‘Romney Really Needs to Be Quiet and Go Away’ For This Reason

More and more, Mitt Romney’s obsession with Donald Trump seems to be reaching ‘unhinged’ proportions. Especially when it comes to the issue of Trump releasing his tax returns.

Which is ironic, since the former Republican presidential nominee was extremely slow, in many of his critics’ opinions, to release his own tax returns during the 2012 elections and came under heavy fire from Harry Reid, who claimed in a speech on the Senate floor that his imaginary friend had told him that Romney hadn’t paid taxes for several years.

While most people view the release of tax returns as simply a box to be checked in order to make sure there is no obvious wrongdoing, very few people actually care about when they get released. There is no timeline that needs to be followed, there are no laws or rules governing the practice.

As time goes on, Romney’s claims continue to get wilder. Romney has even hinted that Trump’s returns could hint at ties to the mob.



























Unfortunately for Mitt, no one seems to care about his pet issue:

Reagan biographer, Craig Shirley, went on Hard Line to discuss the matter and told the host Ed Berliner that “Mitt Romney really needs to be quiet and go away” when it comes to Trump’s tax returns.

“There’s nothing legal there. The American people have a unique way of determining what is disqualifying and what is qualifying. The only qualifying is that you’re 35 years of age and a natural-born American. Other than that, the American people make the decision — not Mitt Romney.”

What do you think? Do you care about Trump’s returns and when he releases them?



    1. I thin mitt is using harry reid as his adviser….remember when harry told the world that mitt never paid taxes…guess they both need to quietly sink into the slime they live in

  1. Well let’s not forget that Trump made a big deal about Romney’s taxes when Romney was running for president and he hadn’t released his taxes. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Let’s also not forget all the lies trump has told about his taxes. So why should we believe trump on what he says about his taxes. Trump referred to Ted Cruz as “lyin’ Ted” yet when it comes to the campaign trump was rated as having lied the most on the campaign trail, followed by Ted. Kasich was rated to have told the truth the most among the Republican candidates.

    1. It wasn’t Trump that was always nagging Romney to show his taxes, It was Obama’s campaign idiots. No one cares about anybodys taxes, we care about how he will take back our country from the corrupt criminals that are running it.

    2. This is May 2016, Romney waited until Sept. 2012, so why is he in such a hurry, he is a sore looser, who literally gave the election to Obama

  2. Maybe… Trump is funding a museum for disabled space aliens… Who cares about his tax returns?? Only those who want to see him lose the election.

  3. Mitt lost and I think he has a hard time accepting it. This nonsense keeps him in the spotlight but it’s not a good llilght for him.

    1. Mitt was supported by Donald Trump and on his last few months refused to be seen, basically went into default and just gave the race over to Obama on a Silver Platter. Latter Mitt stated he never wanted to be the President, so why run? Maybe all the money sent his way , went right into his pocket. In any case he sold us all out. It would not be wise of him to be so vocal about the race, or his past could come to haunt him.

  4. Sour grapes are hard to eat. Go away, Mitt., You are a nuisance. You gave away the election to the Dems with your Pansy approach. America wants a winner.

  5. The shame of all this folks, is that many of us had respect for Romney, but he along with other so-called Republicans have just (in a way) told us “the people” to go you know where!! Please tell me where there allegiance is????? It doesn’t sound or look like their allegiance is toward or for our country!!! With all that has been said by Romney, well I wouldn’t vote for him for assistance to the dog catcher!! You sure are a great American, aren’t you Mr. Romney???? God Bless America

    1. Taxes are not necessarily fair in all cases & one must try one’s best to find all the loop holes one can & not pay more than you should legally have to. I am ashamed that I voted for Mitt Romney & I think you should BUTT OUT FOR SURE! WTF!

  6. Hay mit are you not the one who was also known as a corporate raider who use to go into companies, fire the people and send their work over seas?


  7. If you remember Romney was hounded for his tax returns and he produced them. We all know that Trump is sleaze ball, and there is shading dealings going on or he would produce his tax returns. He would brag about low %. He is a lying dirt bag and if there was any other option even close to conservative my vote would be going that way.
    What I can not believe is how many voters are willing to turn a blind eye to decent behavior. He always has been, always will be a douche bag.

  8. Mob Ties? Mitt Romney , Jeb Bush, both belong to the Bilderberg Group. Neither one cares if Hillary gets elected, in fact the would prefer that over Trump. The RINOS , (establishment Republicans, the GOP Chair, Paul Ryan the House Speaker, ex House speaker Boehner, the Democrat Leadership , Hillary, Bill Clinton, Obama, and his af=dvuiisors all belong to the Bilderberg Group that are Globalists, that have made the terrible trade agreements, and two parties both get huge donations from the Super PASS that support them. T^he elite of the elite Rich. Look it up. Get the Book;
    The True Story of
    The Bilderberg Group
    By Daniel Estulin
    Printed in the USA
    Distribution to the Trade by;
    Independent Publishers Group (IPG)
    814 North Franklin Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60610
    Library of Congress Control Number 2009923027

    Read the Publishers Forward first
    Then read page iv through xix in the front of the book for all the names that you will reconize. You will find out the reason no matter how you vote, the end result is always the same. As you read the Names, please remember these people are not PATRIOTS at all. The Care less about the American People, and the American Minorities. hey want Money, power, and a One world Government. John Kerry recently stated not far into the future there will be no individual countries or borders. Guess who pays that Jerk. Get informed. Vote for the right people, not the usual Liars.

  9. Thank you, PTTA, for your information about the Bildebergers. I have been looking for up to date references! Mitt Romney, former N.M. Governor Johnson and any third party spoilers: Get Lost!Get lost!

  10. Just another Established Republican aka: Democrat Lite Party, crying in his cereal bowl. Mitt, you blew it back in 2012, and guess what………You’re a Loser!

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