Revealed after 54 years – little-known “Kennedy Accounts”

Dear Reader, 

Recently, my colleague, Jeff Yastine, shared an incredible discovery with me.

It pertains to a unique piece of legislation that began to take shape 54 years ago around the time of President John F. Kennedy.

A piece of legislation that is virtually never discussed

But created what is possibly the single most profitable investment “account” available to Main Street Americans.

Had you timed things just right  In the last few years alone, one of these accounts would’ve generated:

  • 963 times more profit than the top five year certificate of deposit.
  • It is 511 times more than the average 401(k).
  • 449 times more than the stock market.

These are real numbers.

In fact, a handful of people reached out to us directly including one man who states his $50 investment in one of these mysterious “Kennedy Accounts” is now worth $237,400.

Jeff has shown me the evidence   and the potential is breathtaking.

He has taken every shred of information, every pertinent fact, every small but vital detail, and assembled it all into an information-packed presentation…

You can view the presentation in its entirety for a limited time by clicking this link here.

Please understand: this is highly controversial.

The government has laws restricting it from the public lime light.

But Jeff has decided enough is enough… and after 54 years, he’s bringing these “Kennedy Accounts” into the limelight.

And if you open your first account before January 25th, you stand to see a stake as small as $500 snowball into upwards of $1.5 million over the coming years.

Just click this link here for the complete details.


Matt Badiali

Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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