Got Famous: Two GOP Senators Resign Posts Over Trump

Two Alaska senators handed liberals exactly what they wanted — a fractured GOP — by voluntarily resigning from leadership posts in the state Republican party this weekend over their unified refusal to back presidential candidate Donald Trump.

One of the senators, Lisa Murkowski, claimed that the video published last week showing Trump making lewd remarks about women in 2005 was so offensive that it “forfeited” his right to be the party’s nominee. According to Newsmax, she had not previously endorsed the GOP candidate.

The other state leader, Sen. Dan Sullivan, had backed Trump but withdrew his support after the video’s publication, vowing instead to support the GOP candidate’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, for president.

The good news for both Murkowski and Sullivan was that, according to state GOP chairman Tuckerman Babcock, their positions within the party were locked in place, meaning they will be restored immediately after the election.
The bad news for Murkowski, however, was that she was up for re-election against a fierce opponent, Republican-turned-Libertarian Joe Miller, who felt no compunction about throwing her to the dogs.

Speaking with reporters, he pointed out that she had a habit of not supporting GOP nominees. In 2010, for instance, she refused to support him after he trounced her in the 2010 GOP primary. Moreover, regarding Trump, Miller noted that he was clearly “repentant,” as was evident from the apology statement he released on Saturday.

The one thing Murkowski had going for her was that the state GOP remained committed to her, though it also still backed Trump.

What she had going against her, however, was devastating: She was known throughout the state as a RINO, a Republican In Name Only.

Gee, I wonder why …

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Hillary’s Childhood Home Uncovered in Picture

If you will recall during the first presidential debate, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton invoked her “working class” father who struggled to provide an average life for his family in their perfectly average “middle class” home.

But based on excerpts from Clinton’s many paid speech transcripts, brought to us via WikiLeaks, we find that Clinton herself has admitted behind closed doors that she feels “far removed” from the middle class — one of many less-than-truthful things we have discovered about her.

Now we have found out that she has been just a bit dishonest about her “middle class” upbringing, specifically the average home she claimed to have grown up in, according to Silence is Consent.

It turns out that Clinton’s “middle class” home was actually located in the rather affluent Park Ridge suburb of Chicago. The brick-sided, two-story, 2,500 square foot home is now valued at about $650,000, according to Zillow, just a tad bit outside the reach of those Americans truly classified as “middle class.”


It is worth noting that, during the 1950’s when Clinton was a child of a “struggling working class family,” the actual average middle class home was only about 1,000 square feet in size, making her childhood home more than two-and-a-half times as big as those lived in by the people she purports to relate with.

And let us not forget the private schools and Ivy League colleges she attended, not particularly known for being accessible to “struggling working class” kids.

If Hillary Clinton was once part of the “middle class,” it was the absolute upper echelons of that class, and she certainly didn’t stay there for long.

This is just further proof of how untrustworthy Hillary Clinton is. She will happily lie about something as innocuous as her childhood home and better-than-average upbringing if she thinks it means another credulous American or three will vote for her.

Don’t be that guy.

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Hacked Email Shows Why Exactly Hillary Avoided The Press For So Long

Over the past few days WikiLeaks has released a steady stream of hacked emails from Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

According to  The Daily Caller, these emails have revealed a lot about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign, as well as how duplicitous Clinton actually is. One of the emails in the batch released on Wednesday revealed to the American people why Clinton went for so long without a news conference.

Clinton’s infamous 275-day stretch without a press conference was in fact a deliberate strategy on the part of Clinton’s aides, in particular Huma Abedin, an email released by WikiLeaks showed.

“Can we survive not answering questions from press at message events. Her dinkins speech and immigration message broke through because we didn’t take questions. Her community banks message got lost because she answered questions about the foundation and emails,” Abedin wrote in an email to Podesta in May 2015.

Podesta didn’t seem to agree with this strategy. He called it “suicidal” and suggested that the campaign needed to “let the steam out of the pressure cooker” somehow.

“Not suggesting no q and a at all,” Abedin wrote back. “Maybe just having a straight message event and take questions from real people.”

While the liberal media may have fawned over Clinton, clearly she didn’t reciprocate the love. Her campaign, undoubtedly with her blessing, deliberately prevented her from having any news conferences so she wouldn’t have to answer tough questions.


This isn’t what freedom is all about. A real democratic leader would let reporters ask as many annoying questions as they wanted, because having a free press is the cornerstone of any democracy.

Even Republican nominee Donald Trump lets the news media ask him all sorts of insane questions because he understands what freedom is all about.

The liberal media seriously need to reconsider whether they want to elect someone who will go to extreme lengths to avoid being transparent. They’ve been Hillary Clinton’s buddies, but she’s not necessarily theirs.

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LEAKED: Hillary Has Always Been Dual-Faced And Now We Have Proof

Indeed, even as the generously one-sided media obediently disregarded the harvest of hacked messages and reports of Clinton battle executive John Podesta that were discharged by WikiLeaks a week ago, a radical new store of his messages and archives have been uncovered for the overall population to see.

Our great companion Herman Cain went along an especially noteworthy message sent to Podesta from Brent Budowsky, a left-inclining creator and previous assistant to the late Democrat Sen. Lloyd Bentson, who basically got out Clinton for talking deceptions about her essential adversary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The email, dated March 13, 2016, discussed endeavors at assembling noticeable progressives, for example, Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, to goad raising support endeavors at encouraging the liberal motivation well beyond Clinton’s crusade for the administration.

“Beyond this Hillary should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does,” Budowsky said.

Taking note of that he had the validity to get a few Sanders supporters to move into Clinton’s camp later on, Budowsky cautioned that Clinton and others “have no idea about the damage she does to herself with these attacks, which she does not gain by making.”

He continued to recommend two or three territories where Clinton and Sanders had comparable perspectives that could be centered around to harden bolster among the base, for example, free school educational cost and higher expenses on the well off.

He also noticed how poor the candidature of Clinton was, saying, “Right now I am petrified that Hillary is almost totally dependent on Republicans nominating Trump….she has huge endemic political weaknesses that she would be wise to rectify…..even a clown like Ted Cruz would be an even money bet to beat and this scares the hell of out me.”

So as you can plainly observe, even a liberal companion of Hillary Clinton’s battle executive basically told him that his manager is a continuous liar, and a frail contender to boot.

Tragically, unreasonably a hefty portion of her supporters either can’t see this undeniable truth or are readily overlooking it for more prominent’s benefit of their dynamic plan.

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SHOCKING: Staffer on Verge of Suicide because of the Clintons

The as of late spilled Hillary Clinton messages have demonstrated a few skeletons in the Clinton family’s storage room that demonstrate exactly how shrewd and unsafe the politically roused family has been.

One email between previous President Bill Clinton’s main guide, Doug Band, and a few Clinton Foundation staff individuals itemized how the previous president and his girl, Chelsea Clinton, had driven a staff member to submit suicide — allegorically.

The unpleasant “office crap” amongst Bill and Chelsea had left the association’s head working officer, Laura Graham, sitting on a dock, auto running, foot on the gas pedal, prepared to end it all
Graham was inevitably talked out of ending life, yet not by Bill or Chelsea, who was reprimanded for bringing on the “office drama” and not thinking about the outcomes or negative impacts it was having on the establishment’s authorities.

“Late last night, Laura Graham called me as she couldn’t reach my brother or her shrink,” Band wrote in a Dec. 2011 email chain discussing the Clinton Foundation’s “infrastructure”, according to The Daily Caller.

“She was on staten island in her car parked a few feet from the waters edge with her foot on the gas pedal and the car in park,” he wrote. “She called me to tell me the stress of all of this office crap with WJC and CVC as well as that of her family had driven her to the edge and she couldn’t take it anymore.”

WJC and CVC likely allude to William J. Clinton and Chelsea Victoria Clinton, the spouse and little girl of the Democrat presidential chosen one.

What was much all the more upsetting was this was evidently not the first run through the contentions between individuals from the Clinton family had inflicted significant damage on authorities at the Clinton Foundation.

“I spent a while on the phone with her preventing her from doing that, as I have a few times in the past few months, and was able to reach roger and her shrink,” Band wrote.

Band clarified that the “stress” at the Clinton Foundation specifically brought about “very serious health issues” for “Bruce,” likely alluding to Bruce Lindsey, the establishment’s board director.

The main counselor then went ahead to explicitly reprimand Chelsea for her absence of thought for the individuals who worked for her family.

“But I’m sure Chelsea is more concerned with a mostly false story in the distinguished NY post about my global and teneo not her role in what happened to laura/bruce, what she is doing to the organization or the several of stories that have appeared in the NY post about her father and a multitude of women over the years,” Band wrote.
“Life is to short so let’s have a call and get this over with,” Band concluded.

Graham, for reasons unknown, has stuck around even after the majority of the dramatization and stretch brought on by the Clinton family, as she now serves as a senior counselor to the establishment.

American voters ought to notice the numerous notice signs about the Clinton family and their inclination for scrappy conduct and malevolence choices.

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