This School Year: More Police, More Indoctrination, More Sex Scandals

school-childrenAmerican schools used to be safe places where learning was a priority and kids could be kids. But schools have slowly morphed into halls of indoctrination and terror.

For instance, in Missouri, there’s a new law that requires every school district in the state perform a live-action school shooting drill, complete with “realistic gunfire, students covered in fake blood, and bodies strewn throughout the hallways.”

And in Compton, police will be able to carry AR-15s on school campuses during school hours.

This is good… to an extent. The problem is that schools are a hotbed of hormones and juvenile mistakes. And what happens when you mix authoritarian figures with unruly teenagers? You’ll get results like this…

One week into the school year 14-year-old Keshana Wilson was tasered in the groin by a police officer working as a school resource officer, allegedly because she resisted arrest for cursing, inciting a crowd of students, and walking on the highway.

“The teenager had to be taken to the hospital to have the taser probes removed before she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on the officer, simple assault, riot, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and walking on the highway,” noted one reporter.

American schools will begin to look very different in 2014 and beyond as the police state creeps into America’s schools.

The problem here is schools serve as a microcosm of what life is like after K-12.

And our schools are filled with ridiculous zero-tolerance policies, horrendous common core education requirements, oppressive nanny state figures, as well as an education system that is bent on “tolerance” and “progress” more than it is geared towards providing children with a proper education.

These are the problems children face, and they’re just children, so they don’t realize how offensive the nature of this oppression is.

Parents don’t even know what’s going on inside their children’s schools.

Often times teachers are peddling soft-core porn and smut to children in the form of “literature.”

They are encouraged to practice safe sex, and even more than that, they’re actually given instructions on how to make premarital sex pleasurable and pleasing to multiple partners.

Not to mention the school systems are filled with sexual predators, both male and female, who continue to take advantage of young, impressionable children.

It’s an absolute nightmare and it’s getting worse.

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