Obama spent taxpayer money for Hillary

President Barack Obama appeared to spend $360,236 of taxpayer money on a campaign trip to North Carolina on Air Force One with Hillary Clinton, a Freedom of Information Act request by a watchdog group found.

Air Force One costs $180,118 per hour in flight, and the aircraft flew two hours round-trip to make the July 2016 trip to North Carolina, the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command Headquarters said in its response to a FOIA request by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

The use of Air Force One for campaign travel is not a new practice, but it was an issue of contention on the campaign trail this summer after presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump complained about Obama’s use of the aircraft in support of presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton.

At the time, the White House said in a statement that the Democratic National Committee and other relevant political committees foot the bill for Obama to travel to political events on Air Force One, Bloomberg News reported.

However, the formula for how travel costs are divided is unclear, Bloomberg added.

As CNBC reported at the time, it’s common for presidents to use Air Force One to travel to campaign events themselves, but a president actually traveling with a non-incumbent candidate is new.

Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all used the jet to travel to non-incumbent campaign events, but none of them traveled with their chosen successor.

The two hours of Air Force One use are in addition to dozens of other fundraising and campaign trips over Obama’s eight years in office, Judicial Watch argued, “bringing the known total over the past eight years to $96,938,882.51.”


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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/12/29/new-judicial-watch-documents-obama-spent-taxpayer-money-campaigning-for-hillary-clinton/


  1. Taxpayers should stop paying taxes if our money is being spent on the campaign of crooked Hillary who has taken more money than any other candidate ever. With all the money the Clinton Foundation has obtained under false pretenses, why should we the people pay for Hillary’s bills? And Valerie Jarrett has the audacity to say there were no scandals in the Obama administration. The scandals are too numerous to mention and now learning that he spent taxpayer dollars on Hillary’s campaign. The main stream media has ignored all his scandals so it gives a false impression that he has none.

  2. Obama needs to reimburse the American taxpayer for money he misspent of ours. For all the “stuff” he has done to our country, I would love to see him tried for treason, and he should be behind bars. He is truly an eye sore to our country. He just did not finish all the rules of Sal Alinski for radicalism on our country to destore the United States, but thought Hillary would do it. Good ridence to bad rubbish!
    Obama go back to where you were born and it wasn’t the United States of America, as all your records would not be sealed. You are an imposter!

  3. Our humanitarian. Think of all the good he could have done if that money had gone to fight poverty, education, or medical assistance to those that need it! Our champion probably never discussed these when in Hawaii and/or playing golf time and again. He will be better known as the vacation King. And can now go back to being a community organizer; only richer on our dime again. Consider that he gave himself a raise of thousands of dollars before leaving office and D. Trump will only accept a dollar for his efforts, declining his reportedly 400,000 dollars per year salary as commander- in- chief. Which man would you rather have leading you!!

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