Obama Said It – Over and Over – and Now It Won’t Go Away

A few decades ago a politician could make a false declaration, and over time, his words would be forgotten.  Today, with the Internet and widely available video recordings of every speech, President Barack Obama’s words are coming back to haunt him.

A video compilation posted by the Washington Free Beacon illustrates the point with not one or two, but sixteen variations of this theme: “Four years ago we promised to end the War in Iraq, and I did.”

Unfortunately, what Obama would like us to forget is that the war in Iraq ended with a power vacuum that has been filled by ISIS, arguably the biggest threat we have faced in many years.



  1. More people need to wake up to this power hungry, racist, madman. He Vowed to Change American and he did just that. But it wasn’t for the better, it is rapidly turning into a horror show.

  2. This barrack HUSSEIN OBAMA indicates by his actions who he really is !! He is bringing the Once Great Country of AMERICA down to the gutters by his lack of leadership and his intentions to do just that. It is inconceivable how he has been allowed to go down the path he has been doing over the last 6 years, and apologizing for America, allowing Iran to get nuclear power by giving them more and more time and money, and inspite of the huge debt America has, ACCUMULATED by OBAMA. PUSH THIS TRAITOR OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND OUT OF THE COUNTRY He doesn’t belong there. !!!!!
    Disgusted that the GOP have no guts to get this man out.

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