HUH? Liberal Ad Blames Ebola on Something Not Even Remotely Related to Ebola

The Agenda Project Action Fund, a Liberal PAC, just posted an ad on YouTube attempting to blame the deadly Ebola epidemic on – wait for it – Republican budget cuts.  The video highlights clips of GOP officials saying, “cut” repeatedly, then an image of teams in Hazmat suits and pictures of victims of the dreaded virus. The video singles out Repubs in some of this election year’s most competitive races, including Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, and also features GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul.


  1. i guess if the idiot in chief doesn’t get a check, he can’t phone and pen someone to close travel from those infected countries. probably because it costs a couple/few billion bucks to call and write now-a-days. freakin’ idiots like never before. i’m still stunned from sixteen idiotic events ago let alone trying to be surprised for this one.

    1. I’m disappointed. The least they could have done was to blame it on Bush. The problem with this ad is that the retards will buy into it.

          1. When is the last time they told the truth? Its been so long ago I can’t remember. If they ever did!

          2. Your only problem is…you’ve drank so much Kool-aid that you don’t know the truth when you hear it.

          3. Here’s a little truth for you. We got into 2 wars that were unfunded, unjustified, and unwinable. WE had tax cuts that we couldn’t afford which led to a doubling of the national debt under Bush. Republicans don’t seem to understand that if you cut income you have to cut spending. We had an 8 year recession. That’s right. The economy has sucked since Bush took office. There was actually one good year when the war started but that didn’t last. And then of course the economy tanked which required the federal government to pump 2 trillion dollars into the economy to save the country.
            And they screw the very people who vote for them. Mitch wants to end Obama care claiming there is no connection between that and Kynect. That’s an outright lie! Obamacare funds connect and if he can get it repealed, 400,000 people in his state will be without health insurance. And he doesn’t give a damn!

          4. Here’s a little truth for YOU. — We’re still in the same war thanks to obama. He’s added billions to the deficit and we’re on the verge of an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a cake walk. He shreds the Constitution and ignores the laws that apply to him and the American people. Yet, you liberal traitors still support him. YOU don’t give a damn!

          5. Which war are you referring to?We are almost out of Afganistan. And we are not back in Iraq yet. But i agree we shouldn’t be involved at all in spite of what ISIS has done. War correspondaents knowingly risk their lives And just because they are Americans doesn’t mean we should seek revenge. But I’m sure the right would have raised all kind of hell if we had done nothing.
            As for the economy, we are in more danger by not spending. And watch how quickly the debt issue goes away if a Republican gets elected president. I didn’t say the debt will go away, just the issue. The Republicans will continue to spend just like junior Bush but they will not make a lot of noise about it. Romney admitted he would increase defense spending if elected. Where do you think that money was coming from? The debt was out of control back in the 80’s. It increased 4 fold during the Reagan/ Poppa Bush years . Did you know that? Reagan promised to balance the budget but never did. Finall Poppa Bush grew a pair and raised taxes and that got the debt under control until Junior took over and cut taxes. You conservatives caused the problems and then a few years later try to blame the democrats. And unfortunately too many Americans don’t seem to remember their own history.
            It’s easy to say Obama shreds the Constitution but I doubt that you can come up with a single example. If such an example existed, I’m sure some eager beaver Republican would have taken it to the Supreme court just like they did with ObamaCare. See where that got them.

      1. The Democrat Party today is CHARLATANS and Criminals, whose base is the low IQ Moochers and Leeches.
        So of course, the low IQ crowd will believe it.

      2. That is so true, when you remember that the idiots voted en masse to reelect Obama and over one third of the electorate still supports him?????

    2. Speaking of idiots…do ya even know what you are talking about thomas? If so please elaborate for the benefit of readers instead of just putting out mush that anyone could say about anyone.

      Don’t ya even know that there are no direct flights from West Africa to the states…so what are ya speakin’ of…banning all flights period to the U.S.

      1. United Airlines flies daily from Dakar, Senegal, to Washington Dulles.
        South African Airways flies daily from Dakar to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.
        Delta Airlines flies daily from Accra, Ghana, to JFK.
        Delta flies daily from Lagos, Nigeria, to Atlanta.
        United flies six days a week from Lagos to Houston.
        Arik Air, a Nigerian carrier, flies three days a week from Lagos to JFK.

          1. And those countries are next to or very close to the countries noted by ‘conductor1’ which are West African countries also. Check your map of Africa.

          2. William, don’t need to check an African map…I worked there for 3 years.

            What’s your point…there are no direct flights into the U.S. originating from those 3 infected West African countries period…

            All the ones you listed are Ebola free.

          3. Look William, I don’t know why ya want to hang onto this…

            Of course there are other ways, that’s the problem…the Republican politicians whining for a ban was for direct flights from the 3 infected countries where all the rest of us know there are no direct flights. What is it that ya don’t understand?

            Bans make it more difficult to track folks because they will find other means of transport that makes it more difficult to follow.

            I tell ya what Will, along your line of thinking…why not we ban all flights into the U.S. period.

            What we should ban is the spread of ignorance…

          4. So first you say West Africa, then you change it to the infected countries. That’s why you get reactions.

            …as if people who want to get to the US can’t or wouldn’t fly out of a neighboring country, or get a connecting flight in Europe. If hundreds of thousands of illegals can get through Obama’s bulletproof southern border, infected folks can get here from West Africa. The point is the US should have erred on the side of caution and set up cooperation in Europe to bar travel from the infected countries. Leading from behind again.

          5. When one is speaking of Ebola and West Africa nations…most understand it refers to the 3 infected countries.

            As far as the rest of your comment…go head on and believe what ya want; no sense in arguing…

          6. As I pointed out, there were direct flights, but I realize you’d rather call folks idiots and ignore the facts of lax response. Hopefully, that attitude will help shift the balance of power.

      2. its common sense. if you’re not sure of the facts, prudence would say ‘just in case’, let’s be on the safe side and shut things down. if you’re the leader of the country, the public’s assumption is you’d be able to push for everyone’s safety rather than act as is if wasn’t relevant enough to do something that matters.
        regardless of the medical issues and how the disease incubates, spreads, etc, there’s too much debate so it’s better policy to show the public you care enough to ease their fears. by closing travel between the outbreak country and ours, isn’t political, it’s just a sound
        move. didn’t feel i needed to explain common sense.

        1. You’re not explaining common sense you’re merely projecting your personal biased opinion.

          Now if ya want to add a little common sense into the debate…don’t ya think that perhaps, if ya really are reasoning, if a ban were put into place for direct flights coming into the states from the infected countries…it would be kind of numbskullish since there are ‘no direct flights’ from the infected countries into the U.S.

          1. i stand corrected. my assumption was that there were direct flights.
            unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually matter because when someone is infected, they’re the carrier regardless if they’re redirected to another flight, waiting for it in the airport or flying direct. an indirect flight, however would do more harm since my understanding would be they’d be exposed to more people.
            i don’t get why that’s not common sense. just putting down our political bias’ we should see it doesn’t matter who’s in charge or not, it’s only safer. i like safer, not riskier.
            note my pic? because i want my facilities to work well into my elder years–hence safer, healthier, etc. it’s not just an biased opinion, it’s fact.

            good day coach

          2. Tommy…there’s still no common sense…if someone is in the latter infecting stage, they wouldn’t be able to travel due to the extreme sickness. If they are a carrier, determined to get to the U.S., they’d find other routes to do so…if ya think putting a bounty on them would work, it’d only make them go underground to get here and never be traced. Most who have initially been infected don’t even know it…what are ya going to do ban any and all from entering the U.S.?

            Read up a little more on the disease, ethics and ignorant political scare tactics, then we’ll debate on higher ground…

    3. Nope! — The reason is that it would interrupt his golfing,– He has only gone a little over 200 times since elected!

    4. You must be neigbor with Allen West, Herman Cain and Dr. Carson. who hate the president because he is African-American. Those morons think they are English Black Saxons. Wait until they are profiled and arrested and beaten. Then they will wake up as African Americans.

      1. You are so wrong you must be brain dead. Oh yes, I gave you credit for having a brain at one time. Your racist comments are despicable but what else can we expect from a Democrap supporter. I hope you have seen the videos of everyday blacks in Chicago and Detroit reaming Obutt Head! Ever increasing numbers of blacks are saying they REGRET voting for Obutt Head because he does not know what he is doing except to spend tax payer money for lavish vacations and rounds of golf. He is selfish and GREEDY. I know when all else fails the Democraps use the race card because they can not think of a legitimate argument to support Obutt Head.

        1. Did you really say Obama is selfish and GREEDY? I think you don’t know what party you’re supporting now. Repubs and TPs think you’re a property who can be thrown in trash or garbage once used. These care only when you’re okay to work -not when you or your wife are sick. Did you hear what Gov Chris say about Repubs: “Repubs are a party without soul.”

        2. Speaking of brain dead…what’s your excuse phxgeo…

          What your whining about in your post…anyone could say about anyone else…kind of third grader stuff…

          Expound on your knowledge in determining your opinionated remarks…enlighten us as to why you said what you said and explain please as to what other president hasn’t golfed since Eisenhower and justify why W. Bush remains supreme in presidents having more time off with highest cost…

      2. just talkin trash. people do that.
        no, don’t hate the man, just hate the lack of common sense in dealing with what appears to me to be a lot of simple issues complicated by people who may be educated but have no wisdom (common sense). perhaps educations beyond their intellect. who knows?
        i’m curious if you’v even taken time to consider what those ‘morons’ have spoken of. if you’re honest, like obama, they make a lot of sense, difference is, they don’t aim to undermine our laws with political perversions as obama does or what appears to be the democrat way, to take the easiest of issues and confuse the crap out of them, make mountains of molehills and ignore the more pressing, relevant and real issues.
        i do however admit that just because they’re politicians, all of ’em, i have great difficulty trusting them.
        another perversion of pc confusion: african american. just in common sense terms, which is it? african or american? because if someone’s never been to africa how can they be an african-american? all my friends and neighbors, acquaintances, etc, (us common folk) we just use what makes sense in identifying black, white, chinese, etc. so what?
        you take it easy pm.

        1. You make sense to me. I believe people should have two types of brains: One is to enable them get good grades in school and do well at work; and the other brain is for wisdom. Some people have both brains. But TPs and Repubs have only one type and not the other. For instance we should assume TPs and Repubs scored high in college and at work; but you will wonder why Repubs are still racists and bigots. This is despite these morons took 101 psychology which exposed them to come to terms that people of all races –Blacks or White have the same intelligence and talents. The deference is in exposure and interests as people go through life. Thank God, I am on this web-site to awaken TPs and Repubs stem-brain cells to enable think like humans. At the moment most TPs and Repubs are dumb.

          1. actually it’s just a matter of choice. from a biblical perspective, it’s the good or evil influences, spirit or flesh.
            for example; if you have both facilities (brains) but don’t want something or another, you won’t engage whichever facility in that direction. choice is our free will to remain as we are, change or ????
            if they know what’s right but choose otherwise, for whatever reason, it’s not a brain misfire, it’s a character issue driven either from fear of losing their seat or influence or greed to maintain their powers and the lifestyle they enjoy for an irrelevant existence. i say irrelevant because it doesn’t really matter in helping the every day people succeed–without adding more burdens of course.

          2. Forget aboiut the Bible. It is full of lies. Just believe in the Creator and your will be saved. In fact I believe now there is a soul in every human being. We just misuse it here after birth.

    1. I , as the widow of a decorated Vietnam veteran, and the proud mother of a homeschooled, quite successful businessperson, take great offense to your reference to homeschoolers.Why would you say something so untrue like that? Homeschoolers are excelling at whatever they choose to do.Mine started working as a young teenager full time, and started their own home business and pays taxes from both.They have passed business entry exams with high scores, including 100 per cent in math, which included percentages and gross profit.They have been praised by their employer as a “rare find”and a “self made businessperson”.That was a quote.Others I know are in training,at age 19, to be pilots, and others have graduated college with honors and are in the world making a difference.They show an amazing example of what young people can achieve, and you should consider that before you write such a disparaging remark about an intelligent, hard working group of young people.

      1. My four children were homeschooled in the ’80s and ’90s, and I’m proud of them also. However, please learn what sarcasm is.

        And thank you for your husbands service to our nation!

        1. Whew, so glad to hear that.I thought someone else was finding a way to put them down.I did not detect the sarcasm,so sorry! I know you are proud of your kids, and you have a right to be.I love to hear about them.Thank you for your comment for my husband, he is missed.

          1. Yep, liberals and teachers’ unions hate homeschooling and charter schools, just as they hate the military and seem to be working on banning some of our sports.

      2. Ummmm, I Think the honorable 2War was being sarcastic with his comment Scarlett. Lets not argue at cross-purposes here. The libs are hoping for that. Have a good tomorrow.

        1. I have apologized as I did not detect the sarcasm.I guess I’m just used to some people putting down anything that is good.Have a good day, too.

          1. Well, theres a lot to get upset about these days. It looks like my own comment got slowed down in the internet traffic. Bless you and yours.

          2. There sure is a lot to be upset about.I feel so bad though that I did not catch the sarcasm, but it just shows that no one is perfect.We all make mistakes, and everyone here is so nice and forgiving.Election day is almost upon us, and that’s a worry-what’s going to happen.I have gotten an unregistered person registered, now if I can get them to the polls.I just can’t believe that anyone doesn’t vote.Ballot boxes are being stuffed by so many who will be glad to take an American’s place and vote.And then there’s the poll worker I had to report, and I’m probably going to have to call the registrar’s office on her again, because a leopard doesn’t change their spots.

          3. Scarlett, guess you didn’t grow up the youngest with 2 older VERY sarcastic brothers. Consider yourself lucky. From one family with a long military history to another, we salute you. Re confrontation – sorry for butting in, start with how “confused” you are, could they please explain. Don’t deal with the person, deal with the paper in your hand. Keep saying how confused you are with the “yes, but”, “yes, but”. thank them for doing their best to explain to you but you still don’t understand, perhaps there’s someone else. Drives ’em crazy. It works best with 2 bit ‘peter principle’ idiots, but will work, with anyone. You’re not confronting, you’re asking for help. They like that. Frequent profuse thank yous, etc., I’ve been the world’s best actor, you can be the world’s best actress. ”

          4. Thanks so much for the advice.No, I never had any brothers, so I’m hearing your good advice.I didn’t need any help at the poll, the worker was standing over the machine where you have to put your vote in face up.When I objected to them looking over my shoulder, they made a few comments and proceeded to talk about me behind my back when I exited.Everyone heard them, including myself as I was waiting for someone just outside the door.Their supervisor never said a word to stop them.I went back in and confronted them, and all fell silent.I filed a complaint and got names.The registrar was not very happy about it.Hopefully, no more problems tomorrow.

          5. Scarlett, I found it hard to catch the sarcasm, too. You’re not alone. I was ready to jump in and stand up for the excellence and leadership of homeschoolers. There has been too much misinformation spread about them.

            God bless.

          6. Thank you so much, it makes me feel a little better that I’m not the only one.I’m not so Internet savvy! Yes, I did not understand homeschooling myself many years ago.I had a neighbor with four children who was schooling them.Mine was already in the ps, and the ps and I did not get along at all.Their curriculum was a major factor and their attitudes polished it off.I knew I had to do something, and I saw how happy my neighbors and their children were, and how smart.They just had it all.Of course, I wanted to have it that way, too.When the day came that I knew mine were not safe in the ps anymore, I did not allow them to go back, and I went and cleaned out their locker and requested all their supplies returned, myself.They never went back, and it was the best thing I ever did.

      3. Ms. Scarlett. I believe the 2War Abn Vet was referring to the fact that the libs in this country believe that only a public school education is a valid one. Of course, we need to ignore the fact that 75% of the public school children can’t do math, find the US on a world map or even name which man was president during the War Between the States and the fact that in the 1950s the US school children were ranked in the top 5 in the world with knowledge and we are now ranked in the second half of the top 100.

        1. Yes, I agree,that’s probably what he was referring to.I truly believe that the ps schools need a good overhaul, not just because of how I feel about them, but because they are not needed in the same way they were generations ago.They were needed then, but there is so much technology now, they are not needed the same anymore.When you think of how much it takes to keep these schools running, educating could be done in so many other ways.I do believe that a parent has the responsibility to oversee their child, and not use the ps to drop them off and go about their day.When I started to homeschool many years ago, my friend, whose child was still in the ps I removed mine from,asked me to school her’s.First of all , my homeschool insurance would not allow that.Secondly, I was not going to take the responsibility for her child’s education.That wasn’t my place.

          1. I agree that public schools are in a bad state and I agree that the necessity of public schools is dwindling. However, my complaint with public school education is that the Federal Government has taken over the education of our children. If you read the Constitution, you will find that that is not within the Federal Government’s purview. As a matter of fact, there is no call for a Department of Education. Therefore, if you read the 10th Amendment, the Department of Education is unconstitutional. That is my complaint with our public school education.

          2. Everything the government can take over, they will.They are some of the most hateful liberals you can imagine.I really don’t understand it.

      4. as a home school mother you should have been able to recognize his statement. take the compliment and try not to get into the mind set of those who are trying to prove discrimination against themselves.

        1. I’m so glad there are people like you who can instruct me what I should be able to know in a chat forum.I will take comfort in the outstanding job I did, and the further enrichment society will gain from it.

      5. He was being sarcastic gun owners and parents that home school are labeled terrorists oh and also if you grow a garden I’ve heard.

        1. Yes, anytime you do anything out of the government’s control, you’ve just got to be bad.They’re all about control.I actually once had a supervisor remove one government worker from the room, I guess they were scared of what she was going to do

          1. Sorry for the sarcasm comment didn’t read enough below, there was an employee fired in Indiana I believe because he talked about a firearm kept at home for protection it’s sad but I for one won’t be taking any of this lying down thank you for your husband’s service in advance for veterans day!

          2. That’s okay, we’re all human! There are a lot of strange things going on now, it really is sad.Thank you so much for your kind comment! Take care.

      6. I salute you as the widow of a decorated Vietnam veteran, and a proud mother, but I must chastise you for your inability to recognize saecasm.

        1. I thank you for your kind words.I must not, however, be up on sarcasm 101. When I make a sarcastic remark, I mark it so as not to be misinterpreted.As I said before, I am so used to negativity, I made a mistake.I am so sorry.

      1. I thought it was pretty clear. By the way, the leftists actually made similar arguments – and did so with a straight face.

        1. As you say some leftists have said similar things while being quite serious which is why I wasn’t certain about your original post.
          I try to avoid sarcasm in my posts just because written posts lack “tone of voice” clues to their true intent.
          As one vet to another thank you for your service.

          1. I suppose it might be old age, or natural cussedness, but sarcasm seems to frequently trip off my tongue. in this particular instance, I tossed in the “gun confiscation” bit as a clue.

          2. That might also be the reason I didn’t pick up on the “gun confiscation” bit so that I wasn’t sure on your intent.
            When was your service? I reported to boot camp on 31 MAY 1961 and retired from the Coast Guard Reserve after 30 years for pay and several more of IRR.

          3. 1st Bde (Abn), 1st Cav Div, RVN, 1965-6
            HQ, XVIII Airborne Corps, Gulf, 1990-91
            Though I did spend 29-years (mil & civ) as an Airborne Board test officer (operational testing of parachutes, aerial delivery systems, and special operations equipment)

  2. Stupid people will believe anything put in front of them. That is part of the reason they are stupid. Why not Ebola is really caused by Gidney & Cloyd, the moon men from the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. They brought to earth when they migrated from the moon. It is a virus that lives in the green cheese that is present on the moon.

  3. It’s not nice to laugh at the insane. They need understanding and medication and a few terms of rest. I think This Tuesday is going to provide them some rest.

  4. Ebola is due entirely to liberal wasteful spending and lying. They were working ln it for many years and finally some thirty or so years ago they finally lied, cheated, and wasted enough that Ebola was born. It didn’t matter who was in office, it was liberal lying, cheating, and wasting of money that finally created it. They have worked hard and nurtured it along for all these years and, as you can see, today they are still trying to keep it going with more lies and cheating and wasteful spending. Therefore, the responsibility all rests on their shoulders. If they had been honest and honorable and spent our money wisely and been totally honest with the people there would be no Ebola today.

    1. As I understand it, Ebola was discovered in 1976 and nothing done about it, the House gave the CDC millions of dollars for the budget, but the libs took from it for their pet projects like O care…….now O wants more money from the House and ole bone head will give it to him….watch.

    1. No worries, the’ve bought up most of the MREs. Everyone on welfare and MREs is their epitome of a wet dream. Total control.

  5. How dumb can you get ! How low can you go! This disease comes from Liberia and other West Africa nations. Their health care has a lot to be desired. Plus the man who lied to get into this country, brought it to our shores. The democrats have no shame..

      1. I keep telling people that the extreme known as liberalism is an actual, diagnosable mental illness, but a Lot of conservatives seem to want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Liberalism is a disease that can prove as deady to a civilization as ebola can be to an individual.

  6. Liberalism/Dumbocrats….syndrome, “DOES”, have a cure! It’s called: FRONTAL LOBOTOMY!…………..[ with a dull knife ]

  7. Ebola, obama’s gift to us American citizens, now he want to let 34 million law breaking illegals just become citizens at our expense. The democrats back this lying POS 99% of the time and lie about the other 1 % .

  8. I suppose next “progressives” will claim Ebola and Global Warming and Sun Spots and Financial Crisis and ISIS and etc. etc. etc. are all caused by Christians refusing to convert to Islam – oh and George Bush too.

      1. Who aren’t included in the % of the unemployed. They stay at home for some very good reasons like homeschooling, taking the time to counteract Common Core teachings and raising responsible children. Yet they leave the ranks of the employed to become UNemployed for their children’s sake and the nation’s, often due to the dem/liberal destruction of education, family values, morals & integrity, honesty, and much more.

        1. EXACTLY but Obama was putting them down a few days ago and saying that wasn’t what America wanted. He forgot to add that he valued their tax money more than any effort to rear goodhearted and educated children!

  9. Apples, Oranges…. Retards, Ivy Leagues… Humm

    I guess next they will blame cats for the Dog’s desire to chase car’s

  10. Why is our government responsible for funding other nation’s health care systems? I thought that the U.N. had an agency to take care of that? An agency largely funded by our Federal government, along with token funding by other nations.

  11. What a crock!! It’s just because there is an election that Repubs get the blame. Obama spends trillions. Where is the money for the CDC and NIH he could alot? All the 1 second video clips DO NOT SAY ONE WORD about the “CUT” that is being addressed by Repubs. The ad could easily include the content of WHAT cuts are being addressed. And so many are needed. Typical DEM/liberal manipulation of the facts.

  12. Ebola research -CUT; HIV research-Cut, breast cancer-we don’t like old women -CUT; highway and bridge construction-Cut. That is Repub and TP motto.

    1. Obama eliminated CDC precautions for Ebola in 2010. THAT’S ADVANCED PLANNING. No comment on the foolish statements of pmbalele…no one takes it seriously.

      1. You will be soooorie when Repubs take over the Senate for Congress. Please don’t cry as people in Wisconsin did after electing Scott Walker a TP

    2. We don’t like old women? Campaign ads are directed at the low information people and you bought it. Highway and bridges is what obama said would be fixed in the stimulus, remember? Shovel ready jobs, that weren’t so shovel ready, instead 80 billion dollars to failed green energy companies, no crony capitalism there! The union payoffs at GM, rewarding donors (see Solyndra) Wasting taxpayer money and corruption, that’s the democrat way!

      1. The problem with you is that you have been fed dirty by your parents and racists around you. You’re just like ISIS who think women should be baby-factories and therefore stay-home without exploiting their brains. You’re want this country back to 50s and 60s. It won’t

        1. There you go with the race card again, remember my lesson for you? Racists see everything through the prism of race, liberals and skinheads. Absorb it cup cake. Now you compare me to ISIS? ” You think like ISIS and think that women should be baby factories and therefore stay home without exploiting their brains.” My wife is a college grad, like myself and two of my three daughters. Obama has already dragged us back to the 70’s, and if left unchecked we will be back to the 50’s and 60’s. We have the lowest worker participation rate since the 70’s. Thank you Mr. President! Tired of having your butt kicked?

    3. PM…Problem Is… That Progressives have not been CUT, from Our federal government…Before They Destory America!
      VOTE REPUBLICAN. ..NOV. 4TH…Save Amefica!!

      1. You don’t know Repubs and TPs are after killing you. Of course if you’re rich you will be alright. But if you’re a worker or independed small business -watch out. They are going to vote that Banks withhold funds from you.

  13. There have been no budget cuts under Obama, except for NASA and the Defense dept. Ebola actually originated in the excrement left behind by liberals when they came to Africa in the ’60s.

    1. AGREED. Good grief!! Obama doesn’t cut spending except where it fits his agenda. He mostly INCREASES spending any harmful way he can. All the better to destroy our economy. He is the biggest presidential spender of wasted dollars of all time!

  14. Well they blamed it on Bush earlier…Stupid people, I’m guessing since it looks like they are all going to lose they have to come up with something as stupid as they are.

  15. This is bull crap/ a smear capain led by the oposition- Do not Beleave it- Democrats are the real killers out to kill YOU!!

  16. So now they blame Rand for cutting the federal budget and causing something in another country across the Atlantic?

    Just when you thought you’ve heard everything

  17. I don’t know why you say that.

    NIH director: Budget cuts delayed Ebola vaccine development

    The director of the National Institutes of Health says an Ebola vaccine would be ready by now if it were not for cuts to the NIH budget.

    Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready.”

    1. Besides we were spending our money (excuse me, YOUR money) on more important things like researching why obese people have difficulty getting dates, and stuff like that.

      1. Well, when taken in isolation, any research can sound silly. But obesity is definitely in the realm of a public health issue.

      2. Thank you for bringing
        this issue to my attention. But I am unable to find the study on the NIH
        website. That doesn’t mean it’s not there. I was able to find a study sometimes
        characterized as “getting monkeys drunk to see what happens”. Actually, it’s a
        study of alcoholism among adolescents. Rhesus monkeys were chosen because they
        have a prolonged adolescence. Here’s the link to that.

        “The use of alcohol by adolescents is a growing problem and has become
        an important research topic in the etiology of alcohol use disorders.”

        You’ll often find characterizations of that kind by those with an axe to grind and no
        understanding of the scientific method.

        An especially egregious example was Sarah Palin mocking fruit fly research. Here’s a response from the scientific community:

        “The fruit fly
        (Drosophila) has probably been the single most important organism for the study
        of genetics for over a century now. Almost everything we know about genetics,
        development, cell biology, neuroscience, and every other field of biology has
        strong roots in previous and current work on Drosophila. The fruit fly is one
        of a small handful of “standard model organisms” used by thousands of
        scientists across the world to learn how our bodies, organs, genes, and
        proteins work. Most of what we know about how a single fertilized cell becomes
        the amazingly complex beings we are comes from studies initially done in
        Drosophila. Vast amounts of our understanding of the brain (and brain
        disorders, diseases, and defects) also come from initial studies in fruit

        So when you hear characterizations such as Palin’s, it is best to be circumspect and maybe do a little research of your own. Thank you again.

  18. It is not just an extremely disgusting piece of propaganda, it seems terribly hypocritical as our pres. has now issued orders to expedite the visa applications for those wishing to come to the US from the affected nations.
    So, it doesn’t seem the creators of this vitriol can expect to have their cake and eat it too.

  19. There was no mention of what the CDC current budget is… If it has nearly a billion dollar cut it must be a very large budget. How is the money spent?

  20. I’m sure obama is spending plenty of money on the fema camps. How many illegal aliens are employed guarding these camps. There is never enough money for the good of the American people.

  21. This article, if it is more than just propaganda, is a total misinterpretation of the ad. Its message was that the GOP Budget cuts had reduced the preparedness of NIH and CDC – just as they reduced the access of veterans to Health Care. The GOP has admitted that the great solution of sequester did not work since they made no attempt to renew it as they planned. The rest of the adverse consequences are just waiting to become apparent. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently estimated that it would take about $3T to bring our infrastructure back to the quality that we need, but congress has refused to pass an increase in fuels taxes to fund it, so another I 35W is just waiting to happen. We will pay the costs of inadequate maintenance at the repair shops – if we survive. Poor Richard said that a stitch in time saves 9, and we are totally out of thread. When Waste Management trucks begin falling apart because of the condition of the roads and highways, the Koch Bros (owners) may decide that it might be to their long term advantage to pay more taxes or fix the problems themselves (fat chance).

  22. The Democrats are this Desperate to lose the senate that they are willing to resort to Low Information Scare tactics which will only work on the low information voter. Please research these claims as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has increased their budget 400% since 2001. Anyone out their in the private sector have a 400% raise ? No ? I know I didn’t! PLEASE VOTE THESE LYING DESPICABLE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE. MAKE THEM SURVIVE IN THE WORLD WE THE PEOPLE LIVE IN !

  23. They should change the name of the Democrat Party to the “Party of the Morons”. They have to be morons to continue to support the “ghetto troublemaker”.

  24. As Bill Clinton stated years ago tell a lie long enough and loud enough and the dumb
    American people will believe it and on it goes, the majority of so called Americans
    will believe the lies coming from the liberal news media and the liberals and dummycrats. Remember vote Nov. 4 this is Americas only hope of saving freedom
    if not America is done!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agreed ! Conservatives, get out and Vote ! One of the good things about the web is it allowed me to double-check where my poling place is located, and that I’m registered to vote.

  25. If they wouldn’t keep spending on bullchit, it would be a different story, I always say save some for a rainy day, but you don’t see gov doing that do you, they spend everything plus trillions more, then cry boo-hoo the repubs made us do it….how about the money they spend on elections……besides this isn’t surprising at all.

  26. Now I’m positive that democrats are mental basket cases…

    You have one who thinks Guam will tip over…
    You have another who said “You got a business, you didn’t build that”
    Yet another who says ” Business don’t create jobs”
    And another who talks about owning guns and gun propaganda and thinks it under the first amendment

    And now… with the borders wide open and democrats inviting everyone under the sun to include ebola infected travelers and they want to blame Republicans because of budget cuts ?

    Hey… I knew that being a pathological liar also carried a possibility of mental illness… but WOW

    I think it’s time to replace all three branches of Government with new elects… and set their terms.

    At the very least if their approval rating drops below 45% they get removed

  27. I guess it’s a lot easier for the Dems to pedal that message than it is for Obama to simply put a quarantine or ban on people coming here from affected countries, like Africa. Oh, but that wouldn’t be politically correct, now would it? I guess that’s more important than the health of Americans. If a ban had been implemented in the first place before that one guy, Thomas Duncan, came here, it would have never happened and would not have caused so much consternation and expense. What about the rest of them coming in every day (estimated at hundreds, and possibly thousands)? If just one of them has no symptoms, “slips through the cracks” at one of those so-called checkpoints, and develops it after coming here, then it could go even further and be caught too late to stop a possible epidemic or pandemic. I guess that’s too hard to understand though. They keep saying that it’s hard to get. Then, why are health professionals catching it … the ones who should be protected and know better? I’m not buying it!

    1. Only a small # of health professionals have caught Ebola. Hepatitis B is more contagious than Ebola. Do you see a epidemic of hepatitis B in the US? It’s been here in the US for many decades. Healthcare workers are at the greatest risk, so a few caught it. Universal precautions should be used by all healthcare professionals, just as I’ve had to do for years where there was NO ebola scare. Just common sense needs to be used. No reason for being afraid, just cautious. Read the methods of transmission of Ebola.

      1. Excuse me Sue, but why take any risk at all by letting people from infected countries come here in the first place. Funny how those countries have experienced epidemic conditions from such a low contagious Ebola!

        1. I agree with not letting them into our country in the 1st place. That problem is due to Obama’s violation of oath to protect the citizens of the US.

          Other countries have epidemics due to their poverty & lifestyles, for one reason. Africans don’t all know about universal precautions and many don’t have the resources anyway. They handle the sick and bury the dead with little or no protective measures. There are so many civil and other wars there, people can’t always get what they need. Many can’t afford what they need. We have quite a different health system here.

          Another reason could be due to the article I read of how US experiments on Ebola have been conducted on Africans in Africa. I wouldn’t put it past the gov’t. to do that. Outbreaks occurred shortly after the Red Cross had immunized many Africans for Ebola in multiple areas. Now Africans don’t trust the Red Cross or their vaccinations and I don’t blame them. They reject the Red Cross and refuse to be vaccinated, suspecting active Ebola infections being injected in the vaccines. I think this is possible but don’t truly know.

          Look up the method of transmission of Ebola, it may help. There is talk of an airborne Ebola transmission, but I haven’t found anything reliable on that yet.

      2. I’ve just been reading about Hepatitis B in Wikipedia (and other sources). I beg to differ with your assessment. First, it says that most people who contract Hepatitis B recover after a few weeks, and it is seldom fatal, which means that it is a much less serious disease than Ebola. The article then goes on to say about Hepatitis B that “About a third of the world population has been infected at one point in their lives, including 350 million who are chronic carriers. Over 750,000 people die of hepatitis B each year” Now, I don’t know about you, but I would call that pretty serious, and perhaps even an epidemic. Ebola has a 70% (and I’ve read as high as 90%) death rate. So, if Ebola were as wide spread as Hepatitis B infections, then about 70% of a third of the world’s population would be DEAD now. So, I hope you will agree that we should not allow Ebola to even get near that level. However, in this particular case, I hope that you (and all the other optimists) are right, and I am wrong about Ebola. BTW, here’s the article in case you wish to read for yourself:

        1. I read your link. I searched others, too. You recognized that Hep. B causes 750,000 deaths/yr., most not in the US. It can also cause chronic diseases (240 million people) including chronic liver disease, infection, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. Several of these lead to significant #s of deaths. Both Ebola and Hep. B are transmitted the same ways. Both are seen in epidemic & pandemic #s in other countries than the US.
          According to livescience which uses WHO & CDC facts, there are 5 things of more serious concern affecting the US than Ebola: Rabies, HIV, influenza, mosquito borne illnesses and rotavirus. If we aren’t panicking about them, I’m not going to panic about Ebola.
          I agree that we don’t want Ebola in our country or spreading widely. It’s methods of transmission limit it here in the US. We should be protecting our borders and incoming flights from infected areas in Africa, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to educate people on the methods of transmission so we can further prevent the spread.

          What helps us in the US is our well-developed health system, and awareness precautions education vs. Africa’s. Many in Africa use no precautions at all around Ebola infected persons, can’t reach or afford good health care locations and handle the sick and bury the dead on their own—again no precautions taken. Many don’t even know what precautions to take.
          Note that the non-healthcare people who came in contact with Ebola infected persons have not contracted the disease. Healthcare workers necessarily are exposed to and handle infectious bodily fluids. They will have a higher incidence of infection if they aren’t cautious. I see no outbreak yet despite the few people who’ve entered the country with Ebola.

          Yes, I remain optimistic. I wish you well.

  28. I have went through and read a lot of the post here. It is always nice to read these things from you people that have the same thoughts and feelings I do. God bless you all and be safe as we all go out to vote on Tuesday to try and help turn this country around.

    1. Thank You… I just hope it doesn’t come to…
      having to pull these clowns out of their seats of authority and kick them to the curb

  29. They are running and scared! I’m sure a lot of them fear criminal charges when they lose the Senate, so they are trying any and everything to wooly-eye their base supporters.

    …i sort of expected the story to say it was being blamed on global warming. …

  30. Another Libtard LIE … How much more crap can they make up ? They know how to pile it up ! Put your boots on … its gonna get DEEP by 2016 !

  31. King Pinocchio blames the Ebola outbreak, on Dick Cheney’s poor aim with a shotgun.
    Joe ‘Bite-Me’ Biden recently blamed the Ebola outbreak, on Vladimir Putin, because he makes Obama the Moron, look like a MORON.
    Harry “The Snake” Reid blamed the Ebola outbreak, on Nancy “The wicked Witch of the West” Pelosi, because she has stolen more money, from the American people, than he has stolen.
    Chuck-U-Schumer thinks Ebola is a new dance step, created by Al Sharpton, the Race Pimp, and his Black Pansy Gang.
    But all in All, the only person important here, is our current Supreme Leader VALERIE JARRETT, Obama’s Communist Party, Iranian born, Handler,…. who says there is no Ebola outbreak.

  32. Citizens Against Government Waste(CAGW) has named Rep. Chris Van Hollen(D-Md.) Porker of the Month for his erroneous and cynical claim that “deep” spending cuts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and the National Institutes of Health(NIH) “have made it more difficult to respond in a rapid and comprehensive way to the Ebola outbreak.” In fact, both agencies’ budgets have increased slightly. NIH funding increased from $28.5 Billion in fiscal year(FY) 2006 to $30.1 Billion in FY 2014.
    The agency also got a $10.4 Billion bump in FY 2009 from President Obama’s economic stimulus package. The CDC has experienced a similar pattern, as funding levels increased from $6.3 Billion in FY 2006 to $6.6 Billion in FY 2014. However, both agencies have directed $Millions to questionable taxpayer-funded studies and research initiatives in recent years, such as the $3 Million NIH allocated to study obese lesbians and the $1.8 Million CDC spent on a “Hollywood liaison” to help movie and television studios develop accurate plot lines about diseases.
    “Unfortunately, for big-spending statists like Rep. Van Hollen, the answer to every single problem is always more taxpayer dollars,” declared CAGW President Tom Schatz. “As the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Van Hollen… should force the CDC and the NIH to “redirect” money away from their ridiculous projects to national priorities.” For being one of the rhetorical partisan ringleaders in the “O’blame game” and blatantly ignoring the facts associated with the CDC and NIH budgets, Rep. Van Hollen is the October “Porker” of the Month.
    And so it goes America, not only does the Obama Administration work a budget-less structure in creating an over whelming national debt, but they even redirect allocated CDC and NIH funds to “other” taxpayer funds and then, O’blame it on the Republicans as to why they don’t have sufficient funds to deal with this imported deadly virus of Ebola, present on U.S. soil. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of listening to incompetence within government.

  33. Libriles/Democrats do every thing with our tax money like test for shrimp on treadmills and the active mating status and mental relations of cockroached. They did not place money in to research of Ebola even though the disease has been prevelnt for over 20 years in other countries. Now they are blaming some one else. Dahhhh their democrats.

  34. I saw a piece last week that showed repubs gave more than bama asked for in the budget request, so they lie anyway.

  35. God bless all of you true Americans and Patriots. Let’s truly hope that this awful liberal/progressive experiment starts coming to an end on Tuesday. I can tell you that Oklahomans are fed up with the out of control, wasteful spending of this inept government and, now, they want to IMPORT ebola patients?!?!? Just when I think they can’t get any dumber (cue scene from Dumb and Dumber) they go and do something like this! I will not be happy until osama obama and ALL of his appointed minions stand trial and hang for their crimes against the Constitution and crimes against the citizens of the U.S.A. I hope and pray, for my wife, son and all decent, hard working Americans that it doesn’t come to revolution, but I swore an oath, that I will carry out until my death, to defend the Constitution of the United States from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. If necessary I will fight to my death. As of today we SHOULD win a majority in the Senate and gain, even more, seats in the House. My concern is rampant voter fraud, which we all know the dems are capable of. If that is the case I will be going to DC armed and with a full combat load out. To all my fellow vets out there, God bless you and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your service and dedication to our great country. God bless you all! It is going to take all of us to turn this thing around, but it can be done and the beginning starts Tuesday Nov. 4th.

    Tyler J. Commander
    Petroleum Landman
    U.S. Army Infantry veteran

  36. Well…I’m rightly glad ya’ll got some real exposure with this video, for it is true…Republicans since 2002 have been cutting, defunding and stagnating CDC and NIH budgets with the GOP popular sequester cuttin even deeper. The CDC has lost $1 billion since the Republican cuts initiated with another $285 million from the sequester.

    In fact, in 2001 there was great progress being made on developing a vaccine for Ebola and if there wasn’t a ten year slash in research funding for that development, according to Dr. Francis Collins, the director of NIH, “Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready.”

    So there ya hear and as much as ya might…ya can’t contradict this data…

  37. Liberalism is a mental disorder and there is no cure what so ever! Except with wisdom and age which eventually turns into common sense. We have evolved, we left a king and became America. We fought socialism, communism and Marxism etc., because common sense told us Freedom was better. How did we get another king who is run by lobbyists & Corporate Greed who want to divide us? Guess we need to clean house AGAIN! Together we must tell them, if you want to follow (Google Saul Alinsky) or some other communist, religious fanatic, go there and suffer for what you believe in, as we have suffered and died to get here! America, love it or leave it. We are a Nation of Language, Culture and Borders or we are nothing!

  38. Another futile attempt of the demo-nuts to blame everything on the Republicans. I hope they counter this ad with images of Obama saying that he won’t stop flights into this country, along with “Ebola will not reach our shores”, “Ebola will not be spread to our hospital workers”, “there is no need for quarantine”, and all the other crapload that has come out of our want-to-be dictator’s mouth, proving that HE is the reason that we have it in our country now.

  39. That’s just as ridiculous as their claims that man is about to cause cataclysmic climate disruptions which we can stop in its tracks by stop using coal and oil and turn completely to solar and wind power. Both these arguments are right out of a state insane asylum.

  40. This from the people who think closing our borders to anyone coming from an EBOLA contaminated area is a bad idea? Next they’ll say it’s due to racism… wait they already did that. Of course I’m still trying to understand why they sent soldiers and not medical teams into the Ebola stricken areas. Then state that they will quarantine them when they return???..

  41. Makes one wonder if the libtards are scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything that might help them win at least one race.

  42. This is silly. Ebola is a virus. It is spread by direct contact with body fluid. The cost of containing the virus would have been nominal if proper steps had been taken at the start.

  43. If the CDC wouldn’t lie to us and then try to use more lies to cover their asses, and some more bs to cover their buddies asses. They wouldn’t need increases, they’d have access funds!

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