Stunning Reason DOJ Lawyers Were Just Ordered to Attend Remedial Ethics Classes

Federal judge Andrew Hanen first clashed with the Obama administration over a year ago when he slammed DOJ lawyers for repeatedly giving him misleading information regarding Obama’s executive amnesty case.

At the time, he threatened to slap the DOJ with sanctions. He has now come out with his ruling – and it isn’t looking good for the sly and ethically-challenged DOJ lawyers.

The Washington Times reports,

In a scathing 28-page ruling, Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the lawyers knew the administration was approving amnesty applications but actively hid that information from the court and from the 26 states that had sued to stop the amnesty.

Judge Hanen thought about tossing all of the government’s arguments out, but said since the merits of the case are now pending before the Supreme Court, he couldn’t do that. He also thought about imposing a financial penalty on the government, but said since taxpayers would end up footing that bill, it seemed pointless.

“Therefore, this Court, in an effort to ensure that all Justice Department attorneys who appear in the courts of the Plaintiff States that have been harmed by this misconduct are aware of and comply with their ethical duties, hereby orders that any attorney employed at the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. who appears, or seeks to appear, in a court (state or federal) in any of the 26 Plaintiff States annually attend a legal ethics course,” Judge Hanen ordered.

It was a stunning rebuke for the department, which had admitted it gave wrong impressions to the judge, but said they were oversights or unintentional.

Judge Hanen, however, was having none of those explanations, concluding the lawyers were “intentionally deceptive.”

The case stems from Mr. Obama’s policy, announced in November 2014, to try to grant a proactive three-year stay of deportation, and legal work permits, to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants.

Texas led a large group of states in suing, arguing the proposal violated both federal law and overstepped the president’s constitutional powers.

Judge Hanen agreed, halting the amnesty just days before it was to begin accepting applications in February 2015.

But in the months between November and February, the Homeland Security Department had already begun approving three-year amnesties for so-called Dreamers, or young illegal immigrants who’d already qualified for two-year amnesties under a previous 2012 Obama policy. All told, more than 100,000 Dreamers’ applications were approved during that time.

The government lawyers said they didn’t think the Dreamers’ applications were an important part of the court case, arguing those should have been treated as a change to the 2012 policy, not part of the new 2014 policy.

They undercut their credibility, however, when several thousand more applications were approved in the weeks after Judge Hanen issued his February order halting the amnesty — something the government didn’t admit to until early March.

“The decision of the lawyers who apparently determined that these three-year renewals under the 2014 DHS Directive were not covered by the Plaintiff States’ pleadings was clearly unreasonable. The conduct of the lawyers who then covered up this decision was even worse,” Judge Hanen wrote.

The Outnumbered panel discusses the case in March of 2015:


  1. I don’t think they should take an ethics course, the Judge should have hit them in their pocketbooks have taken their licenses away.

    1. Gail, if you read the article clearly, the Judge considered financial penalties but then realized the DOJ would pay them which means the American taxpayer would pay them.

      And short of a trial against the lawyer you can’t just take licenses away.

      And since the case is being heard before the Supreme Court, that limited the penalties.

      So the Judge did something they all will have to deal with, ordered ethics classes and training which is a shame, embarrassment, will take up their time, energy and effort, and will have to be proven to the judge as completed. I hope they are long and repeated ethics classes, like maybe 20 hours of remedial training or even 40 hours.

      Not that it will do them any good, but it will be uncomfortable for them like light is uncomfortable to a cockroach.

      1. Dnav..not sure what State u speak of..Mn has a Lawyers Proffessional Responcibility Board that has the power to disbar, suspend ,fine,publically repremand….fine lawyers personnally/government connected or not..this judge did something good ..yet what is called in the military’half-stepping”could have done alot some reading ur self before correcting others…..half-stepper ur self

    2. A judge cannot disbar a lawyer. A judge can only bar a lawyer from appearing in his or her courtroom. Disbarment can only occur through the state bar association.

      1. The judge, however could have held these lawyers in contempt, as well as, the Justice Dept on up to the AG and the entire Chain of command and insured that all of the lawyers were referred to the displinary board and did not work on this case until it was resolved, effectively handing the case to the other side. There are numerous ways to punish all these clowns and he did not do it .. Effectively preserving his place for future political favors and protecting the lawyering class..

  2. I think also that the DOLs’ should pay out of their own pockets and be dismissed also from their wrong doing instead of taking advantage of the taxpayers who weren’t involved.

  3. Why not disbar them for their past crimes? Lawyers keep getting free passes to break our laws & us Americans are sick of it!

  4. Seems every judge in the U.S. is acting on their own and not according to the laws of the land, a judge in Adams County, Colorado just ruled that a man who isn’t a parent to her kids should collect $2000. 00 a month from her dead husband who was murdered in Mexico Social Security check she gets for her kids, what, the guy wasn’t around for the kids for over 12 years, never cared about the kids in any way and the two thousand goes to pay rent on the house where the women shared the house with her and her kids and was on the lease and he locked her in the basement bedroom and away from her kids for months and then put a restraining order on her so she couldn’t see the kids she raised from day one and for about 9 years by herself, well when she no longer paid half he rent the judge gave him the money for supporting the kids which goes for half the rent and his drinking problems along with his live in women friend he has living with him. The women bought clothes for the kids as the man didn’t buy them any for school and yet she only gets to see her kids once a week at Social Services for 2 hours a week. This judge needs to get her head out of where the sun don’t shine and smells like her own.

  5. Someone has to do something to protect us from the Obama Admin! Things are going to hit the fan soon! There are thousands of illegal emigrants now waiting to come over the border, why won’t someone stop this craziness? We will all be destroyed !

  6. Hooooray for Judge Hanen!!! It’s too bad he can’t rule on ALL of the Arrogant O’s DoJ depredations. Like Fast & Furious and other such activities. Perhaps we could then say, “At last, Justice has been served!”

  7. Thank you for the black print. This new fad of printing gray stinks, very difficult to read, then others put white print on a colo making sure no one can easily read it. Being different does not and should not mean being stupid.. I very much appreciate this article for it was complete, I.e. Told the whole story quickly.

  8. Breaking the law is a impeachable offense. Where the He** are the Republicans and Honest Democrats? Are there any HONEST Democrats lft?> It is time for all AMERICANS to wake up and vote these scum bags, out. Both parties. It is time to impeach Obama.

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