Old Glory Under Attack

Campus police in Valdosta, Georgia, are searching for Eric Sheppard, a student member of the New Black Panther Party whose backpack was found to contain a pistol. Sheppard is now in hiding, but in a video posted to YouTube, he said his party puts the American flag on the ground because of slavery, racism, and “spiritual enslavement” promoted by white people. Meanwhile, in his absence, supporters on social media are also treading on Old Glory.

You Won’t Believe What These Teachers Are Saying about Common Core (this is crazy)

Jennifer Rickert, who teaches sixth grade English in upstate New York recently appeared before her school board and requested to be reassigned away from the Common Core ELA Assessment tests. She explained to the board that she believes the Common Core curriculum is beyond a sixth-grader’s language capabilities. In fact, she referred to the testing as “cruel and harmful,” and she said she does not “believe in knowingly setting my students up for failure.”

Why This University Professor Says, “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans”

When we send our kids off to college, we know they will be exposed to a broad range of opinions. We know they will encounter liberal thinking, and viewpoints that may differ from those they were taught at home. What we don’t expect is that they will taught that it is acceptable to hate anyone. Yet that is exactly the sentiment espoused by University of Michigan communications professor and department chair Susan Douglas, who recently published an opt-ed piece entitled, “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.”