MSNBC Calls Trump ‘Bigot-in-Chief’

MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson recently called President Trump a “bigot in chief” who created horrendous viewpoints such as Roseanne Barr’s racist comments about Valerie Jarrett.

Dyson stated, “We’ve got a bigot-in-chief and racist in residence. That is what it is. He has unleashed some of the most horrendous viewpoints in this country. He said ‘look, it’s okay, come out of the closet, stand up and speak and tell the world what you believe and you will be defended by political bluster.’ And notice in his tweet, he said nothing about the horrendous statement that Roseanne Barr herself admitted was unforgivable. He said nothing about that.”

“He wants to have it both ways. He wants to certify and validate the quiet bigots afraid to stand up and speak out, and at the same time, he wants to get at the other side for its bigotry and for its dumping on him.”

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  1. The Fallout from last week is still a stinging sore, but it also proves that the liberal media has gotten totally out of control after ABC’s monumentally stupid decision to cancel Roseanne Barr’s revival series after her Twitter rants were easily manipulated and taken to portray the controversial actress as an unhinged and rabid racist after her remarks about the Jarrett woman, and now MSNBC is trying to call the CIC a bigoted racist all because of Roseanne Barr being a conservative and a supporter of President Trump? but its okay for the Samantha Bee woman on her TBS show to call Trump’s daughter a “feckless c…” and gets away with that without being fired? let’s put things into simple prospective- President Trump has been unfairly assaulted by the liberal media since he took office in Jan 2017, and since then, the attacks against the CIC has been constant, and now this Dyson character at MSNBC has the balls to call our President a bigoted racist in chief? if any bigotry has been shown, it’s come directly from the out of control liberal media, which has become a corrupt and rotten thing when it only shows things from the intolerant Left, and Roseanne’s behavior has now been used as a target by the liberal media to portray this woman as a bigoted conservative who’s an out of control nutcase, but the mean and nasty manner that Barr went through last week by the liberal media and her former TV network is the kind of evil that speaks loudly, especially when the very media that she’s worked for has now used its resources to destroy and ruin her career, and even having her reruns of her 1988-1997 show removed from certain cable networks shows how seriously cold blooded that the liberal media has become, and its disrespect for the President of this Nation. MSNBC has certainly hit an all new low here, and i sure hope it was worth it!

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