Teens charged with hate crime for burning Trump sign

Two Maryland teenagers have been charged with a hate crime for lighting a President Trump sign on fire.

The two teenage girls are accused of lighting a “Make America Great Again” sign on fire in Princess Anne, Md.

Princess Anne deputy chief fire marshal Caryn. L McMahon told The Baltimore Sun the reason for charging the two women with a hate crime was because they committed arson “with discrimination or malice toward a particular group, or someone’s belief.”

“The intentional burning of these political signs, along with the beliefs, religious views and race of this political affiliation, directly coincides with the victim,” a Princess Anne police officer wrote in documents for the hate crime charge.

Both women were released on a $20,000 bond.

The sign was located on a store owned by Robert Wink, who describes himself as a Trump supporter. Wink said the sign has been good for business at his shop, which sells guns and other hunting supplies.

“It’s been a pretty good attention-getter,” Wink told the Sun.

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source: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/329637-maryland-teens-charged-with-hate-crime-for-burning-trump-sign


  1. This episode confuses me a bit. These kids burn a Trump supporter’s sign, and it’s a hate crime that warrants a huge bail. Yet all over the Country, the leftist, Clinton-loving thugs are physically assaulting Trump supporters, and the police are instructed not to interfere. I could understand an arson charge against these girls, but the question remains why are the Soros support thugs and BLM idiots allowed to committ far worse actions against Trump supporters with almost total impunity?

  2. They have been Brainwashed and Lied to by their Communist Teachers. But if they committed a crime then by all means they should be punished.

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