Should Public School Students Have the Protected Right to Display Old Glory on Their Clothing?

The Supreme court may soon hear a case concerning free speech at Live Oak High School in San Jose. The case stems from an incident that occurred May 5, 2010. On that day, which is also the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, a group of students came to school wearing shirts emblazoned with the American flag. Fearing violence, the assistant principal told students they must remove the shirts, turn them inside out, or go home. The students left the school.

Indiana Religious Freedom Controversy: 21 Reasons Why It’s a Left-Wing Double Standard

The state of Indiana just passed, and the governor signed into law, a new measure called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The law protects the rights of individuals to conduct business “without substantially burdening their ability to exercise their religion.” The passage of this law has created a firestorm of controversy from liberals all over the country.

Did This Houston Teacher Deserve to Lose Her Job for “Racism”?

A third grade teacher from Houston, Texas decided to resign from her job, after a huge backlash over her comments about Barack Obama and Muslims made it difficult for her to continue her career when many blasted her as being a “racist.” The staunch Conservative had appeared as a panelist on a local political program called Tommy’s Garage”, in which she jokingly said she wished “Ebola would take out Obama,” and made references to Muslims as “goat f**kers” and “bacon haters.”