s also accepting what the grand jury does.
        I do not say Officer Wilson is innocent. I just know from 20+ years as a LEO that it’s a very hard job which outsiders can never understand because they are not placed in positions to make split second decisions, or which leave a permanent mark on their souls leaving them to question whether they did the right thing or not. In Vietnam, I had to make the same kinds of choices before I turned 21. Things which I live with today.

        1. Some of us will always have to live with choices we had to make. When you’re 19 years old you ought not to have to watch your best friend die and then either kill the guy who killed him or die yourself. I had to make that choice myself and I will live with it the rest of my life. Quang Tri was not a good place to be.

          1. Thank you for your service. The Mekong Delta was no picnic either. The shocking thing is that I have lost far more of my troops to cancers and such from Agent Orange than I ever lost in combat.

          2. And I thank you for yours as well. It never ceases to amaze me that any of us made it home alive. Entirely too many of us didn’t.

        2. God Bless you Dave. Thank you for the truth. As I can see you know first hand, truth is the only option to healing. Thank again, I understand. God is Blessing you. Amen

    2. time and time again i have witnessed blacks both male and female that are nothing more then what can be looked at as straight from the jungle! they have no respect for law or authority, they act as if they are bullet proof and defy anyone to stop what they are doing or have done. your comment may be right on target. their attitude is i’m black and if you do any thing, your racist! i’m going to walk over and kick your ass. well, nothing like someone not even taking a knife to a gun fight.

      1. Just gotta watch a few TV shows of Cops to see how 90% of blacks act towards police. They disrespect it even if they are innocent thus getting themselves in trouble even if all the officer wanted to do was ask a few questions. The mentality of blacks is atrocious and unless they change it themselves things like the put down of this THUG will continue to happen.

        1. One episode of cops was filmed in Philadelphia, and it showed all black men breaking the law. Didn’t the naacp say that the episode shot in Philadelphia ( MADE THEM LOOK BAD) . If they don’t comment a crime then they won’t be shown on tv.

      2. The progressive left has spent decades providing Blacks with excuses to fail in life; excuses to be thugs, junkies, pimps, etc. Then they have rewarded them for failing by providing freebies which are not earned. In doing this, the left has enslaved more people than they have ever set free. Indeed, they have added the middle class to those they have enslaved… and they have blamed it all on those who expect people to earn what they receive. President Obama sends Holder, who no longer has official standing to stir the pot. He encourages Sharpton to keep up the pressure and the demonstrations pending the grand jury verdict, when he has no business involving himself in local politics. It would appear that such people want a racial war, perhaps in order to declare martial law and suspend habeas corpus, etc.

        1. You are 100% on the money Dave. obama can’t wait to have a good reason to declare martial law and a race riot would be just the thing even if he did help start it.

      3. They had no business throwing blacks in with white Europeans-its never going to work.They forced their way into our schools at gunpoint, and have continued to force their way into our neighborhoods and lives.Public housing has to be everywhere now, they have rights.They don’t want to be with us because they like us, either.They hate us, for the majority of them.They think you owe them.Rioting, looting,and destruction is their way of handling things.They are not like us and should not be mixed up in our society.It never should have happened.They would be happier with their own, and our lives would be a breeze.Thats the real problem.Forcing things that aren’t natural or right on people.

        1. Well blame the Spanish and Dutch slave traders for bringing the negro here. Also blame the cheap and lazy plantation owners of the South for buying slaves. They are the ones who made the slave market. If the lazy whites wouldn’t of bought them, they wouldn’t of been brought over here, due to the fact most Africans couldn’t afford passage. Also Liberia was founded for emancipated slaves to go back to Africa.

          1. That would have been the correct thing to do, part of freeing them would include sending them back.Whites can be blamed to a point, but so can the blacks who sold them into slavery and the black slave owners.You know, white Europeans were taken as slaves by the north africans in the late 1700’s, in numbers as many, if not more, than the african slaves.They were worked to death in the fields, and thousands more white men, women and children were taken each year to replace them.Whole populaces of whites were depleted.We don’t hear about that, we don’t expect anything for it.We don’t loot, riot,or destroy property because of it or some other perceived injustice to our race in our society.And yet, it is the fault of the north africans that this happened to our ancestors, also, and it was just as wrong and cruel and evil.It is the differences in the race.Different people.Those who torment, whine, and expect everything for nothing, and those who let the past stay there, and move on, and expect nothing.I’m really tired pf it.What the white man did, so did the black man.At least the whites didn’t do it to their own-thats another difference in the races.

      1. Many parents do fail, but I have seen others who have trained their children to value life and to have good manners, only to have them depart from the truths they have been taught. I believe this is the reason the written Word tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. They may leave for a time, but then they come back. However, that said, there are many who never come back to the values they were taught because they have free will, and they begin to seek the things that gratify themselves; seems it is more pleasurable than helping others get what they need. I don’t know if Mr. Brown was a good parent, but it appears he is stepping up and saying what needs to be said…we need to be helpful to one another and not destructive.

        1. This is a misnomer, a parent can raise a kid right and still the kid may make bad choices. Parents today have to spend all their time working to provide for their kids. The kid has a lot more influence from school, and other kids than from parents. If that is not bad enough, idiots have pushed parents out of kids lives. You can’t paddle, correct, or chasten a kid without the possibility of being called abuse so parents walk fine tight wires with limited control in guiding and instructing their children. Our absurd society that excludes God and consequences for wrong actions from children is a great breeding ground for criminals.

          1. We cannot take away a person’s free will to act unless we enslave him. That is what our government is doing now….and it begins with the citizens who so not understand freedom or its cost and they do not understand the responsibilities that go with freedom to make choices. When parents do teach their children correctly, it is incumbent upon the child to obey; not all of them do. Rules are made for the child’s protection, but many never figure that one out until they have suffered and learned from their wrong decisions.

          2. You are very correct. The choice’s that a parent must make are very difficult, and the only way to make right choices is through God’s principles and teachings. Deciding to only have one parent work instead of both, provided there are two. But the point is, we can not stray from God’s will and rules in life, no matter what. I know many people reject God because they think that being obedient cut’s into their fun. Trust me, you don’t loose anything but trouble and you gain your peace and freedom unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Amen You are right our schools are a government breeding ground for evil disobedient behavior. Don’t let the schools have your life or the life of your kids.
            They are no longer teaching common sense, right and wrong, honorable and dishonorable any more. Home school or fight common core tooth and nail. They have your kids about 6 to 8 hours a day, you have them face to face 1 or 2 hours a day. Who do you think has more influence in their maturity. ??? God’s principles first no matter the cost.

          3. What you say is largely true, but don’t forget that parents are role models for their children. Seeing their parents living out Christian values is not a guarantee that children will make good choices, but it’s still a powerful influence for many. We don’t know anything about the Browns except what has been on the news since that fateful day. We know that neither parent wanted him living with them, so he was living with his grandmother. I am curious to know if this was the same grandmother Michael’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, assaulted together with some other relatives, and whose T-shirt merchandise she then stole? That’s what I mean about leading by example. I’ve made my point.

          4. This is the problem with any pat answer, it may apply to most people but not to all. Yes, if the parent willingly lets their kid run wild, run to their defense if any crime is pointed out, and attack the people who tell the truth —– those parents need to be in jail also. I like this father’s response. He may not have known of criminal actions, kids can fool parents you know. He did well not saying let the jury decide whether he likes the outcome or not— not ‘let’s riot in the streets until we get our ‘hanging party’ to hang the dude without a trial.’ I understand lack of respect for law these days with so many criminal judges and especially criminal lawyers greedily defying law for personal gain, power, prestige, and throwing truth and justice out the window. To me, lawyers should be the last people to become politicians and presidents and if permitted their acts of justice or injustice should be highlighted to make a proper judgment – elect or not. No hidden BS like with Obama and other New World Order agents.

        2. Supposedly, if you listen to the parents and their friends, these people grow up with religion, being taught the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule. Then they claim it is the fault of others that those children grow up to be thugs, pimps, pushers, etc. I say they make a personal choice to become what they become. If they know such actions are wrong from an early age, then they still know when they are caught. That makes it a personal choice to do what they know is wrong. This is not stealing a loaf of bread to feed your hungry family or yourself. This is stealing a box of cupcakes instead of a loaf of bread. This isn’t stealing a cheap pair of shoes because you have none, it’s knocking someone in the head for a pair of Nikes. Pimping girls out, especially your own race, is not the conduct expected of someone who is raised with self respect and respect for others.
          No child should ever pre-decease the parent, but it happens. It happened to me. You never get over it, but you do get past it. Life does go on.

          1. Thank you Dave. I understand. As you know it all comes down to trusting God. Our job as parents is to honestly do as much as possible as our heart felt truth can. But yes it comes down to them and free will and their choice with God. God Bless you Sir, I get it. Amen

          2. I am so sorry for your loss Dave. It has got to be very difficult to lose a child of any age.

            Unfortunately, the child’s associates do have a tremendous impact on a child’s decision-making process, and it is usually too late when the child realizes his parents’ rules were for his protection, and he should have obeyed. Sadly, as in the case of Michael Brown, some do not get another chance to correct their wrong decisions. Each of us has time frames wrapped around us (Ecclesiastes 3:1), so we ought to strive to make the right decisions every time we act. I hope America finds the heart to have compassion for Mr. Brown, while still finding justice for Officer Wilson.

            Here are the words of a young, idealistic President as spoken at American University in June of 1963:
            “…So, let us not be blind to our differences–but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal…
            Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/11/speech-sealed-jfks-fate/#hXh5cam0FozKWxyP.99

          3. Well said, Dave. God Bless you! And you’re so right, it is a choice that one makes. This Brown kid made his choice and got his justice. I could just imagine what crimes he could hae commited later on in life, like in his 20’s/30’s. He was a non-working lazy street thug looking for trouble and excitement. Well, he got the excitment he was looking for to last him a lifetime.

    3. Every site is covered with paid shills trying create racial problems so that people wont focus on the real problems which are bad govt which has paid off police depts. Most of the shills are off duty cops. After they handle the black community — these same cops are going to thank the Patriots by raiding their houses and seizing their guns.
      One way to spot the shills is that they get far too many “likes”

      1. Is that like if too many people vote for Obama they must be shills?
        You have absolutely no idea of what you speak. Overwhelmingly, police support the Constitution (and the 2nd Amendment). So much so that nationwide, they have rejected useless gun controls. So much so that they have openly stated their refusal to comply with confiscation orders. y do not sit around plotting to wipe out Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.
        Like the military, law enforcement is comprised of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. What you suggest is that police officers plot to exterminate their own kinds when, actually, they stand up for all law abiding peoples.
        Yes, there are exceptions. Just as there are plumbers and auto mechanics who will rip you off. As in any profession, less than 10% are bad, and we do try to weed them out before they get hired, as well as after if they slip through. (If we only tried as hard with politicians.)

    4. The truth is always the best way.They won’t say that, though.It would have also been good if he had said this before all the looting and destruction.If the owner’s insurance won’t cover it, since there are exclusions for civil unrest,etc, who is going to pay? I would be looking to the city who allowed this to continue.Thats the worst thing, they allowed this lawlessness to continue.

    5. He is playing the martyr and acting like a wrong was done but he is willing to let it slide for the good of everyone. Puleez, Look at the facts, your son killed himself with his own actions. Like Capt Turbo said, admit your son was scum the cop was right and everybody should just go home.

  2. Why now? Why didn’t he come out earlier with this? May have saved alot of ‘programmed riots’ and meddling from the W.H/DOJ. I think this is ‘over seen’ by the government also. Sorry for his loss, but not surprising. The officer did his job.

      1. It’s not so much of religion he recently gave! He’s a member of either A.A. or N.A.! They are the ones that believe in a Higher Power! They don’t say God! God Bless!

    1. He came out the next day after the shooting and made a plea for calm. Its not an absolute fact that the officer did his job the grand Jury is still trying to determine that. If the officer can prove blood or bruises or Browns fingerprints on his gun then it could be a clear victory for him. If Brown was 148 ft from his vehicle like some reports say then he may have used excessive force while shooting. It is frustrating that that kind of information didn’t come out earlier but its best to wait and see. .

    2. You answered your own question -the programmed riots were orchestrated by the race industry and obama and nothing was going to stop that

  3. If the punk ass kid would have not been on drugs and had respect for the law and those who enforce it, he would be alive today. But, no! He had to prove being black, he could get away with beating up on a cop.
    He got exactly what he deserved. If more of these punks would have respect for themselves and the laws of our land, there would be less deaths on their parts..
    Semper Fi

      1. That’s BS. If that were true, Obama would not be president. There would be no minorities in any positions of power, anywhere. There would be no minorities in law enforcement, or on juries.

        1. Try getting along with them.Look at the neighborhoods they take over-crosses and wreaths on every corner.There used to be nice middle income whites in the ones around here-not anymore.White man i know thought as you, went to teach them computers, so they could get a job.No one would come in the class to learn.Our schools used to be decent, and children were much more so, too.Now its a filth pit.Thats why the whites who have gone through the ps school system are the way they are, tattoos, drugs, pants down their butts.We never had all this before.Blacks are on juries, etc, because we allowed them to be.The older ones probably serve in this capacity, and they are from a different time.Obama is president because 93 per cent of the black vote put him there.People are different-thats why the legal immigrants that came into New York all formed burroughs or their own communities, they were happy being with their own people.However, they weren’t filled with hate and desire to take anything from anybody.They just wanted to be happy.People are most happy with their own people.

    1. The same goes back to Trayvon who would be alive today if he had not chosen to turn and physically confront his “stalker”. He, too, was not an angel.

    2. So true 63 Marine; Live by the sword, die by the sword!! It is sad but true; There are a whole lot of really nice hard working tax paying collored people; And then there are the blacks who shun education or think thet are above working for a minimum wage and milk the welfare and government assisted living for all its worth; Or are pimping, selling drugs or stealing. “God made big people and God made small people”; “SAM COLT MADE THEM ALL EQUAL”!! A 300+ pound whatever color start beating on me I am going to empty the clip in that dude. Amen!! Semper Fi. 51-56 GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. I feel for him and his family but I’m not expecting racists like Jackson and Sharpton to pay any attention to what he’s saying.

    1. They would be out of a job if they did! Besides after the BRILLANT media voice of the BLACK POPULATION Sharpton got his orders from OBLAMMER last week to STAY THE COURSE??!!?? Wonder what means coming from the ONE president that’s has sent race relation into a black hole!! No I do not the BLACK A$$ HOLE in DC that’s just a coincidence !!!!

        1. This is not, nor ever been about race culture. This is about rule of law, no matter what shade you happen to be. As seen on the video this young adult man had a thug, gangister personae and this was bound to happen sooner or later. My heart go’s out to that Father and any other that is on the wrong path. When we are wrong, the only healing action is to repent and fess up. Then and only then can you start a new life through God’s healing power to start making amends to those your actions harmed.
          Never run from your failures, stop and confront them, that removes the power from evil.
          Then you can be free from that bondage of sin. Lord look over us. Amen

          1. How right you are, olf. Who among us who are parents haven’t made some mistakes raising our children? Children are a product of the home but they are also a product of the culture they live in….school, the streets, the music scene, movies, TV, all of which are influenced by Satan. Some kids are better able to resist than others. That is our job as parents, to teach them how to resist the lures of the Devil.

          2. Good to see ya Papa Bear. Yes that is all true. All we can do is live the example with God’s help and guidance and God’s principles, asking daily for our own forgiveness and then choose to obey what God tells us. Yes sometimes it is hard to do, but as a Christian and a child of God it is our servants labor of love to do it. Love for God our Father and Love for our families member and friends. There is a way, obedience is the only way. I will not live any other way, forever. When you comment to the Lord, the rest gets easier. There is no life better than obedience to our creator. Have a Bless day papa.

          3. It is also our responsibility to make sure or children are not singled out and shot by a scared police officer. I fully believe that the officer feard for his life. I can not believe that he murdered this young American intentionally. But we need to examin how our police are trained. It seems that Americas police force is a shoot first ask questions later group. Now a 12 year old with a toy gun shot dead in TN. Whjile yes the report is he did not comply with orders. how would those police know he is not handy capped or deaf? Why must the police be allowed to shoot children and just say ” I thought he had a gun- it looked like he was reaching for a weapon” or any other excuse. It is time to return to “Protect and Serve” and get away from “Shoot first & Ask questions later”

          4. Yes, kruggerx we need to expect more from our police. The “shoot first, ask questions later” approach does not protect anyone. The focus on “protect and serve” seems to have been left behind in favor of self-preservation, despite whether the officer is wearing a vest or the one holding the “gun” is a child. This must change if we are to return to sanity in our police departments.

          5. “When we are wrong, the only healing action is to repent and fess up. Then and only then can you start a new life through God’s healing power to start making amends to those your actions harmed.” You said this after saying this young man would have been dead sooner or later. How do you know that this Christmas season he wouldn’t have repented and changed his life. I agree that living with in the teachings of Jesus is the way to happiness. But to say that any person is preordained to die as a criminal is against the teachings of Jesus.

          6. You are trying to take my words out of it’s intended context. And you know that, devils advocate. Be careful some get so close to satan they forget to leave. Have A Blessed Day.

          1. This was happening WAY before Obama got into the Oval Office. You are a disgrace to America cherieloren. Young blacks have been singled out by police for decades. Many instances it is warranted. For anyone to say this has become a bigger problem during Obama’s administration is false. Because a Black American is in the Oval Office, black Americans believe that now is the time to put these problems in the spot light. Yes, the American police have been criminal in many ways for many years. The Blue Curtian/Wall has existed for decades. It has been proven. It also has been proven that police brake laws also on a regular basis. It also has been proven that police racially profile. How would you feel if on your way home form a night out a police officer stopped you and searched your car, your person, made you take a DUI test when you did nothing wrong. If you refused you would be arrested, car towed & impounded. This has happened to Black Americans for decades. While yes Blacks are the majority in the inner cities where crime is the highest. over all they are not all lawless.

          2. Kruggers, apparently you consider anyone who tells it like it is to be a disgrace to America. My comment was spot on because the race relations have spiraled downhill at a rapid pace since Obama took office. He and Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk have been race baiting non stop. I agree with you on some of your other points however and I do this without calling you a disgrace to America. I agree that many of the police are out of control and as for racially profiling, I am white and I have been singled out, pulled over by a white cop who said I had failed to stop at a stop sign that was 2 blocks behind the area I came from. I had just left my house to go to work at 5:30am, and showed him where I came from and he let me go without a ticket. Yes, he was lying and out to pad his tickets, yes this infuriates me still and it was over 30 years ago, so as for racial profiling, it happens, even white on white so blacks aren’t the only ones. As for this policeman who shot Brown, he was defending himself and had every right to do so. While I sympathize with Brown’s parents, I can not condone what their son did nor excuse him and put the blame on Officer Wilson and it has nothing to do with race on my part. If Brown had of been white and the officer had of been black, I would feel the same.

        2. Obama and Holder already assisted in doing that! Race relations in this country have deteriorated 50% since he came into office because of their handling of numerous issues.

          1. Oh I’m not so sure about that. I do volunteer prison ministry and believe me when I say that a lot of people in there work as hard at being a professional thief as you or I do at a regular job. I’d say that Obama fits that description very well indeed. And I also say that he needs to be in jail with the rest of his fellow professionals!

          2. mathis 1689,
            (IT) is definitely a professional crook. A liar, cheat, any any other word you can add there!!
            Sharpton and Jackson are the same!! Those two are fueling the fire on this one!!!
            true patriot!!

      1. Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP, ACLU, etc, et al, ad nauseum, including a Black female politico who pushes for gun controls yet shows up in Ferguson with a concealed weapon.
        They make their lives of luxury from keeping people in bondage. Bondage is the basis of their power. Without it they are irrelevant. To that end, they must constantly stir the pot to keep people pitted against one another. They don’t really care about the people they profess to help. Union leadership works the same way.

        1. I and 2 of my sons are Union Workers. I have 28 years in floor covering. My eldest you will be glad is a TRAINED Union worker that rebuilds Jet Engines in CT. If you fly you most likely have been on a plane with Pratt & Whitney engines. I would be happy that Union trained workers and not just any crony off the street built that engine that holds you up at 30,000 ft. My next son is a union electrician. Does major projects i.e. schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, Nano tech etc. Presently he is working at a new Yogurt plant in upstate NY. Sorry but well trained Union workers are the back bone to American industry. While I believe that government workers have little or no need to be union. It is protecting them selves from them selves. When it come to safety I would rather have a Union electrician wiring a school then some fly by night.

          1. It’s not the union workers I find fault with so much as it’s the union leadership which takes in those dues and then uses them to support candidates you don’t support. It’s union leaders who take those dues and ride around in limos and live in big houses. The leaders who attack corporations for reaping profits on the backs of the workers while they themselves live like leaches off the same workers. The leaders who seek to keep the members from having the right NOT to be a member. The right of the members to designate who they, as individuals want to support to represent them.
            This is supposed to be a land of individual freedoms (forgetting for the moment that our government has bastardized that concept). Where is the freedom when, in order to get hired, you have to be a dues paying member in good standing of the union? Where, if your dues lapse for any reason, your name falls to the bottom of the available list – if it makes the list. Why, in America, should any citizen be required to pay for the right to work?
            Do you even know the history of how unions were started? I don’t mean the ones we know today, but going back to the “guilds”? Do you know the history of “modern” unions in relation to the ideology of Karl Marx? The concept of controlling production through unionization (he was initially speaking on the international level), to control society and move the world to universal communism?
            Unions demand more and more from employers. Every time they do, the employers raises prices. Who pays those prices? Among others… those same workers who make the products which they now pay more for.

          2. I am part of the carpenters union. We meet and have a ballot on which politicians we endorse. This year we endorsed Rep. Chris Gibson a Republican for a 3rd term in the house, my represented.. We also endorsed 2 candidates for town council seats in Malta NY. Both were republicans. We endorsed 2 other candidates for the house that were Democrats. One of them was defeated one won reelection. I don’t know if you are a Union member. But in my Union Local we as members vote for endorsements. Yes each local has an vote and the results are counted that night and announced.

        2. There are good and bad in every thing. Not so sharpton is an excellent example of a bad racist leach, Dr Carson an excellent example of a good nonracist black American.
          There’s good unions that train otherwise ignorant want to be productive people for a better future. Aka pay your dues and learn.
          If you know nothing useful you are useless, fact!
          There are useless unions, they need to fire every union boss they have and try again.

        1. I can his nmame is Dick Cheney. The puppet master of the Bush administration. the man that caused the death of my nephew in Iraq so his buddies could split up Iraq’s oil fields. Yes that is what the war in Iraq was about. Look up Cheney’s Secret Energy meetings. look up PBS documentary. You will find a map drawn up by VP Cheney’s staff that showed the Names of 12 Oil Corporations labeled on top of Iraq’s oil fields. This amp was drawn in May 2001. A full 5 months BEFORE 9/11. So tell me who lied to who and who caused the deaths and dismemberment of thousands of young Americans for wealth? That I would say is a bigger A$$hole then the current president.

          1. Plus, Haliburton got the major defense contract….However, you must not dismiss the numbers of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. after Obama took office on the platform that he would bring our soldiers home? Laugh even though it isn’t funny. Then there is Benghazi, and the Thousands of Mexicans killed with the illegal sale of weapons to the drug cartel…aka Fast & Furious! Then, there are the killings from the Drones that got scrubbed from the news. Obama is no angel and it truly doesn’t matter who was worse….they both are Progressives and Progressives are bad……killers.

          2. I know where this is going and it’s one sided so i will not comment the post below did it for me and further more i lost a very dear cousin in that war he went in so they wouldn’t be on our soil killing us, I have enough under my belt, Barry did his share of screwing up the whole country.

          3. Yes I agree that Obama has done more then his fair share. But when PBS did a documentary showing VP Cheney had divided up the Iraqi oil fields and had an invasion plan 5 MONTHS before 9/11. I can say that this war was more about oil and money then safety of the American people. If you want to debate the war and its planning please let me know. I have a zip drive FULL of information showing how this war was a power grab. Just a little thought to start with. Why did the Bush administration not increase spending for the VA? He knew we were going to have wounded Americans coming home from 2 wars. Yet NONE of President Bushes budgets or any budgets from the GOP congress proposed increased funding for the VA. WHY? Because they would not have been able to cut the tax rate on the top 2% in 2003, if they had increased spending. Want some more FACTS just let me know. Yes I just filled up many more megabytes from research on where and how long those chemical weapons have been in Iraq. Would you be surprised to now that Bush Sr. helped send them to Iraq while he was director of the CIA? So it was and is well documented that Hussein did not have the capabilities to make chemical weapons. why should he make his own, we had given them to him.

          4. Jack, their are always plans being made up for the invasion of all countries around the world at any given time. Generals are assigned sectors of responsibility and they are responsible for gaining intelligence and having plans to fight any possible enemy in their sector. That’s why Stormin Norman was given the responsibility of overall command of the 1st Gulf war. It was his sector of responsibility long before Sadam invaded Kuwait. All he had to do was prepare a more detailed plan to the contingency plan that was already worked up. A contingency plan is a what if scenario based on what might happen and action that might be needed to correct the problem. A detailed plan is based on all the known details of the territory past and present and based on the actual needs at the time of invasion. But PBS doesn’t know this, and John Q Public doesn’t understand this. So they think that to have plans for an invasion well in advance of the actual invasion is some kind of conspiracy theory. Its not, its business as usual. Even a corporation makes long term plans based on what they expect the market will do, but they have to constantly change and adapt their plans as events actually unfold.

          5. Gee, think you could possibly get MORE off topic.Real sorry about your nephew but war is ugly ( Viet Nam vet 69-70 ) Too much death & way too young.It is what it is.All wars have political and or socioeconomics as their ignition. Not saying it’s right but it is the way things are.
            Semper Fi

          6. I was responding to combatvet52’s comment “You can’t find any bigger A$$ Hole like the empty chair IMPOSTOR”

    2. Jackson and Sharpton are as paid off as Holder and Obama. They are working against the black community in that they are creating revolution to justify martial law.

      1. Obama would sell his soul to Satan on worldwide media if he could be Emperor for life. And as far as he and his cronies are concerned anything that accomplishes that is OK. If that means martial law and people dying in the streets then they could care less as long as it’s not them.

        1. He has already sold his soul……I knew he was evil the first time I saw & heard him….liars are easy to spot when they are so open about themselves….his arrogance is disgusting! The blacks need to clean up their own mess as they made it & stop blaming everyone else….take responsibility for your mistakes! The.. video clearly shows the thug robbing that store & intimadating the owner….just who do these people think they are? Sharpton needs to get a real job & pay all those millions in back taxes……guess where we would be if we owed any……….I am sick of all the crap going on, race this race that……no more & it has gotten worse since the muslim aka satan squated in the WH!

          1. Many good posts; Except one must have a soul before their soul can be sold. Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder have no room for a soul as they are over filled with venom! It is to late now as those four mentioned have the black savages ready to burn, hurt, loot, destroy and possible kill. Facebook penalized me for 24 hours for what I posted next; Fight fire with fire, “LIVE” fire and lots of it. Put enough out of control black savages in body bags and mob violence will get a hole lot scarcer!! Sad but true. A lesson is going to have to be taught before this out of control black mob violence ceases. I hope it all goes down peacefully. Semper Fi. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    3. Their 300 pound little boy/son robbed a merchant, attempted to murder a police officer? I feel for the ones who this families thug robbed and assaulted.
      Lets feel sorry for the innocent while understanding the limb doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      1. I have a 20 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. I would rather die myself than see either one of them die and especially if they died like that. I’m not saying that the kid was right-from all that I’ve seen he was a thug who got what he had coming. What I am saying that as a father myself I can feel for another father who lost a kid. And yes I do feel sorry for all of the people who are involved in this whole mess. God alone knows how it’ll all end and if the punk had stayed out of trouble none of this would have ever happened at all.

        1. After a great reply as yours I would almost agree with all you said but seriously on the ground facts are what is important, and God knows we all deserve the truth and I’m sure we got it but it’s to bad that bad people just didn’t get it or want to accept the verdict. And seriously that’s their problem period.

          1. Thanks very much for your reply. Regardless of what the mob in Ferguson wants the truth is still the truth. And none of their acting like a bunch of wild animals will change it.

    4. My heart goes out to him. I am glad to hear a voice of sanity in this entire situation especially from his father. I applaud him for his bravery. He is standing against much of the protesters who want the fight, who want to set fires, who want to loot etc. They are not interested in truth, they are interested in getting away with illegal activity from murder to theft.

        1. These race baiters like Jackson, obama, holder, sharpton and the rest want violence so that they can become relevant, at least in their eyes.

          1. They sure aren’t relevant in my eyes. Professional racists like them should never be relevant under any circumstances.

          2. Where they royally screw up is when they attempt to think about anything at all since they don’t have the least amount of common sense to begin with.

          3. This racist group of losers should be thrown in jail for inciting people to riot and then getting out of the way to watch. Sharpton especially should be thrown in jail as he owes millions in back taxes. Everything he owns should be taken away for the taxes

  5. No matter what you wish for. AS I told the judge when my son was being a bad boy.. THE only time I know what he is doing is when he is standing beside me. YOU need to get away from what you think you are owed. WE as Americans do not owe you or anybody else anything WE all have the same opportunity. TO excel or fail.

  6. I appreciated his remarks and the message. I also think the Ferguson minorities need to run off the out of town minorities and protesters which do not live there. They are only thrill seekers and racists.
    Since the Ferguson shooting, I have noticed Black Cops shooting Whites. Nothing is even said. A group of Blacks killed a white baby. Barely made the news. Tell me this is equal. Where is Holder? Where is Obama? They sure don’t give a s*** about whites do they.

  7. Truth is: Michael was a “Thug” criminal who robbed a store and assulted the owner, refused to follow police order, assulted a police officer who was forced to shoot him to stop the aggression and who had drugs in his system. Not exactly a “poster boy” image. Had he stayed around to grow his street image he was destined to serve jail time and commit further crimes of “who knows what” Had a Mother and Father that never married and never remained together but brought a misfit into society to prey upon us so I’m not so sure society suffered much of a loss and its more inclined that the world is a better place without this type around anymore. And hey!, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin… Bad is bad in all colors!

    1. If Michael had been shot and killed by the shop owner he stole from would we have a grand jury at this time. I think not. His death would be in the act of a robbery. Calling Michael a gentle giant who was black as a defense against Officer Wilson is all wrong. Officer Wilson was not proviling. He acted on a report of theft and did his job. Do you think Officer wanted all the civil rights curcus. I think not.

    2. Yep,
      If Michael Brown’s mother would of aborted him, the tax payers would of saved about $100,000. He’s just one waist of tax payer money, and there are a million or more (black and white) with Brown’s same story. We need to quit breeding thugs for the Welfare State……

  8. a 250 pound bully, marijuana smoking, stealing, pushing, attacking police officer, slob of a human being is what his father produced. his father should take a good look at how he raised his son to be a little gangster who p;ushed the wrong policeman who shot the big low-life fool., he got exactly what he deserved. a few bullets that he thought he wasnt going to get….because he thought he was going to beat up a policeman. good riddance to bad rubbish. the police should get a medal…and let it be a warning that you get what you deserve

    1. Was this sperm giver around at all to help raise the son? Probably not and the mother is one ugly woman who obviously did not raise her son right and now wants money? Get real, woman, ain’t gonna happen.

    1. They said the same thing in South were white cops would shoot black kids/adults until enough people stood up and demanded that it be stopped. Eventually there was a recourse in them cops doing what they want. The best to do is to hope the pendulum doesn’t swing the other way and for both sides to bury the bitter feelings and using racism to justify the ends.

      1. It will never be buried as long as Blacks continue to buy in to the concept that every white person participated in slavery, and until they stop buying into the idea that they know what it’s like to be a slave, or that slavery was something which Whites should never have allowed.
        To see it that way is to ignore the fact that slavery was a social practice which, during that time, was considered a norm. You can say slavery is bad, and it is, but to judge people for what took place in past ages based on present social standards is wrong. That is no different than judging all Chinese people for inventing gunpowder which would eventually be used against Native Americans.
        There is a lot of mythology about slavery which is pushed by people who have agendas, like Sharpton.

      1. He may indeed be feeling guilt, who wouldn’t. He didn’t go out and commit a strongarmed robbery then challenge a cop. His son chose to do that. Knowing kids today( I have 4), parents cannot be held accountable for their behavior. And no one on this site was present when Brown was being raised. The man seems to be doing the best thing he can do. Asking for calm

  9. Look at the father it was a younger version of him that attacked that Officer doing his duty maybe if he had instilled some of his Chirstian values in his son he would be alive today sorry but to little to LATE!!!!

    1. He’s not a Christian! He’s a member of A.A. or N.A.!! They are the only people to say their Higher Power! They don’t believe in God necessarily but a Higher Power! God Bless!

    1. No it is NOT. The father is not accepting any of the blame for raising a punk, drugged, thug and raises that ole worn out racist claim and police intimidation NOT PROVEN BY THE FACTS.

  10. Thank you, Mr, Brown. Better late than never. It was an unselfish thing for you to say to Americans and especially people in Missouri.

  11. He thinks his son was innocent? Get real. Who bought his son a gun and liquor? His son has a criminal record. He thought he was bigger and stronger than anyone, including the police officer and was going back to beat the hell out of the officer or even kill him. His son is dead. Peace will only come when blacks and others they allow to come in riot and destroy their own town. Now that is stupid and gains nothing. They listen to Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama and will get royally shafted if they follow their advice. Possibly many will be hurt or killed all for naught. Get off the dole, get jobs and vote Republican so you can get a step up in life. Ferguson is endangering blacks who won’t be protesting, and whites as well. What do they gain? Nada, zilch, zero because destroying their stores, homes, looting, etc. will leave them with nothing gained and a lot of mileage to get food and other items having to travel to other towns/cities to get them. No upside to this protest to anyone anywhere!

    1. He knows his son is not innocent. He just can’t face the fact that their whole family culture is wrong and messed up. (By the way other families fit that problem as well, not just the black culture) The only way to heal is to go get right with your creator and accept your failure, ask to be forgiven and let God change your heart. God is just and faithful to forgive, as well start a new life of right living. No one in sin has to live that way. That is not how God intended us to live. If your life is messed up, and most of us start like that, God will change you, “if” you allow Him to. The poor man is having a hard time facing truth. There is good news, “you don’t have to live like that”. Praise our Father and creator God.

  12. Bless you. Once we realize police brutality doesn’t just go by race, we can all make a big difference. I’m so sorry for your loss and wish you and your family peace.

  13. He is accusing everyone but the guilty parties = his son and his son’s parents. The father (and mother) owe a huge apology to the community for their failure as parents and for the damages caused by their son.

  14. I guess “Better late then never” could apply here, however, I do wish he had placed more emphasis on remaining calm, and not destroying property or rioting, as it appears obvious that is what will happen with the instigators ready and waiting for an excuse! The changes to which he refers must come from both sides, with the parents taking some responsibility for their children’s behavior.

  15. Not to sound cold, but for no other reason than the video of Brown robbing the store, I suspect this father didn’t know his son all that well. Failed parents from a failed community.

  16. I wouldn’t want my son’s name to be associated with radicals, thugs, and killers, I wouldn’t want the name to be remembered for looting, and burning and theft either. That is how his name will be remembered however, and that is sad for the parents. That is how I remember the name Brown, and others will also.

  17. A very good man, but he should stop using the word “race” when applied to human beings because there is no such thing. We are all human beings with a great variety, over 40-skin colors, which was researched by college students several years ago.
    All are individuals with many similarities and many differences, which makes us more interesting to each other. God bless us all.

  18. I am white but it shouldn’t matter.What you said was from a strong man with a big heart.I’ll pray for you and may God ease your pain.

  19. I am sorry for this mans loss, but his kid reacted with violence, attacking a cop, and that cop, fearing for his life, used his weapon to stop the violent attacker, who just happened to be black.

    This is not about racism, this is about child abuse, where the black community teaches their kids to hate through alleged victim hood.

    If this had been a white kid killed by a cop, it would be none news.

    Stop the hate, and you stop the violence.

  20. These people are just looking for an excuse to rob and steal from the business owners again. However, I think the business owners will be more prepared this time around…

  21. Brown’s dad has done a lot better than his mom. She has ask the u.n. to get involved in the case. I wonder how much money she has made off of patenting her son’s name?I watched the funeral & the racist pastor was no better than sharpton. I don’t understand how any parent could allow the funeral of their child turn into a race rally. He was a gang member,thug who met his demise in the same way most of those types do.
    The left talks about white privileged. They are even teaching in school that if you are white you need to be ashamed of your race. What about the black privilege,the illegal alien foreign invader privilegeso called “minority” privilege? These are the real privileged people who have gotten away with crime for to long & now think we owe them everything.
    Listen up!!! The first slaves were white people you dumb as$es. From the 16th through the 18th century Africans enslaved 1.5million white European slaves in the Barbary Slave Trade.

  22. Good for Mr Brown his gets my prayers and respect! I hope they do not have to explain why little darlin’ bullied and stole the cigars to get high!!! Or if little darlin’ ever bullied anyone other that guy the USE TO OWN a store in Ferguson!!!

    1. Sorry Mr. Brown you lost your kid but, when you saw on TV your little goon son stealing the store later on him and other savages burnt to the ground YOU DID NOT EVEN lift a finger and nobody saw you intervene to take your little darling home…but, when he got what he deserved then….That is a different story.

      WELL…………….War is ALWAYS different when it comes home, now live with it.

  23. Why M.Brown and his wife had to go to the UN in Switzerland to sick Justice? to look for 15 seconds of Fame?, make a movie? rake Millions in profit ? it is heading the life of their son was not in vain because is money to be made at the expense of the honor of a Police Officer doing his duty to protect the community from Rioters, robbers, arsonists, etc. All M. Brown Sr. is saying in disguise CRIMES PAYS

    1. Yeah good point I can not afford to fly to Switzerland or NY city for that matter where the UN is located! Do not understand the trip to Switzerland??? But I guess if you STAY the COURSE as Oblammer ORDERED you get a trip!!!

      1. The parents of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown (good kid)* have testified before a United Nations committee on human torture. … who is in Geneva, …Switzerland, no doubt we the stupid tax-payers foot the bill.
        * Scumbag arsonist rioter pig.

  24. Does anyone believe this will stop those who crave the rioting, destruction of property and robberies something like this affords them?

      1. If obarri, Sharpton, holder and company were truly honest people everyone of the outsider thugs would be in jail right now. It is sad that rule of law and justice isn’t the goal. Liberty and justice “For all” regardless of who you are. Amen

  25. This would have been great except for his saying ‘end racial profiling, getting justice and an arrest’ – he might as well told them to continue rioting. I concur he’s hurting but he’s one mind with the rioters……He might think twice about his relationship with the Lord.

  26. He could of admitted that his son was the cause of a chain of bad events taking place and he did not , I’m sorry for his loss it’s his son but to let the racist people like obama , Sharpton , etc continue to ignore the evidence and make this a race issue is wrong Mr Brown would do the country a great deed and rise on top to acknowledge his son had issues with authority , but I hope this young officer is ok , what he is going threw sucks I’m sure he is bummed he took a life but he did his Job , the other kid with his son should come clean as God doesn’t forget !

    1. I think he may be looking for a way to tell those who might turn on him if he said his son was wrong, that it is harmful to everyone to perpetuate violence. He is in a tough situation now. (I am not condoning the actions of his son, though.)

  27. The last I heard to be a Saint you had to steal from a shoppe keeper then rough him up and looked like threaten bodily harm while that probably wasn’t the first time he did this then attack an Officer doing his job and break his face, so this boy thug is high on the Saint List for this month only. Then we have president Oblozo, DOJ Holder, Sharpton and Jackson who took an Officer who was doing his job and in one day convicted this Officer of Murder of a gentle giant and ruined this Officer’s life along with his family. Now this bunch of RACE BAITING CSer’s did the same thing in Florida while even inventing a new race the White Hispanic and convicted a man who should have minded his own business and another who should have just went home. It’s time after what these boys did to this Officer and his family while RACE BAITING that they should hunt them down and make sure this doesn’t happen again. It’s sad when criminals can do what they want and be above the law and get away with it.

  28. You raised a thug, what the hell did you expect?,The world was gonna be his victim,Found out the hard way didn’t he,I can not fathom the blacks are ready to riot,Over this dirtbag, If your gonna rise up,Make sure it somebody worth it. When they do blow up, Expect to get blown to hell.Animal’s have better logic than you moron’s.

  29. Sharpton do you hear your fellow black man? Stop the bullshit calling for protests, who the hell do you think you are? Now we know exactly that you are a lying, tax evading, scum that doesn’t pay taxes for your employees so that their SS will be showing no money paid. You will screw anyone you can, any way you can for your own benefit. You do not even help your own “black” people. You lie and cheat and should be shunned for the rest of your life. Blacks need to stop donating to a person that will cheat his own.
    You start violence and then blame whites. You were great and squealing on others but you don’t like being squealed on! Sharpton the TWO-FACE!

  30. Having read trough these posts, I am horrified at some of the comments. We do not yet have all the facts in this case. Much of it is pure speculation at best and outright BS otherwise. This father is hurting yet offers a call for peace. He seems to be a Christian man and he is very much a hurting father. I lost my oldest son under different circumstances. That did not and does not make my own feelings any less than his. But we can’t blame others for failure in this instance including this father. I am not aware that Brown had any criminal record. He likely acted on some sort of impulse. Why he chose to do so we will never know. So until we know more about this incident we have no business judging anyone. Meanwhile we should respect this father for speaking out as he has. He does not sound like a loser to me.

  31. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, these niglets will do as they please until they get their own way, and the government sill sit there and do nothing!

  32. We cannot expect Mr. Brown to hold 100% sway over his son when the public in general is also failing our youth. We have removed the Ten Commandments fro our schools and forbade Christian involvement in our schools. Therefore a father cannot always hold sway over the mongrel atheists who are doing their best to tear down the morals of this country. The blame here and in so many of these youth antics is the responsibility of al of us. To go out and vandalize and destroy property and even injure others over something like that which has not been proven to be a true representation of the facts is despicable. This incident will come to a close. Then we can see what evidence the Grand Jury had and go from there. If the Grand Jury did not get all the facts, those facts need to come out. But we don’t resort to a buffalo stampede mentality in any case. Peaceful demonstrations are fine as the truth is pursued. We have that Constitutional right. But to do what has been done is totally unacceptable.

  33. Rodney King, Rodney King, doesn’t this propaganda sound vaguely familiar. I love where this country is heading. It is NOT okay for a white police officer to defend himself, but blacks CAN go out and loot and destroy property, and threaten rape and murder on innocents. What a messed up morality we have created in this country that used to be sensible and set good examples

  34. Justice is only gonna happen when the grand jury decides that Officer Wilson did his job and was defending himself from a THUG hat attacked him first.

  35. I have great respect for Michael’s father. As a Christian parent, I show my child which way to live the best I can. The choices each individual makes is their choice. I like how this man in his great perplexity of losing a son acts with Christian ethics and reveals how real God is to him. If his son is innocent or guilty, he pursues truth. Pray for him that God will bless him and his family.

    Only opportunists like Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, who want riots and civil unrest to empower them, are propagating so much damage and hurt in Ferguson – criminalizing the officer before a trial.

  36. I applaud Mr. Brown, that is a moral and noble statement to make. I also agree with a lot of the comments made by all of you. It’s too bad JR did not inherit SR’s traits, maybe this never would have happened. I don’t know if I’m the only one who notices, but there seems to be a sense of “entitlement” these days in the youth. Not any particular race, just In general. Not a lot of respect for themselves, or anyone else for that matter. There will always be bad people in positions of power who overstep their boundaries, but in a situation of “him or me” you have to protect yourself. No matter the cost.

  37. Even though he has said that he thinks his son was killed without provocation, his message is one of sanity and taking the time to move upward, not down into the abyss of anarchy…

    1. That message isn’t sanity. Bowing to that kind of anti white, black racist militant crap will bring about anarchy a whole lot faster.

  38. If he and his wife had not raised their son as a punk and wannabe thug they’d not have to mourn his deserved fate. He who lives like a thug generally dies like one as well.

  39. Terrible circumstances; no winners. This man stepped forward and seems to be trying to keep things stable. He needs to be acknowledged for at least trying. His son is dead and possibly did everything to get himself that way. No praise for him being a thug. Let’s hope the residents of Ferguson don’t play into the racists governments hands and prevent even more deaths.

  40. What a line of crap this guy spoke. What does this militant think the police and the citizens should do, let these thugs, like his worthless son go around robbing, raping, murdering, and law enforcement should do nothing. His son was a puke of a thug, but he is no better. I would rather see things break out in a violent revolution than give these damn thugs free rain. The thugs would lose. If Brown Sr. and the militants in Ferguson, and the rest of the thugs in this country don’t want peace, because you are not after justice, you’re after injustice, and revenge, because you are black, just remember, you brought it on. By the way Officer Wilson is staying with me, bring it.

  41. Poverty is never an excuse to steal and attack the police. The entitled idealism has and will destroy millions of lives. Many Americans of all colors who started in poverty stood proud and worked hard and enjoy success …this idea of starting out on top and enjoying what others worked their life time for to achieve is bogus.

  42. If there is ANY rioting, looting, or whatever as a result of a grand jury decision, it will lead to only one thing………..a repeat of history, aka: the Watts riot. I remember that like it happened yesterday. People set fires to their own homes, apartments, businesses, domiciles, but nothing came of it. They destroyed nothing but themselves, bc after it was all over, they had to rebuild themselves.

  43. What part of ‘his son was the guilty party’ in this doesn’t his father or that town understand? The boy was a dope head and was attempting to kill the police officer, the officer had every right to defend himself. Had he also been black nothing would have been said. They are the ones making this a racial matter!!!!!

  44. His father is a joke. It seems like they don’t care whether the kid was guilty or not, it is just that we have to stop picking on them because of what they do in society regardless of whether its legal or not. That doesn’t matter to them.

  45. God bless him for coming against the violence. And, no matter if his son was a punk, he still is hurting over the loss of his child.

  46. Mr. Brown,
    You have suffered a tremendous loss and I respect you for your message to the rest of the world. I do not know the truth of exactly what happened on the street that night. I do know there are conflicting stories about what happened. I do know various sources have explained conflicting evidence to either support those stories or to contradict those stories. I do know various entities have vowed violence no matter what the Grand Jury decides. I do know that is very wrong. I do know what happened in the convenience store shortly before then. It did not put your son in a favorable light. However a good father will love his son no matter what the son has done. That does not have to mean you condone what your son has done. It also does not necessarily reflect your parenting. I know multiple examples of children following paths their parents would never trod.

    However, you said, “An arrest for me would be justice.” That means you have decided the policeman is guilty. What if he is actually innocent? That does seem a reasonable possibility considering your son’s mindset he demonstrated in the convenience store. Do you believe an arrest anyway would be justice? I believe reasonable people would think otherwise. I strongly urge you to rethink your statement so that racial bias is not directed either way and true justice is what is you really desire. Because you also said, “I have to be strong for other people, too.”

      1. As evidenced by Mr. Brown’s comments after the ruling prove beyond any shadow of a doubt his earlier statements were BS and he is a first class hypocrite.

  47. There were riots
    and shop looting by Blacks in that Missouri town organized by “Reverend”
    Sharpton protesting “the murder of ‘an innocent black teenager’ and another
    Obama’s ‘potential son’ Michael Brown by “a racist white” policeman. More such
    riots and shop looting are being organized now in expectation of the Grand Jury

    Brown’s rap sheet from 2013 on “Casenet” (see Internet). Note that he also has
    a seemingly considerable juvenile criminal record that is unfortunately sealed.

    Description: Burglary –
    1st Degree {Felony B RSMo: 569.160 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting
    Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed
    Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Assault 1st
    Degree – Serious Physical Injury {Felony A RSMo: 565.050} Code: 1301100;
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed
    Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    This rap
    sheet does not yet include the latest attack, with another black “teenager”, on
    the police officer while resisting arrest and trying to take away the
    policeman’s gun, and the preceding store robbery. Now let somebody explain to
    me – how come that established habitual violent criminal and a “potential
    Obama’s son” was not in jail? Or is this a different 6′-3″/220 lbs Michael Brown?

  48. A trifecta to get to a Marxist State. Ferguson will explode into vaporized blood. There will be over 5 million illegal aliens flooding into the country. We have a dedicated Marxist as President. Do I make myself clear? Come on Libtards! Scream and rage! Let’s hear your responses! You know you are seething with rage right now. Come and spill those words on your keyboard! This should be fun readomg them over and over again.. Now do check your assigned Libtard statements out of your manuals! We await your buffoon responses.

  49. It’s a little late to wish that his son’s death not be in vain. Mentoring and serving as a good role model might have saved this boy back when he was five. But he assaulted a very small storekeeper, stole merchandise, wrestled for a police officer’s firearm and fractured his skull (eye socket).

  50. It wasn’t and isn’t racial profiling that got this young man killed…it was his reckless behavior, actions, and disrespect for the store owner, stealing, not responding to the officer and assaulting him. This father did not do his job, and raised a thug, on his way to stealing and doing drugs.

  51. I believe most people across the nation feel for the family. It took a lot from a strong greiving father. In order to deliver such a message. Parents are not supposed to out live their children. Yet I hope his words reach the ears all of the people that want nothing more than to add to their grief by actions that will cause them even more heartache.

  52. I feel a great deal of sympathy for the Brown Family. I do NOT have any sympathy for all the looters and racist hatemongers who have used the shooting to tear down the town, and the attempt to start a race war starting in ferguson and trying to make it spread.

  53. Whether Mr. Brown Sr. is right or wrong about his son’s actions and death is irrelevant at this time. He has said the right thing and should be respected for it. He has my respect. I hope the people who are looking for an excuse to do wrong will listen to this grieving father.

  54. good thoughts .. an intelligent man ..sorry for his loss .. i think both were at fault but i doubt young mr brown needed to be shot at ….i wasn’t there …tho.. mr brown’s dad makes a very worthwhile plea for worthwhile change in police / civilian relations and attitudes …courtesy ; consideration ; co-operation are good things ..i try to practice them and succceed most of the time …

  55. Mr. Brown, I am so sorry for your loss, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve lost a son, and I know the pain. You will gradually learn to live with it. Mr. Brown, I feel badly that you’ve been used by people who really don’t care about justice. You strike me as an honest and fair man. May God be with you during this time of unrest, I am afraid innocent people will be hurt. I’m going to pray for you. I don’t know whether Mr. Wilson is guilty or not, but I pray for him too. We have some hard days ahead, sir.

  56. It is sad for this man. It is sadder that he didn’t teach his son that disregarding other’s rights and disregarding the law could lead to serious consequences. His son displayed criminal behavior and had a history of lawlessness. Too bad there isn’t any responsibility being taken for what his son did to cause this problem.
    The police officer was doing his job, trying to stop a thief and protecting himself from attack by an aggressive, larger and stronger thug on a rampage. The truth in this matter should be the focus.

  57. I just want to say that Mr. Brown is an amazen man and deserves a lot of respect for being able to say and feel this way after the loss of his son! He is absolutely right we as Americans need to stand together and make changes for the better! Together Black, White, Yellow ect. If you are legal Americans together we stand, Devided we fall!! Lets work to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! THANK YOU MR. BROWN!! MAY YOUR SON R.I.P AND MAY YOUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES HEAL AND AND BECOME STRONG!

  58. I might guess, if there is a Riot, the streets will be Bloody, and Who’s blood will it be?
    I know, but want others to know, without my help

    1. The Incentive is: Riots are not worth dying for. Legislation works best, with Honest Officials, so, where must we start…… Not on the Streets.

      1. America is better than a War of any kind. This is a War to restore our Constitutional Rights and Laws. Let’s have some respect for everyone.
        Just think, if you shake your neighbors hand, some neighbor will be shaking your hand. Smile upon your Brother. In public, practice brotherly love, in private, practice Family Love. Who can sit down and tell someone their problems, and then work out a solution. Who’s willing to take their BBQ Grill out to the middle of the street, and someone lights the Coals, and another tosses down a Stake, and another slaps down a bowl of Salad, and another slams down a Case of Beer, and another brings the Zucchini, who will bring the Butter?
        What will we talk about? How about a Camping trip with the children, all of them. Watch the Children, help them practice Respect for each other, as the focal point.. do it together. This is the way my family and others did it. We had a perfect community. You will be surprised who was there….

        1. Find something Right with your neighbor! But, let him find something Right with you!! When you find a friend, they will have one, also. It takes two for a Friendship. Do you know how to draw a crowd? Go outside and start laughing. Tell someone a Clean Joke. If you buy two Tomato plants, give your neighbor one of them. Share a Bell Pepper with your Neighbor.

  59. It’s a good message but a lot of agitators from other States won’t be listening. They don’t care, they don’t have to live there so they don’t have anything to lose.

  60. This has nothing to do with racial profiling, his 300 pound son robbed a local merchant then attacked a police officer. Sorry he and his father had to learn the lessons of life (The golden rule, do unto others) the hard way.
    Now his family is suing the police department and officer Wilson. This should look good in court and to the jury.
    Personally I think this is just a typical con by this man and his family, and their lawyer, who by the way is the same lawyer who sued on behalf of the Trevon Martin family and were awarded 1 million dollars.
    The real haters and race baiters have made threats and have caused so much fear, trouble and destruction for all the citizens of their city and other cities in America as well.
    More of that Obama change crap.
    Just say no to the PC crocodile tears for this bunch.

  61. I thank Mr Brown for his wise statement, it’s nice that it is coming from family!
    Although I doubt it will be herd by the planted rabble rouses that Obama has in Ferguson; Their one purpose is to insure the maximum amount of trouble after the verdict is read!

  62. Well……What does Mr Brown think of his son’s “bullying”, & thievery? Young “Brown”, brought all this down on himself!……Not, the “white cop”, doing his job! Trouble with Liberals, is that they aren’t “responsible” for anything “wrong”……..They are just unfortunate “victims” of Whitey! [& so it has gone for centuries!]

  63. Dr King preached peace and riots followed him around the country. The race baiters will twist lies to truth and truth into lies, just like with Dr King’s message.

  64. What we need is parents black, white, yellow or green to teach their children to do what ever a police officer tells you to do, whether you think they’re right or not. Better to listen than die, he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

  65. While the whole race issue is being used to for self promotion by many. It is an issue in America. A twelve year old was shot in TN with a plastic gun. Yes police have a very dangerous job. But I want to know what happened to Protect & Serve? When will police learn to slow down? Before shooting a 12 year old. Why can’t trained “Professionals” not disseminate between toy and real. While yes they have to be wary, but to FEAR a 12 year old & having bullet proof vest on. I just don’t understand their fear. If they are that afraid of being shot at they should find another profession.

  66. He is correct, but the racist “Supremes’ – Sharpton, Jackson and the black panthers to name a few – are too busy stirring up the black folk to riot no matter the decision so they can start a 2nd civil war. Perhaps these war mongers should recall, that you may be prevalent in your St. Louis neighborhood, but, Dude, you only make up 12% of the population. You might want to ponder that piece of news while you are “stirring the pot”!

  67. While I am sad and pray that he and his family receive Mercy from GOD for their Greif I have to say this. People in Ferguson do not want JUSTICE they want this Officer Hanged even though the testimony of witnesses says the shooting is and was Justified. If the people of Ferguson want peace and JUSTICE they need to Throw the trouble makers(those rioting) in jail and throw the ones that are not from Ferguson out of the State and bar them from ever returning to Ferguson. If the people of Ferguson want a police force that is closer in make up of the Town they need to make Blacks Step up and stop being the THUGS that are what Brown was the night he got killed in his robbing that store and beating up the store owner then his attack of the officer that finally shot him.

  68. I respect what this man has to say. Unfortunately, many others will not. The likes of Jackson and Sharpton can’t sell peaceful protest. They don’t comprehend the concept. Rabble rousing is their only outlet.

  69. I commend Mr. Brown. It took a lot for him to post this message. If the leaders of Ferguson both black and white will listen to what he has to say, they might be able to save their town. They could start by joining hands and telling Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the news media to stay away from Ferguson. We know we have problems. We can work them out without outside trouble makers.

  70. I worry about this “Powder Key hat is goinig to happen. I blame the media!!! there are clips that show Brown shoving the clerk and he had a gun after he robbed that place and you don’t see that clip at all been shown at all. Obama fueled this power keg with comments like STAY THE COURSE. Eric Holder and Sharpton are just as bad.

  71. Michael Brown Sr. states very good intentions, how and why did he let Tyrannt Al Von Sharpton into town to make a mockery of this unfortunate incident. I wonder if Al has his eye on the Gold.

  72. What this man needs to say to the community is that his son was guilty of stealing and roughing up a store owner and that was wrong. He should also tell others not to smoke weed and take dope as his son was known to do. And he needs to tell the young people they should never challenge a policeman holding a gun. There is a better way and they need to learn from this boy’s death. That’s what Michele Brown, Sr. needs to say to his community. If he is a godly man then it is his duty to admit his own son was in the wrong. If those two “birds”, Jackson and Sharpton fly in he should be the one to tell them to get lost, their kind is not wanted in their community.

  73. Michael Brown, Sr is the smartest man about the death of his son.
    Here he is grieving and he is asking people not to do all this violence but things like this shows a lot of wisdom from someone who is affected directly.
    May God Bless you and your family Mr Michael Brown SR

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