Obama Gives SCOTUS the Finger… Plans to Do This Anyway

President Barack Obama has no intention of letting the Supreme Court of the United States interfere with his vow to “fundamentally transform America.”

Following the recent SCOTUS ruling that resulted in a tie, affirming the lower 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against Obama’s illegal executive amnesty for illegal aliens, Obama announced that the enforcement priorities that he has put into place were not affected by the ruling, and therefore deporting people who are in this country illegally is not going to be a priority of his administration.

Obama declared during his speech that illegal aliens who “have roots” in their communities are “low priorities.”

“What was unaffected by today’s ruling, or lack of a ruling, is the enforcement priorities that we’ve put in place.”

“Our enforcement priorities have been laid out by Secretary Jeh Johnson and the Department of Homeland Security are pretty clear.”

“We prioritize criminals, we prioritize gang-bangers, we prioritize folks who have just come in. What we don’t do is prioritize people who have been here a long time, who are otherwise law-abiding, who have roots and connection of their communities, so those enforcement priorities will continue.”

Does Obama’s attitude toward the Supreme Court surprise you?


  1. The dictator in chief does not need to obey any stinking ruling from any stinking court to do as he pleases, they can stick their ruling where the sun dont shine.

  2. Emperor 0’bumma is used to getting what he wants and seems above the laws he mandates for “the people”. He has HIS agenda and has no interest in what the majority of Americans want.

  3. I approve of that priority list. Let’s get the known trouble makers out first before we get out the non trouble makers. Safety should be the first goal.

  4. Why is he being allowed to do whatever he pleases? Start impeachment proceedings so that history and the world will always know that he has been the worst president we have ever known, next to some foreign dictators.Congress needs to override him and proceed with law.Voters need to understand that the coming election is perhaps the most important one ever.Hillary would be more years of the same.Get out and vote and get everyone you know to do so. I know why he is not following through with the law, his plan has always been for illegals to vote, it’s imperative in the selection to override the vote for Trump and he knows it. He must be stopped from corrupting our country forever with his illegal scam. Anyone here in favor of his lawbreaking practices is not a conservative nor a true law-abiding American, it’s just the same people that put them in there and will never admit that he wasn’t “the best president ever”. They will probably actually try to force history books, especially for school children, to say that he was the best president we’ve ever had. They are a party of lies.

    1. The POS in congress will never impeach the muslim POS SANDNIGGER.cONGRESS HAS NO BALLS NO NO SPINE AND NO DAMN GUTS.

    2. Trey Gowdey was asked about impeaching Ozero and he replied, “Do you know Biden? He would become president!”

  5. Anyone who calls are courts of law they stinking court doesn’t belong here and needs to leave with the illegal criminals. Go live in lawless land With your dictator want to be.

  6. obama, like some of us here in “citizenville” knows that SCOTUS “opinions” are just that, opinions and not laws. A SCOTUS opinion has no force of law, it is only the considered committee generalization of a question, supposedly about the Constitution.
    obama is perfectly legal in ignoring the SCOTUS opinion. Note that I do not say that he is correct in doing so but he is legal. Those who have convinced the people of this land that a supreme court opinion is a law have done so to enable “legislation from the bench”, which is unconstitutional.
    The judiciary branch cannot make a law, nor can the executive branch (although obama is doing that via his abuse of the executive order privilege)

    1. When SCOTUS makes a ruling (an opinion as you call it), it becomes “case law” and is cited in legal arguments. Obama, and you, I guess, don’t appreciate the rule of law. If we can’t obtain lawful justice, I believe it is time for the “White Knights of Vigilance.”

  7. He is using the Hugo Chavez model. Once the illegals are legalized and given voting rights, the MSA will be established. The Marxist State of America.

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