Sanders Eyes Top Income Tax Rate of 90%!

The Democrats are seriously out of touch.

How seriously? The Onion, which definitely skews liberal, did a spoof story this month headlined: “Americans Are Tired Of The Same Old Pandering And Stale Ideas We’re Going To Keep Offering Them.” The author: “Nancy Pelosi.”

“The frustration is palpable. People are fed up with the status quo. Citizens from all walks of life are sitting around their dinner tables, talking about how they’ve had it with all the usual proposals that, once more, we will be repackaging and spoon-feeding to them in a way that’s entirely transparent and frankly condescending,” the fake Pelosi wrote.

The reason that’s so funny is because it’s so true. Hillary Clinton was horribly out of touch throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, never understanding the anger and frustration among the electorate, which felt that things were most definitely not better than they had been eight years before.

But now, Hillary has vowed that she won’t run again (she’s making even more money doing one-woman shows selling her book of sad excuses, What Happened). And the Democratic Party doesn’t have many rising stars, so that’s left a vacuum that’s been filled by none other than Sen. Bernie Sanders.

At 76 years old, Bernie’s finally on the gravy train. The socialist now owns three house and he travels the country giving speeches (you know he’s not spending any of his own money to do that). Sure, he’s the guy who lost to the 2016 loser, which makes him a double loser, but right now he’s all the Democrats have.

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