Somebody at CNN Just Made a 1-Letter Mistake He’ll Never Live Down
You’ve probably been following the story of former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill, who revealed this week he was the man who shot and killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Some of O’Neill’s fellow Seals, along with other service members whose jobs are usually shrouded in secrecy, have gone public with their criticism of O’Neill’s decision to tell the story, and to put himself at the center of that story. CNN recently aired a report on the controversy, but soon it was the report itself that was getting all the attention.

As the CNN anchor was reporting the story, a banner appeared along the bottom of the screen. It read:


Viewers had a field day on Twitter:





Someone finally spotted the mistake and took down the graphic. We’re guessing there was some behind the scenes yelling and tearing of hair.

America’s Silent Parasite: 250 Million Americans Infected?


        1. hell i was gonna go buy a new ar with a drum magazine but i coulda used a cold celbratory beer on the typo,it’s beer thirty some where now i’ll have one to forget nothings changed yet!

      1. Rick, As much as I’d love to drink a toast to that seal with you, we can’t forget about his comrade in arms Joe “Loose LIps” Biden. Maybe we could lock him in a closet and hand him the key. He’d never figure how to get it open.

        1. The one reason I hope POTUS doesn’t die or get kicked out of office is- guess who the replacement would be to carry out the rest of the term.

        2. Only Repubs and TPs, who are dumb and foolish, would think that way. They forget what Reagan and Iran Contra issue. North almost went to prison. Next was Reagan. You can’t trust Repubs or TPs. They are all liars. Thank God we have the right family in the WH.

          1. We know what you are, you’re one of those Americans Gruber comments about who we’re absolutely necessary to pass Obamacare. There were no Conservatives or Tea Party in support.

          2. is that you michele??buy the time you guys get out there will be brush and vines growing out of the whitehouse,with guano every where i hope all of nancy reagans silverware is still there,i read somewhere that the SS,(no not that SS ,but thesecret service) catches more of your guests boosting silverware than any other administration

          3. You’re a moron. The Obamas were rich before moving in the WH. They did not need dirty old Nancy Reagan sliverware.

          4. i’m a moron ?? you mean you actually take any or all of these comments for real jeez i think you should check your solipsistic tendencies,and seek therapy! x

          5. Obama was rich before going into the WH. In fact I thank that he is in the WH. Many Blacks and racial minorities here and abroad would not dare think a Black man would be elected as President of US and the World. Obama broke the ice. Now anybody of any race can dream of this top most position of the world.

          6. Obviously you haven’t heard the Obamacare Author admit to Dems misleading the “stupid” Americans. Or Obama and Pelosi Lies about not knowing who he is.
            Or their lies about Benghazi, etc.
            When it comes to Lies and Corruption, Liberals are King!

          7. That moron -Gruber was about to be fired -Therefore he is another disgruntled employee. You know when employees are about to be fired, they go and spread dirt to their bosses. Gruber or whatever his name is was among those who contributed in designing Obamacare. Like Romney, Gruber cannot come later and disown his study. Well then he should return all payment -$500,000 paid to him. Benghazi is FoxNews Bill O’rielly creation. That was not a scandal. Please don’t listen to dumb people like Chandler who is scheming TP members. The economy is booming, gas prices are down to $2.65 for regular in my neighborhood. This is equivalent to $100 raise to me bi-weekly.

          8. You’re one of the few still clinging to your Obama dreams.
            Obama has Nothing to do with low gas prices; it’s supply and demand. Actually it’s lower in spite of Obama; he’s done Nothing to increase our Oil independence.
            And why do all experts say it’s inevitable the Market will crash?
            National Debt is sky high. Obama raised it more than even Bush did.
            The Real unemployment level is much higher than the manipulated claim.
            Cost of Obamacare has yet to really hit.
            More people than ever on Food Stamps and Welfare.
            Obama is giving away control of the Internet.
            Ebola in the US for the first time.
            Obama granting Amnesty to illegals will only hurt the poor and middle class by bringing in cheaper labor.
            Benghazi was Obama and Hillary passing the blame for Their indifference.
            Fox News actually IS the most honest; the others are all Liberal defenders. For example, 60 Minutes leaving out part of Obama interview That would have helped Romney.
            And you Can’t seriously believe there was No intentional deceit in Obamacare Law!
            Damn thing is over 2,000 pages! And only got passed after a lot of Corrupt Deals were made.
            How do you defend Nancy Pelosi’s blatant Lie, saying she Never heard of Gruber. I’ve seen the tape from a few years ago, where she specifically mentions him!
            The fact you still support Obama proves Gruber was right in saying the Dems rely on the “stupidity” of the American people.

          9. You’re full of it. When gas prices were $3.98 TPs and Repubs blamed who -President Obama. When unemployment was 7.9% -Stupid TPs and Repubs blamed Obama; When Malaysian Air-line was shot -TP and Repubs blamed Obama. Now unemployment is down to 5.5% the same stupid TPs say they report is a lie; now gas prices are 2.68 racist TPs and Repubs is a question of supply and demand. Obamacare is working now they are quiet; Ebola-they blame Africans. Stupid TPs and Repubs don’t want to accept that Ebola was sent to Africa by Texas researching people to test on Africans. Please do not talk about Ebola-the Africans will know who sent Ebola there and they will file lawsuits which will cost trillions in damages against Texas. Please keep it a secret.

          10. Everything you said is a Lie; so obviously you’re Liberal.
            It’s Dems, who claim whenever gas prices rise,
            “it’s Bush and Cheney and their rich oil buddies!”
            There are plenty of articles explaining Oil prices; try reading sometime, you may learn something.
            It’s Libs who were outraged, when unemployment went Up to 5% under Bush; then brag when it goes Down to 7% under Obama. But again, It’s A Lie!
            Unemployment #’s have been artificially manipulated!
            Again, Don’t you read? Why are So Many collecting Welfare and Food Stamps? Don’t you know that people No Longer eligible for Unemployment Benefits are NOT counted as Unemployed?!
            And the Rest of what you state is Standard, Brainwashed, Liberal Bull Crap!
            Like Gruber said, You democrats are “stupid.”

          11. Of course racist always think Blacks lie all the time. How about Bush and Cheney who is wearing a Black man heart with WMD? How about Reagan and Iran-Contra with that stupid man Albert North? Reagan imported 3 mil Cubans some of whom were criminals. Do you think the electorates listen when gas prices go up – they only blame the President. Food stamps
            and unemployed -please remove racial discrimination at college, work and
            housing -then you can claim your stupid entitlement claim. You were brain-washed by your parents that Blacks were inferior to you as a TP, KKK, or Repub. And this started with Darwin-the stupid English man who lied to the king.

          12. There you go again! Just like a Liberal, Always play the Race Card.
            Your Ignorance of US History prevents you from knowing the KKK was Founded by Democrats!
            Conservatives believe Blacks are Equal; that’s why we don’t Pander to them.
            I support Dr. Ben Carson. I’ve supported Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas(all Black). Democrats refer to Any Black, Not supporting them, as Uncle Toms;
            A Truly Racist comment!
            You’re Right, Most Politicians Lie; Democrats are just better at it.
            Obama, Pelosi and Kerry referenced John Gruber in their support of Obamacare! Now, they Lie claiming they either never heard of him or he didn’t play a big part in it.
            FYI: Pelosi and Kerry are White! I don’t just think Black Dems are liars; they All are!
            That’s Why I support Limited Gov’t!
            Liberals always want Gov’t “taking care” of them; all it produces is more corruption.
            You condemn Reagan for bringing in illegals, but as soon as Obama grants Amnesty to 5 million of them, you’ll change your tune.
            FYI: it’s Oliver North, not Albert. Also, my Father was a lifelong Liberal he contributed a lot of money to Dems.
            He used to get Christmas cards from Tip O’Neil!
            And to a degree, you’re right, my father was a racist; like you and all white Dems, he believed minorities couldn’t succeed on their own! I grew up a liberal; then actually started to read US History. I read the newspaper every day starting when I was 11. Over time, I learned Big Gov’t is Not the answer, it’s the Problem!

          13. I wish I met your father -he was right. People have to be helped to get them going back as workers, business owners, home owners, etc. Repubs and TPs are there after women in their offices and in bars. TPs and Repubs hate old wives.

          14. A 50 year old married, Father, POTUS, who’s also a Lawyer, former Governor and Attorney General has sex with a chubby 20 year old girl, and you blame the girl? WOW! You never run out of excuses for Dems.
            If Bill Clinton can be so easily manipulated by a Girl, then No wife in America should ever blame their husband for having an affair!
            You have no problem blaming Reps in similar situations.
            Have you noticed yet how hypocritical Dems, like you, are?

        3. me being exceedingly old i seem to remember biden running for president and he was caught out as a plagiarizing liar and with-drew

          1. Without getting into a match about who’s older here, I’ll just say that I seem to remember some of that same stuff coming home to roost on his doorstep. I wasn’t sure, though, that it would disqualify him from taking over as POSTUS, if we somehow managed to put this criminal in jail.

          2. well knowing what i know and don’t know now it would probably pump joe’s stats since stealing ideas and taking credit for the viable ones are kind of a stock in trade among the party elite(remember al gore claims to have invented the internet)till somebody cries foul .then i got nothing to do with that part of it they cry and scatter like cock-roaches when the lights come on(of course there is feinstien’s husband ,part owner of Current tv cable channel ,who sold the station to al jezeera(the propaganda arm of al queda maybe)who then turned around and tried to cheat the broker out of his commission owed for bringing the buyer(al jezeera) to him and his partners,also remember current tv was formerly owned by al gore .as to relevance, who knows just a ft.note in the suit brought to court by the broker,what a pack of weasels,they’re all tarred with the same brush and should be banished to the tundra,except diane she should be turned out at biker rally for geriatric biker clubs,0 profit at the kissing booth(even with an assault weapon pointed at the customers heads)

      1. Me, too..!! I’m still thinking about it….can’t get that good report out of my head..!! Exciting news for about 10 seconds, right?….!!! Go Navy Seals..!!

      1. Great, Sis……I was excited for about 10 seconds after reading that great news about Obama’s demise..!! Go Navy Seals..!!


      1. i understand your point, EYEONOB…..BUT this would be HUGE celebration…!! Let’s see…Champagne or Beer? CHAMPAGNE for me..!!

  1. I’m not shy, I am sure that there are a lot of people out there at the time of the GOOF that went completely stupid when that showed up. And I am sure that there are a lot of people out there that was hoping for a dream come true but it was in fact just a stupid prank and wishful thinking. Sorry you all, It was indeed a “Mistake”?. Don’t worry he does not have too much time left………………………………… office. LOL

    1. Let’s legally stop him from occupying our White House. The impeachment proceedings must begin in January. As for the “unpatriotic” tweet above, by Birgit Schmeitzner, military enlistees undertake a sacred oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from ALL enemies.

      1. Karl Landgren, too bad he is currently the “commander in chief” I understand impeachment may not be possible, I wish it were but it may not be. I would like to see him impeached as many others would too, however what we want may not be what will happen, at least his name is NOT on the ballot. I only hope that Obama doesn’t endorse someone that he can mentor to finish the job secretly

    2. Still too long and if he signs that Amnesty deal we’ll all pay dearly for it.
      Not to mention he is said to veto the Keystone pipeline bill which creates jobs for Americans, not take them away like amnesty will.
      The Dictator rules! Why do I see images of Charlie Chaplin’s The Dictator playing with the balloon globe?

      1. I HOPE SOMEONE in the House has what it takes to intercept Obama so he is not able to sign the Amnesty deal. I hope some how it does not get signed. America’s wall has been so weakened that this number of immigrants may be more than we can handle just for the sake of Democrats staying in the House. I understand he wants them here to strength the Democratic party by voting Democrat Or maybe I don’t have accurate info

    3. Two years is enough time to complete this agenda. i really
      dread the next two years. everything that has been done and
      played out has been planned and rehearsed for many years
      including this last election. hope im wrong but be prepared for
      Dedtruction of our beloved freedoms. the so called leaders and
      there plans are right on schedule and the next two years are
      important to there agenda. hang on..

      1. Why dread the next two years? If the Republicans do what the people who elected them to do, there won’t be a problem and they will be re-elected. There may be a problem with a seated President (no proper name) veto but that can be overrode if a few Democrats want to be RE-elected in two years. If not then it will be the status quo, or, as in nothing of value coming out of Washington. Not sure as to your beloved freedoms being gone but my bet is a return to the Constitution, it’s ways, and what it says. NOT with a Presidential pen making Law as it’s been allowed to do. Maybe even Supreme Court decisions which won’t be “Laws ruled from the bench” but are interpretations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which our founding Fathers’ wrote. Of course if you aren’t looking for a smaller government, fewer handouts to people too lazy to work, borders closed to illegals, illegals deported quicker, company’s being fined for hiring them, a fairer tax system, more good paying jobs, a replacement healthcare system which doesn’t require 2,700 pages of B.S. and costs less, then I would expect you to be disappointed.

        1. Dont get me wrong neal im hard right conservative in my beleifs. im glad the republicans got the senate. thats what i was voting for. i think it will not do any good . hope im wrong. i dont trust none of them. hope im wrong about that to.

    4. Short time, but enough to do more serious setbacks and waste billions of dollars before he goes – if he doesn’t declare martial law in the meantime.

    1. So you want Reaganomics back -that is the gimmick almost brought this country on its knees in 2008. Billionaires had run away with their money to foreign countries to meet their mistresses. Thank God Obama was elected and re-elected. I can now breathe fresh air again.

      1. Oh yes, that’s why there was such a huge voter mandate against him and his policies at the midterm, because everyone thinks that he is as pure as the driven snow. Are you still enjoying your freebies ?

        1. I hate to bust your bubble. I am glad that the Democrats in the Senate were thrown out,however, it was a freak deal. Two thirds of the Registered voters did not cast a ballot. That is 66% of them. In the last election there were seven out of ten single women who voted for Obama. That is 70%. If all the Minorities and all the single women had gone to the poll as well as all Democrats then the outcome might have been different . Most of the low information voters stayed home election day.

          1. In my regards I was referring to “everyone” that actually voted, not everyone that stayed at home. A thought, maybe those that stayed at home on election day were too disenfranchised or just didn’t want to vote or whatever reason, by their not getting out to vote, they actually gave the go ahead for the new Senate and mandate.

          2. What mandate, Republicans ranted about nothing like the Congress, that said nothing was better than nothing…..LOL…….

          3. What you really mean is the followers (not leaders, followers) didn’t vote, right? Maybe because of all the promises not fulfilled which he made TO GET HIMSELF elected both times? Or, maybe because they have finally seen/admitted what a great lier he is? Or, could it be the handouts weren’t increased enough for their liking,? Or, was it all the promised jobs he didn’t create? Couldn’t be they finally released/discovered what a lack-luster leader he’s shown himself to really be!

        2. The same happened in 2010 when TPs lied to people. In January of 2011 the same people who had voted for TPs, including John Boehner regretted they had voted so. You remember the chaos in Wisconsin capital. Whites were banging against wars why Walker wanted communism in Wisconsin. Walker wanted laborers in private sector paid the same as professors at UW. Now wait until January when TPs and Repubs take both houses. This I gotta see. As FoxNews said “TPs and Repubs ares stupid people; they forget easy.” I agree with FoxNews.

          1. Then you are saying that the voters that gave the new Senate a very clear mandate to change the status quo of the past six plus years are stupid people for voting the Democrats out and the Republicans in, because they (the voters) have had it with Obama’s policies and executive orders. The voters are the people that actually made the trip to the polls and cast their ballot, either for or against, not the people that sat at home on their hands bemoaning everything. It seems that there are more voters for than against. You can now go back to toking on your marijanes and enjoying your freebies.

          2. Are you serious as not to know why the democrats are out and the republicans are in ? Are you really that oblivious as to not know what the voters are asking of the Republicans that are in charge of the Senate come January ? Are you really that dumb as to ask what ” Mandate ” or rather ” Changes ” that the voters are asking for ? Are you so really dumb as not to know that the voters are fed up with the status quo, meaning in case you can’t figure that out, Obama and his policies ? Are you so ignorant as not to know how to look up under the Freedom Of Information Act the WMD’s that were discovered in Iraq as you claim that you can’t find if you even bothered to look ? I’m not going to waste anymore of my time with you, you can now go back to being as dumb or ignorant as you are appearing to be.

          3. I see you still cann’t answer the question, why is that, as for WMD’s yes there was but that was before the second Bush went in, again answer the question, dumbass….

      2. Yo pm — I really hope you are being sarcastic !!!!!! If not — you had better do a little research and stop listening to the obama propaganda networks.

      3. YOU are the willfully ignorant liberal pedophile who keeps letting the communist take over this country. Billionaires took thier money and ran because you looney libs are sucking them dry, overtaxing and over regulating thier businesses. Oh, thats right, fools like you pmbalele are on the HANDOUT DOLE … you want everything for nothing … the perpetual 99% lazy ass!!!
        go back to selling your sorry azz on the street corner you punk $5 fa88ot!!!!

        1. to pmbalele: don’t forget that the economy was doing okay until Dems got elected to run the Congress in 2006 and their policies ran the economy into the tank….not Republicans. And look at the news finally coming out that WMDs were found in many locations in Iraq during the Bush adm. but network news would not report it…lied about it…just as they have been doing about the (Un) affordable Care Act.

          1. The freedom of information revealed that WMD’s were found, but as you have stated the liberal press suppressed that information from the public. Thank you for bringing that up.

          2. My opinion was that they were moved to Syria. Remember it was in the news in the last couple years that Syria had WMDs.

          3. You are right William, the information act reveals that caravans carried WMD’s out of Iraq as the US invasion began, but it also revealed that even with the caravans transporting WMD’s out there were WMD’s still found by the American forces as the invasion progressed. The liberal media being as what it is suppressed those discoveries from the public.

          4. Dear trueblueam: new name…Delirious….economy was going before 2006 by Republicans policy of deregulating of the Banks and Stock Market, the Rich get Richer and the Mid-class get screwed again by Dumb asses like you…….

          5. Mark, Not so. Dems controlled congress during Reagan and messed everything up. Reagan was a breath of fresh air and sanity after Carter, and Big “O” makes Carter look better. A free market is always better than a government controlled one. Just ask the old USSR, Cuba, Venezuela. They are selling toilet paper and tooth paste on the street in Venezuela now because of shortages in stores, all due to government control of the economy. Big “O” has suppressed the economy, doesn’t really care about it. Otherwise, why force through a healthcare law in a deep recession? It is the Saul Alinsky playbook. Lefty policies overtax, over-regulate and destroy real wealth. The stock market is fed by funny money from the FED, but the lefties tout it as an example of good policy. This is not real wealth. That is made by capital and production, not paper assets. The rich always get richer, but free markets give everyone a better chance. What progress we have m ade under Big “O” is due to the states and extremely hard-working people making a difference despite Big “O” and his policies, not because of them. You must not like the rich. Dems typically demonize them, then ask for their money at campaign time from those rich people. You guys are clueless, your policies stink, and the nation just rejected you in the elections. Now for more work to get even the repubs to return to limited government, fiscal sanity, free markets and maximum individual freedom. At least the repubs have factions working within to get this done. The dems are gone. Next, the dems will probably adopt the works of Karl Marx as their official bible. Your post is way off base. You really need to read the Constitution, the writings of Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and others, and take a refresher course in basic economics. A lobotomy may help too.

          6. Wow, love that long boring story with no Facts, what’s haves the free market to do with any thing, except it keeps going up and the rich get Richer. As for Government role is to protect the consumer, me and you from them that keeps ripping us off, but Republicans keeping them by deregulating them. But you cann’t see that……….

          7. Mark, Don’t like the free market? Competition too hard for you? Take a hike. Cuba would be more to your liking. Government has a role in society but we passed that mark a long time ago. Now government is the problem, an it is supported by people like you. Let’s just hope the last election was the beginning of your end.

          8. Mark, Gee you’re touchy. Don’t you like competition? We always have reasonable regulation but now it is unreasonable so business leaves and can’t blame them. Profit is screwing the consumer? Since when? You think corporations are greedy? They have to be to survive and satisfy shareholders. But, real competition solves that. We need to have a free system so startups can thrive. The small guys always give the big guy a run for their money, literally. That’s how they become big. Our current system throttles that competition. Microsoft started in a garage if you remember. We need to encourage that today. Government should provide the framework for equal opportunity. What you make of that opportunity is your responsibility. However, government today interferes with that framework with tax advantages, loans (can you say Solyndra?) and excessive regulation. Shut down a lemonade stand rum by a 6 year old? We are insane. Free markets are tough, but so is life. Business is tough, not for the squeamish. Jump aboard. Start your own business, but don’t just sit back and complain about the ones that exist. And, certainly do not look to government to be the arbiter of who wins and who loses. Too big to fail? That is pure government interference. Let the chips fall where they may. Imbalances happen in a free system, but they balance out in the long run, and sometimes the adjustment is painful, but government can’t solve that. We have tried, printing money until we’re buried in it, and still have a lousy economy. If we had left the market alone, we would be out of this a while ago. Besides, any business that was 18 trillion in debt deserves to fail (the US government). Still don’t like it? Try a real “unfree” market and go to Cuba. You might like that. Only one who profits there is the government. Your only problem there may be finding toilet paper.

          9. Mark, To hopefully educate you about why business leaves, but apparently all that is all over your head. If you feel it is all businesses’ fault, start your own and “prove” to them that they should all be here in this over-regulated environment. The only one that cheats the taxpayer is our government. Too big, too controlling, too corrupt, too expensive and too unnecessary. See you at Walmart!

          10. And if you want to see a shining example of what a decade or more of what leftist, liberal policies and financials can do for you, check out Detroit. They’re bankrupt and under control of a government manager they’re in so deep.

        2. You write to me in January when TPs and Repubs take over both houses. You will under Sharia law-ISIS type of law. Women willl be your slaves.

          1. Either that Patriot or he is just a delusional liberal that has been delving into the kool aide or toking too many marijanes.

          2. I am no Muslim and never thought being one in my life. I am just a free Black man who does not give a hoot to morons like you faking patriots. You mind have been brain-washed to think Blacks are inferior to you. No doubt many of you are
            having heart attacks. We are now welcoming Latinos in my neighborhood.

          3. Do you know I do not know I am a Black man? I am just a
            regular American who thinks the right way-i.e. not fixed to dumb theories like racism and bigotry. Further I am satisfied with my life as it is.

          4. This woman has a Conceal Carry Permit. I will shoot off your junk if you dare to pull any of that muslime, shariah, ISIS crap on me. Count on it.

          5. you are an idiot!!! America has ALWAYS BEEN GREAT WHEN CONSERVATIVES RAN THE COUNTRY!!!!! And its ALWAYS BEEN IN THE SHITTER WHEN DUMBOCRATS LIKE YOU RAN THE COUNTRY!!!! You can’t bury your head in the sand and refute the truth forever you dumb ass liberal!!!!!!


          7. So you go around bragging as being White and Proud. Do you really think you’re better than Blacks, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Latinos and Local Indians? I am Black and I don’t go around bragging I am Black and proud. What is it for? That’s stupidity. You must have an inferiority complex and you
            try to make up for your deficiency – Like Sean Hannity. Come to terms –you’re just another human being who happens to be your color whatever it is.

          8. …. I have no inferior complex homie!!! I’m just sick and tired you Nigs thinking you can just do whatever the hell you want and then blame it all on “racism”. You want to call me a racist … fine, go ahead. The black communities problems are DUE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY …NOT WHITES!!!!! Stop pulling the race card! And if you want people to stop using the NIGGA word …then you all need to stop using it. Until then, I’m just going to assume that you all think you are better than everyone else…. and I’m gonna keep on treating ya all like shit!!!!!

          9. OH really… so then I assume YOU condemn all the blacks who use the term “african-American? And YOU condemn the blacks who ran around with BLACK POWER slogans in the 70’s. And YOU condemn the Black Panthers. And YOU condemn the Black Caucus in the senate. And YOU condemn Black Entertainment Television, and YOU condemn affirmative action, etc, etc, etc?????? Ahhhhh…. yeah, sure.

            Your lying hypocrisy is showing loud and clean pmbalele … just like every democrat out there.

          10. Have you heard of Iris-American; German-American, Polish-American
            etc. Why can’t we call ourselves African-American? You’re sick. I hate
            Affirmative Action programs for they rift people into races and privileges. I
            don’t like Black Panthers if they are violent.

      4. I guess capitalism failed you. Were you also one of trophy generation crowd at OWS? Your support of the worst president in history points to your failure.

        1. I love capitalism -you work hard you get your pay-off. Socialism makes people lazy. I hate unregulated capitalism -Reaganomics which is “Eat-dog-Eat’ survival of the fittest. You remember people who committed suicide after losing money in 2008. Smarty pants had stolen money from gullible investors – Ponzi schemes were abound. Watch out TPs and Repubs are now coming after you.

        1. I have Obamacare and I can see a doctor now paid. I don’t have to wait for doctors in the Hood. Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi guys are decommissioned. Freedom at Last.

      5. You must be on crack-under Reagan this country saw the greatest prosperity in our history. We had the greatest respect in the world. Now everyone assumes we must be idiots to have put this resident in the White House twice-course that includes our stupid dead voters and their stupid dead pets…

          1. And you seem to convientiently forget about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, sidestepping Congress with illegal procedures and a host of other jail time and impeachable offenses. Go ahead and keep sidetracking everyone from the issues of this article. That is what you liberals do best, when faced with facts and truths about the current inept administration you begin blaming others and begin pointing fingers backwards at past administrations. Obama has been in office a very long and trying six plus years, he owns everything that is wrong today. You just don’t want to admit that his democrats have avoided him like the plague this past mid term election cycle and they are continuing to do so. Also you
            want to play blind to the voters that are tired of the status quo and Obamas policies. You don’t want to aknowledge that the mid term disposal of the democrat Senate was about the voters wanting change. The voters have spoken but you, just as Obama refuse to hear them, but you will.

          2. Did you say Obamas policies? At lease we have full employment now. What policies do Repubs and TPs in Congress have – other than hunting for office women as substitutes for their wives at home.

          3. I know it was all bullshit and Oliver North, one of the greatest patriots in our lifetime took the fall. Iran/contra was nothing compared to Fast/Furious where people died as a direct result of those guns or Benghazi or IRS scandal or Lying about Obamacare to get it passed or the attorney General letting blacks get away with threats and intimidation. Any of those should impeach Obama but he’s black so nothing will happen. God willing Obamacare will be defunded and the wall will get finished on the border, illegals will be deported, anchor baby crap will be stopped and we’ll start patrolling our border and firing at any and all who attempt to cross.

          4. Did you say Lying about Obamacare? Are you sick mentally. I am enjoying life because I have Obamacare. Now i can be treated at rich people clinics and hospitals. Not before Obamacare. I was told to visit HOOD clinc with student doctors.

          5. I used to herd sheep and goats. If a sheep is hurt -it does nothing other than huuuuu. But if you hurt a goat -you can hear it bleat=-really loud. The sheep in this case are Repubs and TPs members. They are hurt but they go huuuu. Dummies

      6. Yes.that fresh air is always available when picking cotton or gleaning rice, whichever one Obama selects for you. He likes having obedient, tribute paying slaves.

      7. You’ll never breathe fresh air until you uncork your head out of your a$$. That’s where all you stupid liberals live. Try it sometimes. The oxygen is better. IDIOT!!!!!

      8. Sucking up too much oxygen around here, son.
        Ask Santa Claus to bring you some new knee pads.
        More corrupt Democrat fascists Billionaires
        than cats in heat.

        1. You need Viagra to think normal. Your brains have been messed up for years. I am enjoying my life now. Thank God President Obama was re-elected.

      9. Reagan was great. Bring it back. Our nation was strong when he was in and until everything got turned back that he did. Now were in another hole. We need a Reagan

      10. I’m really surprised and you, pmbalele, should feel honored because it is unusual that so many real people programmed some of their valuable time today to respond to an idiot.

        1. I know. Even FoxNews Bill O’rielly called TPs and Repubs as stupid for even thinking repealing Obamacare which is saving Bill O’rielly thousands in premiums. TPs and Repubs also forgot at the polls that Obama brought Bin Laden, Yemen warlord and Benghazi moron to justice. These Repubs and TPs forgot unemployment was down to 5.8% and gas prices were $2.89 regular on voting day. Consumer confidence was 38% in 2008 but on November 4, 2014 was 98%. That is why Bill O’rielly called voters for Repubs and TPs as idiot. You did not vote for Repubs or TPs -did you!

      11. From the general tone of this conversation, I’d say you’d be better off taking your bony ass somewhere else to breathe all that fresh B.S. air

        1. Be careful with those kids. They love their President. Hide your gun if you talk bad about President Obama. They maybe angry and shoot you.

      12. pm, Surely you jest? Your post shows you have no idea how an economy works. You can thank Big :O:, your god, for breathing crap, He has sucked the life out of this economy and the hope out of this country. This last election was the first breath of fresh I have had in a while. You tell us all please, how Big :O: has been a success in running an economy. Ought to be a good fairy tale. By the way, Reagan had a really good economic record, despite a dem controlled congress that caused problem after problem. If it wasn’t for Reagan, we would probably still be living in Carter hell, until Big :O: took over and gave us double-devil-hell. You lefties are just lost, hopeless and basically brainless. Now you are powerless (whew).

        1. You will be soooorie after January when these uneducated TPs and Repubs take over Congress and Senate. You will be all slaves and they will be the masters.

          1. pm, Nah. I’m only sorry when leftie Marxists like Big “O” (and, apparently, you) are in charge and destroying our Constitution. I say “good riddance” to you guys.

  2. CNN?
    Guess they already prepared the graphics just in case and they want to be the first to break the news.
    Anyone checked the New York Times front page today?
    Is the snake starting to eat itself beginning at the tail?

  3. i would say a freudian mishap!..CNN finally gets a real good story and they let me down as usual!…and why would the reporter lady say he “sh!t” osama in the head?that makes no sense either!another freudian slip up i guess!maybe CNN knew all this was just bull and osama was dead years before all this,that’s why they shoot him in the face three times,so you can’t tell it wasn’t him!!..but that’s me…just saying

  4. Interesting comparison:

    Obama = Osama

    Would this reporter be a mere fool? God please open the eyes of liberal fools especially in the media!

    1. She must have been a TP or Repub. TPs and Repubs are usually dumb people. Just imagine what they voted for last week. Women will be slaves again in this country. Some states such as Wisconsin are considering voting for Sharia law -to make sure women do not divorce, paid less than men doing the same work; no-more abortions even if they are raped. Women are lucky Obama was elected and re-elected.

      1. pmbalele I almost cannot believe that you actually exist ,the biggest idoits I have ever known were liberal democrats and here you are confirming mu experience ,you couldn’t succeed in a capitalist sociality because you are too lazy to get out and put in the energy to make money (a paycheck) and live on less than u make and grow wealthy to you a successful person is one with a steady pay check that you can steal shut the f–k up and sit the f–k down I would put u 6 feet down you damn traitor but I fear you would poison the ground you are buried in damn are you lucky so go to hell dick head

        1. Gary, would not bother even trying to debate with pmbalele. I have found you can not teach stupid just miss informed.
          The left will never admit they were wrong and take all their hateful talking points from their king Obama. This has nothing to do with truth for people like pmbalele. It was even out of the Democrats own mouths that they lie to the American People but the Stupid keep following blindly without ever making a sound point other than attacking.
          I guess what I am asking is please don’t degrade what you have to say by playing into their name calling game. It always gives them more ammo that the right talks crap just like they do.
          I agree and know from some of my own outburst that it is only out of frustration that we lash out but still think that we have to be the adults in the room for we have truth on our side.
          I try to get across to people like pmbalele but if you can not get out any logical input, than I find it is just better to spend my time on intelligent people who want to learn how to help this Country and not help divide like their great leader.
          Another words
          I think they have no other point than to try to cause problems and cause disruption so that we take our eye off the point.

          1. I see your point jeanna and though I am loth to suggest it ,and it might be frustration ,I am beginning to think insurrection might be the only way left to save the united states from the likes of pm ,and I think Obama is about to do something so incredibly stupid we will have little choice but civil war ,he has already declared war on half of the citizens of the us ,and if you count the half of liberals actually working 3/4 of the population and soon we will have no choice ,he is using a clouer piven tactic to destroy the nation and collapse is inevitable ,we may have no choice the recent election might turn out to be too little too late ,good luck

          2. I completely agree except I really think that is what this
            Narcissistic Sociopath wants. (And no that is not name calling because definition fits to T) That way he can call for Martial Law and become the king he thinks he already is.
            I have tried to come up with other reasons why Obama does what he does and the only thing that I keep coming up with is that he really wants America and Her People to be like Third world countries. He really hates America and will lie, cheat, and steal to destroy her.
            We need to stand united even with ones who are miss informed. I feel it is our duty to debate with the other side unless they prove they have nothing to bring to the debate other than hate speech or refusal to give proof of their talking points. Those type of people will never learn and don’t care that the ones they helped put into office, lie not just to the other side but to their own.
            They are only Obama’s mouth pieces that he has paid for by handouts and only act as mocking birds of his lies.
            Just wish instead of fighting each other, we stay focused on the true Criminals and liars.
            I am not Rep. or Dem. but find that Rep. are more likely to try finding answers while in my opinion the Dem. continue to coverup, lie, and than double down on those very lies that we now can prove like comments they wish they had not said. Nancy Pelosi was just caught in her big one when she said she did not know the guy who said Americans are stupid. Loved the fact you or anyone can pull up old interviews and see even when caught they will NEVER admit anything.

        2. Tell that to FoxNews who called TPs and Repubs as dumb and stupid. FoxNews is now asking TPs and Repubs to support Obama on immigration reform -these morons cannot think -they are glued to find more money for campaign than working in the interest of the Country.

        1. You have to thank God you were born a male. What if you have daughters who will be abused and no legal recourse like in Wisconsin?

        1. Read the GOP Memo of Understanding crafted in Florida by Romney people. Romney wanted to enact polygamy for men only not for women. That is men could marry as many women as he want. Not women. Romney does not want his wives touched by any man. Ask also Ann Coulter why she wanted to move in the WH if Romney won. Thank God he lost.

          1. Romney was not my favorite candidate but anyone would have been better than Obama-looked for the memo but could not find it. Whatever that was if he wants to marry other women-doesnt come close to Shari law-need to export Muslims too

          2. Romney is a Mormon pope. So he is eligible to many 2, 4 or 6 women like his grandfather who fled to Mexico.

          3. He would be in jail if he married a 2nd in this Country. Ann Coulter wanted to move in the WH if Romney was elected in 2012. Ask Ann Coulter to explain why she thought Romney owed her a lot.

      2. Can ALL OF THOSE REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES who demolished the liberal democrats in their states be WRONG…but YOU are the one with correct thinking??!! It is so sanctimonious and liberal of you to KNOW what is best for everyone and they would just be “stupid” to think they might know the truth for their lives!

        OPEN YOUR EYES before God does it for you! May He imbue you with His Truth and SOON!

        1. It is hard to teach or change a brain-washed woman like you to think proper. You’re bullied as a woman -still you stay with a bulling husband. Well, I have never been a woman -so I don’t know why TP women put up with bulling men ie. the Repubs and TPs

          1. It’s called, “cherish” not “bulling [sic]”…clearly a concept foolish liberal men/transsexuals/homosexuals or whatever you are would know nothing about!

            I leave you to God…He is an expert in dealing with fools! Enough said…God Bless!

          2. I watched a Forensic story -telling a woman who was hit with an iron bar and still stayed with her husband -because she loved him! Eventually she was killed by the very husband whom she thoght loved her. That is you with Repubs and TPs males. Good luck till January.

  5. I keep the reality of that in my prayers. Someday, maybe. But, in the mean time some prison time would suffice. And a LOT of it.

    1. Iwasyoungonce by your icon, my guess is that you are a Soldier? Be PROUD, we are. I salute you and thank you for your service you have MANY supporters. You have lost many comrades and Obama has shamed you with his coffee cup salute, you deserve a proper Salute you and all the men and women in service. May God continue to keep you and may His face shine upon you and all those who serve

      1. MK MKM. I was a Soldier. And yes, I am proud, to a point. I got out in ’89. Thank you for your kind words. For me, being ashamed of what has been transpiring in our once great country is putting it mildly. A lot of the blame goes to us, though. For being swindled like we have. Believing most all that we have been told in years past. Integrity has been lost in our lexicon these days. It is all SO sad to see. Trust has been lost not only in our “Used Car Salesmen” Government Officials, but also with our friends and neighbors. I pray every night for God to give me the strength to see it through. I pray all of you who read this will as well. God Bless us all.


  6. Who noticed the error? I didn’t think CNN still had any viewers after all the green screen scandals etc. CNN is not a qualified news source and I can think of much better sources of entertainment so why would anyone even turn to their channel?

  7. Those mistakes are bound to happen when there are middle eastern names names of such similarity. Ted Kennedy couldn’t even get them sorted out in his alcohol addled brain.

  8. Be very careful what you say regarding all your wishes!! You may end up with a Secret Service visit at your homes!! Yes they can trace your e-mails!

  9. Damn! How can we get him to take out the President as well? I would give him the Metal of Valor, Purple Heart, and The Peace Prize!

  10. I would make THAT Seal a National Hero, give him a full parade, a huge pay increase, Medal of Honor, and Named a National Holiday after him!!!!!!

  11. I’m sad it wasn’t true. Hope CNN does not fire the person who wrote the script as it was probably wishful thinking. Now I’ll have to shove the cork back into the champagne bottle.

  12. Can anyone say “INCOMPETENT”? Sounds like the entire Obama administration and the democratic controlled lame stream media, speak first check facts later. If the facts don’t corroborate your propaganda never let it stand in the way of fundamentally transforming Ameica.

  13. Sure, just like former military man Lee Harvey Oswald was a “real hero ” in Dallas too for the arch Conservatives on 22 Nov 1963. You TARD former military guys are the dumbest people on the face of the EArth and you don’t know that already. Just STF up about Obama.

    He has DJIA at 10,000 points above the last defective conservative that totally mismanaged a War that was completely unnecessary which is now over $3 trillion for costs and yet rising. Then he Greenspan and Karl Rove drove the American economy straight over the cliff. MORONS, Obama has repaired ALL of that damage that Cheney & Bush did to America.


      1. So comments advocating President Obama being killed are laughable to MORONS everywhere right? What happened to allegiance and dignity for our elecitve leadership assholeszzzz?

        Don’t worry because I hold Sen. Mitch McConnell in as high regard as Dick “the DEVIL BOY” Cheney and the Koch brothers. ALL are headed into the depths of Hell when they mercifully don’t bother the human race any longer , get it yet? I am not saying they SHOULD be dead like former military boys wish on OBama. That is reprehensible and despicable, yet pretty standard stuff for TEAT TARD illiterates right?

        TEA TARDS And TEA Party is THE party of assholes, period. If you disagree, then give me some facts to refute my points MORONSzzzzz . . . . . . . . 🙁 🙁

        1. You have yet to give any FACTS either. He has given NO dignity to this once great country. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Again, more laughs for the rest of the day. Thanks

          1. So IRAQ War was totally justified , right? NOT, and Mitch McConnell has a really important legislative agenda lined up starting in Feb of 2015, right? If so, then tell me what it is Mr TRUTH, would you? HOw about the DJIA that is irrefutable as a business barometer right?


            Tell me what you think of the past five years since GW Bush sent this country right to the bottom of 20,000 Leagues under the SEA Buddy? Give me YOUR facts about how “poorly that Obama has been a Commander in Chief” pal. I have facts, and you’ve got NOTHING idiot, right?

          2. My pal,…. I find it amusing that this has really got you in a tizzy. You have no grounds to defend the so called president (and he doesn’t deserve that honorable name). You seem like you like to google, so google his successes, er, I mean failures/broken promises. It will take a while. I’m not sure you will understand though because you can’t fix stupid. Have a nice day… buddy.

          3. I know what Obama has done. The DJIA graph above of the last five years shows everything that you could possibly need to know about the American economy as I told you .Compare near 18,000 to the 7,000 when the moronic incompetent GW Bush left office. If you don’t see any difference there, then God help you buddy.

            What is the McConnell agenda that will start in Feb of 2015 man? I really would like to know what will be voted down in the Senate, every bill, just like Mitch used to do there before his recent ascension to Senate majority leader. So tell me five leading legislative agenda items that just cannot wait any longer for passage?

            Immigration? NO. Keystone Xl pipeline? Won’t pass and if it does, Obama vetoes it, pity really. Then maybe “strengthening the Constitution” in some way? Huuh, how would you do that Buster Brown? How about ISIL killing troops on the ground for the U.S.? Would that be a good new war plan option for Mitch? How about budget cutting starting with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? That would be overwhelmingly popular in America right now , don’t you think? (MORON, you have never had an original thought in your life, have you idiot?) . . . . . . . . . . .

          4. Did you notice who was the leading speaker at the G20 meetings in Australia over this weekend buddy? It wasn’t Putin, who had to exit early from the meetings because every leader there told him he is a crazy man to be in eastern Ukraine. So I guess Obama is just a LOT better respected by international folks that see what i important and how Obama had handled such intransigent TEA TARDIVE resistance to anything he feels if good policy.

            So NOW it’s your turn to really show how great TEA PArty ideas are. So what is Legislative Agenda item #1 that John Bonehead and Mitch McConnell will work on passing? I will bet that you cannot even tell me what they want to do for any legislative actions. And that is fine with me. Doing nothing is what TEA TARDS have been all about for almost 6 years now. Why not continue with the same lazy ass lazziesz faire ideas going forward now? Ain’t nothing that will pass out of the SEnate, I sure do know that. And if something did happen to pass then Obama is going to veto anything, right. Karma can be a real whore’s bee hotch can’t it MORON?

          5. Still hilarious today, I see. By the way, it’s not the Repubs that are the lazy ones, you imbecile. The lazy ones are mostly Demoncrats that can’t wait for their next free ride on the working peoples’ backs.

          6. Just as I told you, you cannot name one thing that Bonehead or McConnell have in mind for a legislative agenda right dude? Case closed.

            You are a moronic dimwit with no clue just as is the rest of TEA TARD ville, right man?

          7. Sad that you don’t seem to realize this case was closed a long time ago. Lol again. I feel bad for you, but wish you the best.

          8. It is just strange how so many as in just about ALL TEA TARDS won’t answer any direct questions that I pose for you. So Obama’s economic leadership and overall leadership” were settled” long ago as you somehow claim. That’s a pretty specious and overriding statement that you’ve made.

            I have the DJIA that plainly demonstrates that you are wrong there. Every international gathering, Obama is THE LEADER of the free World, but for TEA TARDS somehow those things just aren’t good enough in your view. SO if you are the great COMPLAINERS PARTY, then you should have reasons why you say “case closed” about Obama, right?

            So where’s the BEEF man? Give me a few facts that you possess to refute what I am asking you to answer? Why can’t you answer very simple questions about all of the stuff that you’ve been complaining about since Feb of 2009? It’s funny that you would consider 7,000 on The Dow Jones a “good performance range” when Obama’s presiding has produced near 18,000 levels, all time closing record high marks one after the other, so perhaps you have some “unknown facts” that would dispute this obvious achievement as compared to the last set of TEA TARD morons that tried to manage the American presence in the WORLD buddy.

            So just speak up NOW, because your party is in the driver’s seat and I will be laughing and howling with every Bonehead and McConnell “this is just so right for America now” type of political stunt. So don’t say anything to spoil their comedy act buddy because I really like good entertainment man. And it’s free for everyone to witness, isn’t it MORON?

          9. FYI, early Monday AM news confirms Japan has had a 1.6% contraction of it’s 3rd quarter economy which is the second quarter in a row. so they are officially in recession. Europe is going to follow soon in 2015 according to international economists. So America is the only major economic power that is in positive growth territory now. Isn’t that strange as well buddy?

            It kind of undermines your “case closed” judgement I would have to tell you. Don’t forget to read the longer response below too. Youare a a hapless TARD and your IQ is about 85 , that of ALL TARDS that like to spout and complain and fabricate major problems in America. Guess what buddy. you are quite wrong about everything that you purport to know and proclaim. Pity that you are so stupid and imbecilic, right man?

          10. NOW about three responses to you have been removed by the editing boneheadszzz of PATSIES and POLS website. I just don’t get the First Amendment violations of this supposed open forum. I guess they don’t like the name TEA TARDS now or something, right? Is that offensive?

            Is that as offensive as some folks that have said I am a pedophile and a transexual and a homosexual and the like? Is that offensive or just common pitter patter on these sites for the TEA TARDS? Why is an opposing view pretty much eliminated if I make points a little too directly about the great TEA Party? NOW leadership in this great nation.

            What a freaking joke the next two years in politics is going to be. VETO, if anything passes onto Obama’s desk. GRIDLOCK, PERMANENT. LET’S JUST DO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN WHEN MCConnell takes over in Feb as he has threatened several times already since the election. If you want to make it a tough guy town, then DO IT TARDSzzzzz. What are you waiting for? More Citizens United cash to roll into Congress for lobbying purposes and other political buyouts of newly elected leaders? Let’s get it on is what I say.

  14. Who the hell is Joe Aiello ” praetorian marauders ” ???????? You sound like a wannabe flower child and when it hits the fan in this country you will be looking for one of them to hide behind.

  15. It would have been justifiable, if it had happened. America could stand up and say, “Free at last, Thank God Almighty we’re free at last!!!”

  16. Actually there is no idealogical difference between obama and osama. If the Seal had shot that raghead in the WH I would have started a legal defense fund. LOCK and LOAD

  17. Its so strange that I just had this conversation a few days ago , that if I weren’t so damn old, what I would like to do to that low life piece of shit.

  18. I watch the news just to hear this message and it be true.I am convinced this could be a reality.There would be dancing in the streets for months non stop.

  19. Too funny! I would have bragged about it too, if it were true… even if I spent the next 3 months on death row, it would have been worth it. Save a nation = Save my soul. (However, I lack the skill, courage and wherewithal to accomplish such a grand and noble task…. so don’t consider ME as a threat, even though I hate him more than I hated Osama bin Laden.)

  20. The secret service just arrested former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill for suspicion of having killed Obama. 😉
    Way to mess that up CNN…

  21. Navy Seals. First, I believe you as group you are team players personified or it couldn’t possibly work! Second, even you can come up with one self serving brother-in-arms. Third, this does not detract from what the vast majority of you do or have done for our country. Fourth, please continue your work in service of this great nation which is badly needed right now! (That goes for all branches of our Military whichever unit you serve or have served in). GOD bless America and it’s FIGHTING MEN as they are the only thing keeping the World together right now!

  22. What I find fascinating, and frustrating, is the fact that, if true, the Seals committed MURDER on foreign soil. A crime! A felon in America. And the man who hired those hit men is GUILTY of murder as well. A crime against humanity and a crime punishable by execution. And an act of treason! A capital crime if there ever was one. The CONFESSION of the Seal convicts him of the crime of murder! Pure and simple. Why is he not under arrest awaiting sentencing for his crimes and treason? Why did Pakistan not shot down that helicopter and the outlaws in it before it got to Osama’s house and murder a civilian who has never been charged with a crime or tried for committing ANY crime in America, or anywhere else as far as I know. Assuming it was Osama’s house, which is doubtful since there is no body or body of evidence that it ever occurred. That’s right, no body, no crime. Except for all the witnesses to that crime of murder and unlawful invasion of a sovereign country! Americans are pathetic!

    1. You must be far left of Obama. 99.9% of Americans agree with the decision to eliminate OBL. You are the pathetic one. You would probably be one of the first to yell to America for help if your country was in trouble.

      1. I am neither left or right except that I’m 99.9 percent right, which is far from pathetic. Murder is murder no matter how many fools think it a good idea. I am fairly certain that you have no proof of that 99.9 percent guess, which serves no validity nor truth. I do acknowledge that most Americans are easily duped and constantly being manipulated to believe any lie the mindbenders of the Neocon-Socialist Alliance and their co-conspirators and traitors that push the Socialist Collective Agenda indoctrinate them with. Why do you assume that I am not an American? Being presumptuous as well as arrogantly ignorant is just another symptom of the delusional collaborators with the enemies of Freedom. I often “yell” at Americans for being stupid enough to allow their country [and myne] to be run by criminals and traitors. I am probably not the first to tell you that you are not as smart as you think you are. I can live with that…

          1. Most definitely. But you’ll never know….got your head buried too deep in the sand…at least I think it’s sand…could be something else….I won’t venture a guess…

          2. I am suspect of anyone who constantly belittles others by immediately questioning their intelligence by using words such as dumb, stupid, ignorant, fool, delusional, retard, etc. People who attempt to elevate themselves by tearing down others often have an inferiority complex. Some are just sanctimonious pricks. Which are you?
            Now, I don’t claim to be a genius, but I ACTUALLY was graduated from Fairmont State and Duke University. I’m sure the profs at Fairmont State just didn’t appreciate your superior intellect. And I’m sure there must be a shrine honoring you in Worthington with a sign that says, “The Guru is In.” It must be burdensome to have all that intelligence in just one head.

          3. That gives me an idea. Thanks. You are a stupid retard with shit for brains and one hell of a delusional bastard. I feel better now.

            You, on the other hand, will still be a miserable ass tomorrow and the day after and the day after….

            Good Day!

            Word…as in LAST…

  23. It could happen, after all they are Oath Keepers, sworn to defend our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and if Obama’s Executive orders aren’t a threat to this country, if not securing our borders poses no threat, then I don’t know what would be considered an enemy of the nation!

  24. finally, some good news and it is a lie, that Navy Seal would displace Paul Revere and George Washington is America’s biggest heros.

  25. Better not make such mistakes in as much as there are obviously lots of people who would see such a canard as a reason to riot. We’ve seen this happen in Watts, with the hoopla around what’s-his-name-again (Obama’s would-be son, when even Spike Lee got involved), and recently in Ferguson.
    By the way, that Seal did not only break their internal cohesion, which is sad, but he may jeopardize his own safety. You know, of course, that Geert Wilders in The Netherlands needs a bodyguard because he is against Muslim immigration. That fatwah (death sentence) was proclaimed on Geert by an imam in Australia! No, this is not a joke, certainly not on Geert and his wife. It’s a mistake to assume that IS threatens the M.East only, their adherents are everywhere.

  26. Go back and do it right, dude. He is still there. I was ready to give the guy the Congressional Medal of Honor, but, Noooo! Just some twit that can’t get it right! Always disappointment! Damn!

  27. ……this CNN report most assuredly would NOT by ANY kinda ‘mistake’………WHATSOEVER………if having been done FOR REAL (2014) !!!

  28. An unnamed person at CNN. He has ALREADY ‘lived it down’. By Christmas, anyone mentioning this will be accused of living in the past.

  29. It is entirely appropriate that this would occur while the bimbo Erin Burnett was hosting the session. She is a hateful, malicious hag if there ever was one.

  30. This must have been an excruciatingly bitter pill to swallow for the Communist News Network who, along with much of the media, has fawned and slobbered over Obama in a continuous obamagasm since the first days of “Hope and Change.” I bet they blame it on a closet conservative mole inside CNN who did it on purpose. That’s right….It was George Bush’s fault!!!

  31. They all should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor with 10 gold leaf clousters for a job well done. only if it had been true….maybe next time

  32. Does this surprise ANYONE? Look, I can remember growing up and watching news and through time you realized that NEVER- EVER was there a mistake madeon TV, EVER. Also, There was NEVER EVER a mistake made in newspapers. That is until we hit the the year 2000’s and we are NOW seeing the reaping of what we have sowed.
    We NOW start to see that the idiots we have chosen to hire and the lack of care on ANYONE’s mind, this is what we get.
    Not one time in my first 46 years of life had I EVER saw a mistake on TV or in a newpaper and now its SO common, its SAD.
    I dont care what you go on now, There MUST NOT be ANY Editors or any Editors that care at least b/c there are so manymistakes its SAD. At the same time, we wonder WHY our kids are failing in everything they do.
    You know, I always thought that progress would produce a better life and smartyer people and b/c of Liberalism, it is just the opposite. we now have NO ONE that cares about their jobs or their performance and believe it or not, there was actually a time when heads would have rolled had ANY of that happened, now they just laugh it off. SAD again.
    My kids grewup seeing how life should be and they will be the last and they were born in the late 70’s. We will continue to let Liberals let every minoritymake excuses for why they cant instead of making them change their attitude and Prove that YES the FUDGE YOU CAN, All you have to do is APPLY your frigging self. Trust me,they would feel 10000 times better about themselves instead of realizing that I put out minimal amounts of initative and still accomplish what I shouldnt have been able to accomplish, WHY should I get better and to that I answer, I dont know.
    Liberalism has runied so many people, it has runied this country and it will continue to ruin the attitudes of gets that DO NOT think they can DO IT and with little effort accomplish their goals but not feel any better about doing so, So SAD.
    Folks, there is NOTHING better then the feeling of knowing that you put in an effort and accomplsihed what many DO NOT and then move up from that. Accomplishing what my Gold Fish could accomplish, means nothing to anyone.

  33. ​Obama’s Big Ruse: Osama Bin Laden Died Years Ago!

    Posted by Volubrjotr on May 3, 2012 in obama, subversion, treason, soetoro, video,politics, political, barack obama, yes we can, government

    Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

    [Fox News. December 26, 2001]


    NEW YORK (AP) – The killing of Osama bin Laden during a raid by Navy SEALs on his hideout in Pakistan was the top news story of 2011, followed by Japan‘s earthquake/tsunami/meltdown disaster, according toThe Associated Press‘ annual poll of U.S. editors and news directors.


    New York Times Reported Bin Laden Dead In 2001

    By Amir Taheri
    Published: July 11, 2002

    Osama bin Laden is dead. The news first came from sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan almost six months ago: the fugitive died in December 2001 and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan. Pakistan’s president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information. The remnants of Osama’s gang, however, have mostly stayed silent, either to keep Osama’s ghost alive or because they have no means of communication.

    With an ego the size of Mount Everest, Osama bin Laden would not have, could not have, remained silent for so long if he were still alive. He always liked to take credit even for things he had nothing to do with. Would he remain silent for nine months and not trumpet his own survival?

    Even if he is still in the world, bin Ladenism has left for good.Mr. bin Laden was the public face of a brand of politics that committed suicide in New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, killing thousands of innocent people in the process. –New York Times

    Israeli Secret Agency

  34. It reminds me of when your having a great dream then you suddenly wake and return back to reality. How deflating the truth can be when it comes out.

  35. Now I ask you in Truth which one of these two Muslims is/was the biggest threat to America? Obama’s now preparing to grant amnesty to millions who have killed tens of thousands more Americans IN AMERICA than we’ve lost in all terrorists attacks, here and abroad, and both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The numbers aren’t even close. Then there are the rapes, robberies, gang wars, beatings, etc, etc, etc. And Obama’s paying them and taking care of their medical bills. To my way of thinking this man, I mean this metro sexual chardonnay drinking jerk, is more dangerous than Osama ever was.

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