Waters Hijacks Funeral To Bash Trump…

Maxine Waters got downright nasty at the funeral for Dick Gregory. She used the funeral to bash President Trump in a big way. She’s not dumb…this is her base. She started with: “I’ve got work to do…” That’s pretty rich for a woman who has done NOTHING for the people she represents. She’s only lined her pockets. Shame on her!

Waters repeatedly called President Trump a “dishonorable human being.” She went further by indicating his White House cabinet was filled with KKK members and the Alt-right. She even mentioned what she thought Dick Gregory would say about Trump’s actions with Putin. “Did he collude with Russia? I bet you Dick Gregory would tell me, ‘Yeah, he did it.’” Whether impeached or not, Waters is sure she’ll leave a lasting impression on the president. “We’re gonna let someone come along, like this ‘thing’ in the White House and dishonor us all?… I don’t think so! … When I get done with Donald Trump, he’s gonna wish he had been impeached,” she said.

Just a nasty woman! Her hate is palpable but her corruption is even bigger. We think Maxine Waters should be tossed on her bum out of Congress!

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source: http://100percentfedup.com/maxine-waters-hijacks-funeral-bash-trump-turns-service-wild-eyed-lynch-mob-video/

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