Pastor urges Trump to show ‘heart’ to ‘Dreamers’

One of President Trump’s spiritual advisers asked him to show “heart” ahead of his decision on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin personally pleaded Trump to help those who would be impacted by his decision during a meeting with Trump’s spiritual advisers in the Oval Office Friday, Franklin told The Washington Post.

Franklin said he and Trump discussed Trump’s love for his own children before Franklin said he wanted “to see that kind of heart toward these children.”

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  1. This should not be based on how much heart our Pres has,it’s the law finally being upheld. It is hard but our own people have been affected by this and no one seems to have any heart for them.Millions have had no jobs and all of Congress remains silent,soldiers had their pay taken and it was given to illegals. Where is the heart for our people who have risked their lives,some of them are even gone now but there is no uproar over their plight. God says borders are good and should remain while our Congress again thinks they know more than even God. A Pres is put in place to care for the needs of the country that elected him not for the whole world. Charity and heart should start at home.

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