New game encourages violence against Trump

In their hysteria over the election of Donald Trump, liberals have been fantasizing about violence against the new president. Pop icon Madonna got it started on Inauguration Day, openly admitting she had thoughts of blowing up the White House. From there, the depictions of violence intensified. Comedian Kathy posted a picture of herself holding Trump’s severed head. Not to be outdone, the cast of the play “Julius Caesar” depicted what appeared to be the brutal assassination of the president live on stage.

Clearly, many liberals have abandoned thoughtful debate about policy, instead skipping straight to violence. Sadly, that trend shows no signs of slowing down. Most recently, a new online game was released that allows users to “push Trump off a cliff”.

From the Daily Caller:

A new online game encourages users to send a virtual President Trump to his death, either by sending him off a cliff, down a manhole, into a volcano or into the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You can see it here.

The game, “Push Trump Off A Cliff Again,” instructs users to “Take out your frustrations with [the] President by pushing him off a virtual cliff, or into a virtual volcano.” A virtual Trump shouts out phrases including “Bye!” and “I’m really rich!” as he tumbles to his death.


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